Where is Paris Hilton now and why don’t we hear about her anymore?

Most people around the world are definitely familiar with the name Paris Hilton. She was an incredibly popular woman back in the day, but not everyone was a fan. People argued that she was just famous for the sake of being famous and that she didn’t really have any special talents. However, as the years went by, Paris sought to prove all the doubters wrong and she wanted the world to know she actually had more talent than anyone gave her credit for.

The height of Paris Hilton’s fame came in the ‘00s, and while many loved her, others weren’t her biggest fans. It seemed as though no matter which TV channel you turned on, or which newspaper you read, she was there. For someone so famous to have dominated the decade like she did, Paris Hilton became almost anonymous in recent years.

Have you been wondering what she has been up to while away from the limelight? This is what Paris Hilton is up to and why we no longer hear from her.

Where did Paris go?

It looks like Paris Hilton’s fame has disappeared almost as quickly as it has appeared. Once the talk of Hollywood, few people are even thinking about Paris, let alone putting her name in the news. It is clear that Paris has become less relevant lately than she’s been for a long time; something that just doesn’t sit well with the socialite, turned reality star.

In 2001, while being interviewed on Good Morning America, Hilton was asked if she was still relevant. Paris simply got up from her seat and walked off the stage.

Fading into the background

After her time on Good Morning America, it seemed that once and for all Paris’s fifteen minutes of fame had finally run out. Although she definitely enjoyed the time she had in the spotlight, nothing lasts forever, and she was going to have to get used to being less famous than before.

The World According to Paris was a reality show that was deemed her last stab at success, but after only pulling in a few hundred thousand viewers, Hilton’s draw seemed to have disappeared for good. Or had it?

Miss Famous

Paris Hilton was absolutely everywhere in the ‘00s, you couldn’t avoid her, no matter how hard you tried. She was dubbed as being famous for the sake of being famous, and her incredibly luxurious lifestyle took up many column inches when in her prime.

Back in 2007, she was named by Guinness World Records as the Most Overrated Celebrity in 2007. While she was everywhere ten years ago, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from her. Where has she gone?

Partying lifestyle

She was most famed for her partying habits. There wasn’t a top Hollywood bash that she didn’t find herself invited to, and later photographed at. She was fortunate enough to be the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Due to her family’s wealth, she was rich enough to practically do whatever she wanted.

What did she want to do? Party with the world’s rich and famous, of course! She had been a teenage model in her younger years, but later she would be grabbing attention for something entirely different.

A mistake?

She was already pretty famous, but in 2003 her fame would reach new heights. Paris and her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon were having an intimate moment together when footage of that was leaked to the world’s press.

People were judging her for becoming an amateur adult film star, but Paris’ popularity had ever been so high following the release of her tape. Although she was a hit with the public, she found it hard to trust future partners due to the leaking of her most intimate moments.

Not so complicated

Her video was unfortunately named “1 Night in Paris,” but the timing was great for publicity. Shortly after her video was released, Paris was due to star in a reality TV show called “The Simple Life.” People might have accused Paris of never working a day in her life, but that was about to change.

Together with her friend Nicole Richie, Paris would take on manual jobs in the name of entertainment. The show was a success to begin with, and the first episode had 13 million viewers alone.

TV fans loved her

People really couldn’t get enough of Paris on their television, and The Simple Life was just the beginning for the party girl. Paris was offered the chance to feature in many more shows as TV execs wanted to cash in on her popularity.

By 2008 she had a new show titled “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” where she would look to find a new best friend. Her show was a hit, and there were international spin-offs across the world, including the UK and Dubai.

A singer too?

Paris didn’t want people to think she was just a fun personality and tried to branch out. Deep inside Paris there was an artist waiting to get out, and now that she was super famous, it was time to release that inner star.

Her 2006 album titled “Paris” didn’t necessarily receive the best reviews from critics, but that didn’t stop it coming in at number six on Billboards album chart. Her most successful single was Stars Are Blind, which was a top ten smash in countries such as Germany and Australia.

The golden touch

Cashing in on her fame, Paris brought out her first book on the back of her album going worldwide. Her book, Confessions of an Heiress, gave readers a tongue-in-cheek insight into Paris’ life, and who was really hiding behind her pose.

It was a New York Times Best Seller, proving that she really did have the golden touch. She was caught up in a whirlwind of success, but surely the bubble had to burst at some stage?

Reaching her limits

Paris proved she could sing, write, and even entertain millions with her personality, but there had to be a limit to her talents? Fans of Paris found out exactly what her limits were when their favorite star made her acting debut in horror film House of Wax.

She later appeared in the rom-com The Hottie and the Nottie, and Repo! The Genetic Opera, a gothic musical. For her perceived bad acting by critics, Paris was nominated for multiple Golden Raspberry Awards, earning her the unwanted title of Worst Actress of the Decade.

The music stopped

While her acting career was stalling, Paris’ musical career wasn’t going so well either. Despite early success, Paris has yet to get back in the studio to record another album. She might have felt as though she could fall back on her musical talent to keep her fans happy.

