11 Best LifeHack Websites

The internet is definitely the source we most rely on for learning virtually anything, and our go-to tool for boredom. It is safe to say that the internet has significantly improved our lives by allowing us to learn and do things from within our homes, offices, and even while traveling. However, at the same time, it can also be very overwhelming with such a myriad of websites available. It seems nearly impossible to discover all of what it is available online, even for the most tech-savvy people. Anyone can surf the internet, but thankfully there are certain life-hack websites that can make your life just a little simpler.


Anystart.com allows online surfers to have a much more simple browsing experience. The site categorizes the top websites from the entire internet in one place.  So if you are looking for something specific, whether it be business advice, fashion blogs, music downloads, look no further.

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RandomUsefulWebsites.com is potentially the absolute most useful website of all websites. It collects useful websites and randomly presents them for those visiting their page. With this constant changing of useful websites, you are surely going to want to keep coming back for more.


Whoishostingthis.com is very useful for serious webmasters who want to see which company is hosting a specific website. This can be very helpful in business competition. In addition, the site offers visitors reliable and honest reviews of different hosting companies, to assist in making a smart purchase in who should be your website host.


is for those social media addicts who spend most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you are a serious social media addict, then you will surely have heart palpitations when one of your holy sites is down. This smart website will tell you if it’s down for everyone else too, and ensure you that you’re not missing the post that your friends cousin made about what she ate for lunch.


Howtopronounce.com is a free website that provides audio pronunciation.  If you are aiming to learn a new language but do not know how to properly pronounce certain words, this is your ultimate hack! It has a wide selection of languages so you can perfect whichever one you desire!


Convertfiles.com is a free and very useful website for those that want to convert files, spreadsheets, audio files, video files are really any file you can possibly imagine into a different format within seconds! It permits you to convert files up to 250 MB with over 330 combinations of input and output file formats.


Getpocket.com is the best way to save a video or an article that you found while surfing the web for later. This site allows you to to put it in a ‘Pocket’ and has over 22 million international users and it can be used on all platforms. With this innovative website you can even view sites later on even without internet connection.



Although it’s pretty simple to find images on the web, it is more complicated to figure out where they came from. Tineye.com provides a reverse image search tool by using a digital fingerprint technique.


Teamviewer.com enables groups of people to share their screens and work together live from anywhere in the world.  It allows anyone to connect to a different computer or server as though they are using the exact same computer. This is ideal for remote support sessions, online meetings and web conferencing.


Youtube.mp3.org is your music lifesaver.  Often times you might really like the audio track of a certain video you’re watching and want to find the mp3 file of the song.  This website enables you to easily convert any video into an mp3 format.  The service is completely free and you don’t even need to register with an account.


Truthfinder.com is the ultimate detective website. If you are hoping to get back in touch with someone from your past, an old friend or classmate, or perhaps want to find out if someone you’re about to date, or your neighbor has a criminal record, then Truthfinder.com is your answer.  This genius website is an online search database that allows you to access public records of all people living in the United States. It gives you all the background and information about the person you are searching for.