What has the cast of Bring It On been up to?

Kirsten Dunst as Torrance

Kirsten Dunst played the central role of Torrance Shipman. It’s clear from the beginning that Torrance is passionate about cheerleading, and she wants to lead her squad to yet another victory at the national championships. However, Torrance also has integrity, and refuses to follow in her predecessor’s footsteps by using choreography from another squad. It’s one of the many things about Torrance that endears her to the audience and made us all cheer along for her throughout the movie.

Kirsten Dunst now

Following Bring It On, Kirsten Dunst star only continued to rise. She went on to appear in films and shows such as Spiderman, Mona Lisa Smile, Wimbledon, Marie Antoinette, Elizabethtown, Fargo, and Hidden Figures. While on the set of Fargo, Dunst met her now fiancé, actor Jesse Plemons, and in May 2018, she gave birth to their son. Outside of acting, Dunst is also involved in political activism, as well as a number of charitable organizations.

Gabrielle Union as Isis

Gabrielle Union played Isis, the captain of the Compton High Clovers, and the rival of Torrance and the Toros. Isis is both passionate and determined for her squad to be the best that it can be, and she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way. Whether it’s calling out other cheerleaders for stealing their moves, or finding a way to raise funds for her squad to go to Nationals, Isis is on top of it. You can’t help but love a girl like that.

Gabrielle Union now

When asked about her career, Gabrielle Union has said that Bring It On definitely gave her a big boost. She went on to appear in Love and Basketball, City of Angels, Bad Boys II, The Honeymooners, Night Stalker, Ugly Betty, Flashforward, Think Like a Man, and The Lion Guard. In 2013, she began starring in the hit show Being Mary Jane, which is still ongoing. She is currently married to NBA player, Dwyane Wade, and is a stepmother to his three children.

Clare Kramer as Courtney

Clare Kramer played Courtney, who could best be described as a typical high school mean girl. Cheerleading is certainly important to her, but so is image and social standing. She frequently would make rude or manipulative comments along with her best friend, Whitney. Nevertheless, by the end of the movie it seems that Courtney may have indeed come around and learned the importance of trying your best, when she encourages her squad to celebrate their second place win.

Clare Kramer now

After her time on Bring it On, Clare Kramer went on to appear in a few shows and films such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tru Calling, The Grift, Road to Hell, and The Lost Tree. Clare has chosen to not focus as much on acting, and instead has been pursuing a career as a producer and director. In 2005, she married producer Brian Keathley, and they currently live in Los Angeles, California with their four children.

Jesse Bradford as Cliff

This may have been a movie all about cheerleaders, but it would not have been the same without the charming Cliff Pantone, played by Jesse Bradford. Cliff was Missy’s brother, and from the beginning was romantically interested in Torrance. The two had an undeniable connection together, and it was impossible not to ship them together. Between that electrifying tooth brushing scene, and the romantic song Cliff wrote, he certainly made a lasting impression on the audience.

Jesse Bradford now

Jesse Bradford continued to build up his acting resume, and can be seen in films and shows such as Clockstoppers, Swimfan, Flags of Our Fathers, The West Wing, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Outlaw, Guys With Kids, Sequestered, and Code Black. Today, you can watch him in the show Shooter. After Bring It On, Bradford also took the time to go to school, and in 2002 graduated from Columbia University with a degree in film.

Natina Reed as Jenelope

Natina Reed played Jenelope, one of the cheerleaders who was a crucial part of the Clovers squad. Jenelope will likely be remembered for her tough girl attitude, while also being fiesty and fun. When it came to scenes with the Clovers, it was Jenelope who often had the most memorable dialogue, especially when it came to confrontations with the Toros. Her lines like “Beat these Buffys down” or “You been touched by an angel, girl,” are still frequently quoted today.

Natina Reed now

Bring It On was Natina Reed’s first and only appearance as an actress. Her true passion was music, and she went on to have a successful music career as part of the singing group Blaque, receiving numerous accolades. She was formerly engaged to rapper Kurupt, and they had one child together in 2002. Sadly, in 2012 Natina Reed passed away after she was involved in a road accident. Both her fans and former colleagues mourned her passing.

Lindsay Sloane as Big Red

She’s still Big Red. Lindsay Sloane’s role as the red headed former cheer captain may have been a minor role, but it sure was iconic. Big Red has a commanding presence, and had no trouble doing whatever she had to in order to win competitions. However, we soon learn that Big Red had been stealing her routines from the Clovers, a move that horrifies her successor Torrance. Nevertheless, Big Red does not seem to regret any of her actions, making it clear that to her winning is what is most important.

Lindsay Sloane now

Besides Bring It On, Lindsay Sloane can be seen in movies and shows such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Grosse Pointe, The Stones, Entourage, She’s Out of My League, Horrible Bosses, The Other Guys, How I Met Your Mother, The Odd Couple, and Playing House. In 2004, she married creative agent Dar Rollins, and the couple have two daughters together. She is also close friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar, and was even a bridesmaid at her wedding.