It has been over ten years since the release of “Paris,” but it doesn’t appear as though another album is in the works. Paris has released several singles in that time, but none really made an impression on the charts.

Getting people dancing

Her music career isn’t completely finished yet though. Paris has been focusing on her music all this time, it just so happens that she has been focused elsewhere. She spent a lot of her time in the spotlight parting, and now Paris brings the party to others.

She has been DJing in the part capital of the world, Ibiza. She spent six months hard work learning how to spin the decks, and now she’s been keeping the party going.

Controversial opinion

Paris’ popularity has plummeted in recent years, perhaps due to her not being in the country much, but also because of some comments she has made. In 2012, comments she made were played on RadarOnline in which she allegedly referred to people from the LGBT community as “disgusting.”

She also suggested that they were all probably infected. This was a conversation between her and a taxi driver which was recorded by the driver. Paris defended herself by saying only a part of the conversation was leaked to the press.

Out of context?

Paris tried to reassure her fans that the words she had spoken were misconstrued after speaking with a friend. She said that they were discussing men having intercourse with each other without protection when one or the other had an infectious disease.

Paris was expressing her disgust at people doing that, rather than members of the LGBT community as a whole. Known for putting her foot in it, Paris also upset people when allegedly saying to author Neil Strauss that she would never touch a black person because she thought they were “gross.”

Introducing Kim

It might not seem like it, but there was a time when the world didn’t know who Kim Kardashian was. Paris Hilton was the one who helped introduce her friend to the world, something that might have simultaneously ousted her from the limelight.

Kim learned from her friend, and she too released a video of her having intimate relations with a partner. Not long after the release of her tape, Kim and the whole Kardashian clan came along and stole Paris’ place as reality TV queens.

Keeping her friends at a distance

It seemed that Paris was having a mass exodus of friends during the ‘00s. After having very public falling out with her once close friends, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, Paris was going solo.

Lifelong best friend Nicole Richie “knows what she did” according to Paris, but since the pair fell out, they have recently tried to rekindle their friendship. Maybe Paris is realizing that without her famous buddies it’s much harder to stay in the limelight.

Back on our screens

She might have taken a break to enjoy some time to herself, but in 2018 Paris returned to our screens. Paris featured in several different TV projects including an episode of car entertainment show The Grand Tour, racing a car against golf pro Rory McIlroy.

Hilton featured in the documentary The American Meme and even hosted Hollywood Love Story, a Viceland series. While it wasn’t like starring in her own movie, Paris had finally made her long-awaited comeback.

Smelling like Paris

With plenty of money to invest in business interests, thanks in part to her great-grandfather’s hotel empire, Paris embarked on several ventures. Now with over 24 perfumes to her name Paris has really gone out on a limb to ensure at least one of the is a success.

She has been working in the perfume industry for 15 years and has plenty of experience to know what sells and what doesn’t. Just because she hasn’t been in the gossip columns over the past few years, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy!

It’s just business

Going out to Hollywood parties and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is something many people would be envious of. It seemed that all she did was spend her time going out and partying, but Paris claims there was more to that lifestyle than met the eye.

She treated the entire thing as one big business venture. As far as Paris was concerned, she was getting paid to appear at these big Hollywood parties, so it was just a job.

The love of her life

She had been the life of the party for many years, but it seems that recently Paris has been looking to take a step back from the party lifestyle. She seems ready to settle down after meeting what sounds like the love of her life, Chris Zylka.

Paris announced that she and her partner are engaged. This marks a change in her life and shows that she is once again able to allow someone close enough to trust. Paris’ next big party, her wedding, is scheduled for 2019.

Fairytale ending

It seems as though Pairs might have had to sacrifice being in the spotlight so much, but she has found a happy ending. Now instead of living to party, she lives to enjoy her time with Zylka. Instead of staying out all night at a club she has said she prefers staying in watching TV in bed.

It shows that Paris has changed from the socialite we once knew to someone who is happy to live their life without half of the world’s photographers following her around.

Conflicting schedules

Although she and her fiance are looking forward to their wedding, they reportedly had to postpone the ceremony. Paris has been busy developing her new fragrance meaning that her husband-to-be has to wait to marry the woman he loves.

With less time to focus on the wedding than she would have liked, Paris was forced to postpone things until she could give it her undivided attention. We all want the perfect wedding – it’s a day that we will remember forever – so who can blame Paris for wanting her to be the same?

All a facade?

It’s hard to know for sure whether the Paris Hilton we all knew back in the ‘00s was the real her or not. The media can distort the facts, so what was reported might not have always been a true representation of what she was doing.

Sure, Paris was always partying, but if she was getting paid to be there then who could blame her for going? Like many of us in our younger days, Paris might have made some mistakes, but she has seemingly found true happiness in her life.

The family life

Who could have imagined several years ago that Paris would be the settling down type? Not only has she announced she’s getting married, but she is also only too happy to share the love she has with her young niece on social media.

Paris seems to adore her sister’s daughter, and it makes us wonder if she’s thinking about having some kids of her own in the future. She is already engaged so perhaps she’ll be hearing the pitter patter of tiny little feet in her own home sooner rather than later.

