How Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have kept their love alive for 21 years

Country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill both have successful music careers. In addition to being country icons, the singers are married to one another have have been together for 21 years. Faith Hill is one of the most successful country music artists in history and she has sold more than 40 million albums over the span of her career. Her first albums called Take Me as I am and It Matters to Me were both very successful and they had a combined three hit singles on the country charts.

The Mississippi native has also won numerous awards for her work including 5 Grammy Awards and 15 Academy of Country Music Awards. She has won many other awards and accolades and she is recognized as the number 1 contemporary artist of the 2000s. In addition to her successful career, Hill has started a national book drive and organized a benefit concert, which raised over $2 million for people affected by floods in Tennessee. Hill is not the only successful member in her family as her husband Tim McGraw is also a famous singer.

Tim McGraw is also a famous country music star who has released 14 albums, 10 of which reached number 1 on the top country album charts. He has had 25 hit singles, including It’s Your Love and Just to See You Smile. McGraw has won 10 American Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards and 14 Academy of Country Music Awards. In addition to his wildly successful music career, McGraw acted in the hit film The Blind Side alongside Sandra Bullock. He has also made many charitable contributions. Following hurricane Katrina, he and his wife organized benefit concerts to raise money for the victims affected by the storm.

While the couple now has a happy and long-lasting marriage, it took overcoming many obstacles for them to get where there are today. When Tim and Faith first fell in love, Tim was dating another woman and Faith was engaged to another man. The two had to decide whether they wanted to risk their relationships to give themselves a chance at being together. They received a lot of public criticism for their decision and had to face the scrutiny just so they could be together. Although they had to overcome many challenges, McGraw and Hill are still together after 21 years of marriage. So how have they stayed together for so long and what are their tricks for maintaining a loving relationship?

Popular album

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s latest joint album, The Rest of Our Life, debuted in November of 2017, and it is clear that the two have still got it as the album debuted in the top spot of the Top Country Albums chart. This was the first LP that the couple had collaborated on and they were very grateful for the success of the album. The couple thanked their fans and expressed how blessed they felt to be given the opportunity to record music together after all these years.

Unexpected romance

In the late 1990s, 1994 to be exact, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw stepped onto the scene at the New Faces show in Nashville, Tennessee. The two could never have imagined that they would end up together, as Faith had recently finished the divorce process from music executive Daniel Hill and and Tim McGraw was in a relationship with Kristine Donahue. The two briefly met backstage at the show but their short meeting apparently stood out in both of their minds.

Touring together

In 1996, McGraw and Hill began their tour together. The tour, aptly title “Spontaneous Combustion,” came on the heels of Hill’s engagement to record producer Scott Hendricks and the ending of McGraw’s engagement with Kristine Donahue. It seemed that the stars were not aligning for McGraw and Hill and their relationship was just not meant to be. But following their performance on the first night of the tour, things seemed to be heating up between the two country stars.

Sparks flying

When Time and Faith were performing on stage together, it was clear there was chemistry between the two crooners. As the tour progressed, so did the Hill and McGraw’s attraction. However, their situation was complicated, as Faith was planning her wedding but she was also developing an attraction toward McGraw. Faith had a choice to make. Should she remain with the man she was engaged to or take a chance with Tim?


Faith made a decision and after one of their shows, McGraw invited faith into his dressing room. They both recognized that they had feelings for one another and it was in this moment that they had their first kiss. The pair had an instant connection and they were certain they were meant to be together. However, Faith now had to make the difficult decision of whether to end her engagement so she and Tim could be together.

Power couple

Tim and Faith began their relationship and country music fans were ecstatic at the pairing. They felt a deep connection to one another and they had a whirlwind romance as a result. Only a couple months after they began dating, they made their first appearance as a couple in public at an event for children run by tennis star Andre Agassi. The two were in love, but despite that, many people criticized Faith – more so than Tim – for the way they got together.

Taking a chance

Faith was aware that people were criticizing her decision to end her engagement and begin dating Tim McGraw. However, she stood her ground and explained that she cannot control the people who judge her on ending her engagement to be with Tim. She chose what she felt was the right thing to do. Despite the difficult decision, Faith said that “I wasn’t about to let Tim slip through my hands. And I had more self-worth and self-respect to not.”

A big surprise

After a short time together, Faith announced that she and Tim were expecting a child at the end of 1996. While the public was surprised, they were elated for the couple who would soon become parents. Fans could not contain their excitement when they spotted Faith on the red carpet with a baby bump. The singer was glowing but she and Tim explained that they did not intend to marry before the baby arrived. However, Tim did say that he wanted to be with Faith forever.

The big question

In the end, though, Tim did pop the question. Recounting how he did it, McGraw said that they had been touring together for a while when he joked to Faith about the possibility of getting married. Tim then took her by the hand and got down on one knee, telling Faith that in fact, he was not joking, and that he really wanted to marry her. Faith, as we already know, said yes.

