Wedding planners share their worst wedding moments

When a couple gets engaged, it’s an incredibly joyous occasion. Everyone congratulates them on finding the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Then, they start planning the wedding. Brides, grooms, and their families put a lot of effort into planning the perfect event. Many people dream about their wedding from the time they are very young, and they have a very specific idea of how they want things to go. However, things don’t always go according to plan, and weddings have a tendency to create a whole lot of drama.

Weddings are supposed to be special and memorable events, and they can sure be a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of things that can go wrong, from bridezillas to clothing problems to the weather. Nobody knows this better than wedding planners, who are always deep in the trenches when these disasters occur. Here are some of the craziest wedding horror stories that wedding planners have witnessed.

Groom doom

This is probably one of the worst things that could possibly happen at a wedding. At the end of the night, the groom went up to the wedding planner in order to thank her for the successful day.

His judgement was a bit fuzzy after the event, and instead of simply thanking her, he leaned in to try to kiss the wedding planner. She quickly turned her head to avoid the awkward moment and he ended up kissing her cheek and then giving her a hug.

The icing on the cake

The cake is an important part of the wedding, and a lot of hard work goes into getting the perfect cake. At one wedding, a little girl just couldn’t keep her hands off of the frosting.

She went up to the cake and dug her fingers into the frosting. At first nobody noticed, but when the Maid of Honor caught on, she called the wedding planner. That’s when they saw the finger marks all over the bottom of the cake. To make matters worse, the girl’s mom refused to help

Thanks, Dad

You know that feeling when your parents think that they are whispering but they are clearly not? It can be embarrassing even in the best of situations, and when it happened to one bride at her wedding, it was simply mortifying.

During the ceremony, the bride’s dad turned to her and said, “You know, it’s not too late to back out, honey. Nobody will think badly of you.” He thought he was keeping quiet, but everyone in the church heard how he truly felt.

Wrestling ring bearers

One of the cutest parts of any wedding is when little kids take part, but children can also be unpredictable.

The two ring bearers at this wedding were brothers, and when it was time to walk down the aisle, the older brother nudged the younger one to start walking. The little guy didn’t take the nudge so well, and pushed his brother right back. Then, the pair started pushing and wrestling all the way down the aisle. Some people thought it was funny, but the bride sure didn’t.

Dress drama

Many brides spend a lot of time, energy, and money finding the perfect white dress for their big day. White dresses can be dangerous, however.

One bride’s mother hung the wedding gown from the sprinkler in her hotel room before the wedding. Then, the pipes in the hotel broke during the night, covering the dress in mold and dirt. Luckily, the designer was able to soak it to remove the stains, they quickly blew it dry, and nobody knew that there had even been a close call.

Mowed over

When you get a whole bunch of guests together to celebrate, there’s no telling what could happen. At this wedding, that was definitely the case.

One of the guests enjoyed himself a little bit too much, and seems to have lost control of what he was doing. He somehow broke into the caretaker’s shed and found a ride-on lawnmower inside. He then went for a joy-ride on the lawnmower, and was chased by four staff members before one finally put an end to it.

Musical mom

During the ceremony, all of the attention is supposed to be on the couple. When the bride and groom are exchanging vows, it’s usually one of the most special and emotional parts of the whole wedding.

So when the mother of the groom broke out into song during the vows, everyone was horrified. She wasn’t even singing anything recognizable – just some “random words” that she felt were fitting for the event. We can only guess that fitting it wasn’t.

A sweaty celebration

If you’re planning a wedding, it’s a good idea to think about all of the things that could go wrong so that you can come up with a backup plan. That’s something that this couple learned the hard way.

They held their wedding in an underground basement with only one exit. The night of the event was hot and rainy, and the basement got warmer and warmer until finally, the air conditioning blew out. The guests had nowhere to go, so they ate their dinner, sweating in the basement.

Call it off

These other stories are pretty bad, but at least they ended in a marriage. This one didn’t turn out even that well. The day before the wedding, the bride and groom sat down to fill out the paperwork for the marriage license.

Then all of a sudden, the mood at the table changed. The groom shoved the papers away from him and said, “I’m not sure we’re ready to take this step. We’re not ready to get married yet.” And with that, he broke up with the bride.

Better late than never

When the bride was six hours late, the guests started to get annoyed and begged for food. Finally, the bride showed up, the couple got married, and the reception began.

As the event went on, the reason for her delay became known – the groom had received a text from his best man’s wife, who was a friend of his. The bride had been spying on his messages, and thought he was cheating on her. A fight ensued, but in the end, the couple made up and they tied the knot.

Who let the dogs out

This is one of the stranger things that has happened at a wedding. Right when the bride was going to walk down the aisle, two huge dogs ran into the venue.

