The untold truth of Dennis Quaid’s journey

Hollywood is the land that appears to be filled with glitz and glam as the celebrities of the world climb their way up the ladder of fame. However, this mystical land might also be home to the biggest secrets. How far are these stars willing to go to keep their private lives just that? Over the years, we have seen many game-changing secrets come to light. One particular star has hit headlines in the last few years as he publicly admitted what we’ve known all along: Dennis Quaid.

Quaid was one of those heartthrobs actors who’s appeared in countless films, but let’s just say the the Hollywood life isn’t always easy to handle. No one is immune to the temptations of the high profile life, and he was no exception.

The man behind the roles

When thinking of actors in Hollywood, there can be a huge number of names that roll off the tongue. Johnny Depp. Brad Pitt. George Clooney. However, there is one that has disappeared from view over the last few years.

After starring in a number of Hollywood hits, how could we forget about the legend that is Dennis Quaid? This actor has been around for nearly 40 years, but now it looks as though he has got us talking about more than just his acting skills. Sometimes it can be easy to spot secrets from the outside, no matter how hard someone tries to hide them. Could this mystery about Dennis Quaid have been staring us in the face all these years?

The early years

Dennis William Quaid was born on April 9, 1954, in Texas. The youngster was raised by his electrician father, William Rudy Quaid, as well as his real estate agent mom, Nita Quaid.

The family was completed by his three siblings: Brandy, Randy, and Buddy Quaid. Dennis had a childhood like many others as he went to the local schools before he found his true calling at high school. It was during his teenage years that Dennis realized how much he loved to dance and act. Could he have found his calling card in life? It wasn’t long before the youngster was off to college to study with the help of coach Cecil Pickett.

Another devotion

As well as having strong ties to being on stage, Dennis also had another huge part of his life that took up a lot of his time: religion. Did you know that over 56% of Texas is religious? Dennis was no exception.

The actor began practicing religion as soon as he was born, and grew up as a firm believer of faith, just like the rest of his family. However, as the actor continued to grow older, he started to become more and more eccentric. He was struggling to remember his faith.

Breaking out of the shadow

Sometimes, it can be hard to grow up in the shadow of our siblings. As hard as we try, they can always seem to be one step ahead of us.

Dennis was no exception; not when he was growing up with Hollywood star Randy Quaid as his older brother. To date, the actor has appeared in more than 90 movies, but he first hit the big time as Larry Meadows in the comedy-drama movie The Last Detail back in 1973. Randy had everything Dennis wanted.

Making his name count

Even though Dennis had Randy there to help guide him in Hollywood, the actor still struggled to find his very own breakout role. No matter what Dennis did, it seemed as though no one wanted to give this star a chance.

Sure, he was the brother of the famous Randy Quaid, but did that mean he was any good? It wasn’t until 1979 that Dennis secured his ticket to Hollywood after landing a part in the comedy-drama Breaking Away. At long last, he could join the ranks of the rich and famous.

First time down the aisle

Around the same time that Dennis was becoming the latest Hollywood star, he met and fell for his first wife, actress P.J. Soles. The pair met while they were both filming the drama movie Our Winning Season back in 1978.

The couple might have only landed minor roles in the film, but they fell for each other. They were officially married later the same year. Only it wasn’t meant to last. By 1983, the relationship ended in divorce.

Rising to the top

Dennis was now battling his own personal emotions as he continued to climb the ladder of success. However, the actor wasn’t going to let anything hold him back.

Instead, Dennis continued to appear in a number of films, such as the horror thriller Jaws 3-D, the comedy-drama The Big Easy, and the rom-com Wilder Napalm. Dennis Quaid was quickly becoming one of the biggest names of the time in Hollywood. Was there no character this actor couldn’t play?

A brand new character

The world was finally giving the actor the opportunities he was searching for to make it to the top, so many weren’t surprised to hear Dennis was given a part in the Western biographical movie Wyatt Earp.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dennis was even offered one of the leading roles in the film as the character Doc Holliday. However, there was a catch. There needed to be some major changes if the actor was going to secure himself the part.

