The cast of ALF – where are they now?

Nowadays, we have so many new shows on our “must watch” list, we wish we could throw it all away and simply curl up in a corner with our favorite retro sitcoms. Luckily, we can! Thanks to the new invention of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu, we now have epic sitcoms at the push of a button. We’re talking The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House, Friends, and more. It’s pretty darn great. Yet, there is one show on the retro sitcom list that would always come before any other show on there. Of course, we’re talking about ALF!

This show follows the life of an Alien Life Form (ALF) as he integrates into human life after crash-landing into the Tanners’ garage. However, aliens aren’t always welcome in suburbia, and the Tanners have to do everything they can to ensure that ALF is hidden away from the public so that the Alien Task Force doesn’t take him away from them. Yet, this meant that ALF had to stay hidden in their house – which wasn’t easy, considering ALF was known for his argumentative nature, his sarcasm, and his boisterousness. It was rough on the Tanners. Luckily, the cast of ALF have since moved away from the alien and moved on from the show – but what have they gone on to? Have they continued their reign in the acting world? Have they retired? Well, find out as you read where the cast of ALF are now…

Paul Fusco as ALF

Considering the whole show was named after him, it’s fair to say that ALF is kind of a big deal. As the Alien Life Form, ALF is the kind of character who doesn’t quite fit into the suburban lifestyle the Tanners are used to. He has a snout, he is hairy, and he is an alien! Nevertheless, the Tanners agree to take him in after his spaceship crashes into their garage, and he soon becomes a member of their family. Albeit a rather annoying member of their family. We have a feeling they may have regretted their decision to take him in every so often…

Paul Fusco today

Thankfully, Paul Fusco does not have his own snout or hairy back – because he simply used his voice to create the character of ALF. Yet, Paul wasn’t just the voice behind ALF. He was also the creator of the show, the writer, the producer, and the puppet master! In short, he was the leading man behind this epic sitcom. Although ALF is no longer in production, this hasn’t stopped Paul from continuing his craft and continuing to take ALF around the world for puppet performances. Alongside this, Paul has also noted that he’s planning an ALF movie, and has been working on that for the past few years.

Anne Schedeen as Kate Tanner

Although we probably don’t need to say it twice, ALF is not the easiest of houseguests, and will often find himself in troublesome situations. Thankfully, Kate Tanner is on hand to keep him in line. Not only is she the matriarch of the Tanner family, but she is always one of the only ones in the family who can control their in-house Alien Life Form. Kate is initially very apprehensive about keeping an alien in her home, but eventually treats him as if he were one of her own children.

Anne Schedeen today

Nowadays, Anne Schedeen is still remembered for playing Kate Tanner on ALF, and we’re sure she’s pretty proud of that fact. Yet, she has also tried to get herself out of the ALF bubble and into other acting productions that she can put her name to. Since leaving the show in 1990, Anne was cast in two separate legal dramas including Judging Amy and Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned Lobster, and has even taken on another sitcom role in Tiny Nuts. Sadly, she hasn’t worked on anything since 2014.

Max Wright as Willie Tanner

Willie Tanner is the reason that ALF landed in his garage. After fiddling with his radios, Willie accidentally sent out a distress signal to ALF’s spaceship – and the rest is history! Unfortunately, Willie isn’t too fond of the fact that he has an alien in his home, despite the fact that he loves anything to do with space. This is because Willie and ALF don’t exactly get on. While this may be the understatement of the century, these two really do know how to wind each other up…

Max Wright today

Amazingly, Max Wright appeared in every single episode of ALF during its sitcom reign and is still remembered for his role as Mr. Tanner. After the cameras stopped rolling on the show, Max managed to stay on the sitcom train and later worked on shows such as The Drew Carey Show, Norm, and Murphy Brown. He was also cast in numerous movies but has not put his name to any show or movie since 2002. Hopefully, he’ll make a triumphant return to the world of acting soon!

Benji Gregory as Brian Tanner

Although Kate and Willie Tanner already have their hands full with a mischievous alien, the parents also have to deal with their own kids – and this is where Brian Tanner comes in. As the equally mischievous middle child, Brian immediately strikes a bond with ALF after he crash-lands in their garage. However, things start to change for Brian as he gets older, and he soon starts to realize that having an alien in his house doesn’t make for a normal childhood, and Brian often feel neglected as a child.

Benji Gregory today

Like many professional actors, Benji Gregory was brought up in a family of performers, and it was just a matter of time before he landed his first major role in the world of acting as a child star. After taking on a lead role in ALF, Benji managed to continue his reign as a sitcom star in shows such as Fantastic Max and Murphy Brown. After a successful stint as a child actor, Benji decided to switch career paths to join the Navy, and has since settled down with his family.

