These people did whatever they wanted on their last day of work

You’ve quit your job and are all ready to move on to the next phase of your life, but there’s still one more trial you have to get through – your last day of work.

No matter how much you love your job, there are always days that seem to drag by, days where you feel that you can no longer focus and you’re ready to call it quits. These are the days that you really have to use your self control to power through, making the best of your situation. If you have friends in your office, you can talk to them, using their support to get through the day. If not, you simply have to find ways to keep yourself going until the end of the day arrives.

When it comes to the last day, everything changes. You’re probably no longer trying to impress anyone, or get that raise you’ve been wanting. All of the rules seem to fall away and you feel free to do whatever you want. At least, that’s what these people felt. Here are some people who used the opportunity of their last day on the job to get into all sorts of hilarious shenanigans. Would you play any of these pranks?

Worst last day

When it’s your last day of work, you can only hope that it will be an easy one. Usually you can just sort of cruise through, knowing that you have nothing left to prove and nobody to impress, since their opinion doesn’t matter anyway.

This boss, however, did not want their employee to have a straightforward last day. They turned all of the cereal boxes upside down so the employee had to spend their last day flipping them back over.

It’s a sign

There are times at work where you find yourself tempted by the opportunities that your job presents to wreak havoc, but have to hold yourself back because it’s not professional. Some people decide to use their last day to throw caution to the wind and use whatever power they have.

This road worker had access to a traffic sign and made it their own, also announcing that it is their last day. We wonder how long the sign remained before someone caught wind of it and changed the text.

Tell us how you really feel

It’s not only the employees who are leaving their jobs that get to express how they feel on their last day – the other people in the office also get to say how they feel. In this case, they got their co-worker a cake reading, “We hope you fail. You’re dead to us now.”

For some reason, we get the feeling that the office is a little bit bitter about the departure of their co-worker. At least the cake looks quite tasty.

Packed office

On your last day, you have to pack up your office, taking all of your belongings home with you when you leave, never to return. These workers gave a new meaning to “packing the office,” filling an entire cubicle with styrofoam peanuts.

It can’t have been easy to get them all in there, and it will be even harder to get them out. That’s one way to completely waste your entire last day at work on useless cleaning.

Get revenge

After spending days in the office wondering what it would be like to bring in a nerf gun, the last day is the chance to finally find out. This guy got his revenge on the entire workplace on his last day, bringing in his prized toy.

It’s not a scene you often see at the office, but when it’s your last hurrah, why not go all out? It was sure to make an extra eventful day for everyone involved.

Scare them

This is one way to get on the bad side of your co-workers. Nobody likes to look up to see a terrifying demon looking down at them from the ceiling. It’s so unexpected and scary that it’s bound to make at least one person scream.

But on your last day, you don’t have to care what people think of you anymore, so it’s really the perfect time to get revenge on those who wronged you in the past. This will just about do it.

Kid at heart

When you’re really just a big child dressed up in the body of an adult, the last day of work is the perfect opportunity to flaunt that fact. What better way to have some fun than by creating a ball pit in your very own office?

This man looks like he’s truly having such a great time, maybe he should just transform his office into a playroom every day. It may not be the most productive way to work but it would make everyone a whole lot happier.

Casual day

Rules regarding uniforms can get very irritating after a while, but rules are rules and if you want to keep your job you simply must follow them. Once you quit, however, rules are made to be broken.

This Subway employee had it with his uniform, so on his last day of work he decided to just go without. And then, since he was ditching the Subway t-shirt anyway, he decided to just leave it at that, not even replacing it with another shirt.

Employee of forever

Everyone wants to be the employee of the month. It tends to come with certain coveted benefits and rewards, and it’s always nice to know that you’re on your boss’s good side. This pet store associate wanted that status and ego boost permanently.

So on his last day at work, he made a poster of himself with the words: “Permanent employee of the month.” Now, he will be the employee of the month long after he leaves.

Grand entrance

This is one way to announce that it’s your last day at work loud and clear. Someone taped an air horn to the wall, right behind the door, so that when the door opens, the handle will hit the device in exactly the right spot to make a really loud, disruptive noise.

This is exactly the kind of prank that will annoy everyone else in the office, but if it’s your last day, you have nothing to lose anyway.

Don’t care anymore

One of the most reprehensible things you can do when you are cutting a piece of cake is to cut a piece right out of the middle. It ruins the cake for everyone else and really shows that you don’t care about anyone other than yourself.

On your last day, however, you are no longer trying to make friends or stay on your boss’s good side, so you can go right ahead and cut out that piece that you really desire.

The last supper

This one takes a team effort, and judging from the picture, these employees make a great team. They recreated the famous painting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The work of art depicts Jesus and the apostles and is one of the most recognized paintings ever created.

