These yoga poses have gone totally wrong

We all know those people. The ones who actually use their gym memberships instead of just paying for it. They will try their hand at any kind of exercise that will push their bodies to the limit and get them in great shape. They’re definitely the ones we should look up to – we, the Chandlers and Rosses of the world, who just want to quit the gym. But if there’s one thing that everyone wants to try their hands at, it’s yoga.

Why go to a stressful spinning class or run a 5k, when you can get some yoga pants and a yoga mat, and practice the most chill exercise form on the planet, right? Well, not quite. Yoga may be a spiritual kind of sport, that focuses on the mind and your breathing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.

While in the past yoga was mainly practiced by people of the Buddhism and Hinduism religions, today anyone (and we mean anyone) can open a Youtube video and simply imitate what they see. But yoga requires strength, agility, and flexibility, which not all of us possess.

You have to be pretty experienced to pull off some of the more complicated yoga poses, and sometimes if you’re not careful, or you’re distracted – you can get seriously hurt. But don’t take our word for it – just look through these pictures of people who tried yoga at home and completely failed.

Through the door

This girl just wanted to practice some yoga, while filming herself nail the pose she was trying to do. Sadly, the door she leaned against opened and she went down with a bang. It is important to remember this basic thing about doors – they tend to open. So we would suggest practicing this kind of yoga against a solid wall, or anything that can’t topple over. Even if the door is closed shut, there’s always the risk of someone coming in and making you land very unexpectedly on your back. We imagine she wasn’t the first person to attempt this, so we feel it’s very important to stress out the importance of a solid wall.

Dog in the way

Another girl who tried to do a handstand, and she actually pulled it off, before her dog got in the way. This dog was suddenly very curious with his owner’s hair, and decided to grab at it. The girl descended, but it wasn’t enough for the mischievous dog. It grabbed her hair tightly in his mouth (in what we hope was a playful move), and wouldn’t let go. Although she struggled quite a bit to get her hair free from the dog’s powerful lock, she eventually succeeded in getting him to back off. But we’re pretty sure that’s one experience she’ll remember for a long time, especially whenever she does yoga.

Yoga we can get on board with

The girl in the picture above was trying to nail this seemingly easy yoga pose, and we would say it was a huge success. Actually, if doing yoga means lying on the bed in your pajamas, we are totally going to start doing it. We thought it was much harder, but this girl makes it look easier than sitting on the couch watching TV! Good for you, for getting some exercise done before going to bed.

Not quite there

Never try doing yoga in jeans, trust us on this. If this guy was going for the yoga pose executed perfectly by the girl pictured left, then he does not get yoga. Those jeans might be holding him back, but something tells us this guy wouldn’t be the epitome of flexibility even if he was wearing yoga pants. Don’t try this at home, guys, because we’re pretty sure this is a good way of pulling your groin.

Downward facing the dog

We’ve heard of the downward facing dog, but the position in this picture gives a whole other meaning to the words. We all know dogs can be pretty possessive when it comes to their human owners, and this dog wasn’t going to let his owner take on a leisure activity that didn’t involve playing with him. So she had to improvise, and just combine the dog into her poses. Pretty adorable, if you ask us.

Girl overboard

You know how it is, when you’re trying to pull off a yoga pose on a canoe. A lot of people try to do that, for a reason that is not apparent to us. This girl was totally nailing it, when gravity kicked in and she toppled over… straight into the water. If we were there, we would probably the ones annoyingly telling her “I told you so”. Next time, stick to yoga on solid ground, girl.

Pet trouble

Why people keep insisting on doing these intricate poses, we’ll never know. But at least they’re filming themselves, so we can watch their videos on Youtube for our amusement. It wasn’t actually this girl’s fault that she fell down, because her pet decided this was the perfect time to jump around next to her head. When you practice yoga around animals in your home, you should probably be advised that they tend to want attention.

Ocean deep

It was going so well before that wave of water came gushing in. Another important tip for practicing yoga – if you’re going to do it at the beach, maybe try to avoid putting your face right where the water is. We can only assume that doing that pose in the water looked way better for the video she was trying to make, than just doing it safely on the sand. But that’s the cost of social media for you.

Into the lake

Speaking of doing yoga on the water… these girls thought it would make for a cool picture to do yoga poses on both sides of this boat. Next thing you know, one of the girl falls overboard and straight into the lake. Well, instead of making a cool yoga video, they made it to articles of yoga poses gone wrong. Seeing as they have champagne glasses there, we wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t completely sober while doing this.

Passed out yoga

This is the greatest interpretation of a yoga pose that we’ve ever seen. This man got so hammered, that he managed to pull off one of the hardest yoga poses in the book. While we would strongly advise against drinking and doing yoga (that cannot end well), this guy sure nailed it! We’re pretty curious to know how exactly he ended up in this pose, but we’re guessing it had something to do with some mean friends of his.

