30 Russian weapons worrying the world

The Russian military has been ramping up its operations over the past 10 years, with forays into Georgia, putting boots on the ground in Syria, an alleged intervention and hostile takeover of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, and much more. With the United States and Russia potentially coming to loggerheads due to Russian overflights and flagrant disregard for US wishes, it’s important to know what the US military and NATO are potentially up against. Here are 30 of Russia’s newest weapons.

Sukhoi Su-35

This new air superiority fighter has already seen service in the Syrian Civil War, flying missions out of the Syrian Hmeimim Air Base. The plane is able to fly at high altitudes and cruise at supersonic speeds without the use of afterburners. The plane is painted with an anti-radar coating, reducing the plane’s radar signature to that of a small bird. This plane is able to tilt 100 degrees backwards, lock on to the fighter following it, shoot at it, then tilt 100 degrees back in the direction it was flying and continue on. It definitely gives the US’s F-35 a run for its money.

Saturn izdeliye 117

This is the workhorse of the Su-35. It is a brand new, super powered jet engine powerful enough to propel the fighter jet at over mach one without breaking a sweat. This jet engine is so powerful that it can send the plane shooting thousands of feet straight up into the air without stalling, perfect for dogfighting. It can also easily fly up to almost 2,000 miles per hour! This thing is definitely powerful like a Russian bear.


The T-14 is the super-upgraded new Russian threat to the US Abrams family of tank. With a brand new automated turret, this machine can fire an astounding 12 rounds per minute, and can accurately spot and hit targets up to four miles away due to the fact that the cannon on this tank is considered to be the best in the world. The secondary weapon on this tank can fire shells so big that they can take out helicopters. And the crazy thing is that most of the machine is fully automated!

Active protection system (APS)

Most tanks around the world have some sort of active protection system (APS) which is able to shoot down enemy projectiles fired at the tank, such as anti-tank missiles and other rounds. However, according to Russian industry experts, the APS on the T-14 is one of its kind, and can shoot uranium tipped kinetic energy rounds – the kinds of rounds fired by the most powerful NATO tanks. These rounds were thought to be indestructible, so if this Russian APS can truly shoot them down, it would be a game changer.

Tupolev Tu-22M

Despite its presence in the Russian Air Force for nearly 50 years, these planes have been receiving continuous upgrades, and remain a major component of Russian air superiority and power projection. The planes have made numerous incursions into EU and NATO airspace in recent years, and have been known to fly from both Russian and even Iran to bomb various targets in Syria. These bombers are unique in that they can fly at over 2,000 miles per hour!


The RS-24 Yars is Russia’s newest intercontinental ballistic cruise missile (ICBM). It has a range of over 6,500 miles, enabling Russia to hit anywhere in the United States or Europe in a matter of minutes. ICBMs typically fly up into space before falling onto their target. However, this missile is able to go up into space, split off into 10 more missiles (all of which have the ability to be tipped with thermonuclear weapons), and then accurately hit and destroy 10 targets (which in this case means cities).

Borei class submarine

This is Russia’s newest class of nuclear submarine, able to travel at 35 miles per hour when completely submerged – a speed which is quite an accomplishment for a submarine. The ship is able to carry nuclear tipped ICBMs as well as other cruise missiles. They are even able to carry and accurately shoot nuclear tipped torpedoes which can be used to sink other ships, subs, or even take out an entire port!

Shipunov 2A42

A massive gatling gun by any means, the Russian military has been hooking these bad boys up to helicopters as well as tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) since the 1970s. But there is a reason that the Russians have decided to keep using them for the better part of 50 years – with the ability to fire an astonishing 500 rounds an minute, and with being accurate up to a range of 2.5 miles, these guns pack some serious punch, and still pose a major threat to ISIS and NATO forces to this day.

MI-28NM Night Hunter

This beast of a helicopter is codenamed Havoc by NATO, and with good reason. Designed specifically to be an air to ground attack helicopter, the Russians made sure to make this machine one of the biggest threats to armor ever. It has the ability to fly and conduct missions in all weather conditions day or night, and can be outfitted with a huge assortment of ground attack missiles. And should something try to shoot it out of the sky, this helicopter is nimble enough to just side step whatever missile is coming its way.

Specialized guided anti-tank missiles

Similar to the Israeli Spike Missile, the Russian Hermes missile is extremely versatile and varied. It has the ability to be outfitted on both helicopters, BPMs, and even fast attack boats! It can take out tanks and infantry vehicles from a distance of over 20 miles. The Russians have used the missile system already, successfully using the Hermes against ISIS and other Islamist extremists in Syria.

KA-52 Alligator

This monstrosity of a helicopter – equipped with dual rotor blades – is Russia’s newest all weather attack helicopter. The chopper has a brand new optics system enabling it to more accurately hit enemy armor and ground forces. The copter was also equipped with a Samshit day and night thermal targeting system which enables a helicopter to fire a missile at a tank from up to four miles away!

T-50 Helmet

The pilot flying the Sukhoi Su-35 may have one of the most nimble and fastest planes in the world, but all those g-forces can kill the pilot – especially if they are wearing a typical, heavy fighter pilot helmet. However, the Su-35 pilots have a new, state of the art helmet which not only has a seamless day/night/thermal vision transition but has a heads up display incorporated into the visor itself, enabling the pilot to see all of the plane’s stats no matter where the pilot is looking.


Most NATO tanks have some sort of automated protection system to keep missiles from destroying them. However, the Russians have developed a way to defeat this system and it has armies around the world terrified. The RPG-30 is unique in that it fires two missiles at once. It first fires a small dummy missile which pre-emptively sets off the enemy’s APS system, followed by a larger missile which is capable of going through two foot thick armor plating.

