The most unreal bridesmaids dresses of all time

All dressed up

Sometimes it seems as though wearing an over the top bridesmaid dress comes as part of the package and it looks like this wedding was no exception. Why have dull bridesmaids when you could have a flamboyance of flamingos instead? These ladies don’t seem to mind their hot pink numbers. Perhaps that is because they know they will never be able to outdo the bride in her oversized dress? At least this way the bride will never be able to lose her bridesmaids.

Feeling floral

We’re pretty sure this bride likes pink roses, but we’re not sure what gave us the idea. However, this smiling bridesmaid doesn’t seem to mind wearing one of the most unreal bridesmaids dresses of all time. The top might be subtle, but it looks as though this bride wanted something to make her wedding party pop. At least they get to carry roses too just in case one of the guests didn’t realize the theme. However, we’re not sure there’s much chance of that happening.

Something old something… Green?

The fabric, the style, the color, is there any end to the bizarre choices this bride made for her bridesmaids’ dresses? It looks like she wanted to spice things up by having two different styles, but that’s about where her grand plan came to an end. Maybe she wanted a way to check her makeup throughout the day so she bought gowns that doubled up as mirrors? Perhaps she was hoping for some lighting down the aisle? Whatever the case, these women still manage to look happy.

Looking the part

Having mismatching bridesmaids dresses is now one of the biggest trends of any wedding. Although they go against the tradition, they are a brilliant way to spice up the aisle. It looks as though his bride wanted to keep things neutral with her color scheme. However, it now appears there will be a number of brides all walking down the aisle together. Maybe they’re all really close friends and wanted to split their wedding amongst the group? At least most of their headbands match.

You missed a spot

Many brides go through a rigorous beauty routine that can last months before walking down the aisle. This can be anything from body scrubs to facials and everything in between. Either this group of women missed out on the ‘stach trimming, or they’re just getting the party started. Although it seems like they’re having fun, we’re starting to wonder if the group are wearing bridesmaid dresses or picnic blankets? At least they look comfortable for their night of partying.

All puffed up

Although the flower girls at the front of the party look utterly adorable in their pink dresses, we’re starting to wonder how they can walk in them, let alone stand, after all, they are some of the puffiest dresses known to humans. The older bridesmaids seem to have got off lightly, with their puffiness being confined to the mermaid tail of the gown. However, the matching headbands and smiling faces tell us this wedding party is enjoying themselves.

Spot the difference

There has been a rumor for many years that it is considered rude to wear white to someone else’s wedding. Why? Many view it as someone’s way to upstage the bride on her big day. However, this can’t have been the case here unless the bride was trying to outdo herself. If you look really closely, there are some minor differences between the gowns, but the suits appear to be identical. Better hope all the guests can recognize the couple.

Vision in red

We’re going out on a limb here, but we’re pretty sure this bride wanted red as her central color theme. Although red might be a bold choice for some, it seems as though this wedding party was ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd in more ways than one. As if that wasn’t enough, these bridesmaids apparently all went to the same hair stylist, too. At least the bride has been kind enough to let them wear sneakers. All that time on their feet would be tough in heels.

The subtle touches

Being a bride gives a woman a chance to wear whatever dress she wants – the choice is hers! Why not go full out and find one that makes them feel like a princess? However, a princess would be nothing without her royal party. It looks as though it’s ballgowns all round for this group. The bride apparently wanted the perfect frame for her big dress by getting equally as large gowns for her friends. Only, nothing other than hot pink would do.

Getting the perfect location

We have so many questions. To start, why does it seem as though the bridesmaids are wearing nightgowns? As if some of the most unreal bridesmaids dresses of all time weren’t enough already, we have no idea who chose the tub as the perfect place for a photo shoot. Sure, being a wedding photographer means getting creative and finding the right lighting, but we’re not sure they’ve been able to achieve either here. At least the bride can say no one else has a wedding album like it, right?

