What is Kate Middleton like as a mother?

Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her way to the Royal Family back in 2011 when she officially tied the knot with Prince William. The pair had been dating for many years before their big day, and it looked as though all eyes were on Kate as she was about to become the next biggest name in the Royals. However, it’s not just her time as a Duchess that has seen her in the spotlight over the years, may have been wondering how’s Kate Middleton as a mom?

The woman in the Middleton

Kate Middleton has made quite the name for herself in the Royal Family, but it’s her venture into motherhood that has seen many people taking a closer look at the star. Kate has welcomed three children over the years.

Their first son, Prince George, was born on July 22, 2013, followed by Princess Charlotte on May 2, 2015, and, most recently, Prince Louis on April 23, 2018. However, being in the public eye means Kate has had plenty of focus on her mothering skills.

Out and about

The Royals are often spotted out and about, and it seems as though Kate and William are now usually seen with their three youngsters. Many have praised Kate for her hard work and dedication to being a mother and a Duchess at the same time.

It’s never easy raising three little ones – even when you’re part of the Royal Family. Unfortunately, it looks as though Kate has been able to cause quite the stir over the years with some of her choices.

Leaving one behind

It wasn’t long after the birth of Prince George that Kate was under the microscope for her motherly choices. George was just eight months old when she booked a vacation with Prince William.

However, there was no third ticket on the plane; Kate planned on leaving her son with her parents while they were halfway around the world for a week. There was no nanny in sight, and it looked as though many people were quick to express their anger.

An online discussion

It was all thanks to the parenting website Mumsnet. One user posted to the forum how they couldn’t believe that Kate was jetting off abroad while leaving her little one behind.

It wasn’t long before a huge portion of the public had turned against the Duke and Duchess. After just a few days of the forum gaining attention, thousands of people had commented on how they would never behave in the same way. They couldn’t understand how Kate was comfortable heading on vacation without her son.

Supporting the Duchess

Thankfully, some users stepped in to support Kate’s choices. Many parents know the importance of finding time to spend with their other half, even with the addition of little ones.

Being a mom can be one of the toughest jobs in the world, and many commented how Kate was entitled to a vacation with her husband. Just because they were royals didn’t mean they weren’t allowed a vacation, right? As time has continued to pass, it seems as though Kate has continued to break royal protocol.

Horsing around

There have been many snaps of Kate with her children over the years. However, there was one that was about to cause quite the storm. The Duchess was seen chasing after Prince George while they were at an event.

Although many moms enjoy spending time playing with their children, the Royal Family aren’t usually spotted being the entertainment for the kids. Many worried Kate had dropped her duties to care for her little one, but she didn’t seem to mind.

A longer leave

Many people get a chance to take maternity leave after bringing their little one into the world. As part of the Royal Family, Kate is entitled to take six months away from the limelight to focus on the new arrival.

It was after the arrival of Prince Louis that people began to wonder if the rules were still in place. Although Kate was seen out and about throughout the six months, the Duchess also seemed to have more relaxed duties for a lot longer than others. It seemed as though she had been given special privileges.

Taking action

Kate isn’t afraid to discipline her kids in public, but could this be another reason she is going against the royal protocol? It was before Pippa Middleton’s wedding that Kate was spotted having to step in as a mom.

Apparently, Charlotte was being too loud and needed to quiet down before the ceremony. Many thought this made the Royals feel more relatable. However, others worried that disciplining the kids in public should be left to a nanny, so Kate doesn’t lose her glamorous image.

An official snapper

There are many times in their children’s lives that parents love to whip out the camera and snap a few photos. Their first steps? Their first birthday? Their first party? These are all memories that many want to last a lifetime.

Kate Middleton is no exception. The Royal Family usually have an official photographer on hand for any photoshoots, but Kate wanted to be there herself. Taking this snap of Charlotte on her first day of school went against the family’s code.

Dressed for the occasion

Sometimes, it can be easier to get the kids ready for bed, and all dressed in their pajamas before guests arrive, but what about when they are going to be introduced to the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

This caused quite the stir as many couldn’t believe the young prince wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Should the Royals be setting an example for people of all ages, or was this one criticism too far for Kate Middleton?

A soothing mom

It seems as though Kate is able to keep on top of all her children no matter the situation. Unfortunately, this has also seen her in the firing line once again.

Charlotte has regularly been spotted throwing a tantrum or two whenever they are at royal events. Kate was quick to jump to her daughter’s needs, but people wondered if she should be focusing on the activity at hand. The public’s eyes are usually on the family, but she wanted to make sure Charlotte was happy.

Handling the tantrums

Toddler tantrums are a phenomena that many of us have witnessed over the years. It’s almost unbelievable how much noise and commotion can come out of one little person.

