10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration, the ways to find it are endless. Interior design websites offer the most simple and costless way to get inspired, with some of the most stylish and unique stores allowing people of all styles and budgets to get excited. Whether or not you are planning on purchasing from these websites, they will without a doubt give you new ideas, and allow you to break out of your comfort zone.

Rockett St George

Rockett St George, a fashionable interior design website that will give inspiration for all the latest styles and looks. Based out of Hassocks in west Sussex, and have a wide array of items, ranging from furniture, textiles, lighting, ceramics, wallpapers, and tons of other unique accessories. The website is fast and efficient regardless of the availability of products. It’s most popular products are it’s modern and classic furniture, wall storage items and woolen throws.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired

Loop The Loop

Loop The Loop is a website run from the Brecon Beacons by couple Laura and Adam Norgan, and has been since 2012. They offer contemporary items, ranging from vintage to industrial mirrors, storage, and shelving pieces, and most are very affordable. Most of their items are rather simple but what makes them so unique and are not to be missed. Some of their best items include linen cushions, desk lamps, factory style stools, and vintage medicine cabinets.

Decorator’s Notebook

Siblings Bethan and Joe John began this interior design website, Decorator’s Notebook, in 2013, with a unique compilation of home decor from all over, put together in one place.  The website is quite small, however, is simple to use and maneuver and offers one-of-a-kind products, which are chosen carefully to ensure that only the finest of products are offered. It offers a wide array of textiles, cushions, ceramics and all sorts of fun home accessories. Some of the most popular items include their Scandinavian honeycomb throw, ceramics, and Indian Kantha quilts. The website is even more unique in that in has a blog, updated regularly with craft projects, ideas, and recipes.

The Mint List

This interior design online store, The Mint List, offers vintage items, including furniture, antiques, all sorts of home accessories, recycled pieces, and original art from a large group of independent artists. The owners travel across the world to offer a unique selection of vintage homeware with an industrial feel from all kinds of markets and dealers. Some of their best sellers include old wood letters, Scandinavian style furniture, and retro and unique office desks that have been refurbished.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired

The Shop Floor Project

This shop, The Shop Floor Project, started by mother and daughter team Denise and Samantha Allan is based out of Ulverston, Lancashire and has a website that sells handcrafted items that are truly one of a kind, and will not be found anywhere else. They have an incredible selection of high quality and high style items such as pottery from Lancashire, Swedish hand beat metal wall sconces, as well as various artworks and textiles. Some of the most popular purchases include Michaela Gall’s remakes of historic portraits, Emily Mackey’s handmade woolen textiles made from sheep, and stoneware ceramics.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired


Tinsmiths offer an incredible selection of beautiful homeware from their shop located in Herefordshire. Their emphasis is on fabrics, artists prints, hand thrown pottery, and wooden furniture. Quality products, craftsmanship, and products produced within the United Kingdom is of greatest importance to them. They even have a section of their website offering a service of blinds and curtains made to measure, which comes with personal delivery and help. Their best sellers include handmade curtain poles and unique rods for door curtains, as well as lighting for both bathrooms and exteriors.

Hus & Hem

Hus & Hem began in 2009 by Louise Little, and has a store as well in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Most of Little’s products are from Sweden, as well as Denmark, where she travels to several times a year in order to carefully choose the items herself from an array of designers. She has an eye for unique items and only purchases the absolute best. The website is simple and straightforward to use and offers a large selection of Scandinavian designs, including textiles, furniture, ceramics, accessories, prints, posters, and all sorts of winter gear, such slippers, mittens, and scarves. The website will also help you find some storage inspiration in many different forms. The most popular items include fabrics from Spira, Danish felted slippers, and furniture made from oak.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired


This home store, Anthropologie, has several branches, as well as a thorough website including their entire stock. Their items are extremely colorful, as well as bohemian, ranging from ceramics to bedding, tableware, furniture, rugs, and books, with each item being even more unique than the next. Their emphasis is on embroidered textiles and ethnics patterns. Their best sellers include wall art of dogs made by Sally Muir, as well as hand-blown glassware and china by Nathalie Lete.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired

John Lewis

This is the website of the John Lewis department store, which offers a wide variety of standard, useful homeware products, as well as a range of designer furniture and other items with affordable prices. The website offers more products than it does within its large department store. Furthermore, it is ideal for inspiration in that the site has interviews with designers, practical information, style pointers and essential kit list.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired

Winter’s Moon

Winter’s Moon website is based on designs from the 20th century, including Formica-topped tables, and jolly prints with both retro and vintage styles. The site started out with house sales and eventually grew from there, becoming an online store in 2009, based out of a studio in Chichester, West Sussex, in which the pieces are brought back to life. The best buys are their vintage coffee tables, drum-like lampshades of electric fabrics.

10 Interior Design Websites to Get You Inspired