All the colors of the rainbow

We’re amazed the bride knows this many people to have so many colors. We’re sure at our wedding we’d be able to manage to the primary colors – just. However, one color clearly wasn’t enough for this bright bride who needed no less than eight different shades for her bridesmaids’ dresses. Maybe the bride couldn’t decide which dress she liked the most? Perhaps she wanted everyone to wear their favorite color? We’re pretty sure we’ll never know. At least their wedding album will be nice and colorful.

Walking in a winter wonderland

Winter weddings are a huge market. After all, is there anything as magical as getting married while surrounded by the magic of the holidays? We thought not. Pale blues and purples are brilliant color schemes for anyone looking for a winter wedding. However, this bride wasn’t content with anything standard – she wanted to go all out for her big day. After finding the perfect faux fur dress, it was time to recreate the dashing look for her bridesmaids. Cue this ensemble.

Wonder bridesmaids

Weddings can be the perfect time to inject some of your personality into the big day. Love a superhero? Why not bring them to life in your celebrations? Sure, it might not be standards to be surrounded by eight superwomen all ready to fight crime at the drop of a hat, but what even is normal anymore? It seems the groom might be in for a surprise when he learns of his bride’s double life. At least she has her crew around her to lend a helping hand.

Bringing the party

Why find boring bridesmaid dresses when you can choose ones that are both fun and practical? Sure, you could stick to a pastel color with a wrap-around front and matching shoes, or you could find one that is big enough to hold enough drinks to last the entire night for the newlyweds. Just better hope this bridesmaid doesn’t have any plans of bringing some moves on the dance floor. We can imagine the worm would be pretty impressive in this piece…

Keeping out the chill

Getting married in the winter can be great for any couples looking to enjoy the crispness of the weather, but what about all that standing around? Photos are great, but trying to keep still in the cold can soon leave many feeling the chill. Thankfully, this bride has included some hand warmers in her choice of outfit. However, we’re starting to struggle to see the difference between the bridesmaids and the pink poodle in the corner.

Preparing to take flight

Sure, it might have seemed sweet to dress a child up as a butterfly, but what about the rest of the bridesmaids? Maybe not so much. The outfits aren’t too bad. However, the wings might have been a step too far for these unbelievable bridesmaids dresses. At least the wedding party got to stick entirely to the theme with their flower headbands that took the look to a whole new level. Perhaps they would have been better suited to a Crazy Town music video instead?

Ahead of the times

Judging by the haircuts in this photo, it seems as if this bride was way ahead of the times when it came to choosing outfits for her wedding party. Why do bridesmaids have to match the bride anyway? Why can’t they match the groom for a change? We love the puffed sleeves and waistcoats, but it’s the pink bow ties that bring the whole look together. However, it seems as though the page boy was let off from the trend and he seems content with his grey one instead.

Underwater party

It can be sweet to see the bridal party all dressed in matching outfits, even when they are so different in age. At least now everyone knows who is a bridesmaid. However, we’re assuming the bride is opting for an underwater theme judging by the loud color scheme she has chosen? That, or she just really likes green and blue. We’re surprised the youngsters haven’t got lost amongst all those frills and skirts. Hopefully, they won’t need a life ring for the wedding.

A step back in time

There are many themes brides can choose for their big days. It seems as though this one wanted to take a step back in time for her wedding theme. However, what started as a tribute to the Victorian times has quickly turned into some of the most unreal bridesmaids dresses of all time. Hopefully, the curtains didn’t mind the bridesmaids using them as their gowns. At least the bride seems happy with her choice – even if not all of the wedding party do.

Matching the surroundings

We’re not sure, but we think that someone might be getting upset that their couch cushions have gone walkabouts. That or this bride was able to find someone willing to make dresses from such floral print. What looked good on grandma’s couch won’t always look the same on bridesmaids outfit, but nothing was going to stop this bunch from bringing it to life anyway. At least they were able to complete their look with matching hats, right?