Roll your eyes

Don’t blame the girl in the picture if this pose looks strange to you – it actually says in the directions you need to stick out your tongue and roll your eyes. Why would you need to roll your eyes to do yoga? Isn’t yoga the exact opposite of eye-rolling? It’s supposed to be all about inner peace and respecting nature. Well, this yoga pose trying to imitate a lion is not exactly respectful to nature, is it?

Plant down

This girl tried to pull a yoga pose on the wall, but not so gracefully. She did the pose alright, but managed to knock over a huge plant that was next to the wall. The funniest thing about this picture, however, is the stunned expression on the girl’s face as she realizes she had knocked over the plant. Next time, we would recommend doing wall-related positioned in a surrounding free of heavy objects that may topple over.

Girl, interrupted

While this isn’t exactly a yoga fail, it’s absolutely hilarious. This girl tried to film herself practicing yoga, probably to put up the video on Youtube for her yoga channel, and we can only imagine her astonishment when she checked to see how the video turned out and saw that her cat had taken over it. This adorable cat just wanted a little screen time as well, and we think they deserve it! We mean, look at that face.

Down we go

No one can guarantee that if you pull off a yoga position, you’re going to stick the landing. This poor girl was so happy she succeeded in doing this position, but when she tried to slowly move back down, she hit her chin right on the ground and fell over in what seems to be a pretty painful way. Always remember, when practicing yoga poses at home, you need to plan yourself a proper exit strategy!

Nailed it

If you look at the girl on the left, she seems to be in extreme shape (look at those muscles!), and also really experienced in yoga. The girl on the right looks like neither of these, so we can’t really understand why she chose to attempt this yoga pose in the first place. Also, did we not mention it wasn’t safe to do yoga poses right next to a door? This could’ve ended much worse than it did.

Legs up

One of the main reasons we get into the art of yoga is because we’ve seen someone else rock the Downward Dog or another yoga pose on social media. We look at their limber limbs and their flexibility and say, “Yeah, I can do that!” Although these kinds of poses look pretty easy when you see someone else do it, it turns out that trying to do it yourself is actually a lot harder than it looks. This woman soon realized exactly that when she tried to copy this Instagram superstar. Although she did try to lift her leg as high as her head, she just about managed her shoulders

Two heads are better than one

You know what they say, “Two heads are better than one” – and it seems that having a partner during your yoga sessions can really help your talent. You can push each other to reach your next goals, you have someone to lean on, and you can try new and exotic moves. It’s pretty darn great. These ladies on the left absolutely nailed their yoga partnership, and the ladies on the right couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves. We’re not sure if it’s the lighting or the fact that they didn’t get to try this move on the beach, but it looks just a little different. And when we say a “little,” we mean a lot.

Fitness flop

If you’ve ever seen yogi masters on Instagram, you’ll know that they just love to showcase their flexibility and their strength. They just love to balance on each other and create awesome poses – and it’s pretty inspiring. These two guys were obviously inspired by the above picture and thought the whole thing looked like a piece of cake. Sadly, this cake was more like a molten chocolate cake rather than a plump sponge, because this is one heck of a fitness flop. At least they tried.

In slow motion

When you’re trying a brand new yoga move for the first time, it’s important to remember that you might fail. After all, you often need to fall down to get back up again. During one trip to the beach, these three ladies decided to try out a brand new yoga move that involved all of them planking in a pyramid. However, it’s fair to say that their first attempt didn’t go too well, and we can imagine this epic tumble happened in slow motion. Thank goodness it was caught on camera.

Scaling the scales

If you have pets, you’ll know that you sometimes have to create your own yoga poses just to get through the day. In this lady’s house, the dogs reign supreme, and she simply has to live around her perfect pooches. However, this can often make everyday tasks a little problematic. All she wanted to do was weigh herself before her big date, but her dog had other ideas. Luckily, she was able to showcase the difficult Crow pose in the process, and that takes some skill, lady.

Lunging all day

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’ll know that it can sometimes be intimidating. If you’re not quite sure on the move, you often try to make it up as you go along – but this can also make you stand out from the crowd. While the Downward Facing Dog may be one of the simplest moves in a yogi’s repertoire, it seems this woman just couldn’t quite get the hang of it. Perhaps she had a headache. Instead, she opted for a simple lunge. As you do.

The Flying Dog

If you’re new to the world of yoga, it’s always a good idea to incorporate your own moves into the mix, especially if you’re attempting to enter the yoga world at home. You have to make do with what you have around you, and you might even have to ask for help from others. Judging by his face, this dog wasn’t too impressed when his owner said he wanted to try out the Flying Dog, but he went along with it. After all, a dog is man’s best friend.

