Where are the women of Survivor now?

For some reason, we just can’t get enough of survival reality shows. Whether it’s watching Bear Grylls battle a bear or survive on nothing but berries, or whether it’s the men and women who quite literally bare it all on Naked and Afraid, watching these shows is a far cry from our everyday life – but it’s an escape we all love to watch. One of the most famous survival reality shows to date is Survivor, which was first developed after the success of a Swedish survival show that debuted onto international screens in 1997.

After Survivor made its presence known during its first season in 2001, Jeff Probst and his survivalists have entertained viewers since, as they attempt to survive on a desert island. Yet, this is no paradise beach. With no food, water, fire or even shelter, it’s down to these survivalists to create their own lives for themselves using the bare necessities. As competitions and trials whittle down the survivalists, the last man or woman standing gets the chance to call themselves the “Sole Survivor” and walk away with an extra $1 million in their pocket. While men often had the chance to show their survival instinct, women have also proven that they were worthy of the grand prize – but have you ever wondered what these ladies have been up to since going back to basics on an isolated island? Here’s what the women of Survivor are up to now…

Amber Brkich (now Mariano) – on the show

Although there were countless women on Survivor who made their mark, Amber certainly takes the title as one of the strongest and most famous women to find herself on the island. This is because Amber not only appeared on the iconic The Australian Outback season, but she also returned for the intense All-Stars season, where she took the crown as the sole survivor. Amazingly, her epic All-Stars victory was largely thanks to an alliance she formed while on the show. During this time, Amber got up close and personal with Rob Mariano who not only helped her through the experience but proposed to her at the end of it!

Amber Brkich (now Mariano) – today

Amber and Rob Mariano made headlines across the world when we watched him get down on one knee, so it should come as no surprise to discover that we’ve all been pretty obsessed with her since All-Stars ended. After leaving the island behind them and starting their life as a married couple, we’ve been able to watch their love and their family grow. In fact, the couple has now brought four wonderful daughters into the world and are living off their combined $2 million winnings from their individual Survivor wins. In recent years, Amber and Rob tried their hand at the reality show, The Amazing Race, but didn’t fare so well.

Natalie Tenerelli – on the show

Within every season of Survivor, there has always been one contestant who has played it safe until the very end – and during Redemption Island, Natalie Tenerelli was that contestant. Due to her kind nature, her loyalty, and her mental and physical strength, Natalie managed to complete almost all of the tasks given to her so that she could reach the final three. Yet, her safe nature played against her in the final moments, as many did not believe she was cunning enough. Because of this, she placed third.

Natalie Tenerelli – today

Although she may have only come third, Natalie Tenerelli definitely impressed us with her loyalty while on Survivor – but it seems as though that’s not the only thing she’s good at. Nowadays, Natalie is using her dancing talent to her advantage and living her life as a professional dancer. In fact, Natalie is currently one of the dancers within the Los Angeles Clippers Dance Squad. As if that wasn’t cool enough, she has also appeared on another reality show entitled LA Clippers Dance Squad.

Andrea Boehlke – on the show

Andrea Boehlke was not the kind of survivor to do things by halves, which is why she not only appeared on the Redemption Island season, but she also appeared on Caramoan and Game Changers! Within all three seasons, Andrea showcased her epic ability to win any challenge thrown at her, thanks to her strategy and her cunning nature. Unfortunately, her winning streak did not impress her fellow survivors, and she was voted out in the early stages of her first and second series, and a little later on in her third season.

Andrea Boehlke – today

Considering she was in three separate seasons of Survivor, it was hard for Andrea Boehlke to slip through the net. She soon became a hugely popular figure in the world of show business, and this exposure allowed Andrea to create an even bigger career for herself. Nowadays, she is a prominent television host and has worked for People Magazine, as well as CBS Local Sports. In fact, you might even recognize her for hosting the countdown in Times Square on New Year’s Eve…

Angie Layton – on the show

Angie Layton seemed to be on a roll when she appeared on Survivor: Philippines. Her fellow tribemates absolutely loved her, and she seemed to get on with everyone else on the island. She even got pretty close to a firm favorite, Malcolm Freberg. Despite her ability to get on with everyone on the island, Angie struggled to win any challenges and struggled to showcase her abilities within the team. Because of this, she was ultimately booted off the show – which shows that being nice doesn’t always get you the glory.

