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The inspiring journey of quirky Anna Faris

Anna Faris has been in the Hollywood spotlight since the ’90s and has become a household name when it comes to comedy. The quirky actress can make us laugh through any movie that she’s in and her talents seem to be endless. Aside from her impressive career, Faris has also had a somewhat tumultuous personal life. From eating disorder rumors to her divorce with Chris Pratt, it’s safe to say she’s been through a lot. This is the incredible journey of the beloved Anna Faris.

An amazing transformation

Although our hearts were severed in two when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation, we can’t help but look back on their relationships and their separate careers to put a smile on our faces.

While Chris has also changed quite a bit, it’s safe to say that Anna has been on a whirlwind journey that has gone both up and down. She has had her highs, and she has most definitely had her lows, but is she now on the straight and narrow? This is the amazing transformation of Anna Faris.

Her early years

However, to truly appreciate how far Anna has come over the course of her life and career, we have to go back in time to her early years. Anna was born on November 29, 1975, and spent the first few years of her life in Baltimore.

Yet, when her father was offered a new job in Washington as a sociology professor, he just couldn’t turn the offer down. The family relocated, and when Anna was just 6 years old, she became involved with a community drama class that exposed her to the world of performance.

Making her own

Before she knew it; she was hooked. Anna loved her drama classes, and she would take everything she learned home with her. She would put together her own plays, and she would even pretend to be on her own talk show, where she made inanimate objects talk to her.

Her love of acting didn’t dwindle as she got older, and she was soon studying at high school while also performing with a repertory company in Seattle. After graduation, she studied English Literature at the University of Washington.

Not in the cards

Although Anna loved acting and performing, she had no intentions of becoming a fully-fledged actress. She simply wanted to do it on the side while she worked on her novel and worked as a receptionist in London.

Anna had accepted the job offer after she graduated from college, but a last minute change of plans saw her moving to Los Angeles instead. It was here that she saw the appeal of having her name in lights, and she made it her mission to become a Hollywood actress.

The year 2000

As soon as she made her decision, Anna was booked in for audition after audition, and she eventually got her big break in the year 2000. It was this year that she was offered her first professional role in a proper Hollywood movie.

To take on the character of Cindy Campbell in the parody film, Scary Movie, the producer asked Anna to dye her naturally blonde locks a much darker color. For the first time in her life, Anna had become a brunette – and it was the perfect way to mark her entrance into Tinseltown.

Getting feathery

In fact, Anna has changed her hair numerous times over the course of her career. While she has almost always kept her blonde locks to herself, she has often let hairstylists go wild with the specifics of her appearance.

For this particular photo shoot, she had gone back to her blonde roots and had adopted the “wild and free” style for her ‘do. With braids and feathers, Anna doesn’t look like the Anna we know and love today – but this just shows how much she has changed.

A movie success

By the time 2002 came around, Anna Faris was well and truly making a name for herself in the world of Hollywood. She had reprised her role as Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie 2, and she had managed to bag herself smaller roles in big-budget movies.

That year, she was offered the chance to star alongside the likes of Rachel McAdams and Rob Schneider in the comedy movie, “The Hot Chick.” While she did not take on the leading role, it showed the versatility in her acting talents.

Getting hitched

What most people don’t realize is that Chris Pratt was not Anna Faris’ first husband. In 1999, Faris worked alongside an actor by the name of Ben Indra on the set of an independent movie. They quickly hit it off, and they began to date.

They worked their way through the industry as relative newbies together, and they both encouraged each other to succeed. After asking for Anna’s hand in marriage, the pair got hitched in 2004. Sadly, it was not meant to be, and they were officially divorced by 2008.

Brokeback Mountain

In 2005, Anna Faris was offered a role she just couldn’t refuse. She was offered the chance to take on the role of Lashawn Malone in the neo-Western romantic drama, Brokeback Mountain.

Although Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were the main characters within this legendary movie, Anna gave fans and movie producers the chance to see a different side to her. This was a woman who could go back in time and take on a serious historical role without any problems, and this was something Hollywood wanted in their repertoire.

Meeting Chris

Two years later, and Anna Faris had almost become a household name. She had worked on the fourth Scary Movie film, and she had taken on roles in comedies such as My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Smiley Face.

Things even improved even more for the actress in 2007 when she met Chris Pratt. The two actors were cast as love interests in the comedy movie, Take Me Home Tonight, and fans could see that their chemistry was electric. It came as no surprise when they officially started dating after filming came to an end.

The House Bunny

Just a few months into her relationship with Chris Pratt, Anna Faris was given a chance to take on a challenging character that would stand at the forefront of a brand new role for her. She would later become Shelley, a blonde Playboy bunny who is kicked out of the mansion.

She soon makes herself known as a house mother in a college sorority house – but things don’t exactly go to plan. Although the movie itself received mixed reviews, most critics agreed that Anna provided a believable and hilarious character that fans fell in love with.