Getting into character

Dennis knew the film was going to test all his acting capabilities. Little did he know how it was going to affect his entire life.

The movie follows the life of the title character as he fights for what he believes in: his family and abiding by the law. However, when he starts a war with the local gangs, he needs all the help he can get. Dennis played the part of Wyatt’s friend, but the actor needed to reflect the character’s health. To do this, he had to lose 40 pounds.

Doing anything for the part

Over the years, we have seen many Hollywood stars transform into entirely new people as they prepare for their latest role. However, there is nothing like watching an actor drop their weight to secure the part.

It’s reported Chris Pratt dropped 60 pounds for his role in the superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy, while Tom Hanks lost 55 pounds for the survival drama Castaway, and Christian Bale shed 63 pounds for his part in the psychological thriller The Machinist.

Another heartbreak

From the outside, it looked as though Dennis Quaid was living the high life. As well as landing role after role, the actor also married fellow actress Meg Ryan back in 1991.

The pair had already worked together, but it was their time on the set of the crime thriller D.O.A. where they fell in love. They wed three years later and went on to have a son together, Jack Henry. Sadly, after ten years together, the couple filed for divorce after rumors that Dennis had been unfaithful.

Third time’s the charm

Could things finally be on the up for the actor? Dennis has been married twice before. Now, it was time for wedding number three as he walked down the aisle with Kimberly Buffington, a real-estate agent from Texas, in 2004.

Although life seemed good, there was more bad news to come. The pair welcomed twins in 2007, but a mistake at the hospital saw the 10-day-old newborns receive 1,000 times the medicine dose they were supposed to have. Thankfully, they both survived.

Changing their minds

Dennis and Kimberly were together for eight years before news emerged they were filing for divorce. Apparently, there were disagreements between the pair that Kimberly could no longer face.

So everyone was surprised to hear the estate agent had recalled her papers and changed her mind about the divorce. Sadly, it wasn’t long before their relationship was back on the rocks. Over the next few years, they continued to file for divorce and retract the papers until they were officially separated in 2016.

A brand new chapter

Once again, Dennis was single. Perhaps it wasn’t third time is lucky after all? However, the actor still wanted to remain positive.

In fact, during an interview, the star admitted his 50s had been a kind decade as he got to enjoy the last few years before growing old. Now, it was time to focus on the future. Only, there was something Dennis needed to do if he was going to keep moving forward: he needed to admit to everything from his past.

A life-changing battle

It turns out the actor had been battling his own personal demons, and it all started with his role in Wyatt Earp. Although the actor had managed to lose 40 pounds for the part, it had taken a significant toll on his health.

Dennis had developed anorexia nervosa from his unhealthy eating habits, as well as an addiction to an illegal substance in a bid to keep his weight down. Plus, the actor admitted his narcotic use was considered “normal” at the time. Now, he needed to own up to the truth.

Looking for a way to cope

The media has always wanted to find out the truth behind the lives of these celebrities, and Dennis Quaid was no exception.

In fact, there have been many stories about his potential narcotic use that we have always known, but now he was finally admitting to it. However, Dennis had another part of his story to tell. The actor realized that he had let religion slip from his life, and now was a better time than ever to fall back in love with his faith.

A grand return

His religion wasn’t the only thing that had been missing from Dennis’ life; he had also lost his passion for music.

The actor has been a member of the rock and roll band the Sharks for nearly two decades. However, his addiction and eating disorder meant he hadn’t performed with the group for over ten years. As well as putting the rest of his life back together, Dennis wanted to find a way to rekindle his love for music.

Shark attack

It wasn’t long before the Sharks were back in action. They might have formed 17 years ago, but now it was time for a whole new beginning.

The band have never had a recording label. However, they love playing together and have even been in the studio since 2017 as they are planning on recording their debut album. Although Dennis jokes they will be the “oldest guys” in rock and roll, nothing can hold him back from his dreams.

Getting back on track

As well as his musical adventures, Dennis has continued to land successful role after successful role as he makes his way back to the top of the career ladder.

