Truth behind Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart’s relationship and secret meetings

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had one of the most publicized relationships the world had ever seen. With the immense success they saw from starring in the Twilight saga movies, millions and millions of fans all over the world were scrutinizing their every move since before they even got together.

When Rob was cast to play Edward in the vampire film Twilight (based on novels by Stephenie Meyer), viewers couldn’t help but notice just how incredible the chemistry was between the two gorgeous co-stars. As they made such a great couple on-screen, their fans were beyond thrilled when their relationship became a real-life one as well.

They were one of the most watched couples and even got their own shipping name – Robsten. But Twilight was quite the phenomenon, with fans who are known to be overzealous at times. Every gossip column was talking about the couple, to the point where they couldn’t even leave their house.

Eventually, their relationship fizzled out after Kristen’s very public indiscretion with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, which devastated Twihards everywhere. The two went their separate ways, each dating new people and moving on to new ventures.

But this year, Kristen and Robert were spotted together on several occasions, and were recently photographed together leaving a party. This caused rumors and speculations about a possible reunion for the two, but could they really rekindle their romance? Kristen is dating model Stella Maxwell, and Robert was recently linked to another model himself. But if we take a look back at what really happened between the two stars, we might realize there is a chance after all…

Meeting secretly

Twilight fans everywhere freaked out when Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart were spotted together in a bar in L.A. back in February. A fan who saw the two hanging out together, tweeted about it and the internet was blowing up with excited comments and sparked rumors of a rekindled romance. It wasn’t the only time the former couple was seen – and even photographed – together this year, but more on that later. Many fans would love to see them reunite after their messy breakup, but is there a chance? First we’ll have to consider how they started dating.

Rob was already crushing on her

Long before they were “Robsten”, and before they had even met, Kristen had already caught Rob’s eye when she appeared in the 2007 film Into the Wild, alongside Emile Hirsch. The then-budding actor admitted he mainly went to audition for Twilight because he heard Kristen was in it, and wanted to meet her after having developed a “crush” on the gorgeous actress. He might not have known what he was getting himself into, but soon he would become a huge star thanked to that crush.

Strange audition

The auditions for the role of Edward, the attractive century-old vampire who falls in love with human Bella, weren’t exactly what you’d call traditional. They were actually held in director Catherine Hardwicke’s house (who also directed and co-wrote Thirteen with Twilight actress Nikki Reed). The two had a “chemistry test”, where they reenacted the meadow scene on Catherine’s actual bed. And apparently, they had great chemistry together, and it wasn’t just saved for the cameras.

Kristen chose him

Although other actors auditioned for the role – like Jackson Rathbone (who ended up playing Jasper), Ben Barnes, and even Dave Franco – Rob ended up landing the part. And reportedly, it was Kristen herself who chose him to play the role. She insisted that the role should go to him, as he was perfect for it. And needless to say, it couldn’t have turned out better, because the films ended up as a huge success, and Kristen and Rob were made instant superstars.

Fans were going nuts

Twilight is one of those franchises that is known for its zealous fans (frequently called Twihards). These fans weren’t only going crazy for them as Edward and Bella – their on-screen chemistry was so strong, fans were rooting for them to get together for real. However, at that time Kristen was still dating her longtime boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano, whom she met at the set of Speak in 2005. And although rumors were going around about Kristen and Rob, she was quick to deny them, and Michael had brushed them off.

Dating secretly

But as we now know, things were actually heating up between the Twilight co-stars, in the midst of their high-profiled rise to stardom. They were photographed hanging out together and looking like a couple, and despite denying being an actual couple – fans were barely buying it anymore. It was pretty obvious something was happening between them, although Kristen was still officially dating Angarano. He even showed up to their Vancouver set to hang out with Kristen. And there were other rumors, as well.

How was Nikki Reed involved?

Robert was also rumored to be dating his other co-star, Nikki Reed (who plays his vampire sister Rosalie). The two were bonding over their taste in music and sharing favorite albums with each other, and for a while it seemed like it could be a romance. In the meantime, Kristen and Nikki were said to be “best friends”, and were even spotted locking lips, which had everyone confused. But her romance with Rob wasn’t going to be kept secret for very long.