Going under the knife

Anna has since confessed to The New Yorker that her appearance in The House Bunny hugely affected her confidence. For the role, she was expected to wear a padded bra to make her assets look much larger.

While wearing this bra, she felt incredibly beautiful, but this would come to an end when she took it off at the end of the day. After speaking to Chris Pratt about her options, she eventually decided to go under the knife to have breast augmentation. She later debuted the results on the red carpet.

Baby on board

After two years of dating, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in Bali. They decided to elope rather than plan a big extravaganza, and only their closest friends and family knew what had happened.

They were over the moon to be man and wife, and they were excited to start a family. They were finally able to expand their brood in 2012 when they welcomed Jack Pratt into the world. Although he was born prematurely, he has since grown to be a happy and healthy little boy.

A shorter look

After welcoming their baby boy into the world, Anna wanted to make her appearance back into the high life of Hollywood a memorable. She was able to shed her baby weight incredibly quickly, and she ditched her lengthy blonde locks for something much shorter.

With new bangs and a choppy bob, she totally stole the show when she arrived at this all-star party. It’s no wonder that Chris is staring at her so intently with the look of love on his face. He had everything he could have possibly wanted.

Going platinum

Later that year, Anna made her way onto the red carpet for the 2012 Oscars Award with a dazzling new ‘do. Although she had not returned to the dark side since her role in Scary Movie, Anna had always kept to her naturally blonde locks.

Yet, on this occasion, she decided to shake things up a bit. She opted for a more platinum blonde that would create an impressive contrast between her hair and the sparkle of her dress and earrings. This is one of our favorite looks.

Lovely in yellow

For the 2013 Emmy Awards, Anna wowed in front of the cameras in this canary-yellow ensemble. This, coupled with her classic Hollywood waves and her red lipstick meant that she stole the show.

But there was something about her appearance that threw off some of her fans. They noticed that Anna was sporting much fuller lips. This led many to believe that she had used lip fillers – and she has since confirmed in her book that she has used fillers in the past. She has noted that they were “not the right choice” for her to have made.

A natural beauty

Since making a name for herself in the world of Hollywood, Anna Faris has impressed us all with her acting talent. Yet, this isn’t the only way that she has impressed us. She is one of the few female celebrities who can walk the red carpet in a simple outfit and minimal makeup and still blow us away.

On this particular occasion, she rocked a simple updo and natural glam, and she looked positively radiant. She has kept this natural look ever since, and we love her for sticking to it.

A successful actress

By the time 2016 came around, Anna Faris didn’t need any introduction. She had not only proved herself to be an impressive Hollywood actress, but she also proved that she was more than capable of adding comedy into her roles.

By this time, she had also made her transition into the world of television. Since 2013, she has taken on the lead role alongside Allison Janney in the sitcom, Mom, and blown us all away with her beauty and her talent. It seems as though she’s unstoppable.

Sad news

Although everything seemed to be going well for Anna in her professional life, 2017 marked a tough year for her personally. In August, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt both released statements to announce their separation.

While they were no longer going to be together romantically, they were going to do everything they could to work together to raise their son. They didn’t want him to feel as though he was being stuck in the middle of two parents, and they wanted to make things work for him while he was still so young.

Looking slim

Over the course of her career, Anna Faris has always been slim. She has never had to worry about being overweight or how much she ate because she always remained the same size.

However, fans received a shock when she posted this photographs on Instagram in October 2018. With her frail legs and her extremely thin body, they were worried that the stress of her divorce was getting to her and that she wasn’t eating. Anna Faris later removed the photo from her social media feed after an onslaught of worried comments.

Crossing the line

When someone gets verbally attacked online, there’s no telling what they might do at that point. All bets are off, and if they choose after that to retreat from the spotlight for a little while, they are totally within their right.

Sometimes people cross the line, and it can come as a pretty big shock to the person on the other end. It seems that that’s what happened to Anna Faris, and we’re not surprised she took the picture down so soon after she posted it.

Insensitive comments

If you were curious about the type of comments she got that made her take down the picture, here are a few examples. One of the comments just advised her to “eat,” while saying that she looked “so unhealthy.”

One needs to think to themselves if what they’re saying will actually help the person who’s reading it. They might think that they’re making a positive difference, when it reality they’re just being insensitive and hurtful towards someone.

You don’t know me

Here’s the thing. We all know Anna Faris from the movies she appears in, but can any of us say we actually know who she is deep down. That’s what the people who made the comments didn’t really understand.

They figured that just because they saw one picture, then it means they know everything that goes on behind the scenes of Anna’s life. They couldn’t have been more wrong about this fact – and they should’ve been more careful about what they said.

Unwarranted therapy

To further iterate the point that some people went too far, here’s another insensitive comment that was made. Someone decided to play psychologist, and told everyone that clearly the picture was a “cry for help.”

