This is why the cast of Manifest look so familiar

The show Manifest follows the story of passengers who aboard a flight that seems to be going badly and is dangerous. Yet, almost as soon as the turbulence begins, it stops. Everything seemingly goes back to normal… until they make their landing. It turns out, the people on board were presumed to be long gone and years have now passed. It leaves you questioning what happened. This drama will keep you on the edge of your seat, but have you wondered why these characters look so familiar?

Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone

Athena Karkanis bagged herself an incredible opportunity when she was offered the role of Grace Stone in Manifest – and although she wasn’t one of the passengers on Flight 828, it’s fair to say that the flight had a huge impact on her life.

After all, her husband, terminally ill son, and sister-in-law were all on that flight, and it tore a hole in their family when the plane went missing. While she revels in the fact that her family is back together when they return home, it seems as though Grace is harboring her own sense of mystery.

Athena Karkanis in The Lottery

However, it’s fair to say that Athena’s time on Manifest is not her first foray into the world of television drama. If you recognize this actress, it’s probably because you were just as obsessed with the dystopian thriller, The Lottery, as we were.

Set in the year 2025, this show focuses on the Department of Humanity as they try to solve the infertility pandemic that plagues the world. Athena took on the role of Vanessa Keller, the Chief of Staff, and it’s safe to say that she made quite an impression on fans at home.

Athena Karkanis in The Expanse

After taking on The Lottery, Athena stuck to her roots in the realm of television but decided to try a new genre. In 2015, she was cast in the sci-fi drama, The Expanse.

Although she only took on the role of Octavia “Tavi” Muss for the first season of the show, it was enough to get her name out there, and show that she can be an incredibly versatile actress. Perhaps that’s why she’s so incredible at playing Grace Stone, who we’ve been introduced to as the mother with the double life.

J.R Ramirez as Detective Jared Vasquez

Like Grace Stone, Detective Jared Vasquez was not on Flight 828 that day. In fact, he hadn’t even traveled with the family to Jamaica. He was instead waiting at home for Michaela to answer his question.

Would she agree to marry him or not? As the former boyfriend of Michaela Stone, we soon learn that Jared has since moved on from his ex after she seemingly disappeared. The NYPD detective may now be married to Michaela’s best friend, but that doesn’t the memories of his former relationships from flooding back.

J.R Ramirez in Power

If you were staring at the screen and wondering where you recognized Jared Vasquez from, you just need to imagine him with a shaved head. Got it now?

Ramirez has taken on numerous high-profile television roles in the past, but it’s his role in crime drama Power that truly gave him the boost he needed to make a name for himself in Hollywood. We were first introduced to Julio in season one of the show, but he soon became a fan favorite and was asked to stay on for another two years.

J.R Ramirez in Jessica Jones

As if J.R Ramirez wasn’t cool enough, he has since continued to prove that he can take on any role thrown in his face. After leaving the cast of Power in 2017, Ramirez was offered the chance to star alongside Krysten Ritter in the Marvel Comics adaptation, Jessica Jones.

While he has so far only appeared in 10 episodes of the show, this exposure thrust him into the limelight and contributed to his incredible role in Manifest. Now we can’t imagine Detective Vasquez being played by anyone else!

Parveen Kaur as Saanvi Bahl

There’s always that one person on a plane who is typing away at their computer, and that was Saanvi Bahl. At least, that’s what she was doing, until the turbulence threw her laptop onto the floor and smashed it.

At first, the graduate student and medical researcher believed that all her research had been lost – but as she returns to the world five years later, she soon discovers that her important medical research has caused a breakthrough in pediatric cancer treatment. She’s even able to treat Grace and Ben’s terminally ill son.

Parveen Kaur in The Strain

As you were watching Saanvi fight for the treatment of Cal Stone, you were probably scratching your heads and wondering where you knew this actress from. You’re not seeing things, because Parveen Kaur’s career has really improved over the last few years.

In 2015, she was offered the chance to take on the role of Aanya Gupta in the thriller television show, The Strain. As a strain of vampirism makes its way around New York City, Aanya and others around her drastically try and avoid the viral outbreak that is transforming their world.

Parveen Kaur in Saving Hope

It seems as though Parveen has a real talent for playing medical professionals, because she took on the role of Dr. Asha Mirani in the 2015 medical drama, Saving Hope.

Although she only took on this role for 11 episodes, it’s fair to say that it gave the world the chance to see what she was about as an actress and to see what she was capable of. She has nailed this once again with her role in Manifest because we believe that she really is going to change the world with her research. At least, we hope so.

Frank Deal as Captain Billy Daily

Whenever anything happens with a plane, people always blame the pilot. Captain Billy Daily even told Ben and Michaela this himself. However, what’s different about Captain Billy Daily is that he is just as confused as the rest of Flight 828.

In his eyes, they simply went through a bout of turbulence and made their way back on course. All they had to do was land where they were supposed to, but everything took a bizarre turn. Like the rest of the Flight 828 passengers, he was also suffering from the repercussions of this event.

Frank Deal in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Frank Deal is no stranger to taking on roles of importance, because he has been a recurring cast member in the crime drama, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, since 1999.

During the late ‘90s and early ‘00s he took on the role of Don Newvine, but he has since become even more important within the role and the swish suit of FBI Agent O’Connell. While he’s not a leading cast member, it’s always a good day when Agent O’Connell comes onto the screen, because we always know Frank Dean has come back into our lives.

Frank Deal in Non-Stop

It seems as though Frank has a thing for getting into sticky situations on airplanes, because in 2014 he was cast as Charles Wheeler in the mystery thriller, Non-Stop.

