This woman was told she’d never have children, but after making wish at the Trevi Fountain, she became pregnant

For many people, kids are a blessing. They can drive you crazy and drain you of your money, but it’s worth it for the bond that comes between a parent and their child. There’s no other love like it.

Unfortunately, no matter how desperately you want kids, luck isn’t always on your side. Whether you can’t find a partner to raise a family with, or there’s something wrong with your body that’s preventing conception, so many people never get the chance to have their own children. While things like adoption and surrogacy are still a possibility, not everyone wants to have a kid this way.

Monica Rana certainly didn’t. She was desperate to go through the birthing process herself and welcome her own son or daughter into the world. Sadly, all roads reached a dead end on that account, leaving the woman in dire need of a miracle. That’s when she visited the Trevi Fountain and made a wish that would change her life forever.

Running out of time

There comes a time in every woman’s life where they realize that having children will no longer be possible. The age at which this happens differs from person to person, but it’s merely an inevitable part of life.

Monica knew that her time was fast approaching, meaning if she ever wanted to have kids herself, she needed to do it soon. However, complications in her life made it increasingly difficult for her to get pregnant, leaving her to wonder if her dream would ever come true.

One thing on her mind

Monica Rana had wished for a child for years. For her, there was no greater gift in life than your own flesh and blood, and she longed for the days she could call herself a mother. She knew that being a parent wasn’t easy and that there would be times when it all felt too much for her, but there would be more good days than bad. A child was much more of a blessing than a curse.

Unfortunately, even though she was desperate for a kid, she couldn’t just snap her fingers and bring one into the world. She needed a father to help conceive and raise the baby, and that was proving to be the most challenging part. All of her previous boyfriends had shown no interest in becoming parents, including her most recent ex. She needed to find someone soon, but she didn’t know where to start.

Escaping her problems

It wasn’t just her man problems that were getting in the way of everything. Monica also discovered that her body was working against her to prevent conception from even being possible. She had several tests done at the doctors and found that her ovarian follicle numbers were low. Hearing those words devastated Monica and left her with the assumption that children were now never going to happen.

She was on the verge of falling into a downward spiral when her friend Anita came along and suggested something to distract her – a cruise. She’d been planning to go on one for a while, and she figured that Monica needed a vacation. While it wouldn’t offer a solution for her baby problems, it would at least allow her to clear her mind. Sitting around and moping certainly wasn’t going to help her work out a plan going forward.

Plans for the future

The cruise turned out to be precisely what Monica needed. Taking time away from her problems allowed her to kick back and have fun, although her mind wasn’t entirely at ease. She still thought about what she was missing out on not having children, but she came to accept that perhaps she wasn’t meant to be a mother. If she was destined for parenthood, things surely would have worked out by now.

So, while on the cruise, she and Anita began making plans for the future. They decided to use their freedom to their advantage and travel the world. They’d take weekend trips to various places and see what else is out there. They even considered moving abroad together and seeing how that panned out. Being on that cruise made it feel like anything was possible, apart from the one thing that Monica wanted most.

Saving face

As they discussed their potential future plans, Monica told her friend that she was okay with not becoming a mother. All the excess love that she had for a child she’d just shower on her nieces and nephews. At least she’d still have some kids in her life, even if they weren’t her own. However, all this was just a facade to stop Anita from worrying about her. Deep down, she’d never be able to accept that she couldn’t become a mother.

In her eyes, that was something she’d been working towards for her whole life – how could she just give it up? She didn’t want to spend the rest of her days yearning for something she couldn’t have, but what other choice was there? It wasn’t like she’d just wake up pregnant one day and have all her problems resolved. Life doesn’t work that way.

A last-ditch effort

Fortunately, while it might have felt as though the world was working against her, Monica’s luck turned around when the cruise ship docked in Rome. She and Anita took their time exploring the city and seeing all the beautiful sights, and there was one place in particular that they focused their efforts – the Trevi Fountain.

Many people come here and make a wish, hopeful that some mystic power will bring a positive change to their lives. With everything going on at that moment, that’s exactly what Monica needed.


Make a wish

There was only one problem with Monica’s plan to make a wish at the fountain – she had no money. She couldn’t toss a coin in and ask for a child if she didn’t have any cash in the first place.

