27 Legendary Ways People Quit Their Jobs

When people decide they’ve had enough with their work place, for whatever reason, there’s the normative way of handing a resignation letter or even trying to have a descent conversation with their boss, and there’s the way these people decided to say their good byes. When people talk about making an exit, we’re pretty sure this is what they mean. These crazy ways employees walked out and quit their jobs are just epic and will crack you up.

The Writing Was on The Cake

Quitting a job is never an easy task, but if you already decided to do so and you’re not sure how your boss will react, there’s nothing like a good bitter sweet message written on a cake. This guy who decided to quit his job at an airport to pursue a baking career, wanted to do in on a sweet note. He actually made a cake and had his resignation letter iced on top of it. It was a quitting and a farewell theme all in one party! Maybe he thought that the sweetness of the cake will divert everyone’s attention from the fact that he is quitting. Either way, we have to admit it’s quite thoughtful.


Go Girl

What a way to get attention! Gwen Dean who worked as an engineer at GoDaddy let her boss know, in fact she let millions of people know that she is leaving in order to pursue a career in puppet making. Gwen sure went all out when she filmed herself saying that she is quitting and aired it during the Super Bowl commercial! After her boss watched the commercial he was actually pretty cool about it and even texted her saying it was a great commercial. We say Go Girl!


Photoshop It

When you’re hired for a creative job, you might as well use your skills when you also decide to leave. This Graphic Designer thought it would be a creative idea to let his boss know on a card where he photoshopped himself riding a vacuum cleaner like he’s riding a skateboard in space. If that wasn’t enough he added his resignation line Smell Ya Later. Very creative.


On A High Note

Before she decided to focus on marijuana legalization, Charlo Greene was an anchor on KTVA, a network in Anchorage, Alaska. When she decided it was time to move on and start her business, she thought there was no more fitting way to let the network know she was leaving than saying it on air while she was doing a segment on, you guessed it, legalizing marijuana. Or in her exact words, “f**k it, I quit”.


The Collective Way To Quit

When the manager is so bad, there is no wonder how all of his employees walk out on him together at once. The crew of this store refused to open it and let people in and not only that, they hung a big sign on the door letting anyone who walks by know how little the manager cares about his store and that they all quit. They did however direct the customers they love so much to another another branch of the store where they can shop. Thoughtful.


Spoiler Alert

Now that’s just not nice. It’s one thing to want to quit but it’s on a totally different level of evilness to ruin it for the innocent customers. Two employees of the Borders Group, the huge book and music conglomerate, decided to quit their job in the worst way, at least for the Harry Potter fans. They recorded themselves in a video pretty much telling everyone or spoiling it for everyone the ending of the final book of the Harry Potter series.


Sing Your Way Out

Hands down one of the best exists we’ve seen so far. There is something so sweet and embarrassing at the same time with this man’s goodbye that you gotta love it. He decided to quit his job as a barista with the help of a barbershop quintet who sang acapella when he basically sings his way out telling the other employees how he wants to start his own bossiness. The bonus was that it was all on the Steve Harvey Show, it was that good.


He Was Driven To Quit

This next one is kind of genius, you have to admit. There is really nothing more annoying that trying to park your way out when two cars are parked so close to you from the front and the back. This guy who worked as a personal driver did not get his monthly paycheck and so he parked his employer’s car that way and just quit. He was very driven to do that apparently. Childish, but pretty funny.


Follow The Exit Signs

The work of a flight attendant is known to be stressful especially because you have to deal with all sorts of people who can be rude and nasty at times. Well it seems like Steven Slater who worked for JetBlue Airlines has had enough because he made a very dramatic exit. He took the speaker, started swearing a customer, grabbed a beer and just slid his way out of the plane down the emergency slide. Go Steve?


A Fast Good Bye

The guy who worked for Wendy’s must have had with his boss because he had quite the courage to display his resignation on the chain’s marquee sign. When he was asked to rewrite something on the sign, he used the moment and the letters on the signs to tell his boss that he quit. time. We guess he forgot that in the fast food industry the manager doesn’t come to visit so often so we wonder how long that sign was up there for before he found out.


On Air

The news co-anchors from Main decided to quit their job from KTVA together and live on air! The pair, Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio, have been devoted presenters for the station and have had enough with the way they were told to do their jobs so they announced to their viewers that they were leaving and that would be their last time. They sure did get their 15 minutes of fame.


What Goes Around

We’re sure Jamie didn’t appreciate how three of his employees quit on him. Not only did these three employees hung a poster outside of the store letting their boss and everyone else at the mall know that they’re quitting, but they also made their boss look pretty horrible with what they wrote about him. He does sound pretty bad we have to admit.


The Error Message

There are many ways a person can choose from when he wants to quit his job, but there are even more ways to do so when you are a technical designer. Take this guy for example who utilized his skills in order to create a modified error pop up message for his boss letting him know that he is leaving. The best part about this is that there is a negotiation button in case his boss chooses to not let him go even after his little stunt.