Angie Layton – today

Although she may have struggled to win any challenges or show off her strength and agility, Angie Layton did manage to win a few hearts – including ours. After all, how could you not fall in love with those pearly whites and her head-turning eyes? Since her time on the show, Angie has continued to live her life in the public eye and has kept her fans up to date with her personal life, which includes her boyfriend and their first child, who they welcomed into the world in 2017.

Jenna Morasca – on the show

Sometimes being the underdog pays off, and Jenna Morasca certainly proved that. After appearing in Survivor: The Amazon, Jenna became one of the first groups of Survivor contestants to try out the show’s brand new concept which split the men and women into two groups. During this separation, it was clear that Jenna was one of the weakest of the women, but somehow managed to defy all odds to become the sole survivor of that season! Fans were so impressed with her rise to victory that she even returned for Survivor: All-Stars.

Jenna Morasca – today

Before she made a name for herself on Survivor, Jenna was used to living her life in the limelight as she had previously worked as a professional swimwear model. Jenna had also tried her hand at acting before her stint in the Amazon and had showcased her talents within the horror TV show, The Scorned. After appearing in All-Stars, Jenna made our day when she confirmed her relationship with her fellow survivor, Ethan Zohn. The couple were together for a whopping ten years before they ended things in 2013.

Heidi Strobel (now Hamels) – on the show

Survivor is the kind of show that pushes people to their limits, and under pressure, these people often cause scandals that can never be forgotten – and Heidi Strobel was one of those people. During her time on Survivor: The Amazon, Heidi joined forces with Jenna Morasca to cheat the system and ask their host for a treat. Yes, Heidi and Jenna asked Jeff Probst for peanut butter and chocolate, and in return offered to retreat from the challenge. Both parties stuck with their deal, and the pair got their sugary goodness.

Heidi Strobel – today

Although they may not have progressed very far on the show, Heidi and Jenna definitely went down in Survivor history when they asked for treats during their stint on the show – and this question thrust them into the public eye. In fact, Heidi even appeared on the cover of Playboy after she returned from the island. Since then, Heidi has created a brand new life for herself with her husband, Cole Hamels, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. The couple now has three children together, one of which was adopted.

Amanda Kimmel (now Cooper) – on the show

Amanda is one of the most famous women to have ever come out of Survivor – because she starred in a whopping three seasons! During her first stint on the show, Amanda stayed on the island for an incredible 108 days and managed to come in second place. Amazingly, she landed the same spot during her second stint. Unfortunately, Amanda couldn’t keep up her streak for her third season and struggled to make it past the merge stage. Despite this, Amanda still won over the fans at home.

Amanda Kimmel (now Cooper) – today

Like us, you might have been wondering how Amanda was so successful during all of her Survivor attempts – but it seems as though she is not a stranger to success. Before she appeared on the show, Amanda rose to fame as a model and beauty pageant queen. Nowadays, Amanda is still modeling and using her fame to experience as many thrilling activities as possible. She has previously swum in a frozen lake, and flew a kite while standing on the Great Wall of China in heels!

Elisabeth Filarski (now Hasselback) – on the show

With her contagious smile and her quirky personality, Elisabeth won over the hearts of fans, cast, and crew alike. After appearing on The Australian Outback, Elisabeth attempted to use her social skills, her intelligence, and her tactics to take over the team and make it to the end of the show. Sadly, her fellow tribespeople felt intimidated by her talent and eventually sent her packing – but that didn’t mean she was forgotten about. In fact, Jeff Probst himself has stated that she was one of the most-loved contestants to ever appear on the show.

