13 Adorkable Rings For Your Geeky Girlfriend

We know shopping for your geeky girlfriend can be pretty scary, especially if you’re thinking about popping the big question. To help you fellas out, we’ve collected the internet’s best nerd-inspired rings that are based off the designs, symbols, and storylines of the most epic, yet still totally dorky stuff in the universe. Here are 13 adorkable rings that’ll make your geeky girlfriend smile from ear to ear.

Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch

If your girlfriend is a true Harry Potter fan, then she’ll recognize this golden snitch as soon as she sets her eyes on it. The canary yellow stone is set in a wing-inspired band, presented as a bold statement meant only for the most daring witch at Hogwarts. Grab this gem for your Yule Ball date and we can guarantee she’ll feel like she’s just won the Tri-Wizard Cup.



The Zelda Tri-Force

This triforce ring is sure to knock the socks off your gaming girlfriend’s feet. The three components of the triforce are courage, wisdom, and power – three elements we’re sure you want to convey in your current relationship. Especially, if you’re looking to take things to the next level. We mean in real life, not necessarily in the video game.



The Harley Quinn Ace

If you’re lucky enough to be someone’s puddin’ then you should give that girl a ring that shows her just how psycho are about her. The Harley Quinn ring is just as enthralling and shocking as the Joker’s girlfriend herself; it’s decorated with black and red diamonds, creating the shape of a perfect Ace. Your very own Harley will stop laughing as soon as she sees this and will start crying for joy.



The Indiana Jones “Idol”

If your geeky girlfriend can’t enough of the Indiana Jones franchise, then this is probably the piece of jewelry for her. If you first notice the band, it’s designed like a triple-wrapped whip, and in the center holds a yellow diamond. Also known as, “The Idol.” If you have an adventurous lady who wants to be reminded of just how unique she is, invest in this pretty puppy right here.



Arwen The Elve’s Immortality

In The Lord of the Rings, Arwen and Aragorn were lucky enough to find one another. They loved each other with such great passion that Arwen sacrificed her immortality to live a mortal life with the man she loved. If you harbor a love for your women as Aragorn did for Arwen, this immortal stone that’s designed to resemble the elve’s necklace is the only statement you need to make.



The Playstation Power Source

If you’re an old school couple that likes to keep it real, this Playstation ring will speak to you and number girl one. Gamer couples share a special bond based on hand-eye coordination, a love of technology, and of course, nostalgia. Throw it back to to the old days and gift your woman this one of kind ring that’ll make her smile every time she looks down at it.



Spiderman’s Web

Maybe if Peter Parker proposed to Mary Jane Watson with a ring like this in the first place she wouldn’t have turned him down so many times. Eventually, MJ caved and said to Spidey but don’t make the same mistake he did. Get your damsel (not necessarily in distress), a ring that shows her you know her like the back of your hand. Then give her a big upside down kiss.



Star Trek’s Insignia Ring

Live long and prosper alongside your one true love! This Star Trek inspired ring displays the franchise’s well-known insignia and sports a gorgeous diamond at the right-hand center. It’s an understated piece of bling that glimmers in silver – at the same time, it’s flashy and the Enterprise can probably see it from outer-space. Don’t worry, the two Saturn rings are enough to stabilize the design.



The Pokemon Ring

We know Pokemon insists that you catch them all but in this case, it wouldn’t hurt to catch one special someone. If your nerdy girl is a Pokemon lover than she’ll go crazy over the ring and the box set it’s presented in. The finger blind isn’t short of diamonds, both white and black, and is casually adorned with rubies as well. If you guys are into live action role playing, the Pokeball might come in handy, too.



The Hard Chip To Your Heart

For all of you hackers and computer geeks out there, here’s a hard chip that’ll hold the contents of your heart (figuratively speaking, of course). This particular ring may not have the jewels and gemstones most geeky girlfriends would want, but it does contain gigabytes and memory storage which can be pretty important, too.



Doctor Who’s Time Travel Tardis

Probably the most impressive ring on our list, the Doctor Who Tardis is decked out in sapphires and small, square diamonds. This ring is for a true time travel fan who is heavily invested in the long-running show. If your girlfriend isn’t easily offended, let her know she’s your “impossible girl.” She’ll know what you mean by that.



The Ultimate R2D2 Droid

R2D2 may be the most loved character in the Star Wars franchise, similar to the lady friend you have in your life. If you’ve met the droid of your dreams then don’t be afraid to beep it from the Millenium Falcon’s rooftop! The R2 ring really is stunning – the diamond mounted in the center is surrounded by blue sapphires. And, if you check out the detail of the band, it’s so almost identical to the mechanical parts of our favorite robot friend.