The funniest T-Shirt jokes you’ll ever see

Clothes and fashion are constantly changing. Each decade brings with it new trends that we then feel we have to follow. Sometimes the fads come back in style and even if no one has worn something in several years, people start rocking things like bell bottoms and overalls years after they were originally popular.

One clothing item that seems to remain in fashion no matter the era, is the graphic T-shirt. Different generations have brought new slogans and ideas to put on shirts. From fast food chain logos to TV show quotes, people will add just about anything to their T-shirts.

Sometimes these graphic tees are funny, sometimes they are over-the-top, and sometimes they are just a little silly. Either way, they are meant to give you a bit of insight into the personality of the person wearing it. The class clown might have a joke of some sort or a funny picture, while someone who considers themselves goth may have something dark and mysterious on their shirt.

In a way, our clothing really does tell the world who we are, a bit about us, and how we want to be perceived. This is not always the case because people can make mistakes and perceive others incorrectly, but generally we can make quick assumptions about someone based on what they are wearing. For instance. someone who hates the color pink will probably not have many things in their closet in that color and the same goes for black.

Making snap judgements about people can actually be pretty harmful because as we said above, they can be wrong. Examples of this can be found in movies since basically forever: in Pretty Woman, for instance, Julia Roberts’ character enters an expensive store and the employee refuses to help her because of her appearance. The next day, after buying an entire new wardrobe, Roberts returns to the store and explains what a huge mistake the worker had made by judging her based on what she was wearing and how she looks. In Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon’s character is considered to be a “dumb blonde” because of her personality and her all pink clothing. Most of the other characters assume she will never amount to anything, but she proves them wrong and becomes a successful lawyer, thus proving that people can be different than how they appear.

Whether they wear fancy and expensive dresses and suits or stick to a basic graphic tee and jeans ensemble, everyone deserves a chance for the world to get to know them for who they really are and not just for what they look. It’s always important not to judge a book by its cover, even if the shirt they are wearing seems a little ridiculous to you.