This woman’s nose had not stopped growing – then a doctor stepped in and changed her life

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Is there a part of your body that you don’t like? We pretty much all have little hang-ups about the way we look, whether it’s to do with our height, weight, face or something else. It’s common for us to tell ourselves that we’re hideous and believe that everyone notices those things we hate, but that’s usually not the case. Sometimes, it’s what we dislike about ourselves that other people admire. We are our own worst critic.


Of course, sometimes when we identify a problem with ourselves, we’re not paranoid. There’s a difference between worrying about our ears being a little big or our height being below average, and having a genuine medical condition. Pamela Ichard certainly fell into the latter category. She had a reason to be concerned about her looks, because they were the result of a worrying skin condition. Her nose was growing to a ridiculous size, and it left her feeling abnormal and unattractive. Who wants to be in that position? Pamela wondered if she would be this way forever until a helpful doctor came along.

The work they did blew her away, and she couldn’t believe the transformation once it was all over. Those years of hating her looks seemed like a distant memory now, all because of this one person. Pamela would never be the same again.

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Appearances influence self esteem

It’s rare for someone not to worry about their appearance. We grow up in a world where the media is obsessed with looks, and that has a huge influence on us. When we feel we don’t fit in with the way everyone else looks, it can make us feel like we don’t belong. This is a particular problem when we’re young. Many people in their adolescence worry about their appearance at a time when their bodies are going through intense changes. Of course, how you look then won’t be the same in ten years time. Pamela Ichard never really faced that problem until one fateful day when everything changed for her.

Facing puberty

Ichard had always felt comfortable with her looks. She was no more self-conscious than the other girls her age, and she was proud of her natural beauty. Pamela isn’t afraid to say now that she had great skin back when she was a teenager. At least, she did until things suddenly changed. It was when she was 15 that life threw her a curveball that she wasn’t prepared for – puberty. It’s rare that someone manages to go through adolescence without facing the wrath of puberty. Pamela certainly wasn’t immune to its transformation, but it affected her in a different way to everyone else. As those around her started to come out the other side, Ichard’s skin problems grew worse.

Dealing with bad skin

Acne isn’t something any of us welcome, but it’s rare for someone to get it quite as bad as Pamela did. The bumps on her skin became very irritated, turning a dark red color and peeling badly. As a teenager, there was nothing worse for Ichard than not looking her best. Her skin had gone from having a gorgeous sheen to being covered in unsightly marks and bumps. Naturally, she felt self-conscious about looks, but she assured herself that things would get better once she’d made it through her teenage years.

Getting worse

Unfortunately, luck was not on Ichard’s side. Instead of improving, things worsened. Despite growing into adulthood, she still had the skin of a hormonal teenager, and she was understandably concerned. Not only was her face in poor condition, but her nose also seemed to be bigger than it had been a few years earlier. Pamela wanted this nightmare to end, but it looked like her skin wasn’t going to improve naturally. So, unsure of what else to do, she went to the doctors hoping they’d have answers for them.

Seeking medical help

When Pamela visited the doctors, she hoped they’d have an answer for her problems. After examining her skin, they suggested that she might be suffering from rosacea. This is a rash that affects the face and is commonly found in middle-aged adults. The doctors said that it looked to be an advanced form of the condition and advised her to take medication to try and improve the rash. Although Ichard didn’t know how she’d developed this problem, she was glad to put a name to it.

Ineffective medication

Despite having a diagnosis, though, Pamela showed no signs of improving. None of the medicine that she’d been recommended did anything to help with her symptoms. Her face was still in a bad way and seemed to be getting worse. Ichard couldn’t help but grow concerned. Had their diagnosis been incorrect? Was she suffering from something else, something worse? They had said that the rosacea was rather advanced, so maybe the medication wasn’t strong enough to deal with it. Whatever the answer, she had something more pressing to deal with.

Aggravating the symptoms

The medication might not have been helping with Ichard’s conditions, but it was doing something. She found that the more she took, the worse her symptoms became. Rather than being a help, they were acting as a hindrance to her recovery. Pamela stopped taking the medication in the hopes that it would reverse some of the aggravated symptoms, but there was no such luck. The damage had already been done. Would things ever get better, or would her condition continue to deteriorate?

From bad to worse

As time passed, things just went from bad to worse. It wasn’t so much her skin bearing the brunt of her problems anymore; now it was her nose. Although it had been growing slightly over the years, it was now starting to get out of control. Pamela began to notice it after she gave birth to her second child. She looked in the mirror and realized that it had started to change shape. Every time she checked on it, it appeared to be even more disfigured. What was happening now?

