This story about a man and a stray dog will bring back your faith in humanity

Tyler Wilson was at a gas station in his hometown of Louisville, Ky, when he saw something that nearly brought tears to his eyes – a friendly looking dog just wandering around. But what he saw on the dog’s collar truly shocked him.


It was a freezing and wet day when Wilson saw the poor animal looking scared and alone walking around by itself on the forecourt of the gas station. He didn’t think anything of it at first, but something about that docile looking canine kept nagging at his soul.
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He kept looking at the pooch, and the dog, finally noticing him, shyly ventured over to Wilson. The canine, a yellow Labrador Retriever, didn’t come over menacingly, but instead approached Wilson as if the dog knew him.


It was at that point that Wilson realized that he had actually seen the dog before! “I’ve seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area,” Wilson said in a 2017 interview with The Dodo. “So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like, ‘This dog has been lost for a while.’”


Wilson was worried about the dog. After all, a gas station is not place for a dog to live, especially in the middle of the cold, wet Kentucky winter. Wilson just knew that he had to something to help out the poor animal, but he just wasn’t sure what!

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But then he spotted it. Despite thinking that the dog was just a stray, he say a small, shiny blue medallion hanging on the dog’s neck. The dog had a collar! That means it probably belongs to someone!


Furthermore, an ID tag clearly hung from the blue collar. So Wilson duly checked the metal disk for any information he could gather about the dog’s home or owner. But what he read on the tag warmed his heart and eased his mind. He expected to find some sort of identifying feature – a name, phone number, home address, anything to help him ease his mind about this poor pup! But at least he knew that there was probably someone in the world who was taking care of him.

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What he saw on the collar shocked him. The blue tag on the collar said that the dog’s name is Dew. On the collar, it said “I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.” Dew was just an old soul more content to wander than sit still at home! “Once I saw it, we both looked at each other and I knew he was okay,” Wilson continued in his interview. “It was so cute.” He then went on to describe how he “pet him and even hugged him. He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it.”


Wilson wanted to know more about what the dog’s deal was, why the dog was just wandering around on its own, and who was responsible for the dog. It turns out that this pooch is quite social media savvy, and has owners who document the canine’s adventures around town. So, Wilson took to Twitter, posting about how he wanted to see the dog again. He received a message from the dog’s owner, Mandy Lee, saying “(Dew) had a date at the fire department this evening, but he will try to fit you in later this week!”


It turns out that Dew was quite popular round the Louisville area. However, this intelligent canine has the wherewithal to return home to his loving family every night after he is done traipsing around the city. Dew loves to make new friends,” his owners said in an interview. “Fortunately, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker so when his sneaky little self gets out and about, we always know where he is! He just likes to spread the love.”


And spread the love he does, with his popularity extending from the neighbors to even the local fire department! “The firehouse guys just love him, he has even been on rides with them,” Lee added. “The ladies on our street will cook extra steak or hamburgers just to save them for when Dew comes by.”


The Lees adopted Dew over than six years ago. The family also owns a black Labrador named Lily, a wonderful dog whom they lovingly refer to as Dew’s sister. And yet, apart from his crazy adventures, their golden-colored hound lives a pretty normal life. Moreover, according to Lee, Dew is simply a “family farm dog.” But no need to worry. When Dew is out exploring, his owners do everything in their power to make sure he’s safe. “He is very monitored, does not go far, is home every night, and does not miss a meal,” Lee said.


This amazing golden lab doesn’t really have any physical boundaries. The Lee family live on a 70 acre farm. This might seem big enough for you or me, but it isn’t for this outgoing dog who loves meeting new friends! He’s made quite a splash with humans too, with over 22,000 Facebook followers and counting!

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The social networking site is also where Dew’s family share photos from his life on the farm. Additionally featured are those documenting his various travels in the nearby area. And among the many posts on the page is one that reveals the canine’s soft and caring nature.


Dew’s parents and family also share photos of the dog lazing about on the farm. People will also comment on his Facebook page when they see him out and about. Some of them are truly heartwarming, exemplifying how this man’s best friend knows just how to comfort people.


“A lady called us saying Dew was at her house,” a post from January 2017 began. “(The woman) lived two streets over. She was on her porch crying and really going through a hard time. Dew had come up on her porch and consoled her,” the Lees said of the Facebook post. “We told her we would come get him if he was bothering her,” Dew’s family said that they replied. “(The woman) said no. (Dew) was her angel that night, and she would tell him to go home when she went inside.” “He is such a loving dog,” they added.


So, while it may not be the best idea to let your pets roam around free, it certainly appears that the entire Louisville community is keeping its eye on this caring pooch. And Dew’s family doesn’t seem to mind too much. They seem to understand that this dog is too full of love to simply keep cooped up at home.