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Weird rules the Royal Family have about food

Whether you’re a sucker for savory or have a sweet tooth that just can’t be satisfied – there are so many meals and ways to eat food out there, we can often find ourselves trying to do them all at once. Although a lot of us like to think we are the next foodies of the world, there are several countries all around the world that have very particular sets of rules we must stick to if we want to stay out of trouble. For instance, there are several weird rules the Royal Family have about food. How can one family enforce so many different regulations at mealtimes? It seems as though these crowns have more power than we ever believed possible.

They will accept food as gifts

Well, not all food. It’s said the Royal Family can only accept gifts that are worth less than $190 meaning they usually encourage people to hand over presents such as books or flowers.

However, royals won’t take any food that seems to be over the top. If someone has baked enough for the royals themselves then great! If there is enough to hold a banquet, then chances are your gift will get rejected. Plus, there is no rule saying they must eat any gifts – ouch.

They give food as Christmas gifts

Many of us have Christmas traditions, and it seems as though the Royal Family have their very own set of rules for the big day – including their gifts.

For many years, the family has bulk-bought hundreds of Christmas puddings and handed them out to the staff or other friends of the family as a Christmas gift. It all started thanks to Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather, George V, and has been around ever since. Plus, they have even been spotted at a local store picking them up.

Kate Middleton loves to cook

Over the years, we have seen Prince William and Kate Middleton transform the Royal Family into a relatable group of people. Apparently, there is no exception with the cooking.

Most members of the family have a personal chef who will accompany them around the world. However, it’s reported that Kate likes to take on the cooking herself when at home, and is sometimes even joined by Prince William himself. Perhaps there really isn’t anything like a home-cooked meal after all?

Eggs are very important – and precise

There have been many rumors over the years about Prince Charles and his eggs.

It’s said the royal kitchen will keep several pans of boiling water ready on the stove and get a radio call when the prince is on his way home in case Charles wants an egg. Then, they must boil them for precisely four minutes. Not three, not five – four. Apparently, the Queen will also only eat brown eggs as she claims they taste better, and has them served up with every breakfast.

Garlic and onions are out

It might be hard to imagine a world with no garlic or onions, but this is a rule you’ll have to get used to if you want to find out what it’s like to live like a royal.

Apparently, the ban on garlic is thanks to Queen Elizabeth II hating the taste. It seems as though if she won’t eat it, then no one can! However, other reports have suggested the ban on garlic and onions is to avoid having bad breath. Imagine talking to a royal only to smell what they had for lunch? Not a good impression.

Water is off the menu

Okay, not all water is off the menu, but the Royal Family are banned from drinking tap water.

Many officials advise against drinking tap water in many countries where there is a high chance of getting ill from a glass of the stuff. However, that suggestion seems to have fallen into weird rules the Royal Family have about food, too. Although it might sound strange, it’s all to help ensure the Royals avoid any unpleasant illnesses.

Shellfish is a no-no

If you plan on cooking up a meal for the Royal Family, then it’s best to leave shellfish off the menu.

Although Prince Charles likes to break this rule at every opportunity, the rest of the family stick to the no shellfish policy. So what makes shrimp, crab, and lobster all so bad? It’s nothing to do with taste but is instead a way to try and minimize food poisoning. Shellfish is one of the primary causes of the illness, and the Royals have too many commitments to risk getting ill.

There’s no starch at lunchtime

It might be no surprise to hear the Queen has a lot of say over what makes it to the dinner table in the palace and what must go.

However, she has one weird rule about food that might leave many of us scratching our heads: there is to be no starch at lunch. That’s right; potatoes, rice, and pasta are all to be kept away from the table as the Queen prefers to dine on vegetables and poached fish instead. She even curs the crusts from her sandwiches, too.

The Queen doesn’t like food

It could be easy to imagine the Royal Family enjoy spending their time chowing down on only the most exquisite meals from all around the globe.

However, it seems as though we could be wrong. The Queen admits that she doesn’t have much care for food or the taste and merely eats as a way to survive. In fact, this royal leader often eats alone where she likes to keep her meals as simple as possible. Plus, she would rather spend her money on saddles or new horses than upgrading the kitchen.

Mangoes and mousse are the way forward

Believe it or not, but it’s reported the Queen knows how many mangoes are in her fridge at all times.

This is because she is such a fan of the fruit she keeps a stock of them at the palace for whenever she fancies a sweet treat. However, mangoes aren’t the only thing the Queen likes; apparently, chocolate mousse is her favorite dessert. It’s not just the Queen either as the kitchen staff report there will always be empty plates if it’s served up at mealtimes.

They save on the food

All those big banquets must leave for plenty of leftovers at the end of the night.

Rather than sending everyone home with a doggy bag full of food for the next day, the Royal Family have another way to save on wasting food. Any leftovers get carefully stored away and used as part of any meals the next day. In fact, it’s even reported the Queen squeezed lemon juice onto her meal and sent for the lemon to be saved until next time!