Leave On Page Six

Greg Smith worked for Goldman Sachs for ten years until he became, according to him, fed up with the company’s culture and the way they go about with disrespect to their customers. When he made his choice to leave he decided to expose the company’s sins in no other place than on the New York Times! That wasn’t for the Smith and he also published a book explaining why he left the finance company. That quit is definitely one for the books.


The Quitting Game

Another original way to let everyone know you’re quitting is by using a flash game. The computer programmer used his technical skills to create a custom made Super Mario game with the words “I Quit” flashing on screen every time someone scores. A brilliant play on words. We wonder if the other employees implemented that same technique when they wanted to quit.


The Quitosaurs

There’s nothing like a simple and quite random drawing to give your notice with. Not sure what went through this person’s mind when they drew a dinosaur for their employer, but it’s pretty hilarious when you think about it. Sometimes it’s the smallest and simplest things that people do that are just too funny. Go figure. We’re guessing their ex boss did not hang this drawing on his refrigerator at home.


Make It Viral

If you’re going to resign, you might as well make a viral video and get millions of views in return. There’s no doubt that when Marina Shifrin, a viral content editor, used her knowledge and skills to make one of the most epic job exists in history. When she had enough with her job, she filmed herself dancing around the office moving and grooving to an interpretive version of Kanye West’s song, Gone. The climax was when she had a dramatic break in the song saying “I Quit”. Her boss, by the way, accepted her resignation.


With Integrity

People quit for many reasons, some are more understood and some are less. But in this case it seems that these employees care more about having integrity than about their monthly paycheck. This management team wrote a short letter explaining the reasons for why they are leaving, saying that their employees work under very bad conditions, “borderline sweatshop conditions” according to them. They pretty much locked the door and left, but they left with integrity.


Under Attack

It’s not an easy job being “the boss”, and while many people thrive to be promoted and reach the top they forget how hard it may be, despite the prestigious title. You have to take care of your employees needs and listen when they face a work related problem and still remain neutral and fair with everyone else. However, this particular boss failed to do so when one of his employees felt he was being attacked by another employee and he basically did nothing to stop that. The attacked employee decided to go public with his resignation in return.


The Marching Band

One time when Joey DeFrancesco wanted to quit his job at the Renaissance Providence Hotel where he worked in room service, he wanted to do it in a very dramatic and musical way, to show his disrespect to the management. The creative teen wrote a resignation letter to his manager, and while he walked up to him to hand him that letter a marching band followed him while playing a very lively segment. Now that’s a spectacular way to make an exit.


Tweet It

With Twitter and other social media these days, it makes it very easy for people to use those platforms when they want to make an announcement of some sort. It could also be very tricky though. Jonathan Schwartz composed a tweet when he wanted to leave his job as a CEO of Sun Microsystems, and it blasted in seconds and went completely viral. What happened to the old fashion way of handing in a letter?


For Your Reference

This guy was fed up with his company’s culture of stealing, cheating the system, doing drugs while at work and other bad behaviors that he did not accept. So he went into one of the meeting rooms and pretty much handed in his resignation letter on a white board for them to see when they walk in. The best part about it though was he asked at the end if he could use his boss as reference. Bold.


Along Time Ago

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then probably one of the things you anticipate the most is that epic intro scrawling text in the beginning of every Star Wars movie. Joy Mukharji created an imitation of that famous intro and changed the words saying he is quitting his job and on top of that added all the names of the workers he wanted to have sex with. He also decided to end the video showing himself naked. Classy.


Loud And Clear

Alexis, a Walmart employee who worked at the cashiers was probably so fed up with her job that she decided to let everyone at the shopping center know. She took the loud speaker that is used to announce all kinds of store related messages and pretty much announced she was quitting, using very bad language while doing that. Oh, the risks you take when you hire people.


No Comment

It seems that things weren’t going so well for the Lake Country Fielders back in 2011. The team’s manager as well as other layers decided to quit and walk out right before the game started claiming that they weren’t being paid enough money. Not only that, but the team;s commentator, Qumar Zaman, decided to let everything out, live on air when he bashed the team’s management with his words with some very harsh words. After that commentary he quit, again, on air.


Make It Official

After the infamous Watergate scandal, the 27th President of the United States, Richard Nixon, handed his very precise and short resignation letter when he left office. And we thought that when you are the most important person in the country with some very heavy political weight on your shoulder, that it would take more than an official letter to mark the end of your presidency. We guess there’s more to the White House than we knew.


There Was A Sign

Oh Tacos! who doesn’t love a good taco or a nice burrito with some nachos on the side? For the fast food lovers or the Tex-Mex foodie, it seems like the best job in the world. But for Adam, an employee at the chain, apparently it wasn’t the fantasy job, it was far from being that as he chose to ket his boss know that he quit on the big lit sign outside of the Taco Bell restaurant. Let’s just say he wasn’t subtle when he wrote what he wrote as he told his boss to go do his business not in the most honorable way.