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These bar designs aren’t the greatest

Bars are places people who have had one too many drinks tend to hang out. People who have been drinking don’t really need any help getting confused, but some people who design the bars for their customers often complicate things more than necessary. Maybe the bar owners were trying out their products before building the bar, because that might explain why so many of them have made these poorly designed drinking establishments.

How do you look today?

If you’ve been drinking for several hours, the last thing you need when going to the restroom is to have this mirror messing up your eyes.

It can be hard enough to focus on one thing with the blurred vision you end up with, but this mirror is only going to make things ten times worse for anybody who is feeling the buzz a little too much. If you try doing your makeup in this mirror, you might come out looking like a Picasso painting!

Bag in a box!

This bar looks as though the owners are trying to get their customers to leave by providing them with a takeaway box.

The drink isn’t sloshing around inside the box though, because that would be a mistake. The drinks from this bar come in a nice little bag to stop the drinks from soaking through and making your clothes smell. Walking around smelling like drink isn’t always the best look, so avoiding that at all costs is always going to be a positive.

For blind drinkers

This bar thought they would be super creative and stick something on their wall no other place has; a Braille sign.

Well, there’s a reason why the other places don’t have illuminated Braille signs, because those who are blind are not going to go up to the wall and feel up the lights. For one thing, the lights are hot and they’ll burn their fingers! The sign is too high, and the bar would be forcing a blind person to climb a ladder and that just seems like too much of a risk.

For when you can’t stand anymore

If you’ve been drinking all evening, there’s a good chance you’ll end up staring at the ceiling as your legs struggle to keep you upright.

This picture has not been taken by someone already upside down, the people installing these tiles in the restroom must just have lost all perspective of what’s up and what’s down. At least it’s just the tiles that are upside down and not the toilets themselves, that would be a pretty tricky task without having any drinks!

Strong online presence

Businesses in the modern world have to have a strong social media presence.

You want people in your local area to come along to your establishment, so you need to appeal to them from afar. It used to just require a cool sign, great location, and good advertising but now you need to add an active and engaging social media presence. This bar decided they weren’t into that and offered the minimalist approach to their customers, drawing their sign in Microsoft Paint for their social media group.

Keeping a record

Sometimes the morning after the night before you’d really rather not know how much you had to drink, but with this fancy glass, you know exactly how much you’re consuming.

Sure it’s a glass measuring jug, but stick a straw in it and all of a sudden it becomes a cocktail glass! Now instead of measuring how many drinks you had by the glass, you know exactly how many cups of that incredibly strong hard drink you had, and how much to avoid the next time.

Before you’ve even had a drink

This place is testing your dedication to getting inside before you’ve even ordered your first drink. Do you pull, or do you push?

Hopefully the customers of this place can figure it out before they turn around and find somewhere else to spend their evening. Who doesn’t like a good puzzle, even if that is combined with going out for the evening? Customers of this place can give their minds a good workout before destroying a few brain cells with their drinks.


The designer of this bar forgot the most important thing for written words; that they are readable.

If you can’t read the sign, how can you expect people to know who or what you are? Hopefully, the rest of the design in this place isn’t as confusing, and people can tell it’s a bar from the rest of the decor. If the drinks menu is laid out in the same format a lot of people might just be playing things safe and choosing the water.

Who needs to clean?

Candles can be a cool addition to a building, they provide an atmosphere that is difficult to replicate using lights.

One of the downsides to using candles is that they tend to drip wax everywhere. Normally that’s not a huge issue as the drips are slow moving and take a long time to build up. This bar decided they would make the candle wax drippings a feature for their customers and it’s one of the firsts things they get to see when walking through the door, how inviting.

No risk

Sometimes you just know you’ve got a great idea, you don’t need to ask anyone else. It’s great.

The person who installed this television above two dart boards didn’t anticipate how bad some people are at darts. Maybe they were watching the TV and not looking at the board, accidentally throwing their dart at the television. Or, as this presumably a sports bar, a passionate fan threw their dart in rage at their favorite team conceding a last minute, and game losing, point.

Wanting to watch the game

Sometimes you don’t even want to drink when you’re at the bar, you’re just there to watch the game.

Cable subscriptions can be expensive, and your nearest bar is showing your team’s games for free, all it’ll cost you a drink or two. You leave the comfort of your own home to head to the bar and you can’t help but notice something’s different about the place. They’ve installed new lights and now you’re going to miss pretty much the entire game, you probably should have just stayed at home!

Full understanding of the world

Some people don’t just want to drink when they head to a bar, they hope for a little bit of culture too.