Out in the open

It was eventually out that Kristen had broken up with boyfriend Michael Angarano. She and Rob finally came out as a couple when they were pictured in a Kings of Leon concert, packing on some PDA. The time between her breakup with Michael and the beginning of her relationship with Rob seemed to be overlapped, which is why some suggested it was Rob who stole Kristen away from her former beau. Either way, fans had gotten what they were hoping for – Bella and Edward were together for real.

Bella and Edward forever

Although the couple was finally official, they did whatever they could to keep their relationship and personal lives private. As they were both pretty private (and let’s face it, a bit socially awkward), they had no interest having every detail of their lives out in the open. That didn’t really help, because they couldn’t go anywhere without being followed. The paparazzi, the media, their fans – they all wanted to be involved, and everyone seemed to have an opinion. Despite their severe lack of privacy, the couple kept growing stronger.

He actually proposed

Apparently, Robert was even throwing marriage proposals Kristen’s way. In fact, he was doing in constantly in the beginning of their relationship. When asked about this, Kristen commented, “I mean, I don’t know how serious he was, but yes.” The two seemed to be a match made in vampire heaven (if there was one), but things were far less perfect than they seemed to the overly excited fans. Their relationship was so public, they actually couldn’t take it.

Kristen said it was “gross”

While the world was talking non-stop about their seemingly perfect relationship, things were getting hard for Kristen and Rob. Kristen actually admitted in a 2016 interview that her relationship with Rob made her feel “gross” at one point. She said, “People wanted me and Rob to be together so badly that our relationship was made into a product. It wasn’t real life anymore. And that was gross to me.” The couple had even said they opted for staying indoors most of the time, because going outside was becoming unbearable.

Twilight producers were scared

They weren’t the only ones who recognized their relationship was potentially explosive. The producers of the Twilight franchise were concerned about it as well. When co-stars date each other, it doesn’t always end well, and if it had just been the one film it would’ve been fine. But they had several more films to make, and they were worried the stars would eventually break up and their chemistry would fizzle out, or worse – they wouldn’t be able to perform alongside each other at all.

Along came Rupert Sanders

All that pressure was getting to the couple, but luckily for the producers, they managed to get through filming all of the Twilight sequels before trouble had started. In 2012, Kristen was cast to play Snow White in the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders. That’s when Kristen turned unfaithful towards Rob, whom she’d been dating since 2009, and commenced an affair with the hunky director – who was married himself at the time.

An ugly betrayal

But being Kristen Stewart also meant being followed around by paparazzi constantly, so the affair was made public before long. Soon enough, pictures of Kristen and Rupert together were all over the media, and they were pretty incriminating pictures. There was no mistaking what happened. Robert had been embarrassed in a very public way, realizing what Kristen had done. And the fans were outraged as well – some defending Kristen, and some reeling about what she had done to Rob.

The consequences

Rob’s humiliation wasn’t the worst of it; Rupert had been married to model and actress Liberty Ross since 2002, and they had kids together. After these pictures came out, Ross took it very badly (as expected) and their marriage ended. A family was broken up because of this affair. Kristen then proceeded to apologize, saying she deeply regretted the way she hurt the one she cared about most – Rob. “I love him, I’m so sorry,” she said. But perhaps there was more to their breakup than just the affair.

Was Rob unfaithful too?

Rob and Kristen continued dating until they finally broke up in 2013. Although many people credited their breakup to Kristen’s indiscretion, there were rumors going around that Rob hadn’t been faithful himself. It was reported that he was actually cozying up to pop singer Katy Perry, and found Kristen to be “too moody” for him. But regardless of how it really ended, everything blew over eventually and they had both moved on with their lives, going on to different project – and different relationships.

Coming out on ‘SNL’

A while after the breakup, Kristen started hanging out with musician Annie Clark – also known as St. Vincent. As rumors were going around about the two being in a relationship, Kristen decided to take action. She appeared on Saturday Night Live and came out as part of the LGBT community during her opening monologue – confirming the rumors. But when asked if she would consider dating a man again in the future, the actress said it was “totally” a possibility. So there might be a chance for Robsten after all?