Thankfully, her traveling companion did still have some money on her, and she was kind enough to share it with her friend. Anita handed Monica two Euros and allowed her to pour her heart into making a wish. Was it enough to solve all her problems though?

Second time’s the charm

Monica was desperate for everything to go right with her wish. So desperate, in fact, that when she wasn’t sure if the money had gone in the water, she asked Anita for more coins. Although her friend was reluctant to keep giving away her cash, she handed Monica what she wanted nevertheless.

She wasn’t going to deny her traveling companion this wish after everything she’d been through. Thankfully, on her second attempt, the money went exactly where it was supposed to, and Monica’s fate was sealed with her wish.

A night of passion

After making the wish, Monica didn’t think too much about it. She knew it probably wasn’t going to come true, but she hadn’t been able to resist trying her luck. She was out of options and didn’t know how else to bring a baby into her life.

That was when she and Anita met two men on the cruise ship. A couple of days after visiting Rome, they had dinner with the travelers and Monica found herself developing an attraction for one of them. The feeling was mutual.

Feeling the effects

That night, the pair disappeared off to one of the bedrooms and had some fun together. Monica didn’t think anything would come of it – that’s why she didn’t use protection – but once she arrived home, things started to fall into place.

She didn’t feel too good after the cruise and wondered if it was the result of being at sea for so long. However, when her queasiness stayed with her for more than a few days, she began to wonder if something else was up. She couldn’t possibly be pregnant, could she?

Ruling it out

Monica was hesitant to believe that she was actually carrying a child inside her. This was something she desperately wanted, and she refused to get her hopes up over it. However, she couldn’t deny that her nausea was potentially morning sickness, especially after what had happened on the cruise.

So, to rule out that she wasn’t with child, she decided to take a test. She went to the store and bought a home pregnancy kit, nervous about what she’d see once the two minutes were up.

A dream come true

As she looked down at the stick, Monica couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The presence of two pink lines only meant one thing – she was pregnant. After years of pleading, her prayers had finally been answered.

At that moment, Monica didn’t know what to do with herself. She was afraid that she’d read the test wrong or that someone was playing a joke on her, but there was no foul play here. She really was pregnant, and in a matter of months, she’d have a child to call her own.

Double trouble

If Monica thought that was where the surprises ended, then she had another thing coming. When it was time for her eight-week scan, she went to the doctors with a friend and was told something that left her speechless.

She wasn’t going to give birth to one child; she was going to give birth to two. She was having twins! Nearly everyone in the room broke down into tears at the news. Not only was Monica finally going to get to be a mother, but she’d have two children to care for.

Far from easy

So many emotions ran through Monica’s mind when she was given the news. She was incredibly excited but also overwhelmed. Being a single mother wasn’t going to be easy, especially with two kids to look after.

Of course, she’d have her friends and family around to help her out, but all the responsibility would fall on her shoulders. She was certainly going to have a lot of difficult days in her future, but they were entirely worth it. Being a mother meant more to her than having a comfortable life.

Help from the father

Luckily for Monica, although she was going to be a single mother, the father was willing to play his part. When he found out that she was pregnant, he offered to support her in whatever way she needed.

Some extra money would go a long way to giving the twins the care they required, and it would stop Monica from stressing out about cash. She didn’t expect the dad to help raise the children, but she appreciated he didn’t just want to bail on her.

Last minute emergency

After months of pain and excitement, the big day finally arrived. Monica couldn’t wait to give birth and have her body back for herself, especially because it meant she could start the next chapter in her life.

Unfortunately, the birthing process didn’t go quite as she’d hoped. One of her placentas ruptured when she was induced, meaning she ended up having emergency surgery. Monica was terrified of losing her babies, especially after she’d spent so long wishing for them, but thankfully they were both safely delivered by C-section.

Worth the wait

Monica had been ready to give up hope before her twins came along. She thought that the one thing she most wanted in life was always going to be out of reach, no matter how much she desired it.

Luckily, someone was smiling down on her when she went on that cruise. Did Trevi Fountain really make her wish come true? We can’t prove it, but it is a pretty big coincidence that she fell pregnant so soon after going there. Either way, Monica Rana got exactly what she wanted and deserved.