Things You Didn’t Know the US President Isn’t Allowed to Do!

Ah, to be President. Being the Leader of the Free World is something many Americans dream about, and that’s why it’s worth looking at what the limitations are. Sure, POTUS could probably order a McDonald’s breakfast after 10:30 am, but let’s look at a list of things he can’t do.


Well, thinking about this one it probably makes sense, after all, he’s the President. But it still seems weird that the most powerful man on the planet can’t get behind the wheel of a car! The Secret Service strongly discourage the President from driving, so he is chauffeured everywhere.


Put a Stop to Deportations

Obama tried to place a ban on the deportation of illegal immigrants when he was in office. Unfortunately for him, the Senate blocked this so it would never come into place. That’s the problem with being President; all of your laws have to go through the Senate and Congress before they are approved.


No iPhone!

You’d expect our leader to have the latest, trendiest iPhone on the market, right? Well, you’d be wrong there! President Obama revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he is unable to use an iPhone as President. He has to use a Blackberry due to the national security risk of a recording device on the iPhone.


Legalize Medical Marijuana

You may have been getting excited for a moment there, right? Well, unfortunately, the President is unable to legalize marijuana as medicinal until the DEA reclassify it as a Schedule II drug. This is not going to take place anytime soon, so in the meanwhile, it must be authorized state by state. This has started to happen over the past year or so.


Legalize or Criminalize Abortion

The issue of abortion is one of the most polarizing and controversial in America. Many people are pro-choice, and many are pro-life, and the debate rages. This decision is in the hands of the States, not the President. The President may offer guidance, but can’t take action. Besides, a woman’s body is her own business and her own choice.


Break the Law

Sounds obvious to suggest this, right? Though he’s arguably the most powerful individual on the planet, the President is still subject to the law of the land like everybody else. He must abide by the rules and laws we have, and if he breaks the law, he gets impeached. Only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton have ever been impeached. Nixon, of course, should have been, but he resigned to avoid this inevitable outcome.


No Personal Space

Being the President is not a job that lends itself to a lot of alone time. Indeed, he cannot travel anywhere alone. This should be pretty obvious, being that the President is likely to be targeted from the day he’s elected. He will always be accompanied anywhere and everywhere by his Secret Service detail.


Earn an Income

You may be aware that Donald Trump recently stipulated he would remove himself from his businesses. Well, this links to the next point we’re making which is that POTUS isn’t allowed to earn income outside of their presidential salary. This is why you will never hear of a President working or endorsing while they are in office.


Seize all Firearms

This is one of the other controversial and polarizing issues in the country. In fact, gun laws probably cause the most amount of controversy out of anything in the country. The Constitution of the United States gives all Americans the right to bear arms. And the President cannot intervene with this by seizing weapons without legal cause.


De-legalize Gay Marriage

We live in 2016, and we like to think we are a progressive and modern nation. It might not be as progressive as we think, but we do have gay marriage rights now. In 2015 the Supreme Court legalized the right for gay couples to marry. So it would have to go to the Supreme Court again for that decision to be reversed.


Shut Down the Government

Fancy a day off in your job? Well, then you can take one, or pull a sick day. No such luck if you want to be President. The fact of the matter is that the country and the world doesn’t take a break from living. If you have ambitions of being President you need to understand that you’re in it for the long haul!


Authorize NASA Funding

Space exploration and travel represent the pinnacle of modern science. And our attempt to learn more about our universal. NASA do wonderful things, but don’t bank on them getting any extra funding. NASA have their funding determined by Congress, and the President has no say in that!


Declare War

Trump probably should have read the small print before talking trash about China, etc. The thing is, the President doesn’t actually have the power and authority to declare war. He has to sign the Declaration of War in order to get things off the ground. But the decision to declare war lies with Congress alone.


Alter Tax Code

Now, we are starting to understand just how infuriating it can be to serve as President. Every single decision has to go through Congress before it can be approved. And another of the laws he can’t put through himself is any changes to Tax Reform. Again, this is something that Congress has to approve, and that might be something that causes problems for Trump!


No Gifts!

Have you ever loved the fact that being the President means you get given gifts from all across the globe? Well, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. The President isn’t permitted to accept gifts of any kind from foreign officials. This is most likely due to the fact that it could be seen as a form of bribery.


No Youth!

One of the major rules that affect the President of the United States is that they aren’t allowed to be under the age of 35. This makes sense as we want our leaders to be at least a little learned. Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest ever President at 42, and Kennedy is the youngest ever elected President at 43.


Waiving Student Debt

Of course, any President who wiped student debt from the country would be hugely popular among all students. But, unfortunately, the power to do this doesn’t lie with the leader of the country. You can never have a President who will be able to write off all student debt. But they can put measures in place to give you longest repayments – something Obama initiated.


Spending Spree

Curb that impulse to splurge right now Mr. P! Unfortunately, though the President has access to considerable wealth, and the riches of the nation, he can’t spend it. POTUS has no say over how federal money is spent in the country. Again, this is something that is determined by Congress or the Senate.


Do Their Own Thing

Being President would be ace, right? You could change rules and laws and do whatever you want, right? Wrong. One of the reasons why a lot of Presidents get stick for not making enough of a difference is because you can’t just do what you want. They can pass certain Executive Orders, but not many, and, again, Congress can block things!


Make Welfare Changes

Congress would have to okay any changes or reforms to welfare of any kind. It seems like the Presidency is a constant battle between POTUS, Congress, and the Supreme Court. It must be so frustrating wanting to pass particular laws, only to be blocked at every turn by Congress.


Change the Constitution

The most sacred and important emblem of our freedom and liberty is the Constitution of the United States. These are laws that were set by our forefathers hundreds of years ago. The constitution can only be changed by a constitutional amendment that is triggered by a state, or by Congress. Sorry POTUS, you have no control over this.


Open the Borders

It would be nice to be able to open borders freely and let in anyone who needs assistance and asylum. But the problem is that it’s not that simple, and the world is more complicated than that. The President and Congress team up to decide how many refugees to allow in each year.


Interpret Laws

The laws of the land are there, and they aren’t open to interpretation. If you want to become President, you need to understand that you will have no say in what laws mean. These laws are set in stone, and they can’t be changed. SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) are the only ones who can determine what they laws mean.


Choosing SCOTUS

Understandably the President is not permitted to choose members of the Supreme Court. They hold a higher position in law than the President so it would make no sense for him to choose representatives. Plus it would provide him with a personal bias, and that wouldn’t do! It is up to the Senate to approve and choose the members of SCOTUS.


Local Changes

Voted for our Commander-in-Chief because you want to sort out your local school? Well, you might be in for a nasty shock. See, the President isn’t able to change things locally. That’s actually the role of locally elected politicians. You will need to go to them with any problems or issues you might have.