Still likes a party

It isn’t all business and TV in bed for Paris though. The heiress to the Hilton Hotel empire still loves a party every so often. She might not be flaunting her lavish lifestyle to anyone and everyone like she used to, but she still knows how to cut loose from time to time.

One of her favorite times of the year appears to be Halloween as she often dresses up for the spookiest date in the calendar.

Costume time

Halloween is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for some costume inspiration then let Paris guide you. Over the years she has had some spellbinding costumes such as this Red Riding Hood inspired outfit.

While Red Riding Hood might have been an innocent young girl venturing on her own into the dark and scary woods, Paris has her pet chihuahua to protect her from the big bad wolf. Despite dressing as the innocent young girl in the fairy tale, Paris has given the outfit her own special twist.

Still hoping for a pop career

Perhaps dreaming of the music career she wished she had, Paris dressed as one of pop music’s icons, Madonna. This is a throwback to the ‘80s when Madonna ruled the charts with her provocative style both in music and fashion.

Paris was possibly taking a leaf out of Madonna’s book, in the hope that some of her success might have rubbed off on her. While Halloween is often about dressing up as something spooky, there’s no harm in paying tribute to one of your favorite stars instead.

Disneyland Paris

Not one to dress up too spooky for Halloween, Paris takes inspiration from one of Disney’s most famous characters, Minnie Mouse. In terms of iconic females, there are few bigger than Minnie, despite the fact she is a mouse!

Luckily for Paris, she has found the Mickey to her Minnie, and is all set to marry the love of her life next year. Paris’ wedding will no doubt be a highlight in the Hollywood party calendar with many celebrities hoping they score themselves an invite to the bash.

Sprinkling of magic

Paris must have enjoyed dressing up as a Disney character, as she took inspiration from impersonating Minnie Mouse. On her next Halloween outing, Paris dressed as Tinkerbell, another huge character that’s tiny in stature.

No Tinkerbell outfit would be complete without both fairy dust and wings, something that Pairs was never going to overlook. Known for liking a sparkly dress, Paris’ fellow party-goers would hardly have been surprised to see her turn up in such a twinkling dress.

Saving the world

With so much bad going on in the world, Paris felt the need to come in and save the day. Perhaps this is the hero we’ve all been waiting for and while she was out of the spotlight she has been in training.

In fact, she wasn’t even on this planet, heading to Superman’s planet of Krypton to learn how to single-handedly destroy the evil villains that threaten the safety of the Earth’s population. To some, Paris is already a hero, and she doesn’t need to wear a costume to prove it.

Dressing as herself?

Although this is a Halloween outfit, it doesn’t seem all that different to how Paris would dress anyway. When wearing this outfit, Paris claimed she was dressing as one of her pets for Halloween. Paying tribute to her furry little friends, Paris wanted to step out on the town looking like one of her fuzzy little BFFs.

She has set up her very own Instagram account for her pets, known as “Hilton Pets,” where she shares images of herself and her army of little dogs.

Leopard print

Paris might have enjoyed dressing up as one of her own animals so much she got a feel for it. This time, instead of dressing as one of her precious pooches Paris dressed as something entirely more dangerous.

Dressing as animals is a pretty popular choice for some at Halloween, sometimes they might be spooky, but often it’s just an excuse to put on some cat’s ears and wear revealing clothes. Something Paris would have learned from her friend Lindsay Lohan, who makes the same comment in her comedy movie, Mean Girls.

Happy birthday

It isn’t just for Halloween that Paris seems to enjoy dressing up for. This picture was posted online by Paris with the caption “Happy Birthday.” The message was to her close friend Sofia Richie, someone she says she has known since she was born.

Although Paris spends more of her time at home with her fiance, there are some things she’ll still throw on her partying clothes for. A friend’s birthday is always a good excuse for a party so why would it be any different for Paris?

Coining a catchphrase

One thing Paris was famous for saying during the ‘00s was “That’s hot.” It became her catchphrase, and it pretty much followed her wherever she went. Although she isn’t in the spotlight every week anymore, some believe she has left a legacy behind her, which includes that phrase.

She is believed to have more or less single-handedly been responsible for the phrase being as popular as it is. While her great-grandfather might have his hotels to be remembered by, Paris will always have “That’s hot.”

Credit when it’s due

She might have been born into an extremely wealthy family, meaning she wouldn’t have to work a day in her life, but that’s not exactly the life she chose to live. Over the years, Paris Hilton has become an incredibly popular and successful businesswoman, which means she doesn’t have to go out to parties anymore to get paid.

While some might say she didn’t have to work as hard as others for her success, that hasn’t stopped her going out and having an impact on the world.

What you make of it

Life is what you make of it. While Paris might not have had to get her hands dirty, that didn’t stop her from doing so. Although she had more than she would ever need provided for her, she still wanted to make something of her own life.

She was introduced to the world as the daughter of a billionaire, but after almost 20 years, she is known very much as her own woman. Paris might no longer be as famous as she was, but perhaps she prefers it that way.