It’s thought the Royals should hand their children over to a nanny whenever they start misbehaving in public, so they are free to continue with their duties. However, Kate wants to ensure she is there to handle her daughter at all times. Is this setting the right image, or breaking the rules for the sake of it?

The latest arrival

It was after the birth of Prince Louis that Kate seemed to receive most of her attention from the media.

Thousands of people always gather outside the doors as they wait to get a first glimpse of the newest royal as they are welcomed to the world. Even at a few hours old, they can cause quite the storm. Showing off the babies to the world is one of the biggest events to happen in the Royal Family. No one can wait to see their face.

Looking too good

Although it was supposed to be a significant time for Kate and William, emerging from the hospital with Prince Louis in their arms was about to cause quite the stir.

Many were angered that Kate appeared to look so glamorous after having given birth just seven hours beforehand. It turned out the Duchess had a team of hair stylists and makeup artists on hand to ensure she was looking good before her debut. Sure, Kate was about to pose for photos, but was that an excuse?

Unrealistic goals

Many people were quick to complain that Kate’s look wasn’t realistic for someone that had just had a baby.

Many women struggle to get back on their feet shortly after giving birth, yet it looked as though Kate was primped and ready for her time in front of the paparazzi. Although not many of us know what it’s like to be watched by millions of people as we emerge from the hospital, moms everywhere thought this was setting yet more unrealistic goals for us to strive to achieve.

A family event

As June 2018 rolled around, Prince William was seen to be taking part in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy event. To top it off, Kate and the kids all came along to support their dad.

Charlotte was spotted off to one side as she amused herself playing with a pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, it was Prince George that was about to steal the show – and not for the right reasons. The youngster had brought along a toy gun to keep himself amused.

The repercussions

Toy weapons have been controversial for many years, and George’s behavior was about to see the world up in arms. The young prince was seen to be aiming the fake weapon at his mom as well as the other children who had joined them on the grass.

People all around the world found the images disturbing and thought Prince George should be disciplined for his actions. To top it off, many complained this was setting a poor example for a world filled with violence.

The many faces

It looks as though Kate has come under fire over the years for her various parenting choices, but many still can’t deny that she seems to be setting an example of how to be a near-perfect mother.

Although the Royals are usually expected to remain poised at all times, Kate has often been spotted pulling funny faces to her children. Plus, body language experts have explained how the Duchess always keeps eye contact with her little ones – a sign she is an attentive mom.

Plenty of games

Have you ever had to entertain a kid for hours as you head out of the house? Sometimes, it can feel that no matter what we do, children will always be looking for the next most exciting thing to keep themselves amused.

That’s why so many parents end up bringing along a host of toys and games, with Kate being no exception. The Duchess doesn’t expect a nanny to be on hand as entertainment when they are out and ensures she brings along a selection of toys.

A loving hug

There is nothing quite like a hug from our mom, right? Whether we’re 2 or 42 – a mother’s love is unlike any other in this world.

Being a kid and getting upset is the time when many of us need a consoling cuddle, and Kate is always there on hand to be the parent her kids need. The Duchess seems to prefer stepping in and helping the little ones rather than letting a stranger be the one to look after her children – no matter where they are.

Hitting the school run

The school run – the part of the day that many parents dread as it can seem like a military operation to ensure everyone has what they need and arrives on time.

Unfortunately, severe morning sickness meant that Kate wasn’t there to take Prince George to his first day of school. That doesn’t mean the Duchess hasn’t been there almost every day since. It’s unusual to see the Royals performing such duties, but Kate wants them to live as normal lives as possible.

Double-use clothing

Sometimes, being a parent means we are forced to think on our feet. Kate was at an official royal event in Sydney when Prince George started causing a commotion.

The youngster was teething at the time, and it appeared as though Kate had forgotten to pack a spit blanket for her son. There was no choice but to wipe away the drool with her dress, which just so happened to be a designer frock worth thousands of dollars. Still, nothing appears to stand in the way of Kate being a mom.

Going against the rules

There are many rules the Royal Family must follow when they are traveling around the world. One if they must only use a private jet for official business, while another is they must travel separately in case something happens to one of the aircrafts.

However, that all changed when Kate Middleton joined the family. The Duchess didn’t want to see her young ones on another plane and insisted they all fly as a family – something she still does to date.

Strong maternal instincts

Although Kate Middleton has had her low points in parenting, it seems as though the Duchess is just like any mother in the world and is doing her best to raise her children to the best of her ability.

Kate’s maternal instincts go one step further. The royal is also heavily involved in advocating maternal mental health. To top it off, Kate is often spotted interacting with children of all ages – even if she does break the rules by giving them high fives.