Most food is homegrown

The Royal Family seem to have everything, so why would they waste their money shopping at stores when they could just use their own homegrown produce instead?

Many of the men in the family enjoy hunting game across the estate’s land, while the families also have a vegetable garden and will search for mushrooms growing in the local woodlands. They might have it all, but these royals sure do know how to live off of the land.

The Royals keep it healthy

Growing their food at home means the royals know everything that has gone onto what’s on their plate, but it doesn’t end there.

The Royal Family also have a herd of cows that produce their milk, raise any meat, and have a selection of salmon schools living in the surrounding rivers they all use for their meals. All this organic produce means these are some of the healthiest people in the nation who strive to keep their plates clean.

There’s a set of tea rules

Think of someone from Britain, and it might be easy to picture a person drinking a cup of tea, pinkie out and all.

However, there are several rules if you want to enjoy a royal cup of the good stuff. It’s said tea bags must be added first with the milk. Then it must be stirred with the spoon swaying side to side while it must never touch the edge. Plus, there isn’t to be a pinkie in sight. Instead, it’s all about pinching the handle in between the thumb and index finger.

Everyone stops for the Queen

Kitchens can be pretty chaotic places. With so much to prep and cook, there is no time for any chef to stop and relax. That is unless the Queen enters the room.

Yes, this woman has the power to rule a nation and bring an entire team of chefs to a standstill. It doesn’t matter if the dish is time sensitive or not; chefs must move their pans to the side of the stove, step back three paces back, and bow to the Queen before answering any questions.

The Queen rules the table

One of the most important rules to remember of any dinnertime is to keep watch on the Queen.

Not only must you not start eating your meal until she has picked up her knife and fork, but you must also be prepared to finish whenever she is done with her meal. Although the footmen are said to appear whenever Queen Elizabeth II rests down her cutlery, it’s said she often keeps a small piece of food to move around so others may finish their meals.

The Queen handpicks her meals

Meal prepping is the thing many of us wish we could do but usually end up ordering a takeout and forgetting the whole idea. It was nice while it lasted.

However, the Royal Family have their entire week’s menus written out in advance for one very special reason. The Queen will go through and check off any meals she wants while trashing ones she doesn’t wish to be served until they are left with a menu fit for a queen – literally.

Entering and seating are all controlled

Whenever the Royal Family enter a room, there is a very special order that must be followed and is determined by their order in line for the throne.

Dinner times are no exception. Everyone must enter the room in a specific order with no changes. As if that wasn’t enough, the entire seating plan is entirely controlled by a team of experts who carefully map out where all the guests must sit and how they will enter the room.

Dinner outfits are very important

You might think the fancy outfits are reserved for just outings, but apparently, the royals like to get dressed up for any occasion – including regular dinners.

Yes, the Royal Family will put on their finest threads for the final meal of the day before sitting at the table and enjoying a cooked meal. Their outfits are also accompanied by the most delicate china in the palace, and apparently, the whole thing is even finished with a bagpipe player.

Conversation is very important

There aren’t just weird rules about food for the Royal Family; there is also a list of how to have a conversation while at a royal dinner party.

For the first half of the meal, ladies may start a discussion with people sitting on their right. This is because the Queen always seats her guest of honor to the right of her seat. However, as soon as everyone is halfway through the meal, the women may switch and speak to the person on their left for the last half of the night.

Cutlery is key to the dinner table

Who knew there could be so much to knives and forks? The Royals are expected to know how to use theirs properly which means no randomly stabbing after food.

No, they must use their knife to push food onto the back of their fork to eat. Plus, if they want to leave the table, then it’s important to cross their knife and fork on the plate to say they haven’t finished. On the other hand, they must put both the handles to the bottom right of the plate once they have finished.

Napkins get used in specific ways

It seems as though even napkins have their own set of rules from the Royal Family.

Everyone is now used to folding it in half before placing it across their lap at the beginning of every meal. Then, if they need to use it at any point, dinner guests must discretely wipe their mess on the inside of the napkin. This not only hides any dirt on the cloth but also protects their expensive clothes from getting ruined – very smart!

Special dog’s dinner

Queen Elizabeth II has kept corgis ever since her 18th birthday present was a special pooch named Susan.

She was the beginning of a long line of royal bred corgis that survived 14 generations until Willow passed away in 2018. The line might have come to an end, but these dogs were in for some extraordinary meals. In fact, the dogs had their menus planned just like the rest of the royals and would include choices such as rabbit, lamb, and rice.

The handbag closes the show

Did you know the Queen has a special hook she sticks to the underside of any table to hang her purse? Yes, you read that correctly.

However, she needs to know where it is at all times just in case she needs to call dinner to a close. The Queen has been noted to use her handbag as a way to signal to others around her, and when it comes to meals, she will place it on the table when she is ready for dinner to come to an end.