This is why Meghan Markle won’t wear Victoria Beckham dresses

If there’s anyone we want to look at for fashion tips right now it’s Meghan Markle. The new Duchess of Sussex has been the center of attention ever since she and Prince Harry got engaged, and it’s not just because of her royal connections. You only have to take a look at Meghan to see she knows a thing or two about what, or who, to wear. She has dresses from some of the best designers in the business, but there’s one whose clothes she’ll never wear: Victoria Beckham.

The new favorite

Meghan Markle is the name on almost everybody’s lips right now. Her marriage to one of Britain’s most elite bachelors – Prince Harry – has introduced her to millions of adoring fans who’d never even heard of her before.

Lauded for her charisma and charm, it’s her fashion sense that’s really captivated the British and American public. Anything Meghan wears sells out in just a few hours. That’s great news for the designers she prioritizes, but less so for the ones she forgoes. Ones like her supposed pal, Victoria Beckham.

Popularity contest

Meghan’s popularity in the wake of her engagement was to be expected. After William and Kate announced they were tying the knot, the Duchess of Cambridge became a massive hit on both sides of the pond.

Their wedding was one of the biggest TV events in history, and Kate still has a legion of adoring fans who follow her every move. Being sixth in line to the throne, Harry and his new wife might not be quite so popular, but who doesn’t love a royal bride?

Woman of the people

Part of Meghan’s charm comes from the fact that she is not the standard woman who marries into the royal family.

Though she might not be your average Jane, as an American and an influential person of color, she’s made waves in the monarchy for her differences. Just as this is a positive sign of changing attitudes among royals, it also gave people at home a reason to believe they too could marry a prince or princess one day. With the way things are going, anything is possible.

Passion for fashion

As her popularity has soared, Meghan has found herself with more and more responsibility on her shoulders. Everything she does is scrutinized, meaning any small mistake is critiqued and aired for the world to see.

However, there is an upside to living her life under an intense spotlight. People go crazy over anything she wears, giving her the chance to inspire millions with her clothing choices. Much like Kate, George, and Charlotte, Meghan has become something of an icon in the fashion industry. She’s living the dream for millions of young girls.

Catching her attention

It’s not just the British and American public that have taken notice of Meghan’s influence on clothes sales. Many designers have seen how popular the Duchess of Sussex is in the world of fashion and they’ve tried to jump on the bandwagon.

Desperate to increase their sales, they’ve sent Meghan various things to wear for her public outings in the hope they’ll take her fancy. Designer dresses made up many of the gifts that were sent to the bride on her wedding day. However, there was a problem accepting them.

Sending them back

Members of the royal family aren’t allowed to receive gifts for commercial purposes when they get married. While presents from family and friends are acceptable, everyone else is out of the question.

So, while Meghan and Harry could take the cottage gifted to them by the Queen, they had to send back the clothes shipped to them from designers around the world. It can’t have been easy giving them all up, especially when their overall cost was around $10 million, but that’s the price Meghan had to pay as a new royal.

Learning the ropes

While it might be great living the life of a fashion icon, things haven’t always been easy for Meghan when it comes to her clothes. That’s because, between her engagement and her wedding day, she had to be educated on what is and isn’t appropriate for her to be seen in.

The wife of a royal can’t go around wearing gold hot pants or a dress made of meat, can she? That would probably give the queen a heart attack! Thankfully, it’s been a gradual but successful transformation for the Duchess.

Fashion faux pas

Of course, given she never had to worry too much about what to wear before, Meghan couldn’t help but slip up a few times along the way. One of the most notable fashion faux pas was when she and Harry posed for their official engagement photos.

The Duchess of Sussex opted for a couture gown by Ralph & Russo which was sheer on top. Plenty of people were surprised by Meghan’s decision to wear a dress so ‘revealing,’ especially one with a $75,000 price tag. Not a great start to the engagement.

Taking risks

The controversial choices only continued after those photos, and they still happen now. While she’s had more fashion triumphs than failures, marrying Prince Harry hasn’t stopped her from doing the human thing of making mistakes.

The Oscar de la Renta dress she wore to a wedding in June 2018 attracted criticism by some for being an unflattering shape and size. Likewise, people weren’t sure what to make of Meghan when she started walking around in a Givenchy pantsuit a month later. The Duchess knows how to get everyone talking.

Changing traditions

Although Meghan’s fashion choices are sometimes more daring than what we’d expect from a royal, that doesn’t mean she’s uneducated on the monarchy’s traditions.

Her risky decisions are more likely a result of the Duchess trying to push boundaries and see what she can get away with. Her presence as a royal has already brought the sometimes old-fashioned family into the 21st century. If we genuinely want to see a more modern, progressive monarchy, it’s people like Meghan who are going to make it happen.