Liz Sheridan as Raquel Ochmonek

Raquel Ochmonek is the token nosy neighbor every single sitcom needs to have – and she plays her part brilliantly! Considering the Tanners are harboring an illegal alien in their house, Raquel is not the most welcome of neighbors, and the family often tries to avoid any interaction with her. However, this can be incredibly difficult, as Raquel’s intense and loud arguments with her husband make their way over to the Tanner household. Luckily, ALF finds their arguments absolutely hilarious and listens in whenever he can.

Liz Sheridan today

Liz Sheridan took on a huge role when she agreed to be ALF’s Raquel Ochmonek, but it might surprise you to know that this role is not her largest to date. After the actress wrapped up filming for the sitcom, she was quickly snapped up to play Jerry Seinfeld’s mother, Helen, on his hilarious, eponymously named sitcom, Seinfeld. Since then, Liz has continued to act in comedy movies and TV shows, including American Dad, Play The Game, and Complete Savages. She’s still acting today, giving the world some of more her phenomenal talent!

Josh Blake as Jake Ochmonek

Jake Ochmonek has the unfortunate displeasure of living with the Raquel Ochmonek and her husband – and it’s fair to say that it’s not the most loving household. As their nephew, Jake had to deal with his aunt and uncles constant arguing until the Tanners decided to give him another place to stay. He soon discovers that it’s possible to live in a new family, and also discovers that the said family are hiding an alien in their house. Rather than running away from ALF, Jake forms a bond with him.

Josh Blake today

Like many child actors of the ‘80s, Josh Blake managed to score himself numerous roles after starring in ALF, and later starred on comedy shows such as Full House, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and Married… With Children. Josh also managed to score voice roles for movies and video games such as Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, but his career has since slowed down. Although he has attempted to make a career as an adult actor, Josh has not put his name to anything since 2005.

Andrea Covell as Jody

Considering ALF is a rather extravagant alien with a snout for a nose and a perfect comb-over, it’s not exactly easy for him to make friends – especially as most people would report him to the Alien Task Force. Luckily, there is one person who ALF can be his true self around. Because she is blind, Jody can’t see what ALF really is, but learns to accept him as her friend thanks to his personality and his humor. However, she does know there is something a little odd about her friend.

Andrea Covell today

To this day, Andrea Covell’s role as Jody on ALF is still her most notable role to date – largely because she left the world of professional acting just a few months after she wrapped up her role. This was not because she couldn’t get the work, but because she wanted a break from that world. After years out of the spotlight, Andrea’s friends and family persuaded her to make a return to the art she loved, and she is now a prominent cast member of the popular acting troupe, West Coast Ensemble.

Jim J. Bullock as Neal Tanner

As you can tell, Neal Tanner is another member of the Tanner family. In this case, Neal is Willie’s brother! Neal left his wife after she asked him to help out more around the house and now lives with the Tanner family in their suburban home. Although Neal was originally taken aback by the fact that his brother was housing an illegal alien in his home, Neal has since come to love the Alien Life Form, and the pair spends hours on end talking about everything and anything. Yes, they’re inseparable!

Jim J. Bullock today

Although fans of ALF still remember Jim J. Bullock for his role on the show, it’s fair to say that this actor had already found himself a huge fan base prior to this role. This was because Jim had previously starred on the hilarious sitcom, Too Close for Comfort. After dominating the world of the sitcom, Jim continued to reign over his television career and was even given a chance to host his very own talk show. Sadly, his last acting credit came in 2012, and he has since disappeared from the spotlight.

Carla Gugino as Laura

As we watch Jake Tanner transform from a boy into a teenager, we also get to watch as he starts to explore a new love in his life – women! Jake ultimately falls head over heels for Laura, his neighbor, but struggles to gain the confidence to ask her out. Luckily, ALF is always on hand to help out his friend and helps Jake get the woman of his dreams by writing poetry for her on his behalf. Yet, Jake soon realizes that Laura really isn’t the woman of his dreams, and stands her up.

Carla Gugino today

Amazingly, Carla Gugino had had little to no acting experience when she first walked onto the set of ALF, and her role as Laura was one of her first stints in front of the camera. Yet, it seems as though this role paid off, as Carla has since maintained a fairly strong and stable acting career since being on the show. In recent years, she has put her name to drama shows like Nashville and Supergirl, as well as the comedy show, Robot Chicken.

Anne Meara as Dorothy Halligan Deaver

The Tanner household is always buzzing with people and aliens, and Dorothy Halligan Deaver was one of the many houseguests who descended on their ranks. As the mother of Kate Tanner, Dorothy decides to move in with her daughter and her family after her husband passes away. Unfortunately, Dorothy isn’t a fan of Kate’s other houseguest, and she often clashes with the Alien Life Form. In fact, she clashes with him all of the time! ALF even calls her the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ behind her back.