Attack of the deadly fur ball

Making a move to become a yoga master involves hard work, dedication, and a committed mindset. As long as you bring this along with your yoga mat, you’re already one step closer than you were. This lady had all of the tools ready to go, and she was more than ready to get stuck in. Unfortunately, the cat took this literally and wanted to stick her claws into the yoga move… and into her owner’s hair and eyes. We don’t know for certain, but from the looks of it, it was pretty painful.

Sleeping lions

Meditation is one of the main aspects of yoga and allows you to really focus on your breathing and your body. You can do this by sitting down and closing your eyes, or you can even lie down on your yoga mat and close your eyes. Yet, this does come with a few risks. As we all know, closing your eyes and lying down while listening to relaxing music can often result in getting a little too relaxed. This woman proved that when she fell asleep during her yoga workout.

Getting in the splits

Let’s be honest, we all wish we could do the splits. Whether this is because you want to dominate on the dance floor or just take awesome pictures like this one on the left, trying to perfect the splits takes time and effort, and sadly, we’re not all as flexible as this woman. Although the girl in the pink gave the wall splits a good go, this looks much more painful that it should be. Perhaps she should put her leg down now…

Bro yoga

Have you ever been to a party and wondered how an event could be so boring? Rather than relying on your host to entertain yourself, you have to make your own entertainment – and these guys got it just right. Not only did they decide to practice yoga, but they decided to practice their bro yoga! This means that there is absolutely no outfit or equipment required. All you need is a stiff drink, a whole lotta trust in your pal, and a bro bond that just won’t quit.

Falling in style

It’s fair to say that yoga isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and dedication before you can perfect a move, and sometimes it will take you longer than most to get it just right. Yet, rather than getting defeated when you can’t get it right the first time, it’s important to shrug it off. So what if you fall? Everyone falls at the first hurdle when it comes to yoga, and it’s all about getting back up and finishing the race. It’s also about falling in style, which is not what these women did.

In mid-flow

You know you’re a true yoga master if you could pass as a contortionist. You can lift your legs right up to your head, and you can even touch your head with your toes! Now that’s talent. However, many people try to walk before they can run when they start their yoga journey and attempt to perfect complex moves such as this one. Before too long, they realize that perhaps they have taken on more than they can chew. It’s even better when they catch themselves in the act.

The dude-be-chilling pose

Yoga is all about chilling out and allowing yourself to really connect with your body. You can do this by meditating, stretching out your muscles, or even just listening to the sound of your breathing. However, after attending numerous yoga classes, this guy found himself getting more angry about the fact that he just couldn’t do any of the poses. So, he decided to tailor the class to his own wants and needs and later adopted this very laid back pose pose. Now, this is a class we would join!

The Goat

Have you heard of a brand new yoga pose called The Goat? No, neither have we, but it seems as though this woman has just made it up. Because some people hate to go to the gym or workout with other people in the room, they often take themselves out into the big wide world to surround themselves with nature. We can imagine that’s exactly what this woman was hoping for before this goat goat-crashed her yoga party. He could have at least waited for an invite.

The Downward Dog

The Downward Dog is one of the most famous poses in the world of yoga, and even those who have never practiced yoga in their lives have probably heard of this one. Yet, have you ever seen one in action? While most people believe you have to lift your backside into the air and place your hands to the ground, it seems we’ve been doing it wrong for our whole lives. If you really want to know how to do it, just follow this dog, who seems to have it down pat.

Accidental yoga

If you’re a rather clumsy person not unlike ourselves, you probably find yourself constantly battling injuries or falling over invisible objects. They’re tricky things, those invisible objects. Yet, as you fall over your feet and tumble headfirst into oncoming barriers, you may also find yourself doing accidental yoga. After having a few too many drinks and falling over his feet, this man perfectly enacted the Dolphin Pose. Don’t believe us? Look it up: the foot placement may leave something to be desired, but the head is in the exact Dolphin placement.

The plow

Although us humans love to do a bit of yoga in our free time, it seems as though we’re not the only animal species to try out our poses. In fact, pandas are also partial to a bit of yoga every now and then! While humans often struggle to perfect the Plow Pose, pandas have an inbuilt rhythm when it comes to this specific pose. Sure, it may look like they’re just falling over themselves in a hilarious fashion, but they’re actually yoga masters.

The makeshift studio

If you don’t have enough space in your home to practice yoga and you’re not quite ready to go to a real class, it’s often difficult to find somewhere that offers the space you need. Although you can do it in the wide outdoors, we would advise against choosing the middle of the road. You know, roads are normally quite busy, and the fact that this person nearly got hit by a bus should be enough to dissuade you against this yoga studio.

Yoga with kids

Yoga is one of the best ways to wind down after a long and hard day, and many parents choose it as their exercise of choice to relax their body and mind. However, attempting to do your yoga in peace is a mission in itself. With your kids craving attention every single minute of every hour, getting a minute to yourself as a parent is nearly impossible. This mom soon realized that she wasn’t going to get her yoga on when her child came bundling down the hall and onto her Crab Pose, but hey, at least she tried!