Out of her control

Pantsuits and sheer dresses might be her outfits of choice now, but a lot has changed since the days when Meghan was just another actress on TV.

The Duchess revealed that when she was still on the legal drama “Suits,” most of the outfits she had to wear were figure-hugging. In an interview with Glamour UK, she referred to them as being “body conscious,” making it hard for her to stop worrying about her size. That might explain why some of her outfits nowadays have been looser and less restrictive.

Age is just a number

It’s not just a change in profession that has affected the way that the Duchess of Sussex dresses nowadays. In the same interview, she also commented on how age has been a contributing factor in her fashion choices.

She confessed that the older she’s gotten, the more she’s wanted to hide her legs behind longer dresses. She admitted to feeling self-conscious whenever she goes out in something shorter because her legs are so long. Again, that perhaps explains why she opted for a pantsuit on several of her royal outings?

All eyes on her

These factors likely influence the designers whose outfits Meghan chooses to wear. She knows what does and doesn’t look good on her, so she’s careful not to pick someone outside of her comfort zone.

One brand that the Duchess seems to be a big fan of is Givenchy, especially after she gave them the honor of creating her wedding dress. Clare Waight Keller, the woman currently acting as artistic director of the fashion house, was given the task of making Meghan look a vision of beauty on her big day.

Dazzling down under

Another designer who the Duchess has started favoring recently is Zimmermann. Meghan was seen wearing one of the Australian’s designs when she stopped off in Fiji during her royal tour in October 2018.

The cream midi dress was a perfect fit for the Duchess of Sussex, and it seems she might have been clued in on the designer’s excellent taste by her sister-in-law. Kate was seen wearing one of Zimmermann’s dresses back in 2014 while taking a trip to Manly Beach in Australia.

A surprising choice

When it comes to Meghan’s favorite designers, there’s one choice who stands out as someone rather unexpected – Emilia Wickstead. The Duchess was pictured wearing one of the woman’s little black dresses during an engagement in Ireland in July 2018.

However, the decision to wear something of Wickstead’s came as a surprise given the comments she’d made about Meghan’s wedding dress. She insinuated that the final design was very similar to her own, adding that the outfit was too loose for the Duchess. Clearly, Harry’s bride didn’t hold a grudge.

The odd one out

Noticed anyone missing from all these designers? Meghan has her pick of the world when it comes to who to wear, but there’s one person whose dresses she’s never gone for before.

It’s not merely been a case of not having the opportunity to wear their stuff either. The Duchess has intentionally never chosen anything they’ve designed in the past, and she plans on keeping things that way for the foreseeable future. So, who’s the unfortunate soul getting blocked out by Meghan? None other than Victoria Beckham.

Musical phenomenon

There was a time when people didn’t associate the name Victoria Beckham with world-class fashion. To most people, she was known for doing something entirely different, and she had her own nickname to go with it.

Yes, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you’ll probably remember Victoria as Posh Spice, one-fifth of the world’s biggest girl group. The Spice Girls were a worldwide phenomenon whose success eclipsed most other artists in the history of music. However, when the group disbanded, Victoria turned her attention to fashion.

Friends or frenemies?

In the years since the Spice Girls split (for the first time), Victoria has worked hard to prove herself as a designer. It took a while, but her dedication paid off.

Although she’s now one of the biggest names in the industry, apparently that hasn’t made her any worthier of designing a dress for Meghan. That comes as a surprise seeing as the pair are supposedly good friends. Victoria and her husband were invited to Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and the couples now both own properties near each other in the Cotswolds.

A poor fit

So what exactly is Meghan’s excuse for shunning her friend and refusing to ever wear any of her clothes? Well, the answer lies in the interview she gave to Glamour UK.

She revealed to the publication that she’s started realizing certain things are best admired on their hangers rather than on her body. While she might appreciate how something looks when she sees it in a store, she knows that it won’t be a flattering fit once she puts it on. We’ve all been there before, right?

Not her style

Meghan supposedly meant no harm by specifically calling out Victoria Beckham’s dresses during her Glamour UK interview. She assured readers that she loves the clothes that her gal pal makes, she just doesn’t believe they’re made for someone with her body type.

Meghan feels that people who want to pull off Victoria’s looks need to have a long torso, something that she doesn’t have. Her height comes more from her legs than anything else. If things were the other way round, she’d wear her friend’s outfits in a heartbeat.

No bad blood

It looks like there’s no bad blood between the women after all. Perhaps now that the pair has gotten to know one another better, Victoria might be able to design something for the Duchess that gives her the silhouette she wants?

Either that or convince her to try on one of her dresses and see whether they are unflattering or not. After all, Meghan never said she’d tried one of Victoria’s outfits on for size. Perhaps they’ll fit her better than she thinks, and she just needs to take the plunge?