This woman got the ultimate revenge on her ex-boyfriend


There’s nothing better than finding someone you just click with. You have a lot in common, but you also have your differences, and everything seems to work perfectly. You feel comfortable, you feel at home, and you feel excited about the prospect of the future. Of course, as much as we hope that this new person in our lives is “the one,” it doesn’t always end up that way. Some relationships work, while others don’t – and that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. After one woman and her boyfriend broke up, she was naturally quite upset, but there was something about their breakup that just didn’t sit right with her. Something was going on, and when she found out what it was she just had to get the ultimate revenge…

The ultimate revenge

Breaking up with someone is never easy, no matter whether you’ve been with them for two months or even two years. You struggle to cope on your own, and the thought of seeing them with someone else breaks your heart in two. Angel Exford was going through a breakup when she realized something about her ex-boyfriend.

He was not the man she thought he was, and she soon discovered that she had been played the whole time. But what was she going to do about it? The more she uncovered about her shady ex, the more she realized that she had to do something. She couldn’t live with herself if her former bae did exactly the same to someone else. The truth needed to be outed.

The woman in question

However, to truly understand this incredible revenge story, we need to learn a little more about the scorned victim. Angel Exford is 29 years old, and originally from South Africa. The dental hygienist now lives in the United Kingdom, and resides in Lambeth, in London.

Because she lives so away from her family and her home, she has to support herself in every aspect of her life – including her financial situation. Thankfully, Angel has been able to find close friends in London who have become her surrogate family. In fact, she refers to them as her “girl squad,” and she had no idea that they would be crucial in enacting revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

A new love

It’s always exciting when you meet someone you just seem to click with, and Angel was counting her lucky stars when she bumped into Michael Fehsenfeld at a party. It seemed as though they only had eyes for each other, and they immediately hit it off. Their relationship became pretty intense very quickly, and they even told each other that they weren’t interested in dating anyone else.

They only wanted to be with each other, and this continued for two months before everything came crashing down. The cracks began to show when Michael supposedly lost his wallet just a few hours before he was due to go on a double date with Angel’s friend and her boyfriend.

A sneaking suspicion

Although Angel and Michael “got along like a house on fire,” Angel did have her suspicions about the man who seemed too good to be true. He had good fashion sense, he loved the finer things in life, and he loved to take pictures of herself.

They were like two peas in a pod in that regard, but Angel always had an inkling that there was another woman in his life. When the dental hygienist confronted Michael about the woman she had seen in his pictures and on his phone, she was told that the woman was simply a “close friend.” As a very trusting individual, Angel didn’t question it any further.

Paying his way

Because of this, Angel didn’t have to think twice about her next move. When she heard that Michael had lost his wallet, she immediately offered up her own money. She didn’t want to let her friend and her boyfriend down, and she wanted to go ahead with the double date as planned. Michael thanked Angel for her offer and stated that he would pay her back when he had sorted out his cards and his lost wallet situation.

That night, Angel paid for everything. She paid for their food, their drinks, and even their entry to a local club. During this double date, she allowed Michael to take her card to the bar on multiple occasions to pay using the contactless method. She had been with him for two months and trusted him to do such a thing.

Not paying her back

Angel didn’t mind paying for Michael, as she thought they were getting more and more serious as the days went on. However, a day after the double date, she noticed that Michael was being a bit off with her. He hadn’t offered to pay her back or mentioned the money she had spent the next night, and he was messaging her less than usual.

That same evening, she saw on Snapchat that he had gone out and was drinking and dancing with his friends. She couldn’t help but wonder to herself how he was doing that with no identification, no card, and no money. He had lost his wallet, after all.

Ending things

After seeing his Snapchat story, Angel knew she had to say something. She brought up the fact that he had supposedly lost his wallet, and how he had still managed to go on a night out.

It didn’t make sense to her, but Michael wasn’t in the mood for talking. He ignored her messages, and just didn’t respond to her questions. In the end, Angel decided to end things. She had been played, and she knew that Michael had simply used her for her money. Little did she know that this was just the start…

A month later

About a month or so after Angel and Michael broke up, she began to notice that there were “suspicious transactions” on her bank statement. Because she knew many people had been scammed in the past, she first thought she had been the victim of a random scammer.