Elisabeth Filarski (now Hasselback) – today

Despite the fact that she didn’t win the show, Elisabeth has not let this affect her career. After leaving the show, Elisabeth found love in her NFL quarterback husband, Tim Hasselbeck, and has since made a name for herself as one of the most successful survivors to come from the show. Nowadays, she is known for being a hugely prominent talk show host and has worked on TV shows such as The View. She’s even been awarded an Emmy for her role on television! How cool is that?

Natalie White – on the show

Natalie White rose to fame on the Samoa season of Survivor – but her appearance on the show didn’t excite everyone, especially after she took home the $1 million prize as the sole survivor. Although many people were happy to see this beauty blonde take the crown, there were others who did not think Natalie deserved to wear it. In their eyes, Natalie had nailed the social aspect of the competition but had been trumped in the strategic game by the man who came in second place, Russell Hantz.

Natalie White – today

No matter whether you agreed with her title or whether you think she didn’t deserve the top spot, Natalie White was the ultimate winner of Survivor: Samoa – and there’s nothing that can be done to change that. However, Natalie’s win was often overshadowed by this controversy, and she just couldn’t leave the haters behind. To get away from all of the drama, Natalie decided to take her winnings and retreat to a life away from the cameras and bought herself her own home in Oklahoma.

Libby Vincek – on the show

In the past, there have been some incredible women on the survival reality show – but Libby Vincek has yet to discover whether she will become the sole survivor or not, as she is still filming the current season, Survivor: Ghost Island! Although this show is still ongoing, we have a feeling that Libby will make a lasting impression on viewers, as this beautiful blonde has already shown her strength as an ally and as an enemy. In fact, her fellow tribespeople has already been told not to trust her…

Libby Vincek – today

If you’re currently obsessed with the ongoing season of Survivor, you’ll know that Libby Vincek seems like an absolute natural. So, it may surprise you to learn that she only started watching previous seasons after she was selected as a potential new tribesperson. As soon as she received the news, this 24-year-old blonde beauty studied all aspect of the show to get her ready for the battle. Before she landed on the island, Libby noted that her favorite former contestant was Andrea Boehlke, who was bold and daring.

Morgan McLeod – on the show

Throughout the seasons of Survivor, the show’s producers have tried to mix up the competition ever so slightly every year – and Morgan McLeod appeared on the season whereby the contestants were split into three tribes which included brawn, beauty, and brain. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to know which tribe Morgan was put into, but she didn’t let this mark hold her back. Instead, she used her beauty to her advantage and sailed through the series before she was ultimately sent home.

Morgan McLeod – today

Before she made a name for herself on Survivor, Morgan McLeod had already shown the world that she wasn’t afraid of showing off her beauty, as she was previously a professional cheerleader for the NFL. Nowadays, though, we all know Morgan for her time on the show, which has earned her two prestigious Survivor Oz Awards. Although she has since shied away from the limelight, Morgan is a prominent social media user, and has recently announced on her Instagram profile that she is engaged!

Danielle DiLorenzo – on the show

Like many of the other women on this list, Danielle DiLorenzo actually got two chances to show off her skills on Survivor, as she appeared in both the Heroes vs. Villains and the Panama seasons. During her first appearance in Panama, Danielle proved to the world and her tribespeople that she was ready and willing to show off her social skills to score herself the second place on the show. During her second stint on the series, Danielle once again managed to succeed well into the game but was eventually sent home.

Danielle DiLorenzo – today

Since proving her worth on two seasons of Survivor, Danielle DiLorenzo has used her social status to kick-start her acting career. Not only has she appeared alongside one of her former Survivor tribesmen for a small independent movie called 180, but she has also starred in another movie entitled The Black Russian. However, her true fame came just a few months after her final Survivor stint, when Danielle DiLorenzo was given her very own show! Epic Adventures followed Danielle as she traveled the world and explored unearthed territory.