Surprise wedding

While some celebrity couples try and pull off a surprise wedding that the press does not know about, few actually manage to carry them out. Faith and Tim were one of the few couples that actually had their wedding without a media frenzy. This was because their wedding was a surprise to their friends and family, as well. The couple invited people over for a concert at their home in Louisiana but when the guests arrived, they found Faith in a wedding dress.


Lasting love

After they were married, the couple spoke to the press about the indescribable feeling they had toward their love for each other. Tim said, “I mean I think we had a pretty instant knowledge that we were going to be together forever.” It is common for gossip magazines to spread rumors about famous couple having relationship issues and the same was true for Faith and Tim. However, they have been able to make their marriage last despite their being in the public eye. So how do they do it?

His ex-girlfriend

It was later revealed that Tim’s former girlfriend did not have a good reaction to him becoming close with Faith. Tim admitted to the press that he had an intense attraction to Faith and that his then-fiancée Kristine Donahue could see this. Kristine told Tim that he did not want him to be around Faith. In the end, though, Tim broke up with Kristine and went on to marry the girl whom she did not want him around.

Just married

In 1997, McGraw and Hill made their first public appearance together as a newlywed couple. By that time, Faith was far along in her pregnancy and was showing off her growing baby bump. Faith again wore white and looked ecstatic to be standing next to her new husband. Although they had only been together for a short time, the couple looked very much in love, with country music fans excited that they had couple tied the knot.

Welcoming their child

In May of 1997, Tim and Faith welcomed their daughter they named Gracie Katherine. The fans could not wait to see the couple with their child, however, Faith decided to take some time to spend with her family and stay out of the spotlight. She took a break from her career to care for her daughter but it wasn’t long before there was another baby on the way. Their family was quickly expanding and Faith and Tim appeared to be stronger than ever.

The ‘love bus’

Faith and Tim were able to balance their home and work lives  in a way that helped keep their relationship strong. Not only were they spending time together at home and on stage, they were together backstage too. They also named their tour bus “the love bus,” with Faith admitting that “a lot goes on in that bus.” While other celebrities were ending their marriages, these two singers remained committed to each other through it all.

Being protective

Faith loves being a mother. Her children are her first priority and she often speaks about them when being interviewed. She also shared that one of her fears was to be without her children. She admitted that the thought of being without her family was something she could not imagine and just thinking about it makes her emotional. Tim and Faith saw their family expand as they welcomed another daughter, Maggie Elizabeth, in 1998.

Your love

Faith decided to take a break from 4 years of touring and recording her albums to focus on raising her young daughters. But when she did make her return to music, she came back with a bang and joined up with her husband to record a duet. The song was titled “It’s Your Love” and it instantly became a hit. Both Faith and Tim were successful singers of their own accords, however, their duet paved the way for their success as a singing couple.

Finding her purpose

Before they had children, Faith was Tim’s muse for his music. However, after they started a family, that all changed. Tim explained, ”It gives everything a focus. You feel like you got your arms around everything, and you know where your life’s headed.” He also added, “You just find a peace you never had before.” Starting a family seemed to be a main factor that contributed to Faith and Tim finding a feeling of purpose in their lives.

Too many trophies

Their duet remained in the top spot on the charts for sex weeks and it earned the couple a trophy at the Country Music Awards. The duet was a poignant moment in both singers’ careers and when the pair did live performances of the song, Faith said, “it [doesn’t] feel like anybody else was really watching.” When they first got married, the couple made a pledge to each other that they would not be away from one another for more than three days in a row and it seemed that this promise was a contributing factor in keeping their marriage strong.

Back to music

Faith returned to her career in 1998 by releasing a self-titled album. While Faith Hill was known for mostly singing country music, this album shifted in genre more of a pop sound. Tim was also featured on Faith’s album on the songs, “Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me” and “Let Me Let Go.” Fans were already excited about the album but they were ecstatic to hear that the couple was planning to go on a world tour.

Girls only

In 1999, the McGraws were a family of 4 and they had two beautiful daughters. Many in the public believed that their busy schedules and tours would prevent them from further expanding their family. However, the couple did not feel this way, saying that “ideally, we’d love five kids.” Tim was also questioned about having only daughters. When asked if he wanted a son Tim stated, “I always wanted boys, but in a way I want it to stay this way. Just keep having girls. That way I’ll always dress good.”

A family on tour

The whole family went on tour together in 2000 with Tim and Faith’s Soul2Soul tour. The tour was beneficial to both Tim and Faith’s careers and to their family as they were spending everyday together, traveling the world. From the outside, it looked as though Tim and Faith were in a perpetual honeymoon phase and it was surprising to many that they could spending so much time together. However, as strong as their relationship seemed, they were not able to escape rumors of divorce.

