What has the cast of Honey We Shrunk Ourselves been up to?

Eve Gordon playing Diane Szalinski

This character appeared in all three movies in the franchise, so we were able to keep up with the mother and wife while watching her all the way until Honey We Shrunk Ourselves on our screens.

Diane has plans of going on vacation with her sister-in-law Patti, but both are accidentally shrunk when a pool ball turns on the shrinking machine in the attic. The pair manage to eventually make it to the kitchen and get the attention of Mitch, Patti’s son.

Eve Gordon today

Eve’s character might have appeared in all three movies, but the actress only stepped up to play Diane in the final film. Shortly after the release of the film, Eve moved on to act in a selection of movies, including the horror The Grudge 2, the comedy-horror Chastity Bites, and the supernatural horror Ouija: Origin of Evil.

To top it off, Eve has landed several parts on the small screen too, such as parts in the first season of the thriller show American Horror Story, the fantasy series Supernatural, and the medical drama, The Good Doctor.

Robin Bartlett playing Patti Szalinski

Patti is not only Mitch and Jenny’s mother, but she is also Gordon’s wife and Wayne’s sister-in-law. She plans her vacation with Diane before getting shrunk in the attic. However, the only reason they are in the way in the ray is because Patti returned to give Mitch his potassium medicine.

Throughout the rest of the film, Patti must watch as Mitch grows weaker and weaker until he finally passes out in the kitchen as Patti is trying to push his medication into view.

Robin Bartlett today

Before appearing in the movie, Robin was most famous for her roles in the sitcoms Mad About You and The Powers That Be. While the film wasn’t her final appearance on our screens, it seems as though Robin soon turned her hand to acting on stage.

In recent, years, Robin has made her grand return after appearing in productions such as the drama movie Chronic, the biographical film The Glass Castle, the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the comedy series Vice Principals.

Rick Moranis playing Wayne Szalinski

Without Wayne there would be no shrink machine – and nowhere near as much chaos. Wayne accidentally ends up in front of the ray with his brother, Gordon, as the pair have just shrunk a Tiki Man statue.

However, they, too, end up being scaled down and getting lost in the house. Thankfully, Wayne uses his knowledge to reroute the speakers into a microphone in the front room to break up the sporadic party the kids have thrown thinking their parents are away.

Rick Moranis today

Shortly before his time in the third movie, Rick Moranis appeared in the comedy movie The Flintstones. However, his time in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves was the actor’s final work for a number of years as Rick had recently become a widowed father to two children.

In the years since the film, Rick has continued to provide his voice for a handful of productions including the animated children’s film Brother Bear but admits to being more selective of his roles.

Bug Hall playing Adam Szalinski

Adam is all grown up in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, and this ten-year-old is ready to follow his real passion: baseball – to the distaste of his scientific father. While Wayne is shrunk down, he hears his son tell Mitch about how he would rather go to baseball camp and follow his dreams rather than live up to his father’s hopes of going to science camp.

However, it seems as though some knowledge sunk in as Adam remembers bananas are full of potassium when Mitch faints from not taking his medicine.

Bug Hall today

Bug Hall’s most famous roles came before his time in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves as the actor played roles in both the comedy movies The Stupids and The Little Rascals.

However, he has continued to appear in a host of films and shows since the turn on the century, including the crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the teen drama 90210, the comedy movie American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, and the comedy film The Little Rascals Save the Day.

Erica Luttrell playing Jody

Jody is another minor character that appears in the movie. She is another of Jenny’s friends who arrives at the party. Thankfully for Jody, her crush, Vince, comes too, and the pair get the chance to dance together. Sadly, we never know if Vince feels the same way.

However, Vince is the bad boy of the movie which could spell disaster for Jody. The party breaks up before things go too far meaning both Jody and Vince leave without anyone getting into trouble.

Erica Luttrell today

Honey We Shrunk Ourselves was only the beginning for this actress who has gone on to appear in a host of productions over the years. Some of her most notable roles include times in the animated series’ As Told By Ginger and Steven Universe, as well as her most recent role in the animated show The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.

Erica has also turned her talents to voice acting with roles in video games such as Fallout 4, Injustice 2, and Agents of Mayhem.

Stuart Pankin playing Gordon Szalinski

Gordon is the fun-loving, energetic father of Jenny and Mitch, and Wayne’s brother. The siblings have been working together at Szalinski Labs before they both end up getting shrunk – much to the annoyance of Gordon who swiftly gets his brother in a headlock.

Although Gordon has a tough time having to watch Mitch get bullied by Ricky King at the party, he enjoyed scaring the kids out of the house over the microphone. Thankfully, they are finally enlarged when the kids realize they miss their parents too much.

Stuart Pankin today

Over the years, Stuart Pankin has appeared in a whole host of productions, with his most famous to date being the voice of Earl in the sitcom Dinosaurs.

Although much of Stuart’s work was before the turn of the century, the actor has continued to work on many TV movies and shows, such as the mystery drama show Desperate Housewives, the animated show Lilo and Stitch: The Series, the sitcom The Suite Life on Deck, and the comedy-drama movie The Artist.

Lisa Wilhoit playing Holly

It seems as though Jenny has plenty of friends, and couldn’t wait to invite them all around to her aunt and uncle’s house for a party while they were “away.” Lisa is another of the party goers that arrives looking for a good time.

