TV show finales that really annoyed fans

Is there anything better than getting in from a long day at the office or school and settling down with a hot drink to watch the latest episode of your favorite show? We thought not. Whether it is the newest episode of your much-loved soap opera, the unbelievable twists in the latest drama show, or catching up with all the comedy in a popular sitcom. There are so many genres of TV shows to keep us entertained.

In fact, some people even plan their entire evenings around watching the latest installment. You couldn’t miss the newest installment and risk hearing spoilers, could you? Thankfully, Philo Taylor Farnsworth made this possible back in 1927 when he invented the first working television set. Ever since, TVs have become a regular addition to millions of households all around the world. So what happens when it is time to say goodbye to your favorite series? It can be a tough task to face, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Even if it does mean waving goodbye to the all-star cast you have come to know and love over so many years. Unfortunately, there could be a good reason these shows have gone on for so long; the writers aren’t sure how to end the story. All that build up and for what? A lousy ending. As much as they may try to bury their mistakes, there are several TV show finales that really annoyed the fans at the time.

How I Met Your Mother

For nine years we got to hear the story of how Ted Mosby met his children’s mother. Yes, it really did take that long. The sitcom gathered a cult following over the years, but for some reason the writers made the final 24 episodes focus on one weekend. Yes, two days in the build-up to Barney and Robin’s wedding day. Has it really come to this? After all the drama from the series, what were we left with at the end? A mother that has already passed away, Barney and Robin end up getting divorced, and Robin and Ted start a relationship… again. Thanks How I Met Your Mother – that’s great.

My Name is Earl

There were so many things that kept us coming back to this sitcom, mainly to see if Earl ever managed to complete his list. However, after four seasons on the air, the show was abruptly canceled. The series finished with a “To be continued…” on screen, but the following season was never made. Who was Earl Jr.’s birth father? We will never know! Although there have been talks of finishing the storyline, nothing has ever been made. Creator of the show, Greg Garcia, has since released that Earl gets stuck on the last tough good deed. However, when he realizes the effect his list has had on others he tears it up and walks off to enjoy all his good karma.


From 1998 to 2004 we were finally given a show that followed the lives of four New York City women as they discussed everything from social issues to their relationships. Carrie is the star of the show, and for the first time, we get to see a leading female that isn’t obsessed with her need for a man. That is until the finale. The rom-com ends with Carrie falling for the uncommitted Mr. Big. Really? The follow-up movies didn’t help either as it showed Carrie’s need for a relationship after all.

The Sopranos

The crime drama was perfect. For six seasons we had watched the unfolding of the mob family the Sopranos. With Don’t Stop Believing blaring from the jukebox, surely nothing could go wrong. Only, that is where you would be mistaken. All of a sudden, Tony is shot, and the screen cuts to black. Is he alive? Who fired the gun? Millions of viewers had to check their TVs were still working only to discover they really were watching a black screen as the final scene.

Two and a Half Men

This hit sitcom lasted 12 seasons until the finale in 2015. However, the star of the show, Charlie Sheen, quit back in 2011 after months of disputing his paycheck of $1 million per show, teamed with his narcotic abuse. Even after his departure, Sheen continued to slam the show. So when it came to a finale, creator of the series, Chuck Lorre, used it as an opportunity to get back at the actor. Charlie reappears after it is assumed he had passed away only to be hit by a falling piano.

The Hills

The Hills was a reality show with a twist – it was filled with hammy acting as we follow the life of Lauren Conrad. However, even after she leaves the show, the writers somehow found a way to drag out a few more episodes. To finish it all off, the new leading pair hug in front a Hollywood sign that falls to the ground revealing the studio behind. The idea was to show that reality series are scripted, but it wasn’t just the sign that flopped.


You might expect to see plenty of cliffhangers in a psychological-thriller following the life of Dr. Hannibal Lecter? After all, the man is a secret psychopath that eats people for fun – what a great guy. Apparently, Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show, knew that every season might be the last. For this reason, he always wrote them as if they were the end of the show. However, no one expected the show to end with Hannibal and Will Graham falling over a cliff. That sure is one way to finish.

Quantum Leap

The sci-fi show may have aired its finale back in 1993, but that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing the show ever since. Quantum Leap follows Dr. Sam Beckett who is trying to make his way back home after traveling back in time ended horribly wrong. Unfortunately, the episode was never meant to be the finale until after it was filmed. This forced the show to somehow tie to story together. After years of watching Sam try to reconnect with his family, viewers were left with the disappointing words “Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home.”


