The 10 best food Instagram accounts to follow

Step aside Martha Stewart and Jamie Oliver, there’s a new game in town and it’s called Instagram. That’s right, Instagram is not just for pictures of puppies, aspiring models, or the Kardashians anymore. If you have ever scrolled through the explore page on Instagram you have probably seen perfectly filtered pictures of avocado toast or DIY videos that make cooking elaborate dishes look like anyone could do it in 30 seconds.

There are so many talented people who post their culinary creations on Instagram but we are sharing our top 10 all time favorite food Instagram accounts, from healthy to heart-attack. These Instagrammers will give you major inspiration for your own meals and most likely make you very hungry. Bon apetit!


This girl has over half a million followers for a good reason. Her page is splattered with pictures of whimsical and enchanting treats including multi-colored smoothie bowls fruits cut into star shapes. Everything looks like something that Tinkerbell would eat and we are obsessed. The page is run by Australian native Taline Gabriel who is a mom of two. In addition to her account, she has her own cookbook and a recipe app.

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Talk about aesthetically pleasing. This page is the epitome. As the name suggests this account focuses on simplistic dishes that don’t compromise on appeal or taste. The page is run by Lucia Lee who reiterates in her Instagram bio that all the recipes “are easy and minimal and mostly in bowls.” Lucia posts everything from Asian inspired dishes to chicken and waffles.

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This account will make you want to enroll in cooking classes and just eat forever. From butternut and almond ricotta flatbread to matcha and black seed Hamantaschen, the amount of creative food on this page is never ending. Everything is so beautifully arranged and color coordinated, it looks too good to eat. The page is run by Bella Karragiannidis who is based in Northern California also has a blog and also runs workshops in real life.

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Sara Forte is the mom behind this food, travel, and family account. If you’re into healthy pastas, salads, and adorable pictures of babies then this is most definitely the page for you. All the pictures have a “country” and natural aesthetic and everything looks like it was hand picked from a farm. Sara has also branched out into print media and has her own cookbooks called “Sprouted Kitchen” and “Bowl and Spoon.”

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This account is more of an art piece than a food page. All of the food in these pictures is color coordinated which makes it look almost too good to eat. Perfectly placed citrus fruit, multi-colored pasta, and ombre cupcakes are heavily featured. Brittany Wright, who runs the page also has a blog where she sells print outs of her masterpieces.

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This page is run by Sam Melb who makes custom vegan cheesecakes and sells them through Instagram. But her feed also includes other delicious vegan desserts. From galaxy cupcakes to galaxy donuts you will feel like you are flying through a universe made entirely of desserts. And she still posts the occasional picture of avocado toast.

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Bagel lovers rejoice! This is the Instagram account of a restaurant called The Bagel Nook located in New Jersey. Every bagel you could ever imagine is on this page, even some you wish you didn’t imagine. The restaurant is best known for its oreo bagel, a questionable but yet enticing meal. They also sell cheesesteak and bacon bagels, rainbow bagels, and cotton candy stuffed bagels just to name a few.

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If healthy eating is your thing then this account is definitely NOT for you. The only vegetable on this feed is an avocado made out of cereal that has been dyed green with food coloring. This account features pictures of mac & cheese, hamburgers, and hamburgers filled with mac & cheese. Just looking at these pictures will clog your arteries. The page is run by Michelle Mansoor who started the page when she was in college.

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This account will make you want to eat your phone. It is not hard to understand why this account has a following of 570k when you see it. It is an absolutely mouthwatering compilation of ice cream, pizza, and other delicious goodies. This page is another one the health conscious should definitely avoid but if you love sugar sprinkles, and melted cheese, you will love this account.

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In addition to the amazing name of this account, every picture is equally as amazing. There are a plethora of pasta pictures as well as pictures of the hottest trends in food like black soft serve ice cream. The page is run by 3 students who share their favorite spots to grab a bite in New York City. If you want to what is in fashion in food in Manhattan you have to follow this account.

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