Anne Meara (deceased)

Anne Meara was an acting legend with a career that spanned more than six decades, and her appearance on ALF was just one of her amazing roles. As an actress, writer and comedian, Anne made her place known in the world of show business, and her talent paid off. Over the course of her career, she won numerous accolades including a Writers Guild Award, a Tony Award and an Emmy Award. Sadly, Anne Meara passed away in 2015, but we wish always remember her for playing the hilarious Dorothy.

Paul Dooley as “Whizzer” Deaver

Although the Tanner family are the main characters of ALF, there are also some newcomers who make their characters known on the show. As a clarinetist at Club Juniper, “Whizzer” Deaver was simply going about his evening when he stumbled upon Dorothy Halligan Deaver. Before too long, Whizzer has become a prominent member of the Tanner family as Kate’s father-in-law! Dorothy was originally skeptical about moving on from her previous husband and finding a new love in life but is now happily married to Whizzer.

Paul Dooley today

Despite the fact that Paul Dooley blew us away with his role as Whizzer Deaver in ALF, it seems as though his acting talent is just one of the many talents he holds in his repertoire. Dooley is also an incredibly successful cartoonist, writer and stand-up comic, and has since been able to maintain a busy schedule. In recent years, Paul has continued to work on television shows and movies and has continued to showcase his comic relief. Most notably, Dooley has recently voiced a character on the popular children’s movie, Cars 3.

Bill Daily as Dr. Larry Dykstra

Dr. Larry Dykstra has two different roles on ALF. Not only is he a hugely successful psychologist, but he is also a good friend of Willie Tanner. Because Willie knows that Larry can’t break his ethical oath, he knows that he can tell Larry anything about his life, and it will not go further than his office. Because of this, Willie decides to get the biggest secret off his chest – that his family are hiding an alien in their house! Dr. Larry eventually meets ALF, and the pair enter into a strained friendship.

Bill Daily today

Before he took on the role as Dr. Larry Dykstra, Bill Daily had proved to the world that he was more than capable of taking center stage during his 30-year career. This acting domination didn’t end after he finished filming the sitcom, as Bill continued to work on major sitcoms and comedy shows such as Caroline in the City, Bob, Starting From Scratch and Newhart. Bill announced in 2010 that he was officially retiring from acting, but has since made occasional appearances on the radio and on our screens.

Rich Little as himself

ALF often plays host to some pretty impressive visitors, and Rich little was one of those visitors. The talk show host and actor appears in the episode, “Tonight, Tonight” where ALF gets the opportunity to make his television debut and host The Tonight Show – and it’s fair to say that his appearance on the talk show is definitely memorable. After running amok on the set and going off script, Rich Little is called in to calm the Alien Life Form down. Surprisingly, he manages to do just that.

Rich Little today

Rich Little is one of the most famous men in the world of acting and comedy, and he has since been called ‘The Man of a Thousand Voices’ thanks to his effortless impressions. Because of this, his appearance on ALF was just a mere speck on his ever-expanding resume, which is still going strong today. Nowadays, Rich Little can be found in Las Vegas at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club, where he performs his very own hour-long set to adoring fans from around the world. We’re definitely buying tickets…

Molly Hagan as Denise

It’s fair to say that ALF is more trouble than he’s worth, but there have been various moments where this alien has come to the forefront of attention for saving the day… although it doesn’t happen very often. In fact, Denise is one of the few people in this world who can say that ALF helped her out of a sticky situation when she found herself going into labor in an elevator. It just so happened that ALF was also in the elevator with her, and he did everything he could to deliver her baby.

Molly Hagan today

Sadly, Molly Hagan only took on the role of Denise for two episodes of ALF, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be proud of her efforts on the show. This is especially true now that this actress has gone onto bigger and better things. After appearing on the show, Molly was cast as major characters in programs such as the sitcom, Seinfeld, and the cult classic, Nutt House. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Molly has also worked with Emma Roberts on the teen show, Unfabulous, and she’s still acting today.

Raye Birk as Officer Griswold

Considering ALF gets into all kinds of mischief, it’s surprising that he hasn’t had more awkward encounters with Officer Griswold – but so far, the total stands at one. After the Ochmoneks fall victim to a burglary, ALF tries his best to catch the burglars in the act. Unfortunately, his plan doesn’t quite pay off, and he is surrounded in the house by Officer Griswold and his team. He is eventually saved by Willie Tanner and leaves the house without a criminal record or a ride with the Alien Task Force.

