Stunning twin sisters take internet by storm

Every now and then something, or someone remarkable comes along and takes the internet by storm. Recently, a set of seven-year-old twin girls from California, Ava and Leah, have done just that by shocking the world with their astonishing beauty.

The pair of identical twin sisters have been deemed the “most beautiful twins in the world” by numerous media outlets, and have gained hundreds of thousands of fans from all around the globe due to their unique appearance. Over the last couple of years, the sisters have transformed from unknown young girls, into well-known celebrities and professional fashion models, thanks to their immense fame on Instagram.

Although their newfound popularity may seem like it was out of nowhere – people who knew Ava and Leah before, always knew that they would be going places one day.

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From the minute the twins were born, they were amazing people with their stunning blue eyes and perfect, doll-like features. Even strangers would approach their mother, Jaqi, on the street – telling her that her girls needed to go into modeling. As it turns out, they were right.

However, just like any mother would be, Jaqi was hesitant about getting her babies involved in the modeling industry, which is known for being highly competitive and demanding. Although she did consider it, she decided that dragging her little girls to auditions as babies and toddlers was out of the question. However, by the time they reached seven, and the twins’ astonishing looks were even more evident, Jaqi decided to give it a shot.


Of course, she had to first go over it with her two daughters, who were both eager and excited to try out the whole modeling thing. Little did they know just how famous they would eventually become.

The twins’ Instagram page, which is managed by their mom, has garnered an impressive amount of 502,000 followers. Each photo shows the twins looking flawless while sporting matching designer outfits. Each post goes on to easily gain thousands of likes and comments from their many fans, who frequently comment on how remarkably beautiful these girls truly are.

Of course, being named the “most beautiful twins in the world” can come with a great amount of responsibility, which can be a lot for seven year olds who also just want to have fun and live a normal childhood. While many on social media often call the sisters “lucky,” one can’t ignore the fact that living life in the spotlight can be dangerous, especially for such young children.

Whether or not one agrees with their lifestyle, there is no denying that these young girls are one of a kind, and it is nearly impossible not to be amazed by their utter beauty.

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