The team in this photo all struck poses from the 16th century mural, expertly making their own “last supper” for their colleague in the center of the table, who was leaving.

Dress up

We all loved dressing up when we were younger, and many of us still feel an urge to put on our favorite superhero costume when we go to work in the morning.

Usually, it’s against the rules to wear a Batman costume to work on any day other than Halloween, but when it’s your last day, who cares about the rules? It’s the perfect time to let go of all your inhibitions and really listen to your heart.

The perfect gift

On this employee’s last day of work, his co-workers got him an extremely memorable and strange gift: a very fancy, old fashioned portrait of himself. There’s no way he expected to receive this as a going away present!

When someone hands you something like this, the only thing left to say is, “Thank you.” It may not be the most practical going away present, but maybe it will look nice in his bedroom or his new office.

A goodbye present

When you come into work to find your desk, computer, and even your keyboard covered in wrapping paper, you should take it as a gift. Not only does it look quite pretty, you can’t actually get any work done until you remove all of it, and that could take a while.

It’s a good way to waste some time on your last day. This young woman played along and posed as if she was working hard despite the fact that she couldn’t use anything on her desk.

Can’t leave, won’t leave

Sometimes your boss and co-workers really don’t want to see you leave on your last day of work. That seems to be the case here, when someone tightly wrapped their departing colleague’s car in plastic wrap.

They even went so far as to stick a shopping cart and office chair in there. It won’t be easy to take off but there’s no way this person is driving away until their car is completely free of the plastic.

Who need desks

Sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen day after day can get quite tedious, even when you love your job. Perhaps that’s why this office worker decided to ditch the chair and the desk on his last day, and instead make himself comfortable in the floor tiles.

Mind you, this is not a possibility in every office, but when it is, it should be taken advantage of. He looks like he’s having a grand ole time down there.

Tell them how you really feel

There has been an ongoing war against the font Comic Sans for some time now, and there are certain people who get genuinely offended if they see it used. Comic Sans is a font that we all loved to use when we were very young but now, it looks unprofessional and childish.

One person decided to let the rest of their office know what they think of the font when they saw it on a sign and the result was hilarious.

Don’t forget me

When this guy finished his last day at his job, he wanted to give the rest of his co-workers a way to remember him. He wouldn’t be able to grace them with his presence every day once he left the job, so he came up with a solution to make sure they wouldn’t forget him.

He made a memorial shrine in his own honor, complete with candles and a framed photograph. At least it will give his friends a good laugh.

Not stopping you

Whoever decided what to write on this cake really found a way to let their feelings about their co-worker’s departure shine through. With the words “Fine. Go.” there is definitely a passive aggressive undertone to the cake, and even though it’s telling the recipient to leave, the message is clearly not a positive one.

It is a very funny cake to present to someone who is leaving your workplace, though, and we’re sure it was appreciated by everyone in the office.

Whipped cream

When it’s your last day of work, there’s no longer any need to filter yourself or hold back on doing any of those crazy things you’ve always wanted to do. That’s what this guy, thought, anyway, when it was his last day in this kitchen.

He went ahead and slathered himself with whipped cream (or is it shaving cream?) and looks like he’s having a great day. At least his last day will be one to remember, for everyone.


The reaction to this prank depends entirely on how the person on the receiving end feels about cats. Someone came in early and decorated their co-worker’s desk, computer, keyboard, and even their phone with pictures of cats.

It must have taken a while to do such a thorough job, and it will take nearly as long to remove all of the kitties. Imagine coming into work on your last day and finding this – you would probably be either very annoyed or very amused.

In mourning

This woman was given a cake on her last day of work, but the cake is not decorated with your typical farewell message. Instead, her hilarious co-workers chose to write “Sorry for your loss,” on the cake.

They are implying that by leaving her current workplace, she is losing something wonderful. It’s a funny way to turn around the fact that she’s going somewhere new and make it seem like a bad thing, instead of a positive change. She looks like she gets the joke, though.

Model goodbye

Working at a clothing retail store can sometimes cause one to get a little bit antsy. From the pestering customers, to the excessive pictures of models, it’s no surprise that this employee wanted to pull a practical joke on his fellow workers on his last day.

In fact, the “model” in this picture is not actually a model, rather the employee himself. He photoshopped himself into the frame, giving his former co-workers something to think about.

Invisible weatherman

One of the coolest things about watching the weather is the fact that they’re always standing in front of a green screen. This one employee decided to have a little fun with that fact, and wear all green on his last day.

He completely let loose during his broadcasting segment, spreading his arms out with a wide smile, and as you can see he started to become invisible. Who would’ve thought that the weather channel could be this fun?

