The most hilarious prom photos of all time


We understand that when you’re a teenagers, your hormones might be raging, and if your date to prom is wearing something especially revealing, it’s hard to look away from that cleavage. But that’s really no excuse to just blatantly stare at your date’s lady parts – that’s just plain rude. Nothing gets past the lens of the camera, so this picture will forever commemorate this moment, when this girl’s date just glared at her. We’re sure the girl’s parents weren’t too happy to see this picture, either. But looking at the glass half full, at least he was staring at her and not some other girl.

A risqué pose

We know what it’s like to be young and in love, and sometimes when you are, you can’t take your hands off each other. But what we need to remember, is that some things are just inappropriate to do in public. And it’s even worse if you do these things in your prom photo. This picture wasn’t taken nowadays, and it might be a little too much even for now. When taking your prom photos, it’s key to keep in mind that your parents will eventually see it, and they might not want to see you in this particular position.

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