This woman couldn’t believe it when her husband solved a 15-year-old mystery

There are times in our lives where there are such great mysteries that seem as if though they will never be solved. Sometimes we get an answer. Other times we are left to wonder. These can be the things that give us a reason to get up each morning or the ones that get pushed to the back of our minds until someone reminds us of the answers we never discovered.

Us humans can be an inquisitive bunch of people. There have been many mysteries that have kept us hooked over the years, but sometimes no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to find an answer. Just take the tales of Jack the Ripper. This individual once lived on the streets of London where at least five people met their ends, but no one was ever held responsible for the crimes. Although many people were accused and tried, there has never been an answer – even after all this time. Perhaps one of their descendants could still be walking among us today? Another great mystery that had plagued the world is the Lost City of Atlantis.

The tale speaks of a city that was washed beneath the waves hundreds of years ago. However, no one has ever been able to prove whether there was a city at all let alone whether it is now sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Many of us try and look for answers that might not be there, but will we ever get the response we are looking for? It took 15 years for this woman to discover the truth finally. All it took was her husband to uncover the answers they had both been searching for, but would they ever be able to move on with their lives? Only time would tell…

A long wait

There might have been times in our lives when it seems as though no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to find answers to the mysteries that plague our minds. It could be finding out what a switch does in your home, looking for a piece of clothing you lost or finding out about your new partner’s past they seem to want to keep hidden. No matter how big or how small the mystery, it can be hard to let it rest. So what about if you had to wait fifteen years to uncover the answer to your riddle? This woman was in for a long wait until one day when her husband was about to change everything.

Just an average family

Dave and Kay Butler have been married for 42 years, and don’t seem on planning a split anytime soon. Together, they share one daughter named Lacey. However, it looks as though they have been living with something else for many years, too: a 15-year-old mystery. After all this time, it seemed as though they would never get their answers and would have to put the past behind them. That was until one fateful day when Dave was about to uncover the truth at long last. Everything had been so ordinary; it was just another day in the Butler household. Would they be able to cope with the answers after so long?

A fateful box

The couple loved to spend time together, but on October 26, 2014, decided it was time to tackle the annual clean. Many of us get distracted along the way as we go about organizing our homes. After all, a clear out can lead to all those things we have forgotten about over the years. Old toys, photos, books, and all other memories can soon spring back to life. However, it was one confusing box that had been pushed to the back of a shelf that caught Dave’s eye. Only, it wasn’t the box, but what was inside.

A plan in motion

Kay was busy in the garage cleaning through the couple’s pantry while Dave was busy uncovering the mystery. How could the answer to it all have been in front of their faces this whole time? They were so close yet so far to uncovering the truth. However, Dave didn’t want to ruin the surprise. He wanted Kay to enjoy the moment they had both been waiting for so set about devising a plan to make his wife happy – hopefully.

Waiting for the right moment

Dave walked into the garage to find his wife still busy at work. However, she had no idea her husband was waiting just behind her. Dave just wanted Kay to turn around. Thankfully, Lacey had followed her father to the garage and decided to film the entire thing so they could look back to see Kay’s reaction. Everyone was on the edge of their seat to see how she would react to Dave solving the mystery. The wait was about to finally be over.

The perfect pose

All of a sudden, Dave got down on one knee, but Kay still didn’t realize he was there. At last, Kay closed the doors to the pantry and turned around to see her husband. However, she still had no idea what was going on. They were supposed to be tidying the house; why was Dave kneeling on the floor? Perhaps she had dropped something and not noticed? Maybe he had hurt himself and needed her help? She was about to find out.

Buckling with the surprise

It was then that Kay realized what was happening. There was no way she could stand on her own two feet, and she suddenly fell to the floor with the surprise. It was too much. In fact, Kay couldn’t even look at her husband and covered her face with her hands as she tried to come to terms with what was now in front of her. At last, Kay managed to ask Dave where he had found the mysterious item. It was all Kay could think about.

Lurking at the back

It seems as though it’s not only Dave and Kay that have uncovered mysteries in their house after clearing through old items. In fact, a Norwegian man was sorting through things in his attic when he found a painting hidden at the back. It looked like a classic, but there had been many fakes over the years, so there was no way to tell. Only, it seemed too good to be a replica. The man contacted the Vincent van Gogh Museum to uncover the truth.