Raye Birk today

Fans of Raye Birk will know that his role as Officer Griswold is still one of his most notable roles to date, but many people forget that he starred on another show just a few years after he stepped off the set of ALF. In fact, Birk is still remembered today for his hilarious character, Papshmir, in the comedy film, ‘Naked Gun 33 ⅓: The Final Insult.’ Since then, Raye has continued to act but has swapped standing in front of a camera to standing in front of an audience.

Fran Drescher as Roxanne

Considering he spends most of his day causing a ruckus, it should come as no surprise to learn that ALF often needs a good night’s sleep – and that’s where Roxanne comes in. During one of his many dreams, ALF dreams that his whole human family has grown up and that Brian Tanner has found a new lady in his life by the name of Roxanne. However, Roxanne isn’t the biggest fan of ALF and does everything in her power to ensure that ALF is pushed out of the picture for good.

Fran Drescher today

Although she only appeared in a single dream sequence of ALF, it’s fair to say that Fran Drescher certainly made an impression on the cast and the fans of the show. This is even more prominent now that Fran has since become one of the most famous women in Hollywood. With numerous accolades to her name including Emmy Awards and Golden Globes, we’re not surprised that big movie executives have cast her in three upcoming movies, including a role in the children’s animation, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

Dean Cameron as Robert Sherwood

Robert Sherwood works for Rex Savage as a catering assistant but also likes to spend his free time entertaining and annoying his friends as a mime. After the Tanner family decide to throw a party for their friends and family, they ask Rex and Robert to help them out. It was at this party that Robert met Lynn Tanner for the first time – and it’s fair to say that he was completely smitten. The couple eventually moves in together, but Robert has since broken up with her.

Dean Cameron today

Amazingly, Dean Cameron was already hugely famous before taking to the set of ALF and had previously appeared on the comedy film, Summer School, as the hilarious Francis “Chainsaw” Gremp. Since wrapping up his role as Robert Sherwood, Dean has managed to maintain a fairly steady career within the world of show business as an actor and performer. In fact, he spends his free time performing as a spoof karaoke act, which incorporates his impressions of Corey Feldman, Corey Hart, and Corey Haim.

John LaMotta as Trevor Ochmonek

As you can probably tell by the name, Trevor Ochmonek is the husband of Raquel Ochmonek, which means you should have now realized that Trevor is on the receiving end of her arguments. With his intense New York accent, Trevor’s altercations with his wife and his neighbors are made even more dramatic and even more entertaining. However, the Tanners have since parted ways with Trevor and changed their Ochmonek allegiance, after they realized that he has been stealing their food behind their backs.

John LaMotta today

Although he is a hugely talented actor, John LaMotta didn’t spend his early years dreaming of working in front of the camera or standing on a stage. Instead, he dreamed of making a career in the ring as a professional boxer. John managed to make it big within the realm of amateur boxing but was soon taken in with the world of show business. After using his talent in ALF, John later appeared on sitcoms such as Frasier and The Nanny but retired in 2004.

Andrea Elson as Lynn Tanner

Brian Tanner would not be the person he is today without his annoying older sister, so say hello to Lynn Tanner! As the eldest of the Tanner children, you would have thought that Lynn would have been confident and proud, but that just wasn’t the case. Instead, Lynn spent her early years in her own comfort zone and her own little bubble. At least, that was until ALF came along. Since these two have been friends, Lynn has come out of her shell and blossomed as a woman.

Andrea Elson today

Before she appeared on ALF, Andrea Elson had actually already made a name for herself as a child model, as well as a major character on the children’s show, Whiz Kids. After landing this major gig when she was 14 years old, Andrea soon scored herself the recurring role as Lynn Tanner on ALF. However, Andrea has not continued to live her life in the limelight. She now lives away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and works as a yoga teacher.

Teresa Ganzel as The Matinee Lady

ALF is the kind of alien who can make friends and enemies wherever he goes, and luckily, The Matinee Lady is one of his friends. After showing off her marketing skills to promote the Pecs ‘R’ Us products inside a local gym, The Matinee Lady is approached to work alongside ALF on an episode of The Tonight Show – and of course, she accepts the generous offer. Immediately, ALF warms to the new lady on the show with the contagious smile. After all, it’s impossible not to!

Teresa Ganzel today

Although we now know that her real name is Teresa Ganzel, this actress will go down in history as The Matinee Lady, because she has since made herself into a brand. She has not only appeared as The Matinee Lady on ALF, but she has also reprised this role to guest star on various TV shows over the course of her career. Yet, she has also tried her hand at other roles. Most notably, she has recently appeared as a voice actress on animated movies such as Monsters University and Despicable Me 3.