This woman couldn’t believe who had been hiding in her attic for 12 years

If you own your own home, there’s a high chance that you have your very own attic. While there are some people who transform this attic into an extra room for their children or guests, most homeowners simply place all of the items they don’t really need up there for safe keeping. This is where you keep old boxes of toys, your old diaries, or even your winter or summer clothes when they are not needed. However, you probably don’t expect to find a human up there. This woman couldn’t believe who she found hiding in her attic after 12 years.

A bizarre story

Most of us have seen or used an attic before, and you might even have one in your house! There’s a high chance that you rarely make your way into the attic because you simply use it as extra storage space.

However, when one woman noticed some odd goings-on above her head, she knew she had to get someone to check it out. Was it a ghost? Was it her kids messing around? The reality of the situation was much more bizarre, and one that she still cannot believe to this day.

The woman in question

To truly get to grips with this story, we need to know a little more about the woman in question. Unfortunately, this story is still part of an ongoing police investigation, which means the woman has chosen to stay anonymous.

All we know is that she goes by the name Tracy and that she hails from the city of Rock Hill in South Carolina. Thankfully, we don’t need to know too much about Tracy to understand that the bulk of the story takes place right above her head…

A single mother

Life has never been simple for Tracy. Her life in Rock Hill has always been plagued with struggle and strife, but the single mother has always tried her best to look after her five children.

Although many of her children were old enough to live by themselves, they all decided to live in the same house so that they could all save money and band together to pay the rent. It was cramped, but the family made it work, and they all kept an eye for each other. They also kept an ear out, which is where this story begins.

A seemingly normal day

In order to understand the bizarre events that took place in the attic, we need to go back in time to September 2012. For Tracy, it was just another seemingly normal day.

She was wandering around her house doing various different chores when she began to hear noises above her head. Because she and her children lived in a rough part of town, she immediately assumed that it was a burglar. Although she always locked her doors and windows, she was convinced that an intruder had somehow made their way into her home.

Playing tricks on her

Tracy was incredibly scared, and she knew that she had to do something. To see what was really going on, she decided to walk around her house for any signs of a break-in.

She was careful not to make too much noise because she didn’t want to let the burglar know that she was in, and she kept a lookout for any broken windows or unlocked doors. However, no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find anything. She resigned to the idea that her mind was playing tricks on her.

Her own theory

The mom of five was relieved to discover that the noise wasn’t from a burglar, but this didn’t curb her anxieties completely. Over the next few days, she continued to hear the same odd noises coming from her attic, and she just didn’t know what was causing them.

In the end, she came up with her very own theory. She tested this theory out on her kids and asked them if they were playing up there without her permission. All five of her kids denied this theory, and she knew that they wouldn’t lie to them. So, what was causing the noise?

A wild animal

As Tracy continued to hear the noises, she began to really hone into them. She noticed that the noises weren’t just coming from above one particular room, but we’re moving around the whole attic area.

This led Tracy to believe that whatever was up there was alive. As she thought about this idea more, she came to the conclusion that it must be a wild animal of some sorts, and she thought up images of possums or raccoons. After all, wild animals get into attics all the time, and they just needed to be let out.

Closed at the weekends

Although Tracy didn’t know a huge amount about animals getting trapped in attic space, she did know it would be a job for Animal Control. She knew that she would have to get into contact with them and have them check out the loft space, but there was a problem.

That day just so happened to be a Saturday, and she knew that Animal Control was closed at the weekend. Because she had already lived with the animal for a few days, she thought another couple wouldn’t hurt. She would simply call on Monday.

Waking up

She was still a little concerned about the animal that was in her attic, but Tracy decided to simply put it to the back of her mind and get on with her evening. At least, that was her plan.

Tracy had taken herself off to bed and was fast asleep when she was rudely awakened at around 2:30 am. The noises coming from the attic had woken her up, and she was frozen in fear. She heard creaking, she heard thumping, and the noises were starting to really creep her out. However, the noises weren’t the only things to come down from the attic.

Falling on the floor

Alongside the creaking and the thumping coming from the attic, Tracy heard a different kind of noise. This was more of a pitter-patter, and this noise was much closer to her bed.

Although her bedroom was dark, she was able to squint through the darkness and spot what had caused the noise. Scattered on her carpet were numerous metal nails. At first, Tracy was incredibly confused. Where had they come from? Suddenly it dawned on her. The nails had come loose from the ceiling boards and had fallen down into her bedroom.

