10 Awesome Spots to Spend Next New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a reason to celebrate for every nation in the world. The night is usually filled with sequined dresses, Happy New Year sunglasses or bows, tons and tons of alcohol and in almost every country, a stunning fireworks display. Overall, NYE is the one night a year where you actually feel the vibrating tension leading up to midnight, and then the release of that electric feeling at 12:01.

Due to the fact that your location on NYE has a direct correlation with how much fun you have (and the people you’re with too, of course!), we’ve rounded up ten amazing spots to spend next New Year’s Eve at, and they are nothing short of best-night-of-your-life-guaranteed status.

Party Mile – Berlin, Germany

Party Mile is a two kilometer expanse in Berlin, that is lined with bars, food stalls from all over the world, laser shows, party tents, and live music stages. This two kilometer stretch begins at Brandenburg Gate and ends at Victory Column. Here too there are fireworks at midnight, which you will probably already be pretty tipsy for, with all those vendors lining the streets.


The Strip – Las Vegas, NV, USA

Vegas is poppin’ every single day of the year, but when NYE rolls around, they know how to take fun to a whole new level. You can choose from several hotels, like the MGM Grand, The Venetian, or The Bellagio to spend your NYE in one of their luxurious parties; or you can join the more than 300,000 people who flock to the Strip for a giant street party, that boasts live shows, laser shows, and a whole lot of mischief.


Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

Paris, also known as The City of Lights, does not disappoint on New Year’s Eve. The Eiffel Tower becomes a beacon of light, literally. The French monument that’s known around the world, attracts thousands of people to its NYE light show and fireworks display. In the streets surrounding the Eiffel, you can find locals and tourists partying with chocolates and champagne, in a classic Parisian way.


Jax Brewery in Jackson Square – New Orleans, LA, USA

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras, but New Year’s Eve is no joke either. When midnight rolls around there is a no less than 15-minute fireworks display along the Mississippi River, along with ‘Baby New Year’ dropping from the top of Jax Brewery in Jackson Square. After the clock strikes midnight, the masses disperse all over Bourbon Street and the famous Latin Quarter. You’re sure to find a club, bar or street party to join.


Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

Scots know how to party, that’s for sure. Their New Year’s celebrations are three days long, and absolutely incredible. They start the day before NYE with a torch procession through Edinburgh that is topped off with an early bird fireworks display. New Year’ Eve though, is one enormous party. There are street parties that connect to concert stages that connect to more street parties. The city hosts a monstrous sized Celtic party, called Kelidh. At midnight there is a fireworks display over the mind blowing Edinburgh Castle (which sits atop a dormant volcano). There is absolutely no way that NYE in Edinburgh can disappoint a soul.


Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL, USA

Spending NYE at Disney World is a brilliant way to go whether you have a family or not (but this option lets you take your kids along). Leading up to midnight there are parties within the parks, Cirque du Soliel performances, confetti bombs and at midnight, fireworks that are sure to make you feel the magic. In Magic Kingdom, there is the Jingle Jungle Parade leading up to 12:00, and in Epcot there’s a huge lights and laser show right before the fireworks at midnight.


Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Sydney rings in the new year before anyone else in the world! It has to be fun being first. Also, Sydney proudly boasts the biggest fireworks display in the world! Making NYE a truly epic event. They get you all pumped up with one display at 9PM and another at midnight (obviously). The location of Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House overlooking the water, make for a majestic setting. On the water there is a flotilla of around 50 boats that are illuminated on the harbor, as well as aerial acrobats, and an Aboriginal smoking ceremony that is intended to send away bad spirits.


Times Square – New York City, NY, USA

Times Square is probably one of the most popular spot for New Year’s Eve goers. Every year millions of people come to watch the ball drop in Times Square, getting to the area hours before the anticipated event. There are concerts within the designated area by many famous artists, all the way until midnight, when a giant crystal ball lowers itself in exactly 10 seconds as the countdown begins. There is something about being surrounded by so many people that are there for the same purpose as you and the collective excitement that makes for one special NYE experience.


Big Ben – London, England

Big Ben is like a giant countdown clock, well, it literally is. Many Londoners gather around Big Ben to watch the final countdown of the year. There is a magnificent fireworks display at midnight that lasts 10 full minutes that can be seen from Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye – so basically anywhere along the Thames River. After all of that excitement, partiers go to the nearby establishments to drink and eat their way into the new year.


CentralWorld Square – Bangkok, Thailand

CentralWorld Square on any other day is a major shopping plaza, where tourists, expats and locals converge to get their retail therapy on. On New Year’s Eve, CentralWorld Square turns into a giant party, complete with light show, concerts, screens showing the rest of the world celebrating NYE. At midnight there is a spectacular fireworks display, after which you can continue from the Square to the endless amounts of clubs and bars that line the city streets.