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This cat couldn’t stop staring at a photo of her owner’s son, but why?

Black cat superstition

For many years people have been superstitious toward black cats. It is believed they are a sign of bad fortune coming your way, even an omen for something terrible to happen. Some countries believe if a black cat crosses your path then you’re destined to have something unfortunate happen to you. Some think black cats are able to shapeshift and act as spies for witches, which is why they are seen as their companions. On the other hand, sailors believed having a black cat on their ship brought them good luck.

Max and Erin

Meet Max and Erin Nimrichter, mother and son who were feeling the time was right in their lives to bring someone new into their home. Max absolutely loved animals, and he really felt as though their house would feel more welcoming if they had a furry little friend running about the place. It was just Max and Erin at home, so it would be nice for the pair to have something else to focus on while chilling out at home.

Convincing mom

Although Max was keen on the idea of bringing a pet home, mom Erin wasn’t as enthusiastic. Max had plans to leave home after high school, and that date was rapidly approaching. Erin might have been worried she wouldn’t get to spend as much time with her son before he left if there was another body about the place. Max believed that it would be great if they had a pet as they would share the responsibility and it might make things a little easier for Erin when he went.

Adding a new member to the family

It was up to Max to give his mom a good reason why they should bring a cat home. Max was planning on joining the Navy and told his mom the cat would be ideal for when he was training at boot camp, and later when he would be stationed away from home for several months at a time. Max believed that the cat would keep Erin company, and eventually, she agreed to bring a cat into their lives.

Finding Yuuki

Max was elated, and soon the pair would be bringing their very own pet home to stay. After some searching, they found the perfect companion for both Max and Erin. This is Yuuki, the black cat. Although some believe black cats are bad luck, Max was about to become a future sailor, and in the sailing community, many believe they are actually good luck. Would this little cat bring Max and his mom the good fortune they were hoping for?

A silky stray

Max and Erin found Yuuki at a nearby animal shelter. The Cleveland Animal Protective League had rescued several cats and dogs so now it was time for the mother and son to pick one they liked the look of. That was where they met Yuuki, and they realized that they couldn’t leave without adopting her. Max had finally convinced his mom to adopt a cat and his dreams were becoming a reality, but would Yuuki be so excited to find a new home as Max was to be giving her one?

Making a cute couple

Yuuki had been waiting patiently for a new home at the adoption center; Max and Erin thought she looked lonely there, so they wanted to take her home. Mother and son felt an immediate connection to Yuuki and after getting her home began to quickly form a bond with their new pet. The plan was to bring the cat into their home so it could bond with Erin, and she would have something to keep her company when Max was away. However, Yuuki actually had a strong bond with Max first.

Fitting straight in

It didn’t take Yuuki long to fit in, and she made herself at home straight away. Although cats are often quite distant when meeting people, Yuuki was very affectionate toward her new family, and Max in particular. Erin said that Max has always felt a strong connection to animals, particularly cats, and every waking minute he spent with Yuuki. It was clear it would be hard for Max to say goodbye to Yuuki when he eventually left for the Navy.

Forming strong bonds

The time Max and Yuuki had spent together since she moved in formed an incredibly strong bond between the pair. Not only was Yuuki bonding with Max, but she also bonded with her new mom Erin. Six months had gone by in a flash, and the three were living in perfect harmony thanks to the special friendships they had struck with their newly beloved pet. As far as Max and Erin could tell, there was no way that this black cat was anything but a lucky one.

Future plans

The main reason why the family had adopted Yuuki was so that when Max joined the Navy, his mom would still have some company in their home. The time had come, Max was assigned a date to join boot camp, and soon he would have to leave his mom and cat behind. It was going to be hard for Max to say goodbye as he’d spent his entire life with his mom and every day of the past six months forming a close bond with Yuuki.