Recently, the actor has been seen in the drama series The Art of More, the psychological thriller show Fortitude, the comedy-drama A Dog’s Purpose, and even the drama I Can Only Imagine. It seems that getting back into Hollywood isn’t the only part of Dennis’ life that is back on track.

New love

Dennis has also found himself a new love in the form of 31-year-old model Santa Suzina. The pair have now been official for two years, and it looks as though their relationship could soon be about to hit the next level.

Dennis already has three children and admitted he never planned on having any more. However, his relationship with Santa has got the actor questioning whether he will continue to grow his family. Could we be about to hear the pitter-patter of little Dennis’ once again?

Focusing on career

Whether Quaid is going to marry his current love or if the two plan on expanding their family, that is all up in the air. One thing is for certain, however, Dennis is back!

As a musician, as an actor, professionally in general, he is making a comeback right before our eyes. Nothing can hold him back as he moves on with his life, taking his career to all new highs. There are definitely big things coming for Dennis Quaid; we have not seen – or heard – the last of him.

Debut album

Well it looks like Quaid’s dream is finally coming true. The actor is officially going to become a musician – as if he wasn’t already. His band, The Sharks, is set to release their album on November 30, 2018.

This is something Quaid has always wanted to do, so it’s extremely impressive and exciting for him that he was able to make this dream come true. The band also has occasional performances in places like Tennessee. Maybe after the album’s release, they’ll have that record deal and a tour!

Other actors turned musicians

It turns out that our beloved Dennis Quaid is not the only actor who also dabbles in music. Others, such as Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland, have also enjoyed – or continue to enjoy – their time performing in bands.

Bacon and his brother, Michael, have a duo called the Bacon Brothers, while Sutherland also enjoys performing and even made his Broadway debut in 2011. It seems like most of the people in Hollywood are even more talented than we ever knew.

New releases

Aside from his music career kicking off in a big way, Quaid also has some huge things coming up in his acting career. As we already know, the actor can pretty much play any role in any genre of film.

That being said, he has three completely different movies coming out within the next year or so. One is a psychological thriller called The Intruder; another is a sequel to A Dog’s Purpose called A Dog’s Journey; and the third is a biographical drama called Reagan.

Playing a president

The film Reagan will be a film that documents the life of former President Ronald Reagan. Quaid will play the man in his elder years and it seems like a perfect casting because he even resembles the late Reagan.

The movie had a few bumps along the road due to financials, but the producers recently secured funding and the process is set to proceed soon. Dennis admitted in an interview with Fox News that he’s a bit nervous about the role because it’s way out of his comfort zone.

Devastating loss

While Quaid has obviously moved on professional and personally, there is still something that he holds dear to his heart emotionally. It is something that has been eating him up for over ten years.

This is the devastating loss of his Parent Trap co-star Natasha Richardson. Dennis admitted as recently as September, 2018 he is still heartbroken over her passing that happened in a 2009 skiing accident. The actor considered her a dear friend and her death hit him extremely hard.

Meg’s new bling

Aside from losing such a close friend, a more recently occurrence that probably wasn’t easy for Quaid happened in November, 2018.

His ex-wife Meg Ryan was recently seen walking out and about with a little something extra on her finger. It turns out her longtime on-again-off-again romance with John Mellencamp is about to be made official: the two are engaged! It’s okay, Dennis, you have Santa Suzina’s shoulder to cry on if you need it. It’s never easy to see an ex remarry, even if you already have moved on.

Up for sale

Speaking of moving on from exes, in July 2018, Quaid and his ex Kimberly Buffington-Quaid moved on in a big way. The two put their gorgeous home in Pacific Palisades, California up for sale.

It’s a shame that this house had to go because it really is something special. For those interested, the mansion is set at nearly $6.5 million. Not too shabby, but probably only another celebrity could afford something so pricey. If you need 6 bedrooms and just over 16,000 square feet, this beauty could be yours!

Presenting awards

While we’re sure this wasn’t the highest of highlights in Quaid’s life, it’s still an honor to say the least. In November 2018, Quaid attended the 52nd CMA Awards and he was given the opportunity to present an award.