The hooded look

We still haven’t figured out if we’re looking at a photo of bridesmaids or an initiation to a cult. Either way, these women are dressed for the part. At least if it decides to rain this bunch are covered. Who would have thought you could make a wedding look so somber? We’ve figured it out; it must be the bride’s way of handing over her bridesmaids presents in advance. This group of ladies get to enjoy dresses for the day and bathrobes every day after.

A seasonal affair

Is this bride about to find Santa Claus at the end of the aisle? As if the seasonal bridesmaids outfits aren’t enough already, it seems as though the bride herself is wearing a paper hat. The Christmas-themed gowns might have been a good idea at the time, but we’re not sure about the choice now we’ve seen them in action. Imagine the dust all that fur would collect. Plus, we’re pretty sure these bridesmaids are about to get pretty hot once they get to the reception.

Perfectly pastel

Pastel colors are one of the most popular choices for any wedding. They are versatile, easy to find everywhere, and can match just about any theme. So why not take your love of the colors one step further and use them as the color choice for your bridesmaids? However, one was never enough. No, this wedding party needed four colors to make their set complete. To top it off, each bridesmaid even gets a fashionable hat, too.

All dressed up

As well as finding give matching bridesmaids dresses, this bride has even been able to find five very similar looking bridesmaids. It was almost as if it was written in the stars. However, it seems as though this crew might be better suited to a life herding sheep as Little Bo-Peep than walking down an aisle with a bride. Plus, it looks as though some of those dresses could have done with an iron before they made their grand debut on the big day.

A fairy tail affair

We think it’s pretty safe to say this bride like Disney movies. That or Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Rapunzel, and Cinderella have all decided to crash the big day. Of course, with the red hair, it was too good an opportunity to miss for the bride to take on the role of Ariel. Unfortunately, onlookers might think they have arrived at a Halloween party rather than a wedding, but if the bride is happy then who is anyone else to judge?

Wedding from the past

There’s going old school, and then there’s this group of bridesmaids. Did they get their sketches straight out of the history book? We would say they are massive fans of the drama series Game of Thrones, but judging by the photo, we assume this was taken long before the show ever hit the air. Hopefully, the bride didn’t insist on going full out with the layers of the skirt – especially if the wedding was in the summer, or the bridesmaids could have been mere puddles by the end of it all.

Punking it up

The 1980s was a fun time for anyone involved. Punk rock was everywhere, and it seems like this bride wanted to add a splash of alternative to her big day. Sure, she could have bought bridesmaids dresses that stuck to the norm, or she could have gone with her Cruella DeVille gowns that managed to turn everyone’s heads in the room. We’re glad she chose the latter. Plus, the bridesmaids even get the fun of wearing a veil of their own – it’s perfect!

The monochrome look

For many years, it was thought that wearing black to a wedding was bad luck. The color was said to bring misfortune to the married couple, but the myth has since died away. These bridesmaids certainly weren’t going to upstage the bride by wearing white. In fact, they did the complete opposite. Perhaps they would have been better suited to vampire wedding instead? With all that black lace, we’re not surprised the bride isn’t looking too happy.

Feeling floral

We’re glad these ladies are wearing a floral print. Anything else and they might have blended into the background. However, it was all smiles as everyone prepared for their wedding shoot. Not only do the bridesmaids get to enjoy their loud outfits, but they get a matching sun hat to complete the entire look. Although the little ones don’t get to revel in the fun of such floppy headwear, at least they get their own bonnets to hide their embarrassment.

Finished with a bow

We’re assuming from the front these dresses look like your typical bridesmaid dress. How garish can gold satin be, though? Well, that’s all about to change as soon as the guests get a chance to look at the surprise waiting on the back of the outfit. Yes, that’s right; this bride thought she would spice things up by adding in the biggest red bow we have ever seen in our lives. We wonder if the women knew they had such an addition when they got dressed? Although, it’s pretty hard to miss…