This woman’s mom was stalking her crush and he found out

There’s no denying that in high school we all had a crush that we ended up stalking on every social media site we could. Before we’d even said “hi” we knew their mom’s name, their house number, and their cat’s birthday. Usually, that’s as far as it ever went. A couple of months of intense stalking later, we move on, either completely, or to a new temporary crush. In a mortifying turn of events, social media stalking can sometimes go terribly wrong, and that’s precisely what happened to this woman.

Meeting a man

During her freshman year of college, Hannah Orenstein began signing up to online dating sites. Like many of us, she liked the idea of meeting potential matches, without ever having to surpass the awkward meeting stage.

The one where we have to get to know someone and eventually ask them out on a date – or hope they ask us. In November, Hannah received a message from a guy. In her story on Elite Daily, she referred to him as Will, for privacy reasons.

All about Will

Hannah and Will began talking, and she found that he was intriguing and mature. He was, what she called, a “capital-A Adult.” He graduated from college the previous spring and was now working in a high-end job at an investment bank.

Suddenly, Hannah’s college life didn’t seem so exciting. She enjoyed talking to him, and they seemed to get along very well. Will lived in a nice apartment – well, much nicer than Hannah’s college dorm, anyway. So, they talked for a while, before Will asked her on a date.

First date

Hannah and Will’s first date was to Hannah’s favorite local coffee shop. She was terrified to meet him and was trying to prepare for an hour of awkward small talk and nervous laughter.

However, she was pleasantly surprised upon discovering that they actually got along brilliantly. The pair spoke for hours, with no uncomfortable silences. Hannah admitted that she felt that they really hit it off instantly. At the end of the date, Hannah expected a kiss goodbye but was instead met with a nervous hug. Although, she didn’t mind.

Talking all the time

Following their hugely successful date, Hannah and Will spoke each and every day. They would text each other long messages and stories about their day. They never seemed to tire of one another’s company, and Hannah loved it.

They got on wonderfully and seemed to have a mutual interest in each other. Will soon asked Hannah on a second date. They continued speaking for hours on end whenever they had time, and Hannah liked him more with every detail she learned about him and his life.

Telling all

Hannah decided to phone her mom and tell her all about her new love interest. She spoke about their first date and how she felt about him. She told her mom all about Will and the way she thought he felt about her, too.

Her mom asked her to reiterate his name and where he worked. In the moment, Hannah thought nothing of it. Hannah assumed she had just forgotten what she had said, so she went on telling her story and gushing about how much she enjoyed his presence.

Another date

Hannah and Will later embarked on their second date, at a fancy restaurant that Will had booked for them. Upon entering the restaurant, Hannah’s jaw dropped.

It was unbelievably expensive and so posh. They hit it off right away once again. They were like childhood best friends that had been reunited, where you don’t know all that much about them anymore, but it feels like no time has ever passed. For Hannah and Will, it was hard to believe that they had only met once before.

A terrifying turn

A little way into the date, Will paused for a moment. With a smile, he told Hannah that he thought her mom had been stalking his LinkedIn account.

Although for him to mention this, Hannah knew that he didn’t think she had stalked him, he knew. Hannah’s heart dropped. Was this going to be the end of what she thought could have become a great relationship? She was so embarrassed – her mom had stalked her crush, and he had found out about it straight away.

Extreme stalking

Hannah isn’t the only victim of crush stalking gone wrong. Antonio had broken up with his boyfriend from Grindr and wanted to know if he was back on it.

He lived four hours away and Antonio wanted to ensure he was within his range, or he wouldn’t know if his ex was on the app or not. So, Antonio made the eight-hour round trip to his ex’s house, where he got spotted. Antonio pretended he didn’t see his ex, and also discovered he was, in fact, back on Grindr.

Nervous laughter

In Brent’s story, he had been sat in a lecture, looking at a girl from his college on social media. He had opened all of her accounts – her Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. While scrolling through her boards on Pinterest, he heard a laugh.

Brent turned around to see none other than the girl he was stalking. She was sat right behind him and could see everything he was doing. He didn’t even know she was in that particular class, let alone sat in the worst possible place.


In an awkward turn of events, Tyler had been stalking his ex-girlfriend, when he made a huge mistake. From looking through his ex’s Facebook page, he had found her new boyfriend.

Naturally, Tyler decided to have a look and ended up sending him an accidental friend request. Tyler was horrified and knew that there was no way to rectify his mistake and prevent the couple from laughing about him. So, what did Tyler do? He deleted his entire Facebook account and avoided social media for weeks!