The FKA Twigs engagement

Robert, on the other hand, was involved in a serious relationship himself with British singer FKA Twigs – and they were quite the cute couple. The two even planned on tying the knot, but eventually called it quits in 2017. Perhaps their separation had to do with the overzealous Twihards, harassing the singer on social media just for dating Rob. “There’s like a crack group of crazies that think every single decision you’re making is creating some kind of conspiracy,” Rob was interviewed saying. “I want to create a big boundary.”

Dating Stella Maxwell

Meanwhile, Kristen has been dating New Zealander model Stella Maxwell since 2016. Although it seems they are still together, some reports have said the couple’s relationship was “on the rocks”. And with Kristen being spotted with Robert a few times earlier this year, rumors and speculations have been non-stop all over the webspace. And it’s even more complicated than that, because it seems that Rob himself has a new fling going on himself. But with who?

A movie date

Rob was recently seen going to the movies in London with none other than Bradley Cooper’s ex, Suki Waterhouse. The two reportedly went to see Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in Notting Hill, and were photographed getting cozy with each other and even locking lips. So is this a budding romance or a short-term fling? Well, sources say they are “casually dating”, but he was also spotted hanging out with his former love, Kristen, quite a few times.

Finally, there’s proof

Ever since meeting at that bar back in February, Rob and Kristen were reportedly seen together several times more. There were no photos of these encounters until June, when they both attended the birthday bash of Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lily Rose. Now that there are finally pictures of the two, Twilight fans can hardly take it. And while they both seem to be dating other people, it wouldn’t be the first time they got together in spite of other relationships. And that’s not all.

Raving about Kristen

Later in June, the actor was interviewed for Entertainment Tonight and praised Kristen Stewart’s work. She’s had pretty great films coming out ever since Twilight and Snow White, like Clouds of Sils Maria, drama Still Alice, Woody Allen’s Café Society, and the highly acclaimed thriller Personal Shopper. She’s was even recently announced to star in a Charlie’s Angels film reboot. So it’s no wonder Robert raved about his ex’s work, referring to her as a “powerhouse”. And there’s one more that Twilight fans might get excited about.

Another film together?

Apparently, the two have been approached about making another film together, which they hadn’t done since Twilight. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable, and there’s no doubt that if these two were to cooperate again – that movie would make some big bucks! Reports say Kristen is more hesitant about it at the moment, but the two are considering lighting up the screen one more time together. Whether that will happen or not, and whether they rekindle their romance or not – that’s left to be seen. But what would it mean for them?

A very public relationship

Robert and Kristen’s relationship was always a complicated one, ever since they laid eyes on each other at that audition. From the very beginning, they knew their relationship wasn’t only theirs as it should be – hardcore Twilight fans felt like it was their as well, and they acted like it. If they were to get back together now, their relationship would be so public, they might not be able to handle it. And it’s already happening; fans are barely containing themselves at the option of a rekindled romance.

Twitterverse’s reaction

Twilight fans have been flipping out on Twitter ever since the couple was first spotted together in February, and with every rumor, it just keeps on getting worse. Social media has been blowing up with comments like, “I’m actually going to cry,” and “I’ve been waiting for this moment since forever I’m not okay.” Even blurry images of the two in the same location is sending Twihards into a frenzy, so just imagine what would happen if the two got back together. In the meantime, even more rumors are surfacing.

Kristen is ‘uncomfortable’

It’s been rumored that ever since Robert Pattinson went public with Suki Waterhouse, Kristen has been feeling “uncomfortable” and “hurt”. Sources have said the actress is upset about her former flame dating Waterhouse, because she still has strong feelings for him. It was said that although she wishes him happiness, she prefers not having to watch him get together with someone new. Whether there’s truth to this rumor or not, we’ll leave up to you to decide – but rumors don’t end there.

Bradley Cooper warned Rob?

Another rumor that hit the internet recently is the reaction of The Hangover actor Bradley Cooper, to Rob and Suki Waterhouse’s relationship. As reported, it seems that Bradley might have called Pattinson up and “warned him” about dating his ex. Suki and Bradley dated for two years, and had a large age-gap between them – which is said to be the reason behind their breakup. But sources also say the actor supposedly felt she was using him for Hollywood connections, and decided to warn Rob. This rumor, however, appears to be false.