Smallville is the superhero TV show that follows the life of Clark Kent in the fictional town of, you guessed it, Smallville. Unfortunately, fans of Superman were left divided when it came to the ending of the series. For ten years we follow Clark as he discovers his hidden powers, and even after we see the Superman suit, we are sure we will get the payoff we have been waiting for. Sadly, we never actually see him wear the suit at all. Ten years for nothing.


People have fallen in love with this timeless medical comedy over and over again, but fans were left disappointed with the ninth season altogether, not just the finale. So much so that many fans deem the season eight finish to be the true end to the show. Season nine was never meant to exist, and the audience were devastated that most of the main cast had upped and left. The series finished with the new med students watching their new friend, Cole, fall in love with surgery. Great.

Arrested Development

As far as sitcoms go, Arrested Development was set to be a huge hit. However, the show was canceled in 2006 after just three seasons on the air. Netflix couldn’t wait to give the audience the finale they had been looking for so signed the show up for a revival in 2011. However, scheduling clashes between the actors meant most of the scenes were filmed separately, and the audience was quick to notice the crammed-together feeling. There have been talks of another season, but we won’t hold our breath.

The King of Queens

There have been many sitcoms over the years, and The King of Queens put a new twist on the genre as it follows the lives of working class married couple Carrie and Doug Heffernan in Queens, New York. After all the ups and downs of married life, the audience had truly fallen for the couple. However, the show decided to end in the most cliché way possible – by Carrie discovering she is pregnant while they are on the way to pick up their newly adopted child.


Ah yes, the lovable psychopath that kept people all around Miami on their toes. At least, Dexter kept the criminals guessing as he set out to end the lives of those that did wrong and got away with it. Throughout the show, there are several twists and turns. Would he ever get caught? Sadly, the show ended in the least satisfying way possible. It was scalpel to ax as Dexter became a lumberjack. Yes, really. In fact, star of the show, Michael C. Hall, admitted he couldn’t watch the finale after it aired. Ouch.


A family sitcom all about the lives of a dinosaur family, there’s nothing harmful in that, right? Wrong. Everything was going to well throughout the show until the final of the show. What better way to end the series than by causing a worldwide ice age? To make it even better, dad of the family, Earl, admitting that it is all his fault. The show is meant to mark the impact that the dinosaurs had on the world that caused it to end. Seems a little deep, but did they have a point?

Breaking Bad

This crime drama took the world by storm after its release back in 2008. We get to follow the life of Walter White after he is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. However, he doesn’t want to leave his family without any money. Instead, he turns to a life of dealing narcotics. Instead of realizing all the issues he has planted, the show finishes almost too perfectly with Walter ending his own life and tying the show off with a neat bow.

True Blood

2008 was primetime for all things vampire, and it wasn’t long before the horror fantasy show True Blood jumped in on the action. However, fans were left more than disappointed at the ending. The vampires may have been immortal, but the show was destined to end one day. So what did the writers do? Finish with Bill staking himself with the help of Sookie, of course. If that wasn’t enough, the flash forward shows Sookie happily married to an unnamed man. A dull ending to a rollercoaster show.


This sitcom was always known as a show that followed stories about nothing. So how could the writers tie up a show that had no storyline? Although nothing overly dramatic happened over the years, fans had fallen for the stars of the show. Instead of getting a chance to say goodbye, viewers got to see the four stars locked in jail as all the people the wronged over the years testified against them. People were angered they never for their chance to say goodbye.


This sitcom was so loved in its heyday that it quickly took the number one spot for the most popular TV show of the time. What made it so great? The fact that the story revolved around an average all-American family. So when in season nine they won the lottery, fans were left confused. By the end of the show, we learned that Roseanne has imagined the whole thing as Dan really passed away the previous season finale from a heart attack. Fans, understandably, felt cheated out of an actual ending.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls didn’t just have one flop finale – it had two! The two lead writers left the show after falling out with the studio. This meant a new team of writers were unaware that the comedy-drama would be coming to an end. After fans were left disappointed, Netflix signed the series up for a revival back in 2016. However, even with the original writers and an ending that had been in the works for nine years, the series ended with a cliffhanger for the audience to decide the outcome.


Lost was the drama that people either loved or hated. The twists and turns as a group of airplane crash survivors try and find their way off an island is enough to keep many of us on the edge of our seats, but would they ever make it home? Apparently, they never needed to. The show finished with the characters in a church as they move onto the afterlife. They had all been living in purgatory for six seasons. 13.5 million people were very unimpressed at the ending.