Waiting for the results

The results were in: it was real! It seemed as though this house owner had been sat on a secret this entire time. Apparently, one of the previous families to live in the home has been told it was a fake. They were so embarrassed to have been fooled they hid it away in the attic to hide their shame. However, it was the fact the painting had never been signed that had caused all the confusion. It seemed as though there was a good reason…

As far away as possible

It turned out that Van Gogh hated the painting the moment he finished and never wanted anything to do with it again. Therefore, he never signed his name to the work in the hopes it would disappear. However, the artist did describe the painting in detail in a letter to his brother. It was this letter combined with two years of chemical and artistic analysis that finally gave the experts the answer they were looking for. Now, it can go back on display where it belongs.

The legend with a dream

Martin Luther King Jr. still stands as one of the most influential people in the world. However, there were never many recording about his time in Africa that led to so many of his great speeches and beliefs. So when Stephon Tull was sorting through his father’s attic in Tennessee, he was surprised to find tapes labeled “Dr. King Interview Dec. 26, 1960.” Surely he couldn’t have just found recordings of the great man himself? It would be too good to be true.

Crystal clear recordings

Stephon got his hands of a tape reel and played the tapes. It turned out the tapes were real! That wasn’t all. Stephon had recordings of King discussing how important the civil rights movement would be, as well as how his visit to Africa had helped to inform his views on it all. Apparently, Stephon’s dad had interviewed Martin Luther King Jr. for a book he was writing, but sadly never got to finish it before entering a hospice.

One important question

Kay was still waiting for Dave to say something when he finally uttered the words “Will you marry me?” Kay had no idea how to respond to the question, so Dave prompted her with “Well, will you?” All Kay could do was crawl over to her husband and embrace him in her arms as she tried to come to terms with what just happened. Dave had found her missing wedding ring that had gotten lost 15 years before. At last, they were reunited.

All those years ago

Everyone had assumed the ring had gotten lost on a construction site as Kay had to remove the jewelry while she was working. If it wasn’t lost, it must have been stolen as everyone had searched the entire house to try and track it down. It turned out the ring had actually been placed in the box for safety before it was stored away at the back of a cabinet. Only, that safe place seemed a little too safe as it had been missing for over a decade.

Out with the old

Kay swiftly removed the ring they had bought to replace the missing wedding ring and placed it on a finger on her other hand. It was time to finally be reunited with her old friend. Nearly half of their marriage had passed without the ring on her finger. Now, it was time to see if it still fit. Amazingly, the ring slid on with ease. Dave and Kay couldn’t believe their luck! Who would have thought the ring would so quickly become part of their lives again?

A final embrace

The couple were so overwhelmed that Kay can’t help but embrace her husband once again. However, Dave still needed an answer to his proposal. Sure, they had been married for nearly four decades at the time, but Dave still needed to know if Kay would become his wife once again. He asked the question once more, but Kay couldn’t get a handle on her words as all the emotions were flooding through her body. It seemed as though all she needed was a hug to steady herself.

Spreading the love

Lacey stood back and captured the beautiful moment so everyone in the family could enjoy the second proposal. The video soon made its way to YouTube where more than 2.3 million people have now seen the clip. As if that wasn’t enough, the video now has over 480 comments as no one could believe Dave’s actions. Plus, Kay’s reaction seemed to set the entire internet on fire. However, people still wanted to hear her answer to Dave’s proposal.

Online superstar

It wasn’t long before strangers from all around the world started to refer to Dave as a hero of the internet. After all, he hadn’t just proposed to his wife once – he had made her dreams come true and done it all over again with the original ring in the best surprise possible. Now, it looks like Lacey has plenty of inspiration to look for the same kind of romance in her relationship with boyfriend, Dan. Thankfully, Dan was also there to witness the entire event unfold.

Thankful for everything

While Dave is busy enjoying his new fame, Kay is still grateful for all the love and support the couple have received, even from strangers they have never met. Plus, she is pleased to see their story has been able to touch so many people all around the world. Kay admitted in a news interview that she just wants to thank everyone for their love and kind words. It seems as though this kind of love has become infectious.

Together at last

At long last, Kay and her missing ring can be reunited. Hopefully, she has learned from her 15-year-old mystery never to remove the ring again or at least put it in a safe place that everyone knows about before she leaves it unattended. Although Kay and the ring are finally reunited, it goes to show their relationship didn’t need a piece of jewelry to last all these years. Perhaps this is an example that true love really does exist after all?