Dispelling the rumors

When rumors that their marriage was ending hit the press, Faith stood strong and flat-out rejected them. She explained that many news outlets claimed she had been unfaithful in her marriage, that her marriage was in trouble or even that her daughter was not Tim’s biological child. She explained that she wasn’t looking for anyone’s approval and she did not have time for rumors. Unfortunately, most couples in the public eye have divorce rumors constantly swirling around them, but Tim and Faith maintained that this did not affect their lives.

Another daughter

Tim and Faith often spoke lovingly about each other in interviews. In 2000, Faith told one interviewer that in addition to his love, Tim had given her so much more. She said, “Tim has given me confidence and strength and my foundation. He makes me feel like I can conquer the world.” The McGraw family welcomed another baby girl, Audrey, in 2001 and it seemed that everything was going perfectly. However, Tim was about to run into a roadblock.

Saving Tim

Tim McGraw’s father was actor and Major League Baseball player, Tug McGraw. However, Tim had not dealt with his family history until he and Faith met. Tim revealed that he had grown up in a dysfunctional home that gave him no stability in life. He said that meeting Faith was one of the things that put him on the right path and kept him stable. It was later revealed that Faith saved Tim from something else.


Although their lives made have looked like they were without struggle, Tim admitted in 2008 that he was unable to perform without drinking beforehand. It eventually became a crutch and he drank more and more frequently. Thankfully, with the support of his wife, Tim was able to overcome his addiction. Time admitted that Faith had saved his life in multiple ways and that she is always there to help him see the light in dark times.”

Cleaning up his act

Faith might have been supportive but that did not mean she was not strict when it came to Tim’s addiction. She allegedly gave Tim an ultimatum in regards to his drinking, telling him he would not be able to see his daughters if he did not clean up his act. To keep his family intact, Tim decided that he needed to put his life in order. McGraw quit drinking, began training in martial arts and lost around 40 pounds.

Criticising Faith

With fame often comes criticism and Faith has experienced her fair share of it. Lucky for Faith, her husband is one of her biggest supporters and he always stands up for her. Tim made it plain what he thinks of Faith’s critics when he said, “Critics who attack my wife bug me. It makes me want to pay ’em a visit so I could give ’em a good punch in the nose.” Tell us how you really feel, Tim.

Patriotic Americans

It is obvious that Tim and Faith are a patriotic couple and they respect military service members and the values of the United States. They proved this in 2003 when they both performed in Fort Bragg in North Carolina. In that performance, the couple spoke highly of the men and women who serve the United States and Tim said of Faith, “Faith is just cool, she’s really a smart, smart lady that has got everything together and knows her priorities.”

Appreciating each other

Like any other couple, Tim and Faith have had their ups and downs over the years, however, their appreciation for each other has remained a constant throughout their entire relationship. The two did not need to be doing exciting things while they were together and Tim said of Faith, “She would be perfectly happy if I told her, ‘Let’s get in the car and ride for two hours and talk.’ That would be as big a gift to her as anything.”

Movie credits

In the music industry, it is rare to hear of a couple that both have successful careers while still maintaining the relationship. It is understandably hard for a talented music artist to maintain a relationship as they are often on tour and have busy schedules. It appears that this couple are able to balance their life and McGraw even made an appearance in the hit film, The Blind Side. Faith also made her movie debut when she was featured on the soundtrack for Country Strong.

Devoted to family

McGraw’s role in The Blind Side (he played a father) was meaningful to him as he felt that playing a fatherly role was important. Tim explained that he is a family-oriented person partially because he grew up in a dysfunctional family. He said, That probably instilled in me the need and want to have a strong family and a great foundation. He stated, “That’s something I naturally gravitate towards.” Tim gave a strong performance in the movie and he deeply connected with the role.

Staying loyal

Faith has stated that Tim is her rock and she also said that, “Tim inspires me every day in many, many ways. I draw inspiration from his assertiveness and from watching him being a father and a husband.” The pair had already proved that they would remain loyal to each other and work through the difficult times together. They were one of the few couples in the spotlight that had stayed together, however, that did not stop people from criticizing them.


In 2013, Tim released an album titled, Two Lanes of Freedom. Around the same time it was released, there were a lot of rumors circulating about his marriage with Faith. Tim said that the rumors “Seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It’s perplexing. I don’t know why ‘happy’ can’t be a story.” He went onto say, “We’ve been married 17 years, and since the first week we were married those things were out, we don’t even think about it.”

Growing up fast

Many parents dread the day when they have to drop their child off at college. The feeling was no different with Faith and Tim who had a bittersweet experience dropping their daughter Maggie off at college. Tim explained that “It’s beautiful and it’s sad” at the same time but that he is excited to see what his daughters will make of themselves even though he is sad about being away from them.