She immediately called her bank to get her card blocked, and was sent a new one in the mail. However, she decided to do some digging into the transactions and realized her scammer had a fondness for vacations. In fact, she found a payment for an Easyjet flight.

The flight reference

When Angel saw that her scammer had bought flights with her money, she decided to share her story with her friends. They immediately rallied around her, and one friend noticed something specific about the transaction.

The Easyjet transaction came complete with a flight reference… which meant they could log into the account in question! When they did so, they noticed a familiar name within the booking details. Michael had stolen her bank details during their double date, and he had paid for himself and his “close friend” to go to Paris.

Everything included

However, it didn’t end there. Michael hadn’t just booked flights on Angel’s card. He had also paid for the hotel, as well as excursions during the trip. Angel couldn’t believe her eyes, and she was so angry that she couldn’t control her shaking body.

She didn’t know what she had to deserve such disrespect, and she reached out to her friends to help her take control of the situation. Immediately, her girl squad turned into detectives to uncover what else Michael had been getting up to. The answer was truly unbelievable.

Splashing out

It turns out that Michael didn’t stop at a romantic vacation. As Angel delved deeper into her bank statement, she could see what else Michael had used her money for. Hilariously, he had bought himself “likes” on Instagram.

When Angel first met Michael, she was impressed with his social following and his so-called high life on Instagram. When she realized that he simply bought the likes on his photographs, she couldn’t help but laugh. He just wasn’t the man he wanted people to think he was on social media, and she had proof.

Feeling floral

While we wish the purchases stopped there, Michael was on a roll. Angel soon noticed another transaction from a company called Prestige Flowers. With a little help from her girl squad, they found the Instagram page of Michael’s “close friend.”

By this point, they weren’t surprised to find a photograph showcasing some brand new flowers that she had received. As Angel’s friends zoomed in on the photo, they were able to confirm that the flowers had been delivered by none other than Prestige Flowers! It was at this moment that they decided to rename their group chat.


The fact that Michael had used Angel’s money to buy his girlfriend flowers and a romantic vacation was too much for the girls, and their group chat was blowing up with all of the messages they were sending to one another.

They decided to call Michael #FraudBae, and this hashtag has since reached people across the globe, as Angel decided to share her story on Twitter. To date, Angel has received over 12,000 retweets and over 14,000 likes on her dramatic thread, but it was her revenge that really got people talking…

Calling the cops

Angel and her friends decided to collect all of the evidence that they had against Michael, and went to the cops. She was told that she had enough evidence to convict him of fraud, and the flight details would provide the perfect opportunity to catch Michael in the act.

They were going to arrest him as he tried to board his flight to Paris from Gatwick Airport, and her friends just needed to see it for themselves. Angel was working at the time, but her friends kept her updated with photographs of the events unfolding.

Looking nervous

As Angel’s friends made their way to the airport, they spotted Michael and his girlfriend. At first, he seemed calm and collected and didn’t seem to have any qualms about the fact that he had not paid for the vacation with his own money.

However, it didn’t take him long to spot Angel’s friends. From that moment, he began to look nervous and was constantly looking behind him to check whether they were following him through the boarding gates.

Waiting in departures

However, it seems as though Michael shouldn’t have been worried about Angel’s friends. Instead, he should have been paying more attention to the cops who were waiting in the departure lounge to arrest him.

He didn’t make it to Paris but instead made his way to jail to be booked. Because they had more than enough evidence to convict him, his case was taken to court, where Michael pleaded guilty to fraud. He now has fraud permanently on his record and has had to undergo 150 hours of community service.

The principle of it all

Angel now feels content in the fact that Michael has been punished for her crime, but she decided to share her story because of the principle of it all. While she has been cheated out of thousands, she wants the world to know that it’s not all about the money.

It’s the fact that she trusted a man, who then decided to disrespect her whole life. He knew her story, and he knew that she was on her own in the United Kingdom. Despite this, he continued to swindle her for her hard-earned money. Thankfully, she got the ultimate revenge.

