23 years later: what we didn’t know about the O.J. Simpson trial

OJ Simpson was, at one point, the face of the National Football League and football. In fact, he was perhaps the best running back to play the game in his generation. His accomplishments include winning the Heisman trophy while on the University of Southern California Trojans in 1968, and then going on to play ball for the Buffalo Bills NFL team. He played in northern New York State for 10 years until he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers. In fact, OJ Simpson still holds a whole bunch of NFL records. He has the most single season yards per game average, averaging 143.1 yards for every single game he has ever played. He was also the first player ever to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a single season, and the only to rush for more than 2,000 yards during a regular season game.

And yet, sadly, it is not due to his prowess on the field that OJ Simpson is remembered by society today. His name, instead of being synonymous with football, is instead synonymous with his high profile murder trial, in which he was accused of murdering both a waiter named Ron Goldman, as well as his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson It was called “the trial of the century,” and it was absolutely perfect for television. In fact, if it was a show, it would have had some of the highest ratings on television at that time. There was scandal, racial tension, drama, and the richest, most famous, and most beautiful of the West Coast elite in attendance.

Those who took to the witness stand were from everywhere in the entertainment industry. There were movie stars, socialites, models, and even the Kardashians played a central role in determining whether OJ would be convicted or not. And in addition to all of this, there was OJ Simpson’s amazing team of defense attorneys. The gaggle of attorneys, nicknamed the Dream Team, consisted of the most famous defense attorneys money could buy. There was Alan Dershowitz, F. Lee Bailey, Robert Shapiro, and, of course, perhaps most famously, there was the all star defense attorney Johnnie Cochran. He is perhaps most well known in pop culture for saying, in regards to the glove found at the scene of the crime, if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.”

We wanted to discover more about the trial, and the things we found were, well….


One of the things that were brought up a lot during the trial of OJ Simpson were the diaries that Nicole Brown-Simpson kept during her time with OJ. Denise Brown, Nicole’s sister, got access to the diaries and began to read them. According to Denise, Nicole wrote a whole bunch about OJ’s violent rages and the suffering that came about because of it. Apparently, Nicole had never told her family about these issues.


Apparently, Ron Goldman’s sister wrote a book about her feelings during the OJ Simpson trial. The sister, Kim, wrote that she saw OJ free and in a parking lot a few years after the trial had ended in Simpson’s acquittal, and she was angry. In fact, she was so angry, that she almost decided to conduct a car ramming attack against him. “I was white-knuckling and revving up the car,” she said, writing that “I thought I could take him out.”

The affair

We had no idea, but it turns out that before OJ Simpson ever married Nicole Brown he was actually married to a woman name Marguerite Whitley. The two were a couple for 10 years between 1969 and 1979. OJ had three children with Whitley, but apparently was also sneaking around with Nicole during that time. As OJ went on to say, “I was unfaithful to both of my wives, and it’s what I’ve regretted most in my life … I liked the way Nicole looked.”

The kids today

We believe that it is important to note that OJ and Nicole actually had two children together while they were married. Their names are Justin Simpson and Sydney Simpson, and the young children were aged five and eight years old respectively at the time of their mother’s gruesome, tragic end. As it turn out, the two kids have since grown up and are out working in the world. Justin is currently a chef, and Sydney is an event coordinator in Atlanta.

Party Bronco

What do you think about the 1994 Ford Bronco? Is it the best car ever made? Perhaps not. But what about in white? We still say “meh.” However, as it turns out, you can actually rent out OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco in which he led police on a low speed chase around Los Angeles. OJ allegedly took his friend hostage and forced him to drive to OJ’s house. Well, we guess anyone will pay to see historical artifacts.

A very messy ending

Nicole Brown-Simpson had a large gash across her neck when her body was discovered. We’ll spare you the extraneous graphic details because they really aren’t easy to talk about, nor would they be to read about. But it was clear when she was found that this was far from an accident. Meanwhile, Goldman’s wounds were on his chest, hands, face, and thighs. What with the severe injuries of both Nicole and Goldman, the whole thing was certainly a mangled mess.

Delinquent payment

Despite the fact that the United States criminal justice system had found OJ Simpson to be not guilty, the Goldman and Brown families were still not completely convinced. Therefore, the two families went and sued OJ in a civil suit, in which the judge awarded the plaintiffs $33.5 million, to be paid by OJ Simpson. However, to date, the families have only received a measly $330,000. We are sure a former NFL player can afford to pay the rest.

A bad deal?

