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What the cast of Good Luck Charlie is up to now

It’s strange to think that Good Luck Charlie has been over for several years, especially when many people still remember it all so vividly. Given that so much time has already passed since the series ended, we’re curious to know what our favorite stars from the show have been up to. They showed a lot of promise while on Disney Channel, but has that manifested into anything now that the sitcom is over?

Jason Dolley playing PJ Duncan

The oldest of the Duncan siblings, PJ isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, although his family often underestimates him.

At the start of the series, he lacks focus and is more interested in performing with his band “PJ and the Vibe” rather than studying for school. However, as the show goes on, he becomes invested in his future after discovering a love for food. He attends a cooking school which he later graduates from, ultimately going on to run a food truck with his father as a business partner.

Jason Dolley now

Jason Dolley had already been a regular fixture on the Disney channel before “Good Luck Charlie” came along. He’d appeared in the TV films “Read It and Weep,” “Minutemen” and “Hatching Pete,” as well as portraying Newt in the sitcom “Cory in the House.”

After a decade of being busy with his acting work, the last few years have been quiet for Dolley. The actor took a four-year break from our screens, but recently returned for features in the comedy series “American Housewife” and “The Ranch.”

Leigh-Allyn Baker playing Amy Duncan

The mother of the Duncan family, Amy is hugely protective of her children. Although her job as a nurse frequently keeps her away from home, Amy does everything she can to be there for her kids.

Unfortunately, this often leads her to be too overbearing, something that she improves upon as the series progress. Despite being a very caring woman, Amy has a habit of being conceited and regularly brags about herself. As a result, she tends to find that she’s excluded whenever something big happens involving good publicity.

Leigh-Allyn Baker now

Leigh-Allyn Baker has been in the industry for several decades now, and she’d already racked up dozens of credits prior to “Good Luck Charlie.”

Some of her more notable appearances were as Ellen on the sitcom “Will & Grace,” a role that she’s since returned to following the show’s revival, and as Hannah Webster on the supernatural drama series “Charmed.” Though Baker continues to act, she also has two children to care for who were born in 2009 and 2012. The latter arrived while “Good Luck Charlie” was still in production.

Bradley Steven Perry playing Gabe Duncan

The youngest of the Duncan siblings until Charlie came along, Gabe very much fits into the little brother stereotype. He’s the prankster of the family, and it’s Mrs. Dabney who often bears the brunt of his mischievous behavior.

Unlike the rest of his siblings, Gabe is hesitant to connect with Charlie at first because he holds a grudge about no longer being the youngest. However, over time he starts to bond with his little sister and is later less resistant when his parents welcome another child into the family.

Bradley Steven Perry now

Much like some of his co-stars, Bradley Steven Perry remained with Disney for a while after “Good Luck Charlie” ended. He featured in the game show “Win, Lose or Draw,” the sitcom “I Didn’t Do It,” and the comedy superhero series “Mighty Med.”

More recently, he provided the voice for Zevon on the second season of animated series “Descendants: Wicked World” and moved away from Disney to appear on an episode of the sitcom “Speechless.” When he isn’t acting, Perry spends a lot of his time doing philanthropic work.

Patricia Belcher playing Mrs Dabney

The main rival of the Duncan family, Mrs. Dabney is the bitter woman who lives next door. Aside from Charlie, she rarely gets along with any of her neighbors and has a particular dislike for Gabe.

His constant pranks often see her coming to the Duncan’s front door looking for retribution, although she rarely ever gets it. Mrs. Dabney is the only one of her four identical sisters to have such a strong disliking for children, often resulting in her being referred to as the black sheep of her family.

Patricia Belcher now

Patricia Belcher has been incredibly busy outside of her work on “Good Luck Charlie.” Recently, she appeared in the comedy films “The Week Of” and “The Tiger Hunter,” although most of her work has been on the small screen.

Many of her credits include single episode appearances, but she has had recurring roles on shows like the sitcom “Trial & Error” too. Her biggest part has been as Caroline Julian on the crime drama “Bones,” a character that she played both before, during and after her time on “Good Luck Charlie.”