Stalking gone wrong

Melissa had too much to drink one night and decided it would be a good time to stalk her crush. We all know this story only ever goes one of two ways.

Either you send them an illegible, awkward message, or, the alternative, which was Melissa’s predicament. She hadn’t realized that the L button on the keyboard ‘liked’ posts and while she was scrolling she had somehow held the L key, subsequently liking every one of his posts that she saw. Unfortunately for Melissa, this was every post from 2009 until 2011. Oops!

Fatal error

One evening, Ed decided to stalk a girl he liked on Instagram. Using the ‘send to a friend’ button, Ed sent a whole string of photos to his friend to talk about – or so he thought.

Ed had actually sent a total of 11 pictures of his crush… to her! Yep, he sent her all of the photos of herself, instead of sending them to his friend. Ed had no idea what he had been doing until she messaged him, asking if he was meaning to send them to her.

LinkedIn ruins it again

Sally was in the middle of a long break up and decided that seeing photos of her ex-boyfriend on Facebook would be too hard. She instead opted to check his LinkedIn page every day.

22 days of LinkedIn stalking later, she received a notification to say he had viewed her profile. Sally quickly came down from the joy that he had been thinking about her when it finally hit that LinkedIn notifies you when someone has viewed your page – he would have 22 notifications from her! Mortifying!


While Hannah and Will were sat awkwardly, upon Hannah learning that her crush had, in fact, received multiple notifications from her mother’s stalking escapades, Hannah was desperately trying to think of an answer.

She admitted it was definitely possible that her mom had stalked him, given how much she had been told. Hannah couldn’t think of a way to make herself seem less ridiculous. She fumbled around with her napkin, only managing to stutter that she must have told her mom quite a bit.

Something odd

During Hannah’s moment of pure desperation and embarrassment, she struggled to look up at Will, but when she did, something was off. He had gone disturbingly pale.

Had her mom’s stalking terrified Will that much? Was he trying to come up with an escape plan from an obsessive crush? Was he completely in shock that Hannah had been talking about him? Then she noticed that he was looking straight past her and at the window. Hannah was worried and asked him what was wrong.

Goes both ways

Will snapped back into reality, and that’s when Hannah learned something new. Will admitted that he had been telling his friends about her, too. Hannah was thrilled that she wasn’t alone.

That still begged the question as to what that had to do with his stunned silence, however. What was going on? A fancy second date had suddenly become very strange. Hannah had told her mom, and Will had told his friends, too, but how was that related to whatever he was staring at?

Just outside

That’s when Will came out with the truth. He had not only told them about Hannah but also about the date he had organized. When Hannah was trying to explain herself, he had noticed his friend stood outside the restaurant window!

Hannah spun round to get a look at the girl, and just caught a glimpse of her running out of sight, holding a camera. Will apologized and explained that when telling his friend about his date plans, he had no idea that she would turn up to stalk them.

A form of flattery

Hannah actually took it as a nice gesture. Will had spoken about her, too! That had to be a good sign, right? She had told her mom all about Will, over the phone, because she really enjoyed his company and was beginning to really like him.

For Will to have told his friend about her and their date, he surely had to like her back. Hannah no longer felt like she was overly eager for nothing, with the knowledge that Will had been telling people about her as well.

Laugh it off

The pair of them finished their date and spent much of it laughing off both of their entertaining situations. Hannah felt significantly less embarrassed now that she knew Will was in the same boat.

They had both spoken about each other to the people closest to them and had both been shown up by bad attempts of stalking. It actually worked in their favor, giving them something extra to talk about and relate to. Though initially feeling rather ashamed, they both later saw the entertaining side of their situations.

The years that followed

Neither stalking attempts put the couple off of each other, fortunately. Hannah stated on the Elite Daily that the pair of them dated on and off for several years following their dates.

They always got along well, and their stories only served as a form of entertainment and as a fond memory for them. Hannah and Will liked each other a lot, and Hannah suspects that this had a lot to do with why neither of them were “weirded out” by the incident.

Moral of the story

Those long minutes in the restaurant no doubt felt like hours while Hannah was trying to come up with some sort of explanation as to how – and why – her mother had found Will’s LinkedIn profile and looked through it several times.

Through all of the laughs and humiliation, however, Hannah learned a valuable lesson that day – to never tell her mom the details of her crush! We’re sure Will has learned the same about telling his friends his plans, too. What a cruel way to learn a lesson, though!