These 2 things will make you more successful than hard work alone

When it comes to being successful, many people will tell you that in order to fulfill your dreams, make money, be happy and be successful in your life and career, you need to work. And you need to work hard. This is true, however, hard work alone will never be enough to make you as successful as you could be. More often than not, you will burn yourself out before achieving your desired end goals. In a recent motivational speech, Tony Robbins shared his own advice on how to push yourself towards success and noted that these 2 things will make you more successful than hard work alone.


One: energy

In his motivational speech, Tony Robbins enlightened his audience that any business owner, budding entrepreneur or person looking for a bit more success in their life needs energy. Without this energy, a business will flop. In order to create the most successful businesses, the people behind it need to be psychologically ready for the demands of a new, and up-and-coming business or social venture, and they have to figure out what they really, really want to create or get out of this new move. If your head isn’t in the right place, no matter how much hard work you put into something, it just won’t pay off in the end.

Two: innovation

As well as energy, Tony Robbins explains that you also need innovation. But he warns us that innovation isn’t something you sit down and think about once a year. Rather than thinking once every few months about how you can change and adapt your products or what you offer your customers, you should be thinking about this every single day. Innovation is a way of thinking, and once you’ve cracked it – you’ll do it without realizing it. If you’re struggling to get your innovative brain on the go, surround yourself with creative people and constantly bounce ideas off each other.


He rounds off his speech with an analogy of the multi-millionaire and Apple icon, Steve Jobs. In 1997, Steve Jobs took back Apple when it was close to bankruptcy. But rather than throwing in the towel, admitting defeat or working himself into the ground to push what wasn’t selling, Jobs stopped to think about the needs of his customers, what they wanted and where there was a gap in the market. He spoke to his friend’s Grandma who wanted a computer and asked her what she would like – in a world full of green, candy apple red, and gray computers; she wanted a pink computer. But they didn’t exist. So Jobs used his innovative mind to create a pink computer, soon made over $1 billion, saved the company and made it into one of the biggest in the world.

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