Samantha Boscarino playing Skyler

Skyler wasn’t the most beloved character during her first appearance on “Good Luck Charlie.” That’s because she was discovered to be the girl that Teddy’s boyfriend was dating behind her back.

However, although the two didn’t get off to the best start, Teddy and Skyler end up becoming good friends. Their anger towards Spencer unites them, and they even end up writing a song about it together. It’s through music that Skyler becomes close with Teddy’s brother PJ, who she ends up dating until her family moves away.

Samantha Boscarino now

During her career, Samantha Boscarino has never strayed too far from programming aimed towards younger audiences.

Before “Good Luck Charlie,” Boscarino featured on the Nickelodeon sitcom “True Jackson, VP,” and she later appeared in the Disney channel comedy spin-off “Girl Meets World.” However, she has stepped into other genres in recent years, including a credit in 2018 Christian drama film, “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.” Boscarino also portrayed the lead role in a Lifetime TV movie, “The Cheerleader Murders,” which aired back in 2016.

Eric Allan Kramer playing Bob Duncan

Amy’s husband and the father of the Duncan kids, Bob is a pest controller with a penchant for saving money. He’s often tight with his finances, much to the annoyance of his children, and prefers to handle things himself whenever something needs doing.

Unfortunately, his plans rarely ever work out, forcing him to pay out for someone else to get the job done instead. When it comes to handling his family, he usually leaves the responsibility with Amy who he has a “strong respect” for (and is essentially scared of).

Eric Allan Kramer now

Bob Duncan was the first major role that Eric Allan Kramer played since his portrayal of Dave Rogers in the ‘90s sitcom “The Hughleys.”

However, that isn’t to say that the actor has been struggling for work. He’s made appearances in a great variety of shows over the years, including on other sitcoms like “Will & Grace,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “My Name Is Earl.” He’s recently had a main role on dramedy “Lodge 49,” and continues to do theatre work as part of the Antaeus Classical Rep Company.

Raven Goodwin playing Ivy Wentz

Ivy is Teddy’s best friend in “Good Luck Charlie” and the one sometimes responsible for pushing the Duncan sibling into being more adventurous.

She has an obsession with money, clothes and boys, but it’s not often that she’s seen onscreen with the latter. Ivy’s most prominent relationship was with PJ’s friend Emmett which happened when they were younger, and it’s one that she’s never stopped regretting. Every opportunity she has she insults her ex, although he brushes it off as jealousy for him supposedly being a ladies man.

Raven Goodwin now

Raven Goodwin has been doing fairly well for herself since “Good Luck Charlie” concluded in 2014. The year before the sitcom came to an end, Goodwin was cast as Niecy Patterson in the drama series “Being Mary Jane.”

She also recently took on the role of Eliza in comedy series “SMILF,” and played Lew in the action-comedy movie “Snatched.” The latter was Goodwin’s first film role in over a decade and saw her star alongside big names like Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer.

Shane Harper playing Spencer Walsh

Spencer is Teddy’s primary love interest throughout the show, but the two have a somewhat tumultuous relationship during their time together.

While things between them look good at first, Teddy is heartbroken when she discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with Skyler. The two end up befriending each other when they bond over their hatred for Spencer, though that doesn’t stop him from trying to win Teddy back. Numerous times he attempts to show that he’s changed, and in the final episode, he finally gets his girl.

Shane Harper now

On “Good Luck Charlie,” Spencer was known for his dancing ability, and that’s a skill that actor Shane Harper has used to his advantage throughout his career.

He was a supporting dancer on reality shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” and competed on the first season of Nickelodeon’s “Dance on Sunset.” In addition to being a great dancer, Harper also enjoys singing and is a devout Christian, two things that worked well together when he starred in “God’s Not Dead” alongside former co-star Samantha Boscarino.

Mia Talerico playing Charlie Duncan

Not even one at the start of the show, Charlie is the youngest in the series by a long mile. It’s only as she grows up that she starts to develop more of a character, becoming mischievous just like her brother, Gabe.

This becomes stronger the more she’s able to talk, eventually reaching the point where her mom loses friends because Charlies tells them what Amy really thinks about them. Despite being occasionally sneaky, though, Charlie is still relatively innocent and well-mannered throughout her appearances on the show.