9M133 Kornet

The Kornet is a super powerful anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), and can be outfitted to be placed on tanks, APCs, or even be a mobile infantry weapon. It only takes about a minute to set up and a second to aim and fire, and equipped with a “fire and forget” system, enabling the shooter to shoot with the knowledge the missile will hit the target. The ATGM has proliferated into terrorist hands, being used extensively by Hezbollah and Syrian rebels. Hamas used a Kornet to shoot an Israeli school bus in 2011.

9K333 Verba

The Verba, nicknamed “Willow,” is Russia’s newest shoulder fired surface to air weapon, otherwise known as a MANPAD. This futuristc missile launcher can hit aircraft flying up to 15,000 feet, and, despite the warhead only weighing a measly 3.5 pounds, the Willow has a triple threat optical aiming system which enables it to fire in all weather conditions, and is able to surpass most anti-missile defenses including lasers and electric jammers.

9A52-4 Tornado

The Tornado is making waves around the world as Russia’s newest, all purpose, multiple missile launcher. This beast is able to fire anything from Grad missiles to Smerches, and fire them either one at a time or in a massive, town destroying salvo, and fire them at a range of 56 miles! A single battery can be loaded and fully ready to fire within eight minutes, meaning you’re in big trouble if you don’t destroy this launcher as soon as possible.

9K720 Iskander

This is the newest in Russian ICBM launching technology, able to launch anything from conventional warheads to bunker busters to even electro-magnetic pulse missiles (meaning they destroy anything that’s electronic). The Iskander, which has the ability to shoot a missile 310 miles and be accurate to 15 feet, has been stationed on the border with Poland, and within reach of multiple NATO countries. According to Israeli satellite imagery, there is also a launcher stationed in Syria.


Despite being in use for over 30 years, this armored personnel carrier has been used in every conflict from the Soviet war in Afghanistan all the way to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The APC is unique in that it is amphibious, and can shoot at anything from aircraft to enemy troops. Countries which have obtained this APC include North Korea, Venezuela, and Syria. Syria acquired the BTR-80 as a reward for partially destroying its chemical weapons stockpiles.

GAZ Tiger

The Tiger is an all purpose all terrain vehicle used to transfer both troops and up to a half ton of goods. It can be outfitted with an anti-aircraft gun, and has the ability to also be fitted with a complex radar system which is able to track up to 15 targets simultaneously! Interestingly, the transmission system is made by Allison Transmissions, while the engine is made by Cummins, both of which are headquartered and have their factories located in the US state of Indiana.


This Russian light infantry fighting vehicle is amphibious and is able to be upgraded with a whole bunch of different types of fun weapons, including but not limited to Kornet anti-tank guided missiles, huge .50 caliber automatic weapons (controlled electronically of course), and even a cannon. The BMP-3 can shoot accurately whilst on the move at a range of 3 miles from land and on the water. Many Middle Eastern countries are using this BMP, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE currently using them in their war with Yemen.

Krasukha-4 EW System

This jamming station is one of the crucibles of the Russian military machine. It is able to not only detect incoming missiles via their radar signature, but is also able to hack into the missile’s GPS system and implant coordinates to a completely different area! These mobile jammers are crucial in hiding the radar signature emitted from some of Russia’s most important strategic weapons, including the Iskander 9K720 ICBM launcher.

IAI Searcher

The Russians received a license to build these drones from the Israelis and never looked back. Naming their version the “Forpost,” they have been used all over in Russian military campaigns. The drone itself is able to stay airborne for up to 18 hours and fly at a ceiling of 20,000 feet. The advanced optics are able to see almost anything on the ground, enabling the Russians to have an eye in the sky to help direct their forces.


Despite its super-technical name, this cannon is nothing to make fun of. Considered one of the best in the world, this is the device which is causing NATO countries to freak out. The cannon is able to shoot a huge projectile super long ranges and really fast and hard. A shell launched by this tank will only slow down due to air resistance only after a mile and a half! This is more than powerful enough to go right through any armor that a NATO tank has.



An indigenous Russian drone, the Orlan-10 is designed to be launched from a mobile launcher, and can stay in the air for a total of 18 hours, flying up to three miles in the sky, and has a range of over 400 miles! It is able to provide ground forces with an accurate view of the battlefield, search out enemy combatants, and even jam enemy radio signals. The drone can even fly along a pre-programmed route, eliminating the need for a pilot!


Designed to replace the aging BMP series, the Kurganets will soon be Russia’s go to armored personel carrier. The vehicle, first unveiled in 2015, can carry up to eight troops, have a portable mortar launching platform, and will even sport an anti-tank cannon along with a state of the art active protection system. The entire machine is controlled by a playstation controller! The Russian military definitely understands the next generation of soldier.

VA-111 Shkval

The Shkval is the newest in a long line of Russian torpedoes. It can be used either as a torpedo against enemy submarines, or as a cruise missile with a nuclear tipped warhead. Whats incredible about this weapon’s design is that it encases itself in an air pocket, enabling it to move through the water at speeds of up to 230 miles per hour! The Iranian navy has its own indigenous version of this torpedo, adding another threat to NATO warships in the Middle East.


This is the Russian anti-aircraft pride and joy. This huge surface to air missile system, comprised of both a radar and giant missile launchers, have the ability to shut down any and all air traffic within a 300 mile radius. The S-400 system is currently deployed in Syria, and should they decide to do so, they can shut down air traffic over all of Lebanon, most of Syria, and half of both Turkey and Israel. The system is designed to shoot down anything from fighter jets to Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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