Ignoring it all

It was at that moment that Tracy knew that whatever was up in her attic was definitely not an animal. It was not a possum, and it was certainly not a raccoon.

In fact, she immediately thought that “there was some poltergeist stuff going on,” and that her attic was haunted. Because it was so dark and late, Tracy just didn’t have the courage to check it out for herself. Instead, she chose to hide herself under her blanket and ignore the whole situation. She would deal with it in the morning.

Seeking help

The next morning, Tracy heard the news that would give her spirit a lift. Her two eldest sons told her that her nephew was coming around to hang out and that they would be around for much of the day.

Tracy was relieved because she didn’t feel comfortable about being in the house on her own. What if the ghost came down to terrorise her? What if it loosened even more of the nails and the structure of her house? She needed to be around people, and she needed to share her story.

Telling her story

In fact, Tracy knew that her sons and her nephew would come in handy. She decided to tell them all about the noises that were coming from the attic, and she mustered the courage to ask them to go up and have a look.

The three men agreed, and they made their way upstairs to the attic. While they climbed the ladder, Tracy stood and watched from down below. She was not going up there, and she was not going to come face to face with whatever was living in her attic.

A funny smell

As soon as the men climbed up into the attic, they knew that something wasn’t right. They were instantly greeted by a funny smell and a sight that shocked them.

The stench of the attic was overpowering, but they forced themselves further into the attic. As they did this, they spotted all kinds of trash scattered around the floor, as if someone was living there. As if that wasn’t enough, they also discovered a heap of Tracy’s old coats in the heating unit. It was at that moment that the men also spotted the body on top of the coats.

A moving body

To start with, the body was completely still. Although the men were startled themselves at the sight of a body in their attic, they didn’t want to startle it.

After all, it seemed to be sleeping, and who knew what kind of person they would be when they woke up. However, as the men tried to get a closer look, the body began to stir. He opened his eyes, and he was greeted by Tracy’s sons and nephew all staring at him with confusion and fear in their eyes. The man didn’t need time to think. He knew he had to get up and run.

Someone familiar

Within just a few short seconds, the scene in the attic had become carnage. The man who had been hiding in the attic immediately jumped out of his makeshift bed and pushed past Tracy’s sons and nephew.

He made his way down the ladder and even ran past Tracy. Those few seconds passed in a blur, and nobody could react in time to stop the man from exiting the attic. However, Tracy did catch a glimpse of the man on his way out, which is how she realized that he was someone quite familiar.

Calling the cops

The family was in total shock, but they knew that they had to call the cops. After all, the man had been living in their attic! Although the police officers had no one to arrest at the scene, they had Tracy to help them with their investigations.

That’s because Tracy knew the man who had been sleeping right above her head. 12 years previously, she had hired him to do some work in her house, and before too long, they started dating. However, Tracy decided to end the relationship, because he had a few criminal tendencies.

A deceptive ploy

The man did not take the breakup well and eventually decided to steal Tracy’s truck in revenge. He was eventually arrested, but in his eyes, his relationship with Tracy was not over.

As he spent months in jail, he continuously sent her letters asking for her back. Tracy continuously turned him down, and although she was worried when he was released, she had heard that he had moved to North Carolina. She breathed a sigh of relief, but she soon realized this was just a deceptive ploy to keep her off the scent.

A few weeks

As the cops searched the attics for clues as to where the man could have gone, they came to the conclusion that he had been living in Tracy’s attic for a few weeks.

He had kept himself warm and secluded by taking her coats into the heating unit, and slept in that small little space. They could also tell that he had been there for a while because there were plastic cups full of his excrement scattered around the attic floor. That’s what had caused the pungent stench in the air.

Spying on her

As if breaking into her house and sleeping in her attic undetected wasn’t enough, Tracy’s ex-boyfriend was also spying on her. The police discovered that the man had played around with the air vents so that he could see directly into her bedroom.

Who knows how long or how often he had been looking into her bedroom and watching her at all times of the day. Tracy felt violated, and she couldn’t believe that someone would do such a thing. However, the story was not over, and her family wasn’t safe just yet.

Still on the loose

Despite the fact that Tracy has given cops the name of the man who was living in her attic, they have not yet been able to find him. He has gone on the run, and they have not been able to locate him anywhere.

Hopefully, they will soon be able to find the man and give Tracy and her family the peace of mind they need to survive. Until then, they will continue to live in the fear that their house will be invaded by the man with cruel intentions.