Mia Talerico now

Mia Talerico was only ten-months-old when she was cast for “Good Luck Charlie.” The producers took a risk in hiring one child as opposed to twins, because success on set required Talerico to be in a good mood and available to work.

However, they rarely had any trouble filming with her, and its helped her career out massively. She might only be ten-years-old, but she’s already building up a good résumé. Her credits include regular appearances in comedy TV series “Mani,” as well as several dramatic shorts.

Bella Thorne playing Cece Jones

Disney is known for doing crossovers between their biggest shows, and that’s what happened with “Good Luck Charlie” and sitcom “Shake It Up” in 2011.

When the Duncan women go to visit their great-aunt Nell, they end up being mistaken for famous dancers and are expected to appear on Shake It Up, Chicago. There they meet Cece Jones and Rocky Blue who quickly realize that Amy and Teddy aren’t the Duncan sisters that the show was expecting. Rather than giving them away, though, the girls teach them how to dance.

Bella Thorne now

Despite being the series that brought her to the attention of millions, “Shake It Up” wasn’t Bella Thorne’s first foray into acting.

She’d already appeared in a variety of films and shows beforehand, including main roles on the dramas “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Big Love.” After “Shake It Up” finished, Thorne stayed with the Disney channel for a short while, appearing in guest slots on the animation “Phineas and Ferb” and comedy “K.C. Undercover.” More recently, she’s played a lead role in the Freeform drama “Famous In Love.”

Zendaya playing Rocky Blue

The other half of “Shake It Up’s”central partnership, Rocky Blue is the best friend and confidante of Cece Jones. Just as talented at dancing as her companion, Rocky is also in attendance when the Duncan women are mistaken for the famous Duncan sisters.

With Amy determined to go through with the ruse so she can appear on TV, Rocky shows them some steps to stop them making a fool of themselves live on air. When their performance is over, she’s impressed with what the women managed to do.

Zendaya now

After getting her big break on “Shake It Up,” Zendaya has been going from strength to strength. She’s only appeared in a handful of movies so far, but they’ve been some of the biggest around.

She portrayed Michelle Jones in superhero film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (and its upcoming sequel), and Anne Wheeler in musical “The Greatest Showman.” Prior to that, she remained a regular on the Disney Channel with appearances in the TV films “Frenemies” and “Zapped,” as well as her own series “K.C. Undercover.”

Bridgit Mendler playing Teddy Duncan

Charlie’s older sibling and only sister, Teddy is the one who decides to start making a video diary for the child to watch when she’s older.

She worries that she won’t be around much to give Charlie the advice she needs once she’s a teenager, so she uses the diary to impart valuable advice for making it through her adolescent years. The responsible member of the family, Teddy is often referred to as “GG,” or “goody-goody” by her friend, Ivy, though that doesn’t stop her from occasionally getting into trouble.

Bridgit Mendler now

As with many Disney stars, Bridgit Mendler saw her rising fame on “Good Luck Charlie” as an opportunity to kickstart her music career.

She released her debut album “Hello My Name Is…” in 2012 which went on to sell several thousand copies in the US. Its lead single, “Ready or Not,” reached number 49 on the Billboard Hot 100, and peaked in the top 10 over in the UK. On top of her music, Mendler has continued to act, with roles on shows like sitcom “Undateable” and drama “Nashville.”

Debby Ryan playing Jessie Prescott

Jessie was not a series regular on Good Luck Charlie, but she did appear in a special Christmas episode. After running into Teddy on the subway, the two become friends and Jessie actually hosts her because a blizzard hits and she is unable to make it back home.

Played by Debby Ryan, this character is actually the star from another former Disney Channel show, Jessie, about a girl who moves to New York with hopes of becoming an actress, but ends up a nanny instead.

Debby Ryan now

Needless to say being the star of Disney Channel’s Jessie – and obviously her cameos in shows like Good Luck Charlie – helped shoot Debby Ryan to fame.

She is currently starring on a new Netflix Show called Insatiable, which follows an overweight high school student who loses the weight and decides to get revenge on those who used to torment her. While Insatiable hasn’t exactly received critical acclaim, fans of the show were begging for a second season and from the looks of it, their wishes were granted.