OJ and Nicole had a daughter together, and now, over two decades after her mother’s death, daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson believes that her mother’s untimely demise was actually the result of a deal for illegal substances gone wrong. It is known that Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick really liked illegal substances, so it is possible that she got involved in something beyond her control. Sydney says that her mother was killed with a “Colombian necktie,” something only gangsters do.

Selling the condo

Following the unfortunate endings to both Nicole Brown and waiter Ronald Goldman outside of Brown’s condominium, no one wanted to get close to the building. In fact, the condo actually stood completely empty and devoid of inhabitants for two years before it was sold off for a paltry $200,000. In buying the property, the owners changed the address of the house and fixed it all up entirely. The refurbished condo was then sold for nearly two million dollars.

Persuading his guest

On the night of the series of unfortunate events, OJ Simpson was having a friend of his stay over at his house. An out of work actor, Kato Kaelin was staying with OJ while he was trying to get back on his feet. According to Kaelin, whos real name is Brian Jerard, OJ told him ”You know where I was Kato, you know I was in the kitchen at this time.’’ Simpson was clearly in much need of a proper alibi.

Unhappy at moving on

Apparently, according to several sources, including Nicole’s best friend Faye Resnick, OJ was not happy with his divorce from Nicole. But he was not upset at the fact that Nicole was no longer in his life. Instead, he was upset about the fact that Nicole had moved on and gotten over him. OJ heard that Nicole was seeing another NFL player, Marcus Allen. However, Allen denies this. And yet, Resnik still decided to write about the affair.

What did Rob know?

Robert Kardashian, the father of Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian, was really close to OJ Simpson. In fact, OJ ran to his house when everything started hitting the fan. However, it was later revealed that he had some doubts that his friend was indeed innocent, mainly based on all of the blood evidence on the bodies. Robert was also photographed holding a Louis Vuitton bag, something which perhaps could have convicted OJ.

Did Nicole know her end?

As we all know, Kris Jenner used to be married to Robert Kardashian, patriarch of the Kardashian clan and OJ Simpson’s defense attorney. According to Kris, Nicole once confided in her that she knew that one day, OJ would come and end her life prematurely. According to Kris, Nicole said “Things are really bad between O.J. and I. He’s going to kill me and he’s going to get away with it.”

The return

Apparently, after being found not guilty, OJ Simpson did something completely unexpected, and we are not quite sure how to take it. As it turns out, Simpson actually went back to Nicole Brown’s condo. It took him a month after the trial to get there, but he went there nonetheless. We wonder why he did it. Was it for closure, a final act of mourning over the woman he lost? Or was it perhaps to gloat?

If the glove doesn’t fit…

According to former prosecutor Christopher Darden, OJ Simpson’s world famous lead defense attorney Johnny Cochran actually rigged it so that OJ Simpson would not have been able to put the world famous gloves on his hands. Coming out with the allegation only after Cochran died, Darden said that “I think Johnny tore the lining so that O.J.’s fingers couldn’t go all the way up into the glove.” If that is proven to be true, then it could change everything.

I just made you say “under where”

Apparently, right before Johnny Cochran went up to make his closing arguments for the case, Los Angeles District Attorney Marcia Clark decided that she would try and do a little bit of psychological warfare on Cochran. According to Defense Alan Dershowitz, Clark went up to Cochran and told him that she was not wearing any undergarments. Allegedly, Dershowitz asked Clark if she had indeed said that, and she actually confirmed it.

The apology

Shockingly, OJ Simpson was there at Nicole’s funeral. It was shocking to see him there. Even more shocking is the fact that Kris Jenner apparently heard OJ crying over Nicole Brown’s body. He apparently kept on saying “I’m sorry, Nic. I’m so sorry.” Yet what was he sorry for? Was he sorry that he had killed her? Sorry for what had happened? Sorry for beating her? Sadly, it seems that we will never know.

Done with law

After the OJ Simpson trial, otherwise known as the “trial of the century,” Los Angeles District Attorney Marcia Clark decided to end her career in law for good. It was actually the only trial over whether or not someone ended someone else’s life that she had ever lost. She decided to write crime novels instead, four of which became best sellers. She now is a legal commentator on CNN, The Daily Beast, and HLN.

The fateful whisper

When the not guilty verdict was read out, everyone saw via their television screens that OJ leaned over to Shapiro and told him something in his ear. No one knew what he said. But in an interview over two decades after the fact, we may finally have the answer. According to OJ Simpson’s defense attorney Robert Shapiro, OJ Simpson allegedly said “You told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.”