They raced through the doors and slid across the floor, before running outside into the grass and then jumping in the pool. Then, those two big wet dogs rolled around in the lawn, making it into a muddy mess. It was not a pleasant surprise for the bride and groom.

Prettier in pink

Usually, the bride makes all fashion decisions in advance, so that by the day of the wedding, everything runs smoothly. This bride, however, realized the morning of her wedding that she hated her dress.

For some reason, the bride decided that she wanted a pink dress. When the wedding planner refused to either dye her dress or find her a new one on a moment’s notice, the bride threw a fit. In the end, she got married, but didn’t look too happy about it.

Solo first dance

Everyone knows that weddings tend to run behind schedule, but one bride just couldn’t accept that. She wanted things to happen exactly on time.

So when the time for dancing was approaching, the bride insisted that they would begin the Hora, a traditional Jewish wedding dance, exactly on time. As planned, the music began at 8:00 pm and the guests formed a circle around the bride. The groom, however, was nowhere to be found, and the dance ended without him. The bride was hysterical.

The groom’s speech

The groom usually spends some time on his speech, because it’s an important part of the wedding. One groom, however, told his wedding planner during the wedding breakfast that he didn’t have a speech, and asked her to write one.

She pulled out her index cards and quickly scribbled some bullet points, expecting that the groom would fill in the details. He didn’t, and when the time came for the speech, he simply read the notes off of the cards. Nobody was impressed, least of all the bride.

Money mania

Usually, the bride and groom wait until after the wedding is over to check out their gifts. This bride, however, was impatient and it led to disaster.

She had asked for money only, and during the dancing, she went over to the envelopes and began opening them, counting the cash she had received. There was less than she expected, which she assumed meant that she had been robbed. The bride called the police, lined up the guests, and asked each one how much they had gifted her. Everyone was shocked.

Too much toast

There’s nothing that kills the mood at a wedding like a toast that just goes on and on. That’s what happened at this wedding, when the mother of the bride began giving a toast and realized that she really liked the sound of her own voice.

She talked for a full 22 minutes, name-dropping every single famous person that she had introduced to the bride. Nobody was particularly impressed – they all just wanted it to be over so they could get back to the celebration.

Tricky transport

Your very own wedding is not the place that you want to discover that you have a severe allergy. One groom learned the hard way that he was allergic to horses.

The bride and groom were pulled in a horse-drawn carriage to the gazebo when he began to have a serious reaction. His face turned red and began to swell up and they even called an ambulance. The groom was okay after he took some antihistamines, but his face was so swollen they couldn’t take any pictures.

Special year

We’ve all heard a bride’s wedding day called her “special day,” but this bride took it a step further. She wanted the entire year she got married to be her “special year.”

That meant that according to her, nobody else was allowed to get married. She had a breakdown when another one of her friends got engaged around the same time as she did and then threw a fit when she learned that said friend had scheduled her wedding for the same year as her wedding.

Father of the bride

When you’re a wedding planner, one of the hardest parts of your job tends to be dealing with the families of the bride and groom. In this case, the father of the bride was so out of control that the police got involved.

The bride forgot to pay for the cake, so of course, no cake arrived at the wedding. When the dad learned about this, he went looking for the wedding planner. He started screaming and threatening her so severely that he was arrested and taken to jail.

This takes the cake

After the bride and groom cut the cake, everyone wants to taste a piece. At one wedding, however, the cake disappeared completely after they cut the first slice.

The bride went looking for it, and started asking around. She found out that the servers had helped themselves to it! They had started eating the cake and there wasn’t much left. In order to save the day, they cut the remaining cake into smaller pieces, so the guests could still have a taste.

Ceremony scare

If there’s no officiant, the wedding simply can’t go on. During one particular wedding ceremony, the person who was officiating the event passed out in the middle.

Everyone started to get worried, especially the bride and groom, but luckily, the wedding planner was prepared. She pulled out some smelling salts which she kept in her wedding emergency kit (how did she know?) and was able to revive him pretty quickly. 20 minutes later, the ceremony continued and the couple was married.

Disappearing dad

We can only imagine that most brides would be extremely disappointed if their father didn’t show up to their wedding. That nearly happened to one bride, when her dad went missing the day of the wedding.

He disappeared for over an hour before he was finally found. The wedding planner had to talk him into coming to the event, convincing him that his daughter was truly happy but would be devastated if he was a no show. Eventually, the father went to get ready and didn’t cause any more problems.

Emergency interruption

When wedding guests get too out of control, they tend to steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. At one wedding, a guest was enjoying himself a bit too much, and lost his judgement skills.

Towards the end of the night, he ran to the nearby river and jumped in. When nobody could find him, every sort of emergency rescue team was called to the scene. They were afraid that the worst had happened, but an hour later, the guest was found and he was in perfect health.