Although she doesn’t play a major role in the movie, Lisa proves herself to be a good friend of Jenny’s and helps to build up the character’s background. After all, it can be the smaller parts that make an entire franchise.

Lisa Wilhoit today

Lisa Wilhoit rose to fame at the beginning of the ‘90s thanks to her role in the teen drama My So-Called Life. However, landing a part in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves helped to catapult her into a whole new level of her career.

Ever since, we have got to see the actress appear in productions such as the animated sitcom Family Guy, the comedy movie The Kid and I, the drama show 7th Heaven, and, most recently, the animated children’s movie Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Jake Richardson playing Mitch Szalinski

Mitch faces a pretty tough time throughout the entirety of Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. Not only is it returning his medication that means his mom, Patti, and aunt, Diane, get shrunk in the first place, but he also can’t find where they have put it throughout the entire movie.

Mitch grows weaker and weaker as he needs his potassium to stay healthy, and eventually faints from a combination of no medicine and seeing his shrunk mom and aunt. Thankfully, Adam is soon to his rescue.

Jake Richardson today

Around the same time as appearing in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, Jake Richardson was also building a TV career for himself after landing a role in the children’s series Fudge.

Although the actor has appeared in a host of shows over the years, it seems as though Jake has never been able to land a permanent part. However, Jake has still got to work on shows such as the crime drama Criminal Minds, the fantasy series Supernatural, and the drama show The Booth at the End.

Carlease Burke playing Marcia

Szalinski Labs would have been nothing without the incredible employees all working to invent and test the latest gadgets before they can hit the shelves. Marcia is one of the many workers who appears in the film.

Here, we get to see the character testing out the lab’s latest gadget: a machine that can translate dogs’ barks into English. However, it seems the four-legged friends in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves don’t have anything interesting to say after all.

Carlease Burke today

Carlease Burke might have had a smaller role in the movie, but she has gone on to carve quite the career for herself in Hollywood. The actress has not only appeared in the rom-com The Back-Up Plan, but she has also landed parts in the drama series Switched at Birth, the comedy-drama show Shameless, and the comedy series Crowded.

To top it off, Carlease is still working to date with a handful of short movies set to be released very soon.

Theodore Borders playing Trey

Trey might have seemed like an insignificant character, but he was actually one of the most prominent people to arrive at Jenny’s party. As everyone else is enjoying themselves, he sneaks off with Jenny to try and steal a kiss.

Perhaps being friends with Ricky King rubbed off on Trey who leaned in and kissed Jenny. However, she pushes him away and scolds him for not asking first. Patti witnesses the entire thing, and Jenny unknowingly earns her mom’s trust.

Theodore Borders today

Before appearing in Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, Theodore Borders had already appeared in a selection of productions, including the action comedy Beverly Hills Cop III and the action drama The Crow.

However, the actor has continued to perform in a variety of productions, including the musical drama American Dreams, the comedy-drama Bones, the crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and the comedy crime drama Backstrom. Although Theodore is yet to appear in a role as significant as his previous parts, this actor seems to determined to never give up.

Amy O’Neill as Amy Szalinski

Ok, so we know that Amy wasn’t technically in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, but as the Szalinski’s oldest child, we think she still deserves a spot on this list. Amy was a big part of the first movie in the franchise, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, as well as its sequel, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.

In the first movie she is amongst the kids who get accidentally shrunk by her father. She finds herself battling giant bugs, large drops of water, as well as developing a budding romance with her next door neighbor.

Amy O’Neill today

After her time in the franchise, Amy O’Neill only appeared in a couple more projects, White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild II, and Attack of the 5 ft 2 Woman. Her passion for acting had waned, so in 1994 she left it behind.

After attending her friend’s circus, she fell in love with the whole performance aspect of it, and decided to get involved in it. She now does performance art all over the world, and was part of a show called Girls on Stilts.

Allison Mack playing Jenny Szalinski

Jenny is taken over to her Diane and Wayne’s house as she is meant to be staying with her dad, Gordon, and uncle, Wayne, while her mom and Diane are on vacation. However, after all the parents get shrunk without the kids noticing, they figure they have been left alone for the weekend.

Jenny is the one that suggests the kids should throw a party and she soon invites around all her friends to celebrate until getting caught by her minuscule parents.

Allison Mack today

In October 2001, Allison managed to land the role of a lifetime as she was cast to play Chloe Sullivan in the superhero series Smallville. Allison continued to play the part until 2011, but it was in 2018 the actress landed herself in some hot water.

She was accused of being involved with illegal activities that involved blackmail and recruiting women under false pretenses. If Allison is found guilty, she could face a minimum of fifteen years in prison.

Mila Kunis playing Jill

Jill might not have been a significant character in the film, but she was still an important part of the storyline. The character is one of Jenny’s friends who arrives at the party she is throwing thinking both her parents and aunt and uncle are out of town.

However, Jill is forced to leave with the others when Wayne scares the party by talking over the speaker system. The kids are freaked out, while Adam, Mitch, and Jenny know where the voice is really coming from.

Mila Kunis today

Mila Kunis is one of the most successful actresses to appear in the film. In fact, just one year after Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, the actresses secured her debut TV role in the sitcom That ‘70s Show.

Shortly after, Mila got the part of voicing Meg in the animated sitcom Family Guy before hitting the big screen once more in 2008 in the rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It seems as though Mila has had plenty to keep her busy over the years.