For this role, Frank had the chance to work alongside Liam Neeson – and we can imagine that’s one of the biggest highlights of his career! This movie follows the life of an air marshall (played by Neeson), who has to save the lives of those onboard a flight after they fall victim to an evil con artist who is demanding $150 million.

Mugga as Bethany

At first glance, it may seem as though Mugga has a relatively small role in Manifest, but we have a feeling that she’s going to be incredibly important to the storyline. After all, Mugga knows more than anyone on Flight 828 what really happens.

Considering she has worked as a flight attendant for many years, she knows that turbulence is often normal. However, turbulence like what they experienced on that day was something unusual. The effect she has felt after this experience is also unlike anything else.

Mugga in The First Purge

Mugga has built up a huge reputation for herself over the years, so it’s no surprise that she looks familiar. Just a few months before she took on her role of Bethany in Manifest, she took on the role of Dolores in the prequel horror movie, The First Purge.

Although her character was only a minor addition to the movie, it gave her the chance to show off a new side to her acting talent. You know, one where she is running away from people who are willing to send her to the fishes.

Mugga in Orange Is the New Black

It seems as though this actress has the ability to star in both movies and television shows because Mugga has also reigned supreme in one of the most popular TV shows of all time, Orange is the New Black.

In this show, she took on the role of Reema Pell – an inmate of the infamous Litchfield Penitentiary. While she is one of the creative types within the prison, Reema also shows signs of aggression towards Sophia. We all remember that scene with the scissors.

Josh Dallas as Ben Stone

As one of the main characters on Manifest, it’s fair to say that we have learned a lot about this man so far. Before boarding Flight 828, Ben is happily married and living comfortably with his two twins, Olive and Cal.

Although Cal is suffering from leukemia, Ben is confident that they will find a cure for the disease and be able to see their son grow up. Because of this, he just can’t deny the monetary incentive of staying behind and catching the next flight from Jamaica. It turns out that this was a life-changing decisions for more reasons than one.

Josh Dallas in Once Upon A Time

Although we can already tell that Josh Dallas’s career is going to skyrocket as more episodes of Manifest come into our lives, it’s fair to say that he’s already a big deal.

Known for his role as Prince Charming/David Nolan in the fantasy drama, Once Upon A Time, Josh worked on the show for a whopping seven years before it came to an end. As one of the lead characters, he also rose to fame when he married his on-screen wife, Ginnifer Goodwin. It’s safe to say that fans couldn’t believe their eyes when this happened.

Josh Dallas in Thor

As well as taking on the leading role in Once Upon A Time and Manifest, Josh Dallas has also landed himself smaller roles in bigger movies over the course of his career.

In 2011, Josh had rarely made his entrance into the world of Hollywood when he was cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Thor. He took on the role of Fandral for the first movie but soon realized that Once Upon A Time would be taking over his life. Because of this, he did not reprise his role for the later movies.

Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone

There she is. There’s no doubt about the fact that Michaela Stone is the lead in Manifest. She is the main character, she is the main voice, and she’s even the secondary voice. Quite literally.

We are introduced to Michaela as a struggling police officer who has been through a traumatic ordeal. Because of this, she is confused about her personal life. Should she marry Jared or not? It seems as though the decision is made for her after the events of Flight 828, and there are also a few more changes in her life.

Melissa Roxburgh in Valor

Melissa Roxburgh is no stranger to taking on a strong female character because in 2017 she took on the role of Thea in the military drama, Valor.

While she was not the lead character, Melissa took on a hugely important recurring role within this show, and it’s fair to say that she made an impression with her beauty and her acting talent. Sadly, the show came to an end in 2018 – but this just means that she was free to spend her time on the set of Manifest instead. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Melissa Roxburgh in Star Trek Beyond

You might not have made the connection that Melissa Roxburgh was cast in the sci-fi movie, Star Trek Beyond, because her character didn’t exactly look like the actress she sees in the mirror.

For this movie, Melissa spent hours in the makeup chair and was laden with prosthetics to become Ensign Syl. As an alien officer onboard the USS Enterprise, Syl had a short but sweet impact on the other officers who worked on the ship. Sadly, her character passed away. Did you know that Syl was played by Melissa?

Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

It’s fair to say that Luna Blaise has a difficult character on her hands, as Olive Stone is a young lady with a rather bizarre story. As ½ of the Stone twins, Olive decides to follow her mother rather than her father.

So, she chooses to not stay behind and get on Flight 828 – but her twin brother does. As the five years come to a close and they come back into their lives, Olive has aged by five years, but her twin has not. He’s still exactly the same as he was the day that their plan vanished into thin air.

Luna Blaise in Fresh Off the Boat

Although she may be just 17 years old, Luna Blaise has already made a name for herself in the professional acting world. After making her acting debut when she was 6 years old, Luna has continued to bag herself small roles here and there.

However, one of her most prominent roles to date came in 2015 when she was offered the chance to take on the role of Nicole in the comedy series, Fresh Off the Boat. While working on this sitcom, she starred alongside the likes of Constance Wu and Randall Park.

Luna Blaise in Memoria

That same year, Luna was also cast in the independent movie by the name of Memoria. This movie not only starred the hugely famous actor, James Franco, but he also served as the executive producer for the film.

While Luna did not take on a major role within this movie, it was enough to show the world that she was a huge contender in terms of her acting talent. Since then, she has become incredibly famous on social media, and we believe her role on Manifest will launch her career into the realm of superstardom.