Leaving the others behind

Max had left home, and Yuuki was struggling with losing her very close friend. Yuuki appeared to be lonely once more after getting incredibly close to Max, but he would be spending many months away from home so she would have to get used to not having him around. Now it was just Erin and Yuuki left at home, and while she loved her mom, she hadn’t formed the same bond she had with Max. Yuuki wasn’t the only one missing Max though, as Erin missed her son dearly.

A memory

Erin was missing Max a lot so she decided she would put up a picture of her son in her bedroom to try and feel as though he still had a presence in her home. She put up a picture of him from his graduation day, one of the proudest days of many parents’ lives. This meant Erin could see her son’s face if ever she felt like she was missing him too much. It had been weeks since he left, and Yuuki seemed to have realized Max wasn’t coming back.

Yuuki recognizes Max?

Then something strange began to happen. The picture that Erin had put up of her son wasn’t only being looked at by her, Yuuki too would stop by the picture and stare at it. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like, but Erin wasn’t convinced Yuuki really knew what she was looking at. After all, how could a cat recognize someone from such a tiny little picture? Yuuki undoubtedly missed Max, but was she really pining for him?

Setting up an experiment

Unsure if Yuuki really was looking at the picture because it was of Max, Erin set up an experiment. She moved the picture to another part of her home to see if Yuuki would go there and stare at it like she had been doing on the dresser in Erin’s bedroom. She knew that Yuuki and Max had a very special bond but as far as she was concerned her cat couldn’t recognize her son from a picture and this experiment was going to prove that.

Confirming her theory?

Yuuki had been staring at the picture of Max for weeks, so Erin moved the picture elsewhere and to her amazement, Yuuki would still sit and stare at Max’s picture, even though it was somewhere different. Erin said that Yuuki would meow at the picture before having a nap in front of it. After conducting the experiment, Erin was now convinced that Yuuki really did recognize her son in his picture, but sadly it was still going to be a long time before they would see each other again.

Knowing she misses Max

After her little test, Erin was convinced that Yuuki really did miss Max, which only filled her with pity and sadness. She knew it would be months before the pair could be reunited so she was going to have an unhappy kitty on her hands for a while unless she could find a solution. Erin got to thinking and thought she had found an answer, but it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and there were some hoops she needed to jump through before the plan would happen.

Arranging a meeting

Erin had been missing her son as much as Yuuki was, and when Max called to say he was out of boot camp and stationed at his base, Erin knew she could come and visit. That’s when she had the thought that she could bring Yuuki along, but she would need special permission from the Navy base. Erin knew Yuuki was missing Max and had a sneaking suspicion that her son might be missing his favorite cat too.

Worried about forgetting her buddy

While he was at boot camp training, Max had been worrying that his beloved pet might have forgotten all about him. He had spent around six months with the cat, but he had been away from home for just as much time and worried that was long enough for Yuuki to have forgotten him entirely. Max didn’t know Yuuki had been meowing and staring at his picture for many months. They had been separated for so long, and Max was eager to be reunited with his cat.

Going out for day trips

Before Erin could take Yuuki to meet Max, she kept the cat company by herself. After spending many months with the black cat, Erin had realized that apart from missing her son, Yuuki loved sitting and looking out of the window. That’s when she decided she needed to get Yuuki out of the house any way she could. Which is where this special backpack comes in. It allows Erin to safely transport Yuuki on bike rides while giving the cat a perfect view of what’s going on around her.

Friday the 13th

The cat carrier has changed Yuuki’s life, and she’s been to the market and doing a lot of ‘firsts’ for a cat. Black cats are often found with witches, so when Friday the 13th came around Erin thought it was fitting that she took a picture with her black cat. Not because she is a witch, but because she loves horror movies and she chose to honor her special friend with a post to social media on the famously spooky day.

Forming their own bond

Although Max and Yuuki initially formed a strong bond together, after some time Erin shared the same relationship with her cat. Yuuki might always have a special place in her heart for Max, but now she has another friend to devote her time to. They are there for each other and can comfort each other when they are missing Max. Despite only getting to see Max every once in a while, Yuuki has a loving home she shares with her new foster mom Erin.