This person failed to realize that they don’t know the ins and outs of Anna’s life. She posts the pictures that she wants to post, and if she really required help, she’d seek it out from either someone close to her or a real life professional.

Healthy humor

At the end of the day, Anna doesn’t take herself as seriously as people think – and we mean this in a good way. It’s good to be ambitious and emotional in life, but it’s also important to offset that with a healthy dose of humor.

We truly believe that that’s what Anna’s mindset was when she posted that picture – and it’s a shame that her “fans” failed to pick up on that. Indeed, all you would have to do is watch one of her movies to realize this fact about her.

Just Friends

A good example of this part of her personality can be seen when she plays the role of Samantha Jones in the hit comedy film, Just Friends.

Starring alongside Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart, Faris portrays a pop diva who has hilarious lines at every turn. But within her performance, it’s clear that she’s a very intelligent woman, one who sees the world with not just a keen eye, but also an empathetic heart. It’s also far from the only time we’ve seen that from her.

Gifted writer

We’ve spoken about her intelligence, and we’ve spoken about her comedic talent, but we have yet to talk about the fact that she’s also a talented author. She actually released a book as recently as 2017 called Unqualified.

This was an autobiography which not only documented a number of events in her life, including the ups and downs of her romantic relationshp with Chris Pratt, but also the wonders and woes of love and dating in general.


In addition to her talented as an author (her book was a success), Anna has also been hosting her own podcast since 2016, and it’s also called Unqualified.

Yes, that’s right, the podcast that she still successfully runs is under the same name as her book. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s not just a catchy title in her eyes. It represents who she is on a deep level. And it’s exactly the reason her true fans can’t get enough of her.

Perfectly humble

Anna’s whole premise behind “Unqualified” is based in her humility. On the podcast, she offers advice to on dating to anyone who is willing to listen.

She is open about the fact that she isn’t a licensed professional, nor is she a “dating expert.” However, she also says that she has 40 plus years of life experience, and she’s more than happy to give whatever advice she can. Her podcast is a safe place for anyone to come and talk about their love life.

Celebrity guests

To give you a bit of an insight regarding how popular her podcast is, she actually invites a fellow celebrity to join her every episode, where they can discuss their relationship issues, or triumphs.

Some celebrities that have joined her show include the likes of Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Olsen, Topher Grace, Emma Roberts, and up to 100 more. The appearance of celebrities has certainly helped with the podcast’s popularity – but that’s not all that’s helped it.

Involving the listeners

Another reason people love her podcast so much is because she invites everyone to email their stories to her as well.

Any average person off the street is more than welcome to send it their story to the podcast, or ask her questions regarding dating, love, or anything related to that. She will then choose a few and discuss them on the podcast. This has also helped with the listeners’ engagement, creating a strong bond between her and her fans.

Long term fans

With this in mind, it’s good to know that Anna has fans that love her, and support her no matter what kind of picture she posts online.

Because while there were some people who were extremely quick to point a finger at her, there were also a ton of other fans who defended her till the sun came down. These are the type of fans Anna intends to stick with through the long haul, because they’re the ones who understand her. So what does the future hold for her?

New romance

From a love perspective, it seems as though Anna has been cranking it up these days. She recently admitted to be dating someone named Michael Barrett, a Hollywood cinematographer.

He’s worked on number of well known films including Ted, and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. They’ve been spotted together on a number of occasions, and it’s nice to see Anna settling in nicely with another man. As far as Pratt, he too has moved on…

New girl

Indeed, Chris Pratt has found himself a new girlfriend recently as well – Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold himself.

It seems that Chris isn’t intimidated by the Terminator, but perhaps after playing the role of Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s got some pretty nice tricks up his sleeve too. All of that being said, he and Anna are still on good terms – which is a good thing, because they still have a child together.

Good terms

In fact, not only are they on good terms, but Pratt was reportedly very upset will people for body shaming his ex.

It seems that they’ve officially finalized their divorce, but it’s nice to see that he sticks by her through and through, and that they’ve remained platonic friends throughout it all. Of course, it always helps when you find new romances, and for that reason we’re happy that they’ve both found other people to date.

A marvelous change

While fans may still be worried about her weight, it’s safe to say that Anna is still going strong both personally and professionally. Although we’ve discussed the new man in Anna’s life, that’s hardly the only thing she has going for her.

Anna is focusing on her career and her son while she works on feeling happy. Whatever happens next, we hope that Anna is incredibly proud of how far she has come. After all, she has gone through a marvelous change and is still as beautiful as ever.

Chris’ engagement

Well, it looks like Chris is as happy as ever with his new love Katherine Schwarzenegger. In fact, he’s so happy that he asks her to marry him in January 2019. And guess what! She said yes!

That’s right; Anna seems to be totally out of the picture when it comes to Chris’ love life, as he has a new leading lady in mind. While it seems like this is moving a little quickly, love is love and when you know you know, right?