A new condition

With her problem worse than ever, Pamela returned to the doctors with the hope that they’d be able to help her. While she was there, they informed her that she’d developed rhinophyma which is why her nose had started to swell so badly. The cause of this condition isn’t known, but its commonly linked to severe cases of rosacea. Ichard began to wonder if her skin condition would ever improve. Doctor’s could identify it, yet they had no solutions to her problem. What was she supposed to do?

Losing self-confidence

Pamela’s self-confidence was at an all-time low. Ever since she’d first developed rosacea, she’d felt uncomfortable with her looks. Now that the condition had become so aggravated, though, she hated her appearance more than ever. Looking in the mirror left her feeling embarrassed, and she knew that people were talking about her in public. Her self-confidence had plummeted so severely that she felt uncomfortable leaving the house. She’d developed a great deal of anxiety all because of the way she looked, and it made her life miserable.

Holding on to hope

Despite everything she was going through, Pamela refused to give up hope. She knew that there had to be some cure for her condition, even if she had to go searching for it. The doctors she’d visited couldn’t offer her any help, but she wasn’t going to dwell on that. She just had to find assistance elsewhere and hope they had the answers she needed. All Ichard wanted was to look normal, and nothing would stand in the way of achieving her dream. That’s when she stumbled upon a solution.

The big breakthrough

Just when it looked like Ichard would never cure her skin condition, she found salvation in TV talk show “The Doctors.” They told Pamela that the disease she’d developed wasn’t typical for someone her age, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t be able to help. It would take some time, but they promised there was a light at the end of the tunnel. There were procedures they could perform that would cure her condition and give her the normal face she desperately desired. Ichard was overwhelmed.

Free of charge

The real icing on the cake was yet to come, though. As Dr. Ann Zedlitz, the woman capable of fixing Pamela’s face, discussed the treatment available, she dropped a huge bombshell. She told Ichard that she would perform the procedures free of charge. Any kind of surgical treatment is expensive, so naturally, Ichard was emotional when she heard the news. Not only would she finally feel comfortable in her skin, but she wouldn’t have to pay a dime to feel normal again. Everything was finally coming together.

Helping the nation

This is fairly standard practice for the TV show that’s been on the air for a decade now. “The Doctors,” invites people suffering from troubling medical conditions onto the set to try and help them out. The hosts also discuss a range of medical issues with other guests and professionals, as well as answering questions put forward by their viewers. Before Ichard, the show helped out many people struggling with their conditions, including several suffering with equally unsettling skin conditions.

A cure for everything

There has been all manner of medical problems shown on the “The Doctors.” Considering more than 1,000 episodes have aired over the last ten years, it’s not surprising that they’ve treated a lot of conditions. It’s not only skin problems that have come their way, though. The talk show covers everything, from things like substance abuse, eating disorders and addiction to physical diseases like Ichard’s. There’s nothing too gross or impossible for “The Doctors,” which is why so many people turn to them when they need some help.

Worth the wait

Although Pamela knew that her problem could be fixed, she had to accept that things wouldn’t change immediately. The treatment would take several months, and there was still a chance that it wouldn’t work, though she remained optimistic. She could wait a little longer for the procedure to take effect if it meant that she’d finally be able to live with a blemish-free face. She hadn’t had clear skin since she was a teenager and she didn’t think she ever would again. That was all about to change now, though.

Undergoing treatment

Dr. Zedlitz wasted no time getting to work on Pamela’s treatment. Just a week after she appeared on the show, the doctor went through the first stage of the procedure where she used a CO2 laser and Ultherapy to tighten Ichard’s skin. The outcome of that took a month to heal, and then Dr. Zedlitz repeated the process, gradually working on some of Pamela’s acne scarring too. Another month later, she injected fillers to revolumise her face, before then prescribing her some medication which she took for six months.

Successful transformation

Several months later, the two women returned to “The Doctors” to show the incredible transformation that Pamela had undergone. No longer was her face scarred and her nose swollen – she was like a completely different woman. The hosts were blown away by the change in Ichard and commended the work that Dr. Zedlitz had done. They labeled Pamela’s transformation as one of the most dramatic ever seen on the show. They also praised the educational value that her change will have on others suffering from the same condition.

Different woman

Not only was the change in Pamela’s face noticeable, but also how she carried herself. She was no longer the woman afraid to show her face in public. She looked visibly comfortable and happy with the way that she looked. Ichard confirmed that the procedure had changed her life for the better. Her condition had led her to a dark place, but thanks to Dr. Zedlitz and the show, she finally felt like life was worth living. She’d never forget how they helped during her time of her need.

A hopeful future

For years, Pamela had suffered from issues with her self-confidence. She’d grown up to be a woman embarrassed to be seen, and it had ruined some of the best years of her life. While she would have preferred not to have had the condition in the first place, those hardships have made her grateful for the looks she has now. The tough times in life are the things that shape our future, and Pamela is one woman who will never take the things she now has for granted.