This bar installed a map of the world, and as far as they can tell everything seems to be in place. There are several issues with this map however. Since when did Japan move to Europe? Africa isn’t a country, and it appears on the map twice, and the last time we checked Britain was an island! At least Australia is in the right place though.


What is the one thing that all great bars have that keep their customers coming back for more and more?

Well it’s probably the drinks, but a close second is an atmosphere. This bar has tried to be a little bit edgy by spelling atmosphere incorrectly but in doing so has made their sign basically illegible. There appears to be additional I’s at the beginning and end of ‘ATMESFIR,’ which only adds confusion and nothing else.

Feeling ill yet?

One thing people who have been drinking too much can struggle with is their spatial awareness, often because the room feels like it’s spinning.

This restroom will have you feeling as though you’ve been drinking all night, even if you’ve only been on soft drinks all evening. It’s hard to know which wall is straight and this optical illusion is the last thing you need after a night spent propping up the bar with an ever-increasing tab.

Living dangerously

It seems that bar owners, dart boards, and televisions are a dangerous combination.

This bar owner wants their customers to be able to enjoy watching TV even while trying to concentrate on a game of darts. The only way they could get a TV in this room was to put it right by the dart board, and there’s probably a reason why it’s not showing anything right now. Someone’s already broken it with a rogue dart!

Caged sink

It’s like this bar is encouraging their customers to not wash their hands by caging off this sink.

Sure they are going for a pretty industrial look, but people who work in that environment still wash their hands. Hopefully there aren’t any bar snacks sitting around for people to share their germs with it they weren’t able to find a way through the sink’s security system after using the restroom. It’s not a conventional sink, but they get points for originality.

Just slightly off

It’s almost more annoying that these four screens are only slightly off instead of completely detached.

At least if they were miles apart you could just accept it, but with these being so close it becomes increasingly more frustrating the more you stare at it. It’s not like the worst part is right in the center of the broadcast, oh no, wait, that’s exactly where it is. Still, a slightly skewed picture is definitely better than no picture at all.

A quick pick me up

One of the most annoying shopping trips you can make is the weekly visit to the grocery store.

It often takes a long time, and there are people who can’t control their carts just getting in everybody’s way. This grocery store understands the pain their customers go through and instead of ignoring the issue, they decided they would address it. Installing a bar in the grocery store is an inspired decision and it might even lead to increased sales, especially of chips and dips!

An afterthought

Sometimes when planning, you go over things a hundred times until you’ve thought of everything.

The designer of this bar figured everything out, they knew where to put the tables, restrooms, even the signs, but there was one thing they completely forgot. The power outlets. Opening day was that night so they had to think fast and come up with a solution. They found the first electrician nearby and asked them to throw in as many sockets as possible, they didn’t care how it looked and this was the result.


At first glance this coaster appears to read from right to left, but it seems as though the person writing this mat might have been drinking the very thing they were trying to sell.

The message just kind of tails off as though they gave up writing and focused more on the drinking. To be honest, most people aren’t going to be reading these mats anyway, they’re trying to see how many can be stacked on top of each other before being flipped and caught from the edge of the table.

Challenge accepted

Who doesn’t like a good challenge every so often? The owner of this bar is challenging their customers to try and find a way to go to the toilet in new and fun ways.

We hope they pay their cleaners very well as the chances of going into the restroom and not finding any waste on the floor is basically non-existent. Especially if it’s a busy evening and all other urinals at this bar except this one have been taken.

Hello there

The problem with going to the bar and drinking all evening is the fact that you need to run to the restroom several times per night.

This bar believes they have come up with a solution to fit more people into their restroom, have them face each other while they go to the toilet. It’s going to be pretty awkward because you don’t want to make eye contact with the person opposite, but if you don’t keep your eyes up then where are you meant to look?

And squint

Is there a bar and restaurant here? It’s hard to tell. We took one look at the sign and got an instant migraine so we haven’t looked at it again.

It’s going to be hard to get people to come to your bar if they’ve already got a headache before even getting there, that’s normally saved for the day after. “Espace Fitness” has the right idea, we can tell straight away what they are and where to find them, but the rest of the businesses? Your guess is as good as ours.

The diet we’ve all been waiting for

People are always looking for the next diet to come along and transform them from couch potato to Greek god or goddess.

Maybe this is the secret diet we’ve all been hoping for that will make that dream become a reality; diet ice. Clearly this is where we’ve all been going wrong and it was the ice in our drinks adding inches to our waistlines, not the poor diet choices and lack of exercise. We can’t wait to try this out and see if we get the results we’re hoping for.