Getting nasty

Speaking in a televised interview, Angel revealed that she had originally meant to just leave the whole thing behind her and move on. When Michael was convicted, she and her friends were toasting their victory.

Michael, however, wasn’t going to let them bask in their well-earned glory, and began posting nasty comments on social media. “You figured me out? You got me red handed? Shut your a** up,” he told her in a comment. It was then and only then that Angel decided some retribution was in order.

Grasping at fame

Showing a surprise lack of self awareness, Fraudbae himself seems to be clinging to his time in the spotlight and is apparently trying to make the most of it. In one picture, he’s seen signing what appears to be a record contract.

In another short video, he raps – but not very well – and says, “Fraudbae… Yeah, okay.” This lines up with what Angel has been thinking about her ex, as she said that he “always wanted to be famous.” Well, he certainly got his wish.

Making a music video

Eventually, Michael ended up producing a professional-looking full music video for a song titled, what else, “#FraudBae.” In the video, he seems to be glorifying what he’d done with little remorse. He’s seen walking through a supermarket stuffing his shopping cart full of items, before running out without paying.

To really drive the point home, the lyrics speak about how he “booked Paris” for his girl. He then asks, “You think I used my own card?” and “I don’t want you, I just want your bank detail.” Stay classy, Michael.

Once a thief…

In an ironic, although completely predictable turn of events, the original music video was taken down. Why? A fellow YouTuber named Angela Nakiyingi filed a claim that… Michael had stolen from her. Shocking, right?

She alleged that he’d stolen audio from a video she made herself about the entire Fraudbae story, and then used it in his music video without permission. The video has since been put back up, this time without Nakiyingi’s voice clip. It’s still available online, but we don’t recommend it.

Taking credit for it all

Appearing in his own sit-down interview with Vice, Michael opened up and gave his side of the story. He began by saying he truly believed the story would not have gone as viral as it did if it weren’t for his appearance in it.

“Michael Modern has always been a big social media name,” he claimed, referring to himself by his stage name. Despite being outed for buying likes, he truly believed he was what made the story break the internet.

Never thought to take advantage of her

When he was confronted with why he had actually done what he’d done to Angel, Michael didn’t seem to have a very convincing answer. He began by claiming he never planned to take advantage of Angel, but then said he had received permission from her to use her credit card, “full stop” – meaning for whatever he wanted.

While that seems unlikely, even if it were true it doesn’t really explain how he thought buying a Paris vacation for another woman using Angel’s money was okay.

Knew he would get caught

If hearing what he had to say was interesting at all, it would be to learn whether he thought he could actually get away with it. The interviewer asked him that question exactly, wondering if he knew he would get caught.

His response was, “100 percent.” She followed up by asking whether he cared he would be. Without pause, his reply this time was simply a nonchalant, “Nah.” Given a chance to redeem himself, at least in the public’s eyes, he stuck to his guns.

Not a big deal

Displaying a lack of self-awareness coupled with a lack of understanding for the law, Michael actually thinks what he did wasn’t a big deal. He was going to apologize to Angel eventually, he claimed, but didn’t see any rush.

He knew she had been refunded the money he spent, and so was “living his life, (while) she’s living her life.” It all came from one “moment of madness,” he added, and since it would never have happened again, he didn’t see why Angel and her posse had to involve police.

A problem with honesty

Michael then went on to prove, probably without meaning to, that honesty wasn’t one of his strong suits. Just as an example, he was suspended from his day job for never letting them know that he was missing work days due to his court dates, instead making up some excuse.

“I’ve lied to a lot of people in the past,” he freely admitted. When the interview was concluding, however, Fraudbae did indeed offer his apologies to both Angel and her family.

Trust is broken

For Angel, however, the matter is over and done with. Whatever attempts Michael does or doesn’t make to remain famous are no longer her concern. “Now everyone knows the truth,” she said, “and that’s what matters.”

As for her, she admitted to her trust being “a bit broken” at the moment, but vowed to stay positive. It can’t have been easy letting the entire world know that she was duped like that, but she felt empowered for outing Michael for who he was.