The funniest T-Shirt jokes you’ll ever see

What collage does she go to?

While our blonde bombshell friend here may very well be referring to the arts and crafts activity of collaging, we assume this shirt is supposed to say “I <3 College.” Maybe she should be spending more time in her English 101 class than taking Instagram pictures, but who are we to judge? Not everyone wins spelling bees. Maybe she’s more of a math person – we all have our strengths. Either way, her friends should probably take her out for a quick shopping spree and this shirt shouldn’t be a part of her new wardrobe.


No, but now we feel insecure

Ah, the infamous question that can get your significant other in so much trouble, “does this outfit make me look fat?” Even if it’s not 100% true, the answer is always “no, you look beautiful,” in case you’re wondering. But wait, that’s not what the woman’s shirt says here. It could be a misprint, but either way, we’re a little confused. This girl is so confident with her beach bod, that she actually wore a shirt insinuating that she looks so good, other people around her actually look fat. Get it, girl! You work that shirt. If we’re being honest, we all wish we had the confidence that you do.

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