Danni Boatwright – on the show

If you cast your mind back to season 11 of Survivor: Guatemala, you’ll probably remember this face – as Danni Boatwright absolutely dominated this season from behind the season. Yes, although Danni was a strong contestant in both tactics and physical strength, she largely kept herself to herself to stay out of the way of her other tribesmen. Because of this, she had no clue that she would eventually go on to become the sole survivor or win the show. Amazingly, that’s exactly what she did!

Danni Boatwright – today

While most of us now know Danni Boatwright for winning season 11 of Survivor, it seems as though this beauty had already known what it was like to be a winner – as she had previously represented the state of Kansas during the Miss USA pageant in 1990! After taking the top spot on Survivor, Danni has used her winnings to start a new life for herself and her NFL husband, Casey Wiegmann. The couple now live in Kansas with their two wonderful children, and Danni now owns her own sporting goods store.

Chelsea Meissner – on the show

Chelsea Meissner made a huge impression on Survivor: One World, where she not only impressed her fellow tribespeople, but she also impressed the viewers at home. With her impeccable physical strength, her mental agility, her strategy and her social skills, Chelsea was able to work her way into the top three before she was sent home. Unfortunately, her competitors didn’t feel like Chelsea had overpowered them all during her time on the island and eventually allowed her to hold the bronze medal in third place.

Chelsea Meissner – today

When Chelsea first applied to appear on Survivor, she was asked by the producers of the show to describe her character, and she replied that she was driven and humorous. It seems like these qualities have worked in her favor, as Chelsea has since managed to maintain a career in the spotlight as an actress and TV host. In recent years, Chelsea has made a name for herself on the reality show called Southern Charm, where she was a regular cast member.

Alexis Maxwell – on the show

Like Morgan McLeod, Alexis Maxwell appeared on the Cagayan season of Survivor, where the tribe’s people were split into three different categories that defined whether they were the brawn, the brains or the beauty of the group. Similarly, Alexis was also placed into the beauty category and used her beauty to form various alliances within her tribe. Although she started off well, rifts soon became to form within her alliance, and her fellow islanders struggled to believe that she was trustworthy. Because of this, she was sent home.

Alexis Maxwell – today

While Alexis Maxwell appeared on Survivor, fans from across the world fell madly in love with the brunette beauty – but she kept pretty schtum about the fact that she actually had a boyfriend back home. Yet, now that she’s off the island and showcasing her world to her fans on social media, it’s hard to ignore the fact that she is head over heels for her football coach boyfriend, Evan Watkins. The pair has been together for more than three years, which means their relationship is kind of a pretty big deal.

Sierra Dawn Thomas – on the show

Like many of the other women on this list, Sierra Dawn Thomas not only appeared on one season of Survivor, she appeared on two! In fact, she appeared in Game Changers and Worlds Apart. During her two attempts to become the sole survivor, Sierra struggled to find her groove. In Worlds Apart, Sierra’s ability to play it safe got her the boot. Yet, when she tried a more hands-on and intense approach in Game Changers, she was also sent home. It seemed as if Sierra just couldn’t find a middle ground…

Sierra Dawn Thomas – today

Before she made a name for herself on Survivor, Sierra Dawn Thomas had been able to prepare herself for the competitive nature of the island, thanks to her career as a barrel racer. Although she may not have been successful during her two attempts, it’s fair to say that Sierra made an impact on the world and made relationships that would last a lifetime on the island. One of those relationships came in the form of Joe Anglim, who was also on Worlds Apart and is now her beau.

Julie Sokolowski – on the show

Julie Sokolowski was another woman to be separated into the ‘Beauty’ category of a Survivor season, but this time it was within the Survivor: Kaoh Rong season. As the youngest person to ever compete on Survivor, Julie made waves when she appeared on the show for her beauty and her youth – but that wasn’t all she brought to the table. Although she started off as a relatively quiet competitor, Julie eventually came out of her shell and started to win numerous challenges, which eventually led to her elimination.