Talking to Oprah

Tim McGraw got emotional when speaking about his relationship with Faith to Oprah Winfrey. He said, “We close our door at home we are husband and wife and a mother and a father.” He also spoke about Faith’s role as a mother. “I think about the fact that we’re married and the fact that we raised these three beautiful daughters. And then I think about having three daughters and having [Hill] for their mom. It’s a pretty cool thing for those girls to have her.”

Faith’s brother

In 2013, it came to light that Faith’s brother, Zachary White, was going down the dark path of addiction. After he overcame his addiction, White gave credit to his sister and Tim for helping him through a difficult time. He stated, “I made my share of mistakes in the past, but Faith showed me that I could be a better person, I turned my life around, and I owe much of that to Faith and Tim. If it weren’t for them, there’s no telling where I’d be now.”

Working hard

Tim and Faith are both extremely talented musicians so it is not surprising that their daughter are also musically inclined. Faith described her challenge of allowing her children to leave home and venture out. The singer explained, “The one thing we stress is that you don’t get things handed to you on a silver platter — you have to work for the things you want, they know it takes hard work.” She finally added, “As a parent, you don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams.”

A different duet

Time and Faith have recorded duets together for almost the entirety of their relationship and many of them have become hits and topped the charts. In 2015, however, Tim decided to take a chance and duet with someone else, his daughter. While Tim was performing, her called on Gracie and the father-daughter duo performed “Here Tonight.” It was a big milestone in the 18 year-old’s life and Faith joined her husband and daughter on stage too.

Blown away by Faith

At this point, McGraw and Hill have been performing side by side for more than 20 years, however, McGraw admitted that he is often still blown away by his wife’s talent and beauty. He said, “It amazes me every night, every chance I get to sing with her.” McGraw also added that he often gets nervous on stage when he sees Faith performing and that her performances are more meaningful because he has deep feelings for her.

Family Ties

Faith has frequently discussed the commitment she has to her children and Tim also expressed the importance of her role in the family. “She’s the light of our whole family’s life,” said Tim. “She keeps everything going for us. We all strive to be like my wife, everybody in our family. If your wife holds the example for everybody in your family, that’s a good thing.” Tim still gushes about his wife’s beauty to this day.

Gracie’s boyfriend

Tim told a comical story about the first time he met his daughter’s boyfriend. He explained that the family was having a barbecue and that Gracie’s boyfriend was invited to join. Tim forgot that he was coming and stood in the kitchen and began preparing the meat. While he was cooking, he got blood from the meat on his apron. When Gracie’s beau arrived at the house, he saw Tim holding a knife with blood on his apron! Talk about an intimidating first meeting.

Pushing his buttons

Relationships are not always fun and games and Tim and Faith even allude to this in their song lyrics. One of their songs talk about sometimes getting on each other’s nerves and trying to change one another. Just like most other couples, Tim and Faith have their differences. Faith said, “I like a good fight, I know how to press those buttons. And if I’m a little angry, I can press those buttons big-time.”

Arguing over dishes

Every couple argues now and then and this famous country singing couple is no different. However, Time explained that he and Faith do not argue about the big things in life, but rather over minor details. He explained that the last time he and Faith argued, it was over him not putting the dishes in the dishwasher. If that is what they are fighting about, they must have a strong relationship.

Health crisis?

Fans became worried around Faith’s health in 2017 when she started looking like she had lost a large amount of weight. Doctors began appearing in the press to gave their opinions about her shrinking figure and they believed that the singer’s busy touring schedule was having an affect on her health. They said that her hectic lifestyle and weight loss could be lead to severe dehydration or heart problems. But Faith bought the rumors back again and said that she had been exercising more than usual.

Back on tour

Faith and Tim had taken a break from performing together, however, in 2017, they announced that they would be taking the stage together again on their second Soul2Soul Tour. They were both looking forward to going on tour again and Tim stated that he had to work hard to keep up with Faith on stage. This couple has been through so much together and they continue to be successful in their careers and in their marriage.

Making memories

Some might assume that after more than 20 years of marriage, a couple might get bored with each other, but Tim and Faith have kept the fire burning. This is true of both their personal lives and their performances together. Tim has said that he and Faith spend a lot of time going out together because they create the best memories. He also added that now that they have two kids in college, there isn’t much else to do.

A lasting marriage

The couple was recently promoting their joint album, The Rest of Our Life, when the were asked about the factors that have contributed to their lasting and successful marriage. McGraw joked that a lot of it has to do with the fact that Faith puts up with him and he explained that he isn’t the easiest person to deal with. Faith also revealed what she believes is the biggest reason they are still together. She said, “We do actually like one another.”