Tsianina Joelson as Darcy

Tsianina Joelson played Darcy, another one of the illustrious Toros cheerleaders. Darcy is one of the top girls on the squad, and has the confidence to back it up. She might make some typical mean girl comments here and there, but when it all comes down to it she is there for her squad. Darcy is also more than just a pretty face, which she frequently shows off by purposefully using some big “SAT” words throughout the movie.

Tsianina Joelson now

Bring It On was Tsianina Joelson’s big break in to the film world, and it helped get her noticed by the Hollywood industry. She went on to have memorable roles in Xena: Warrior Princess, American Pie 2, Girl’s Best Friend, The Rain Makers, and According to Greta. Since 2009, Joelson appears to have stepped away from acting, and has largely remained out of the spotlight since then. She is currently married to cinematographer Michael Lohmann.

Nathan West as Jan

Most of the movie focused on the female cheerleaders, but there were some important guys on the squad too! Jan, played by Nathan West, was one of these strong guys who would lift the girls over his head. Jan gets along great with the other girls, but he does have to deal with taking flak from the obnoxious guys on the football team. He also seems to potentially be having something romantic going on with Courtney.

Nathan West now

Believe it or not, Nathan West used to be a hockey player in the Junior Ontario Hockey League. So it made perfect sense for him to be cast in the sports drama, Miracle in 2004. He has also appeared in 7th Heaven, Not Another Teen Movie, Forever Strong, and Alleged. In 2010, West stepped away from television and film, although he does still do theater. He is also a singer and songwriter, and creates music with his wife, Chyler Leigh. The couple live in Los Angeles, California with their three children.

Brandi Williams as Lafred

The Clovers were no doubt an awesome cheer squad, and everyone loved Isis at the helm, but Isis is nothing without her girls at her side. While Jenelope was usually on one side, on the other was her girl LaFred, played by Brandi Williams. She may not have much dialogue, but her presence is undeniable. Not to mention that when she dances and does her cheer moves, it’s hard to keep your eyes off of her and her fellow Clovers.

Brandi Williams now

Brandi Williams was cast in Bring It On alongside co-stars Natina Reed and Shamari Fears because they happened to all be part of the same singing group, Blaque. For Williams, the only other acting experience she did after Bring It On was the movie On the Line. She continued to focus on her music career with Blaque, and later on her own. In 2011, she released her first solo album, and has another in the works. In 2009 she married her husband, Jay Harris.

Huntley Ritter as Les

Huntley Ritter played one of the other notable male cheerleaders on the Toros, Les. Like Jan, he’s there to support and lift the girls on the squad, and he also has to deal with a lot of mean spirited comments from the football team. Les also faces discrimination because of his romantic preferences, which is slightly touched on in the movie. Nevertheless, Les is committed to his team, and always come through for them when it counts.

Huntley Ritter now

Following Bring It On, Huntley Ritter only acted in a few projects such as The Wedding Planner, Wish Craft, The Genius Club, We Are Marshall, and September Dawn. In 2007 he decided to leave the acting world behind, and instead pursue a career in business. He currently owns a successful internet gaming business that seems to be doing pretty well in the industry. He also seems to enjoy working on outdoorsy reality shows such as Ducks Unlimited and Outlanders.

Rini Bell as Kasey

Just call her Kasey! Kasey was another one of the crucial members of Rancho High Toros. She was always there to lend Torrance a helping hand with the squad, and help her fellow cheerleaders. Kasey was known for being pretty friendly, and she didn’t just offer support to her own team. In one scene she even tries to give a friendly hello to the Clovers. However, Kasey wasn’t exactly known for her brain, and big words could sometimes confuse her.

Rini Bell now

After her time in Bring It On, Rini Bell continued to get small acting roles here and there in shows and movies like So Little Time, Burning Annie, The Terminal, and Jarhead. She also had a recurring role on the hit series Gilmore Girls as Lulu. Bell has also done some voice work for the animated show King of the Hill. And while she might sound as American as they come, she happens to have been born in Italy.

Richard Hillman as Aaron

Who could forget Torrence’s boyfriend Aaron? Aaron heads out to college at the beginning of the movie, leaving Torrance to deal with the squad on her own. While at first Aaron might seem like the perfect boyfriend, as the movie goes on we start to realize that he may not have Torrance’s best interest at heart when he admonishes her for a poor routine. We also learn that while at college he was unfaithful to his girl, so we weren’t sad when he got kicked to the curb.

Richard Hillman now

Richard Hillman already had a few acting credits to his name before Bring It On including Running the Halls, Girl, Man, Wildflower, Detroit Rock City, and Boys and Girls. After his time as a male cheerleader he only appeared in a few more projects including Legally Blonde and Teenage Caveman. Unfortunately, in the 1990s Hillman discovered he was HIV positive, and he later became involved in substance abuse. Sadly, in June 2009, he passed away at age 34.