Feeling ‘Caged’

There’s a reason people love Nicolas Cage so much. He just has a certain expression that can make you laugh, make you cry, or make you engaged – depending on the situation.

It seems that one worker wanted to take full advantage of Cage’s wild eyed facial expression on his last day, when he laid out a carpet with not only his face on it, but a caption that said “I win.” Perhaps there was some bad blood between him and his office…

Recognize me?

In most college classrooms, there is a teacher’s assistant who helps the students out with various things regarding the studies. He or she is usually a student, or very recent alumni.

On the last day of one particular teacher’s assistant, he decided to add a question to a quiz that would test out how much his fellow students actually remembered him. We hope that they got the answer correctly! Otherwise, that would be slightly embarrassing for everyone involved.

Post it blues

At the end of the day, we’re all human, and we can all sometimes be susceptible to our emotions when they go down the gutter. For instance, a bunch of employees were clearly unhappy with their co-worker leaving that they covered his car up with post it notes, spelling out a negative message in the process as well.

Of course, it’s possible that it was all in good fun, and that it was just a practical joke intended to give him a smile.

Rick Astley farewell

On the last day of this employee, he decided to do a very sweet gesture for the rest of his peers. As you can see, he laid out a solid amount of envelopes, each with a letter on it. When laying them out side by side, you can see that they all spelled “Never gonna give you up.”

Clearly this was one employee who really appreciated the time he had spent in his office, and he didn’t want to leave without making sure his friends knew that.

Perfect recommendation

There’s nothing that can describe how you’re feeling quite as well as a cake. You can write messages on it, and eat that message at the same time.

After one employee decided to get up and go, his co-workers decided to send him a slightly off putting message in the form of a cake – “Thanks for your ‘hard work’ – you may use this cake as a reference.” Those quotes around the hard work go a long way – we hope his future employer doesn’t catch the sarcasm.

Get out

Sometimes in life, it’s important to just be blunt about matters. Instead of beating around the bush, you go right up to the person and say how you feel. For any of you out there who understand modern abbreviations, you’ll understand what this cake is trying to say – and you’ll pick up on why it’s a bit rude.

And yet… it’s so rude that we think there’s a good chance they were joking. There’s a bit of a playful energy here that we can’t but smile.

The final quiz

Now this story is just hilarious. On this math teacher’s last day of work, he decided to get his students back for playing pranks on him throughout the year. They had continuously played practical jokes on him, trying to prevent him from giving them a pop quiz.

As a response, he not only placed a billboard of a pop quiz on his student’s car, but he attached a lock and chain to the handle. Guess they got their pop quiz after all…

A donut goodbye

Donuts are always a nice morale booster in the office. You can be in a really bad mood, with no desire to get any work done, and all of the sudden you feel rejuvenated when someone provides donuts for everyone.

That’s what everyone thought was about to happen when one employee rolled in with these delicious smelling boxes. That was, until they opened the box, and saw a very telling message from him, telling them all that he’s decided to quit.

Friendly mural

Not all breakups end badly. This is true with romantic relationships, and with office relationships as well. On the last day of work for one employee, they created a nice little mural for their co-workers.

As you can see, it is full with a plethora of classic cartoon characters, which include the likes of Tasmanian Devil, Bowser, Mario, Luigi, and much more. It probably gave them all a wide smile, and it would be nice if all office relationships ended this cordially.

The sting is real

For those of you who have played the board game Cards Against Humanity, you’ll appreciate this cake more than others. However, even if you’ve never played it, we still think you’ll find this farewell cake pretty funny.

It seems that one office wasn’t too happy about their employee leaving, so they left a message that cuts to the core pretty deeply. It seems they felt that he “let them all down” – and they don’t seem optimistic about moving on.

Negative correction

At the end of the day, Google always finds a way to make it back into the mix of things. One office thought they’d be clever in the way they said goodbye to their employee, when they used a classic Google algorithm on their cake.

Just as Google constantly asks us if we meant to write other similar sounding words in our searches, these employees changed Travis’s name (the man who was leaving) to traitor. Yikes.

Coding love

We aren’t all masters of coding, and yet it’s a pretty awesome cake no matter who you are. We’d have to hazard a guess that this company is one in the hi tech industry, and we have to say there’s something very touching hidden within the icing of this cake.

Even for those who can’t read code, it’s pretty clear that they’re sad to see Jake go, and that he’s more than welcome to return to the office should his new destination not work out as planned.

Comical send off

Now this one right here is just hilarious. The caption mixed with the face is just priceless. It’s obvious that the employers and the employee leaving have a pretty laid back relationship, because although the worker is leaving, there is humor etched firmly into the icing of this cake.

Although the cake is black and white, all parties involved clearly understand that life isn’t always black and white, and that sometimes matters require us to move on.