Kristella’ on another date

Amidst all these rumors, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were recently spotted holding hands, on another date night together. These two already have their own shipping name as well – Kristella – and seem to be growing strong despite of the rumors. But some fans have suggested that back in the Twilight days, Kristen was also seen out and about with boyfriend Michael Angarano, who even gave her a piggyback ride. That is, right before they split and she began dating Robert.

Harassed with questions

Similarly to what happened back then, Kristen and Stella are not only all over the gossip columns, but are also harassed with questions. Every time they’re out and about together, the paparazzi keeps asking them about the rumors going around about Kristen and Rob. They obviously ignore these questions, as they keep stepping out together to kill the rumors, but we’re pretty sure it’s still pretty annoying to them. However, since these rumors turned out to be true last time, nobody is letting up this time.

Sienna Miller?

Pattinson was also recently linked to actress and model Sienna Miller. Sienna was previously engaged to actor Tom Sturridge, who also happens to be one of Rob’s best friends. However, after the two split up rumors began circling that she was now taking her friendship with Robert to a less friendly and more romantic zone. Being a huge star like Rob, it’s understandable to have all kinds of rumors, and he was actually linked to several other women as well.

Different ties

Aside from Suki Waterhouse (with whom he was seen), and his best pal’s ex Sienna Miller, Pattinson was rumored to be dating other women as well. First off, his close friend and pop singer Katy Perry, as the two were seen together on multiple occasions. He was also linked to his Damsel co-star Mia Wasikowska, as well as Harry Potter star Emma Watson. It was even suggested that Demi Moore was gunning to go out with him. There’s no end to the rumors, so it’s hard to tell which are true.

Is it all just a publicity stunt?

Here’s something to consider – could it all just be a publicity stunt? Stars have been known to spread rumors about themselves and have their pictures taken the paparazzi on more than one occasion. And while Kristen and Rob have never really enjoyed the limelight, it seems that their careers are better than ever as they’re now also making headlines. So could them stepping out together a clever way to get everyone talking about them? Let’s review.

The Twilight craze

As we’ve previously said, Twilight fans are known to be quite zealous, and also extremely vocal about things. That single tweet saying someone saw the two at a pub together got such a huge reaction, it’s almost insane. But you could expect that from Twihards, since they feel very passionately about anything Twilight-related, and Robsten in particular. So if they wanted to get themselves in the headlines, they could’ve done so easily. Because some of their fans never gave up on the possibility that they’ll get back together.

Robsten is real to some people

We have pretty hard evidence that some Twilight fans are still rooting for a Robsten reunion. Just try to look up the word “Robsten” on Twitter, and you’ll see many fans uploading fan art about the couple, as well as placing them in pictures together as if they were still together! For a couple who broke up five years ago, that’s impressive. We’re not sure that there’s another celebrity couple out there whose fans want to get back together as much… well, maybe Brangelina. So could it be a stunt?

Shying away from the media

Despite making all these headlines, Robert and Kristen have spent years shying away form the media, and now that they’ve finally gotten some of their privacy back, we’re not sure if they’d pull such a thing in order to gain more publicity. Sure, they could amp up their star-meters if they started these rumors themselves, but at what cost? We’re not sure being haunted by the media again would be something they’d go for. These two are now in a much different place.

Focusing on their careers

Rob and Kristen also seem to be focusing on their careers now. With each of them appearing in critically acclaimed films and getting accolades for their performances, their careers are growing in a good way. They’ve both chosen to work on films that aren’t really huge blockbusters, but more film festival material, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing for their careers if they kept a low profile instead of being the constant focus of attention.

Everybody wants a piece

When it comes to Twilight, every fan seems to want a piece for themselves. Whether it’s Robert and Kristen, or anything else having to do with the successful franchise. From the moment the books came out – and especially since the movies were released – Twilight fans have wanted to belong to that world, filled with magical creatures like vampires, werewolves, and small-town folks. Everyone wanted a piece of the Twilight universe. And now it seems that they can have one.

Bella’s house is for sale

Apparently, the house that was used as the set of Bella’s house (well, Charlie’s house) is now for sale for $349,000. The four-bedroom home, which is actually located in Oregon, was kept pretty much the same since the filming wrapped, down to the colors of the walls. So the lucky fan who gets to purchase the house could almost feel like they’re living in Forks, in Bella’s actual home. For fans wanting a taste of that Twilight world, it seems pretty perfect.