The World’s Biggest Animals

The Flemish Giant

When you think of a domesticated rabbit, you probably picture a sweet, furry little animal running around the house. Well, the Flemish Giant, a type of hare is actually a domesticated animal, which is pretty odd considering its huge size. These friendly Flemish animals have been around since the 16th century when they were breeded in Ghent, a city in Belgium. They can weigh up to 28 pounds, so there’s no wonder they can be mistaken for dogs!


American Alligator

Settled in the Southeastern side of the United States, the American Alligator is truly an all American reptile. It’s the biggest type of Alligator in the world, as we knot it. Their enormous jaws coupled with their incredible speed, it’s what makes them a very dangerous animal that you’d probably prefer to look at from a distance, because although they are usually favor small animals, their taste buds are leaning towards human flesh. Let’s just say, if you get a little too close to the American Alligator, it will pretty much be see ya later, Alligator!


Southern Elephant Seal

Elephants are one of those animals that people tend to have a complicated relationship with. We are brought up to think that they are these cute harmless animals like Dumbo was, but in fact they can be one of the more dangerous carnivores around. Good think this next animal is not really an elephant, but it just got its name due to its huge size. The size of the Southern Elephant Seal changes between the male and the female, when the males can weigh up to 9,000 pounds, six times heavier than the female. The additional ‘Seal’ in their name refers to the fact that they literally dive for their prey, which is usually any kind of fish. A cheeky fact about those enormous animals, is that they can hold their breath up to two hours. Either way, try to stay away from those presumably adorable creatures.


Orca- Killer Whale

The producers of the 1993 film, Free Willy, could not have portrayed the enormous mammal in a more misleading way. The Orca, or in its other name, The Killer Whale, is the whale that is showcased as a man’s best friend in the ocean. The Orcas are also used in other ‘friendly’ settings such as waterparks, which pretty much shows a very wrong picture, as they are one of the more dangerous in the world and the sea world. The biggest male Orca that was ever weighed on record 10 tons and was 32 ft long.


Green Anaconda

The Green Anaconda, coming from South America is not only the longest snake in the world, but also the heaviest. It can reach up to 155 pounds and can be 17 ft long. These snakes are actually act as nocturnal species which is why they spend much of their time near water. When a Green Anaconda wants to attack, it pretty much suffocates anything around including deers and jaguars. Next time you visit Venezuela, try to stay away from an anaconda.


Sperm Whale

Coming in second after the Orca, or as we’ve learned to call it by its other more threatening name, the Killer Whale, is the Sperm Whale. They really couldn’t be more literal with the name as the name ‘Sperm’ actually comes from the fact that the whale’s semen is the the liquid substance that can be found in its head. The ocean surely serves as a pool for some of the biggest animals on the planet, so it’s no surprise to find the gigantic whale on our list.



We know it might seem almost too obvious, but the Giraffe entered the list of the world’s greatest creatures due to its incredible height. The animal with the unbelievable long neck and friendly face, can weigh over 3,500 pounds and if you’ll try to reach their ears you’ll have to climb on a 20 ft tall ladder. Their necks are actually used not only for self feeding but also for fighting those predators away. Besides its enormity, the Giraffe is truly one of the most stunning animals on the planet.


Brown Bear

Next time you’re planning a camping trip or a little getaway in the woods, and you happen to run into a Brown Bear, make sure you turn around and run for your life. These fuzzy huge carnivores are actually not the friendly Teddy Bear that you have in your mind. This 2,500 pound animal can stand on its hind legs and will go up to 10 ft. Wouldn’t want to run into one of those bears, not even in the movies.


The Capybara Hamster

We’re surprised by the amount of seemingly domesticated animals that enter our list as the biggest animals in the world. The Capybara is actually one of the biggest rodent on the planet. If you’re looking to take one home, you’ll have to travel to South America, where they are mostly found. If you want to imagine what 5 ft and 200 pounds are, just thing of a guinea pig. Some people actually adopt them as a home pet, which could be very interesting to see your neighbor walking around with a huge hamster next time you walk your dog.


White Rhinoceros

When it comes to the White Rhinoceros, it’s actually a pretty sad turn of events for them. The fact that have been hunted by hunters for their impressive horns, has led to their extinction on a large and unthinkable scale. This makes them an endangered animal which is slowly fading away from the planet. When thinking about its size, it’s just slightly smaller than a hippo, where the male weighs around 5,100 on average. Despite their size, they relatively move at a fast speed.


African Bush Elephant

With its unimaginable weight, the 13,000 pound African Bush Elephant is actually the biggest and heaviest land creature on the planet. This elephant is not one we’d like to run into in the Savannah. This dangerous animal is pretty much fearless, until it feels there’s potential threat to its newborn calves. Some of the more common characteristics of the African Bush Elephants are their enormous ears which can actually radiate over heat.


The Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox

That’s a pretty long name for a bat. This impressive type of bat is actually an endangered golden capped fruit bat from the megabit family that comes originally from the Philippines. When in motion, its size can get to 3.3 pounds and almost 6 ft long. Since it’s mostly found in the rainforest it faces a serious extinction threat because of forest destruction. Despite its somewhat scary appearance, the The Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox is actually not dangerous to the human race.


Blue Whale

We’ll try and be very descriptive with this next animal. When you want to estimate the size of a the Blue Whale, just think of a professional basketball court and you’ll have a pretty good idea. Even if your’e not a big NBA fan, you can still get the picture. With over 200 tons in weight and over 100 ft long, The Blue Whale is just a majestic animal. Since you won’t get anywhere near its jaws, just imagine it can swallow up to three school buses. If you want to think of the size of their hearts, think of a mini cooper car. This marine mammal’s tongue alone weighs over 6,000 pounds. Amazing.


The Giant African Land Snail

Yes even a Snail can be considered big. In fact the Giant African Land Snail is one of the biggest earthly species on the planet. Although it might be very rare for you to run into one, or even step on one, it’s still quite fascinating to explore its unique characteristics. Their brown shell that almost looks like it’s painted in stripes makes this slimy animal seem somewhat appealing. Its size can be anywhere between 3 to 18 inches long.


Japanese Spider Crab

It might sound like it’s something you would order at a seafood restaurant, but we doubt that you would ever find a Japanese Spider Crab inside those water tanks. The Japanese Spider Crab, is a species of marine crab that tends to live around the water. We can only assume that it got its name by looking like a hybrid of a spider and a crab. Its leg span can reach up to 12 ft and can weigh up to 41 pounds!


Great Dane

Who thought that a ‘regular’ pet like a dog would ever be considered as one of the biggest animals in the world. We’re not sure from what size an animal can be considered a domesticated pet, but we’re pretty sure that this Great Dane, would fit more as an farm animal than a home pet. The Great Dane is a crossbreed between two types of dogs, English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds. They might nit be considered the heaviest, but they sure are the tallest, reaching up to 2 ft and 10 in.


Goliath Beetles

Named after the biblical Goliath, the Goliath beetle is among the biggest insects that can be seen in the world. They can be mostly found in Africa’s rainforests where they are primarily fed of fruit and tree sap. Once again, their size differs in gender when the males can measure from 2.4–4.3 and the females are anywhere between 2.0–3.1 in.


Colossal Squid

The Colossal Squid is one of those creatures you only imagine in your worst nightmares. It is sometimes referred to as the Antarctic or the giant cranch squid, and it’s thought to be the biggest type of squid in terms if its weight. In terms of sze, it can measure between 39-46 ft and weight somewhere around 1,600 pounds. The Colossal Squid is actually a really good predator thanks to its long limbs that are bounded with hooks. Just to get an idea, its eye alone is as big as a person’s head. Ew.


Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander, you guessed it, can be mainly found in China. The slippery and slimy animal can reach up yo 5 ft in length, and is actually considered an endangered species due to their delicate characteristics and to being exposed to pollution. In fact, since the 50’s their population has declined by over 80%. Interestingly enough, they are blind, which makes it very hard for them to get away from danger.


Dalmatian Pelican

Not sure why it’s called a Dalmatian, but this pretty animal can basically be found all over the globe. As you can imagine, they mostly hang out around water, specifically around lakes, rivers and swamps. The Dalmatian Pelican, unlike the white Pelican that we know, can be found at many elevations and not just in lowland areas. This enormous bird is one of the biggest bird species in the world and can measure 9 to 1 ft in length, and can weigh up to 33.1 pounds in wingspan.


Coconut Crab

Despite its tropical name, there is nothing tropical nor sexy about the Coconut Crab. They are in fact the biggest anthropoids on the planet, believe it or not. They can weigh up to almost 9 pounds and are around 3.2 ft in length. The Coconut Crab is highly associated with the coconut tree, hence its name, even though id does not feed of those juicy sweet fruits, but it it really wanted to it could crush a coconut using its claws.


Giant Stingray

This species of stingray is actually one of the biggest fresh water fish in the ocean. The heart-shaped animal can be found mainly in Southeast Asia in the rivers of Borneo and Indochina. They can grow to be 6.2 ft when measured across and can weigh up to 1,300 lb. Considering its enormous oval disc – shaped body, its tail is considerably thin. They are usually displayed in aquariums where people can be impressed by their size and motion.