Amazing gadgets that will help you calm down

When we think of ways to calm and relax, we usually think of meditation and yoga. Technology is not usually what comes to mind. We have been taught throughout our lives that turning off our electronics are the best way to clear our minds and decompress. However, there are now several companies that have been creating gadgets to in fact help you improve your mood, even more efficiently than traditional methods. Here are 5 amazing gadgets that will surely help you calm down even of the most stressful of times.


This gadget is for people who already do practice meditation. What it does it helps you get the most of each of your meditations It is a headband that has brain sensors. It works similar to a Fitbit, but for your brain. The Muse uses EGG sensors and tracks what is happening in your head and sends it to your smartphone. This means that you can actually see yourself becoming more relaxed. Their application available on Android and iPhone will take you through your meditations and gives you live feedback and coaching on how you are doing.



The Muse monitors what your brain is doing, which is great. But the Thync, in fact helps to influence what is happening in your brain. You attach this gadget to your forehead and it tells the nerves in your head and neck to get your adrenaline system started. It has the ability to activate your body’s sense of calm when you need to relax. It is completely natural and can even give you extra when you need it. It might seem a little odd to give your nerves a little push, but there has been a ton of research done to create this incredible gadget, and the more it is used, the more effective it is.

Gear VR + Mind Fitness

If you want to escape the world around you,  then virtual reality can be a very useful tool. It is actually created in order to make you feel as though you are somewhere else. There are quite a few virtual reality applications that are for meditation. Mind Fitness, one of the new applications, takes you through several guided meditations using the Bosurgi Method.


Spire One

In order to manage your anxiety and stress, the first thing to do is understand where these feelings are coming from. Spire is a small gadget designed by the Calming Technologies Lab that follows breathing patterns throughout the entire day and tells you when you are starting to experience stress. When it does sense stress, the application also provides guided meditations before you start to lose control. The gadget also serves as fitness step counter.

Buddhify 2

Buddhify 2 is a phone app with 80 different guided meditations and can be used wherever and whenever. It was designed by professionals in modern mindfulness and can be altered to the specific experience you are looking for. For example, there is an option to help you sleep and another one to help you deal with stress. It even has tips about how to improve your meditation experience and has a built in meditation timer, so you will never get too calm and miss your meeting.