Julie Sokolowski – today

No matter whether they win or lose, the competitors on every single Survivor season carries with them knowledge and experience that will last them a lifetime. This means that they create lifelong bonds with their fellow tribespeople, and are asked to return to later seasons to share their thoughts about the current competitors. This was the case for Julie Sokolowski after she left Koah Rong. She was often asked back to episodes of Survivor: Specialists and Game Changers to share her wisdom to viewers at home.

Anna Khait – on the show

Like Julie Sokolowski, Anna Khait was categorized into the ‘Beauty’ category within the Kaoh Rong season of Survivor – and it’s fair to say that she made a lasting impression on her fellow competitors and people watching the show. With her brunette locks and her natural beauty, there was no way that Anna could have slipped under the radar. While this worked in her favor for various tasks and competitions, her inability to know when to tone it down eventually led to her elimination towards the end of the season.

Anna Khait – today

While we all knew her for being the beauty of Kaoh Rong season, it seems as though there is a lot more to Anna Khait than meets the eye. In fact, this brunette beauty is actually a professional poker player in real life. Perhaps it was this knowledge of strategy, tactics, and intelligence that allowed Anna to reach such an impressive stage of the show. Sadly, it didn’t seem to work out in the end. However, we can’t help but hope that she will make her Survivor return in the near future.

Parvati Shallow – on the show

Parvati Shallow made her Survivor debut when she appeared on Cook Islands, and it’s fair to say that she immediately won over fans and tribespeople alike. With her wide smile, her contagious personality, her impeccable social skills and her beauty, Parvati often wooed the male contestants. However, her flirtatious personality ultimately led to her elimination. Nevertheless, Parvati had a second chance in Micronesia, where she managed to keep her flirtatious ways under wraps. This worked in her favor, as she eventually became the sole survivor!

Parvati Shallow – today

Parvati’s ability to win over her fan base didn’t stop when she returned home from Micronesia, as she later donated her $1 million prize to her very own charity, Knockout for Girls. This awesome charity raises money to help young women become more confident about their bodies and their position in society. They do this by utilizing the skills and methodology of boxing, and as a professional boxer, Parvati is more than capable of lending a hand every so often. As if she wasn’t cool enough, Shallow is also an actress.

Julie Berry – on the show

It’s fair to say that the stakes were raised even higher when the men were pitted against the women on Survivor, and Julie Berry was one of the strongest female leads during the Survivor: Vanuatu season. Julie proved to everyone that she had the mental and physical strength to make it to the end during her time on the show but sadly lost out to her male counterpart, Chris Daugherty. With her level-headedness and her strategic mind, Julie Berry made waves on the show, and so did her dating life…

Julie Berry – today

Although many of the women who appeared on Survivor eventually dated men who also appeared on the show, Julie Berry had the pleasure of dating someone slightly different. Amazingly, she dated the host of the show, Jeff Probst! The pair only started dating after filming ended, but fans can’t help but look back on her season to watch the flirtatious exchanged between the two. The pair has since ended their relationship, but Berry believes her relationship with Probst has cost her her chance to appear on the second season of the show.

Sydney Wheeler (now Maughan) – on the show

We were first introduced to Sydney Wheeler on Survivor: Tocantins – and it’s fair to say that she made an impression on viewers at home. While many people took to the island with few survival skills under their belts, Sydney was more than capable of looking after herself. She could make fire, she could build shelter, and she could even provide her tribe with food. Although she was incredibly physically capable and loyal to her tribespeople, Sydney was eventually sent home by her male counterparts.

Sydney Wheeler (now Maughan) – today

Before she made her way onto our screens in Survivor, Sydney Wheeler had already made a name for herself as a famous model – and her appearance on the show only heightened her presence in the modeling world. In fact, she was signed to major modeling agencies such as No Ties Management and Elite Model Management after leaving the show but has since parted ways with these companies. Nowadays, Sydney is a hugely popular figure on social media and impresses fans across the world with photographs of her husband and daughters.