Take a look inside Chip and Joanna’s house

Joanna and Chip Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper have made a literal fortune from coming into people’s homes and giving them a makeover – the homes, that is. When it came time to design their own home, however, things were a little bit of a different story. It took them 18 months to get their own home just the way they wanted and let us just say, it is pretty impressive.

Chip and Joanna

Let’s start from the beginning with who the Gaines are. They actually have one of the most romantic stories ever. After growing up in the same state and attending the same college, three years apart, they finally met in Waco, Texas back in 2001.

Chip knew he would marry Joanna just from seeing a picture of her on the wall in her father’s shop. The couple then tied the knot in 2003, and it’s been a whirlwind since. After living in nine different homes together, they knew that they wanted to renovate a family home that they could really settle into.

The farmhouse

In 2012, Chip and Joanna Gaines purchased this farmhouse. It was a two-bedroom house with an unfinished attic – far too small for their family of six at the time. However, the pair didn’t care about the size.

They loved the land that came with it, along with the oak trees surrounding the farmhouse. They knew they had to make it their own and fix it up. The only question was, how could they turn this two-bedroom property into a place for six people to live?

A big project

Little did the pair know, it would take them a total of 18 months to get their family farmhouse finished. They were juggling other renovations at the same time as their new home, so it took them longer than they’d expected.

However, during the renovation process, they found plenty of hidden gems, including paperwork from 1895. No one was sure how old the farmhouse was, but Joanna loved that it seemed to have a story.

Finally ready

In late October 2013, a year and a half after Chip and Joanna purchased their farmhouse, it was ready for the whole family to move in.

Joanna admitted that she wanted to keep as much of the character of the old building as possible, so there was only one extension made to the structure – their master bedroom. However, she was sure to add in features, fixtures, and fittings, even in the new expansion, that would match up with the rest of the home.

Neutral tones

On a blog about the farmhouse renovations, Joanna admitted that she wanted to stick with whites and neutral colors for their new property.

The outside of the building has remained as traditional and classic as possible, with a soft white finish that perfectly complements the wooden beams. You can just see the oak trees which are what enticed Joanna and Chip Gaines to purchase this property in the first place. So, would the neutral tones continue inside?

Enter the farmhouse

This is the entrance to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ home, which is as neutral as the outside. The stunning double doors lead into a bright and airy entrance hall, which has been tastefully decorated in whites and grays.

Would we expect any less from Joanna Gaines? There are some beautiful touches, including the coat rack made from metal and hooks, along with the motivational message on the wall. Not forgetting the G for Gaines up there too.

Cooking up a storm

Joanna and Chip wanted to make sure that the house flowed, without having to add too much to it. This meant knocking down quite a few walls and restructuring the layout.

One of the key rooms in any home is the kitchen – and this is clearly no exception. The white tiling works well with the painted wooden ceiling and black fixtures and fittings. The breakfast bar also ensures that the family can all come together during meal times.


On the other side of the kitchen, you’ll find the lounge and diner. This home really flows. Here there is a dining table big enough for the whole Gaines family, plus a couch they can all snuggle on.

Each accessory has been perfectly chosen to complement everything else in the room so that nothing seems out of place. It’s no wonder Joanna’s Magnolia Market is such a popular place if she sells similar furnishings and accessories.

Lounging around

Here is a closer look at the lounge area, which is the perfect space to relax after a hard day jugging five children and a handful of businesses.

The room is both functional and beautiful, which seems to be a real calling card of Chip and Joanna Gaines. While Joanna is the brains behind the design, Chip would have been the one to ensure that the whole of the house flows structurally.

Finishing touches

As we make our way through the Gaines’ home, there are so many little finishing touches that catch our eyes. Whether it’s a dainty vase of fresh flowers brightening up a room or something like this very ornate lamp.

Many of these little home accents are the kind of thing you’ll find at the Magnolia Market – both online and offline. Joanna just loves sharing her design prowess with the world, and her home is the perfect advertisement for her own products.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is the only room in the farmhouse to have been added. Every other part of the home was cleverly renovated and repaired so that it would fit in everything that the family needed.

While this is an addition, Joanna ensured she found old doors that would fit with the classic style of the home and even used some flooring from the original attic so that the room wouldn’t lose its charm. The real centerpiece of the master bedroom is the charming bed.

Rest and relaxation

Chip and Joanna Gaines are a seriously busy power couple. With several businesses under their belts, as well as their HGTV spin-off series, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, it’s amazing to think these two get any time to relax.

However, when they do finally get some downtime, we imagine they like to spend time in this immaculately designed room. In chilly winter evenings, they can also get the fire going so that they feel all warm and cozy in their Crawford farmhouse.