Shamari Fears as Lava

Every moment with the Compton Clovers was a memorable one. They made us laugh, they made us hate Big Red, and they dazzled us with their incredible cheer and dance moves. Rounding out the Clovers we know and love was Lava, who joined her fearless leader Isis in going after the Toros at their practice. Lava also had a deeper side, which she showed when she helped Isis pen a letter to help get their squad the funding they needed to compete at nationals.

Shamari Fears now

Shamari Fears was part of the trio musical group Blaque, along with Natina Reed and Brandi Williams. In addition to being a part of the group, she also embarked on her own solo career in music, which has been fairly successful. In 2006 she married Ronnie DeVoe, who was part of the R & B group, New Edition. A few years later Fears and her husband celebrated the birth of their twins. These days you can catch up with her on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Bianca Kajlich as Carver

Let’s hear it for big bad Carver! Although, let’s be honest, there was nothing “bad” about this cheerleader. However, some of the other cheerleaders on the squad did make comments about some of Carver’s, shall we say, larger attributes. While Carver certainly tried her best as a cheerleader, she unfortunately has an accident during practice at the beginning of the film, leader to her being replaced. But she still shows up on her crutches later on to cheer on her squad.

Bianca Kajlich now

After Bring It On, Bianca Kajlich kept up her acting career and her star has continued to rise. Shortly after she got a recurring role on the hit drama Boston Legal as well as Dawson’s Creek. She has also had roles in Halloween: Resurrection, In My Opinion, Rock Me Baby, Vanished, 30 Minutes or Less, and Hard Love. She has probably become best known for her role in the series Rules of Engagement, as well as the comedy Undateable.

Cody McMains as Justin

While the movie might have been focused on the cheerleaders and their high school drama, we can’t forget about Torrance’s little brother Justin. Like all little brothers, Justin loved to mess around with his sister, and give her a difficult time. He loved to tease her about cheerleading, and her boyfriend that wouldn’t call her back, and more. And while he begrudgingly may have gone to his sister’s cheerleading competitions, we think he secretly liked watching them and cheering on his sister.

Cody McMains now

Cody McMains has had lots of roles in TV shows and movies following his time on Bring It On. His best known role is probably when he played Mitch Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie. He has also been in Madison, Everwood, Pretty Persuasion, Monk, Trailer Park of Trailer, 10 Things I Hate About You, and 90210. People particularly enjoyed the irony of his part in Not Another Teen Movie, since the movie parodied Bring It On.

Nicole Bilderback as Whitney

The Toros would not be complete without the lovely Whitney, played by Nicole Bilderback. Whitney was Courtney’s best friend, and the two of them never held back their thoughts, typically coming across as the stereotypical mean girls. During tryouts, Whitney also tried to get her sister a spot on the squad, but was ultimately shut down by Torrance in favor of Missy. Despite her attitude, Whitney was a great cheerleader and an important part of the squad.

Nicole Bilderback now

After Bring It On, Nicole Bilderback went on to appear in Dawson’s Creek, Boston Legal, Bad Girls from Valley High, Cruel World, Heroes, The New Twenty, Wake, The Victim, and The Wrong Nanny. Most recently she also had a guest appearance in Good Girls. She is also currently working on writing a pilot for a comedy series that she will star in, loosely based off her own hardships. Bilderback is also very involved in philanthropy, particularly with organizations that benefit women.

Eliza Dushku as Missy

Missy Pantone probably had one of the best introductions in the film, when she entered cheerleading tryouts and blew everyone away with her incredible gymnastics skills. At first Missy seemed to give off a bad girl persona, but as the movie went on we could see her soft, kind center. While she may not have been enthusiastic about cheerleading at first, she soon comes around and helps Torrance turn the squad around into the cheerleaders they were always meant to be.

Eliza Dushku now

Bring It On was undoubtedly Eliza Dushku’s break out role. She then went on to have major roles in shows and movies suchs as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The New Guy, Tru Calling, Dollhouse, True Lies, Leap Year, Banshee, and Bull. She also spent time outside of acting working to make a documentary called Dear Albania, which has helped her explore and relate to her own Albanian heritage. Dushku is also very involved in charity work and political activism.

Christina Milian as Lina

In the fifth Bring it On film, Bring it On: Fight to the Finish, Christina Millian plays Catolina Cruz, a snarky and determined cheerleader who cares about one thing most in the world: winning. She wants to become an All-Star team and win the big competition to prove she’s the best. There are a few obstacles and challenges that get in her way, such as mean girls and other fierce teams, but nothing is too much for her to handle.

Christina Milian now

Though Christina Millian had some notable film performances in the early to mid ’00s, she has continued to focus more on her music career lately Though she has had her time on Family Guy and appeared in a few Christmas movies here and there, she’s really making it as an artist. Though she hasn’t released an album in a while, she’s put out several singles over the last few years. Aside from singing, she was also a contestant on season 17 of Dancing with the Stars.