Now that we know his music career is kicking off in all the right ways, maybe we will see him picking up one of these awards in the future. Here’s to hoping that his new album will become a huge hit.

Something to be proud of

Although it’s fair to say that Quaid had several downs, he also had many ups over his 40+ year career. The actor and musician is undoubtedly talented and he knows how to create a successful career.

He has struggled throughout his life, but he was strong and brave enough to come back and keep fighting – pretty impressive to say the least. There was a time where Quaid allegedly thought he’d be dead in five years, but thankfully he’s still here and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

Like father like son

It seems that the more we think we know about Dennis, the more we find out how wrong we are. We mentioned earlier that Dennis and Meg had a son named Jack, but did you ever wonder what ended up happening with him?

It turns out that Jack ended up growing into an actor just like his old man, and has actually appeared in a feature film that blew up the box offices. When you see what he was in, you won’t be able to believe that you missed it.

Hunger Games star

Yep, that’s right. Jack Quaid played the role of Marvel in the first installment of the Hunger Games film series.

His character, Marvel, came from District 1, and he was considered to be one of the “Careers,” meaning a tribute who has trained their whole life to fight at the Hunger Games. But although he had a strong alliance, and was a skillful warrior, Marvel was shot by Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) with an arrow towards the end of the film.

Just like his Pops

In addition to Jack’s appearance in the Hunger Games, he also was a staple character on the HBO music drama, Vinyl. He played the role of Clark Morelle, an A&R representative at a respectable record label.

The show only lasted one season, but it was still a pretty big deal for Jack. He also appeared in a 2018 film called Rampage, and if he keeps this up, we may have to conclude that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Band name source

In fact, Dennis even said that it was Jack who came up with the name for his band, The Sharks – when he was only nine years old! “We were wondering what to call ourselves,” said Dennis.

They couldn’t come up with anything good and then 9-year-old exclaimed, “The Sharks!” The inspiration came to Jack from the fact that it was Shark Week at the time, and Dennis joked that he was glad it wasn’t dinosaur week.

Looking young and free

Meanwhile, Dennis is probably feeling a lot younger than he ever has. Maybe it’s the rock band that he’s playing in. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s moved on from the life of being addicted to illicit substances.

Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s brought religion closer to his life. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s dating a 31-year-old gorgeous French Canadian blonde woman. When you combine all of those things together, you get the point we’re making.

Hawaii fun

In fact, Dennis has been living it up these days. He spent a total of six months recording his new album, Out of the Box, with his band, and now all he wants to do is hang out with his new girl.

He says that these days are filled with “chilling out in Hawaii” with his girlfriend, and both of their sets of kids. If you think that sounds like a dream come true, it’s probably because it is. It’s clear that these two are very much into each other.

Wedding bells coming?

The real question is, how much are they into each other? Is this just a fling for the both of them? After all, Quaid did just finalize a divorce, and it’s possible that he may not want to jump into anything too serious.

Right now he just wants to love life and hang out with his girlfriend and their kids, but it will be interesting to see if it leads to a ring on her finger. So what did he say when he was asked about potentially getting married again?

Loving their time together

“I never count anything out,” said Quaid, about potentially tying the knot with the 31-year-old Santa.

He clearly has no qualms about the fact that he’s more than twice her age, and it seems to be the case that she has no problem with it either. They love going to dinner together, and they even already have a favorite restaurant! He also said that he loves making special nights with her while they’re on the road.

Song for her

It we were to find a poetic way of connecting his music career with his love life, we wouldn’t have a hard time doing that.

This is because Dennis has found a way to extract inspiration from his love life into his songwriting. Just take a listen to “You’re So Fine,” a song that Dennis wrote. According to him, it was about his lovely girlfriend Santa. It seems that he and her are living quite the romantic tale, and we wonder where it will take them.

Goofy loving family

In the meantime, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with this guy and his family. Their goofy smiles reflects beautifully on the fact that they’re clearly close with one another.

They probably are also pretty busy with their lives, and they don’t always get a chance to spend time with one another. These are the type of things that make us human – the love we share, and the time and energy with devote to one another. Can you feel it?