Here is a little glimpse of the en-suite bathroom in the Gaines’ master bedroom. The free-standing bathtub looks absolutely stunning, but there are a few other things that have caught our eye.

Just look at that door, for example. Joanna wasn’t lying when she said she spent a lot of time hunting down old doors that would work with the look of the place. We love that it’s been finished off with those black lanterns, too.

Inside the en-suite

The master bathroom has his and hers sinks, a huge tub for soaking in, and a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

It’s clear that Chip and Joanna have continued their neutral palette all throughout the house, to make sure that it all flows from one room to the next. Even their bathroom looks like the perfect place for some rest and relaxation after all their hard work.

The girls’ bedroom

Chip and Joanna have two daughters, Ella Rose, and Emmie Kay, who are 11 and 8 respectively. This seems like the ideal bedroom for any young girl, who has always dreamt of living like a princess.

Of course, it’s in neutral whites and grays like the rest of the house, but we can see a splash of pink on the bedside tables. There is also a jaw-droppingly beautiful doll’s house, which looks very similar to their very own farmhouse.

The boys’ bedroom

Chip and Joanna now have three sons, after giving birth to Crew Gaines back in June 2018. The pair have actually had their children in a boy-girl-boy-girl-boy pattern.

Their first son, Drake, is now 13, and their second son, Duke, is 10. These cheeky boys have the perfect bedroom for playing and adventures. There is also plenty of space for Crew when he grows up and…room for one more? Could the Gaines be hoping to add more to their brood or is the spare bed for the boys’ friends when they come to play?

Adventure time

On the other side of the boys’ bedroom there are plenty of things to keep their minds – and hands – busy. The giant map on their wall will give them a thirst for traveling, while the ladder gives them something to do when they’re feeling restless.

As we’ve seen around the rest of the home, the color palette has been kept neutral in this room, too., but it seems as though Chip and Joanna still make sure their children are getting both mental and physical stimulation at all times.

Family love

There is no denying that Chip and Joanna Gaines love their family life. Just one scroll through Joanna’s Instagram account is enough to tell you that.

It’s filled with photos of her children, her husband, and the family, all enjoying their various adventures. However, it’s not just Instagram where you’ll find pictures of the Gaines family. This stairway to the upstairs rooms has been filled with gorgeous black and white photos of the family.

Coffee bar

Chip and Joanna have their very own coffee bar in the home. Why head to a coffee shop when you can have the same experience at home?

It’s clear that these two love to get their java fix, and this is the perfect place to do just that. There are several coffee machines, flavored syrups, and even some stools for people to sit and sip their drinks. It almost looks like a Parisian cafe.

Kids’ crafting room

Chip and Joanna are such a creative couple that it comes as no surprise to learn that they encourage their children to also get in touch with their artistic side.

In the attic of their home is this crafting room, which is specifically for the children to use and enjoy. While it may seem quite plain, we can imagine that it gets covered in glue and glitter on a regular basis. Probably best to keep it in here, instead of all over the white furnishings everywhere else.

Joanna’s crafting room

It’s not just the children that have their own space to get creative, however. This is Joanna’s crafting room, which is where she works on many of her business ventures.

Whether it’s coming up with designs to sell on her Magnolia online shop or planning her next interior design project, this is where it all comes together. Again, it’s in the attic, which means it’s the perfect quiet space to get down to work. We wonder how many ideas have been born in this room.

Outside entertaining

This is the outside of the farmhouse and where the Gaines family like to entertain during those balmy summer evenings in Crawford.

There is what appears to be a fire pit, along with a repurposed barn under which is a rustic looking dining set. This is the perfect place to spend time with the family, surrounded by all of the land and oak trees that made them fall in love with this property.

Farm life

This home has a whopping 40 acres of land surrounding it, and Chip and Joanna have wanted to make the most of this. Not only will you find beautiful plants, trees, and shrubs around, but the Gaines family share their land with plenty of animals too.

The two have turned their garden into a real farm, including a beautiful chicken coop and, of course, a silo. The outside of their farmhouse is again traditional and classic, exactly how the pair wanted it.

A greenhouse

One of the nicest features about Chip and Joanna Gaines’ home is that they have a beautiful greenhouse right outside. Who wouldn’t want to have a spot where they can grow whatever they want, located on their very own property?

It’s a great place for the couple to grow their favorite plants – or maybe vegetables – and to teach their children how as well. We can definitely understand why Chip and Joanna fell in love with the land because there’s room for everything they want.

Porch life

On warm days and cool evenings, there are few things more pleasant and enjoyable than sitting on the porch relaxing. The Gaines’ farmhouse has a wonderful porch where they can do just that.

Here, Joanna Gaines is sitting in a rocking chair, holding sleeping baby Crew and looking out at the beautiful property. It looks like the perfect way to spend the afternoon, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she decided to spend a few hours every day sitting right there.

Words of wisdom

All around the house, Chip and Joanna Gaines have hung a number of different sayings and words of wisdom, such as this one by the entrance.

The decorations look very nice and classy and also give the family little reminders of the things that matter most to them. The many hanging signs tie the whole house together and add even more of the Gaines’ personality to the residence. Knowing Chip and Joanna, they probably carefully chose each one of these quotes.

Room for family

Family is clearly very important to the Gaines, so it was crucial when they fixed up their dream farmhouse that they have enough space for the whole gang to spend time together.

They really did a great job – in this picture, we can see five children hanging out in the living room. The girls are lounging around and relaxing while the boys are playing Jenga. On top of that, there’s even the perfect spot for a beautiful Christmas tree.

Home office

No matter what your job is, there will always be times when you have to work from home, so Joanna and Chip Gaines made sure to leave some room for a comfortable desk and chair just for those moments.

Even though we would rather be spending time with the rest of the family, working in that nice little corner doesn’t look so bad at all. They really thought of everything when they were designing their home, making sure the space was both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A fireplace

Even though Texas is very warm in the summer, it can get quite chilly in the winter, so Joanna and Chip planned accordingly for those times, too.

The Gaines kept the fireplace in the farmhouse functional, adding some fashionable molding around the old brick structure and putting in some of their own personal touches. We can only imagine how nice and cozy it would be to sit around the fireplace with the family on a cold winter evening.

Joanna’s garden

In addition to the greenhouse which we marveled at earlier, Joanna also has a nice space for an outdoors garden. Gardening can be a very fun and rewarding pastime, both to do alone and with your children.

Joanna’s garden is wonderfully designed, of course, with a path through the middle and a fence to protect it from animals and people who fail to watch their step. We bet she’s growing all kinds of good things in there.

Kitchen dreams

The kitchen of Joanna and Chip Gaines’ farmhouse is very well laid out, organized, and decorated. Here, we can see a sign reading “super market” hanging over the sink and counter space.

It sure does look like a very pleasant kitchen to spend time in, whether it’s while you’re cooking, eating, or cleaning. The wood floors and highlights go perfectly with the white walls and furniture. It’s also spotlessly clean and arranged, and it’s not always easy to keep a kitchen looking so fresh.

Everything in its place

Of course, Joanna and Chip Gaines know that their house will look best if everything has a place. There’s never too much clutter because they have a spot where everything belongs and they keep it that way.

They must teach their children how to keep their home clean because it’s always a team effort. On top of that, the way that all of their belongings are arranged on shelves and tables throughout the home is very appealing and charming.

Space to play

Since there are several children in the Gaines family, they need to make sure there is enough space for them to play.

In this picture, one of the boys is building card houses on the staircase, in view of the family photos and downstairs common area. He looks like he’s very focused and concentrating hard on his work. He sure is building some nice-looking structures.

Nooks and crannies

With everything so carefully laid out and organized, there are still cozy nooks for the children (and parents) to sit and read, surrounded by cushions and blankets.

In fact, the Gaines kids are reading books in a number of photographs shared by Joanna, and we think it’s great. Everyone looks so happy and comfortable with their space and you can really tell that Joanna and Chip knew just what they were doing when they designed their family’s home.

Before and after

It’s hard to believe that Joanna and Chip Gaines took such an old, dilapidated farmhouse and turned it into their very own dream home.

They knew exactly which elements to preserve, which ones to change completely, and what new things to add to the original structure. Their children are sure to have many happy years growing up, learning, and playing in their beautiful home. Of course, the couple also has the perfect space of their own to come back to after a long day at work.

The Gaines family

With plenty of space for their now five children and all of the animals they share their land with, Chip and Joanna have created the perfect home in Texas.

From the way that it flows from room to room, to the clever little design details, there’s no denying that this once-rundown home has been well and truly ‘fixed up.’ While they may not be the Fixer Uppers anymore, there’s no denying they still have the talent.

Would they ever sell?

With the Gaines family ever expanding, there is one question that keeps coming up for the matriarch and patriarch: will they sell their house and move somewhere bigger to accommodate their growing family?

Well, it turns out that the Gaines are very happy where they are now and have no urgency to leave. Their kids love the house and so do Joanna and Chip. Joanna did say, however, that “you never know with Chip” so the idea of moving is never fully out of the question.