Intriguing stories about the Kennedy clan left out of the history books

The Kennedys were the Kardashians of the mid 20th Century, the main difference being that the Kennedys had the power to change the course of history. Despite having a good name to due so many of them being cut down before their time, this family has stored a ton of secrets in its closet. They’re lucky they were prominent before social media came out!

Jackie almost didn’t marry JFK

Jackie Kennedy is only a Kennedy by chance. She was actually engaged to be married before she was introduced to the man who would go on to become the 35th president of the United States. Before her marriage to John, she was engaged to her longtime boyfriend John Hustead, a stockbroker in New York. However, Jackie’s mother forced her to call off the marriage due to the fact that her mother did not believe that Hustead and his family were wealthy enough.


RFK was one of Time’s outstanding young men of 1954

Robert Kennedy was ranked as one of the top ten outstanding young men of 1954 by Time magazine. He received the title when he was 29 by convincing the owners of over 240 trade vessels and merchant ships to not conduct any business or do any trade with countries under the control of the Iron curtain. At the time of his award, Robert was the minority counsel on Joe McCarthy’s Senate Subcommittee on Investigations.


JFK’s Harvard application was only 5 sentences long

One would think that applying to one of the best schools in the world would require someone to write more than five sentences to get in, but not for the son of one of the wealthiest men in America! It should be noted that he didn’t write at all about the educational merits of attending Harvard, instead demonstrating an acute awareness of the fact that the main reason one goes to Harvard isn’t to learn, but to rub shoulders with the elites of the US.


RFK had to repeat the third grade

When speaking to a group of children in the German-American school in Berlin, Robert Kennedy’s wife was reported to have told the children assembled that they should not be ashamed of not understanding something or not getting the best grade. She then let slip what had until then been a Kennedy family secret – that Robert Kennedy failed the third grade and had to repeat it. Robert, who was at the time serving as the United States Attorney General, was not pleased with this slip up.


RFK prevented a riot in Indianapolis the night JFK was killed

The day that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed was the spark which lit hundreds of riots across the United States. Yet there was one city that remained peaceful and is successfully integrated to this day – Indianapolis, Indiana. This is because Robert F. Kennedy, who was supposed to make a campaign speech in the city the day King was assassinated, came out and gave a speech so heartfelt that it caused the residents of Indianapolis to come together, as opposed to break out into riots.



Robert Kennedy was the first person to climb Mt. Kennedy

After his brother John was murdered, Canada decided to name a mountain in the former president’s honor. This mountain – situated on the border between Canada and Alaska – had never been climbed before. Robert Kennedy set out to change that, and within two years, RFK and a team or Royal Canadian Mountaineers summited the peak. The peak was the highest mountain in North America to have never been conquered by man – until Robert climbed it.


Jackie Kennedy won an Emmy Award

Jackie Kennedy may be famous for her fashion sense and for keeping her “Camelot” clean and up to par, but what isn’t so well known is that she actually won an Emmy! She won the prestigious television award for her role in a made for TV documentary where she showed off the White House for the first time. She was the person responsible for renovating the Presidential palace, sourcing and finding original White House furniture from around the country and bringing it back home.


Jackie was the editor of the Michael Jackson biography Moonwalk

Former First Lady of the United State Jackie Kennedy indeed edited the autobiography of King of Pop Michael Jackson in 1988. The two had a close friendship, and seemed to share many similar traits in their lives. Jackie was actually the one who got Jackson to tell his story, feeling that it was something that should be shared with the nation. It also helped that Michael Jackson enjoyed being around Jackie!


Did Joe Dimaggio kill JFK?

There is a popular conspiracy that says that baseball legend Joe Dimaggio actually was the man responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy. Although the evidence is flimsy, people who believe the conspiracy say that Dimaggio always loved and was in love with Marylin Monroe. He couldn’t stand to see her being used and abused by Kennedy, and is reported to have blamed Monroe’s suicide on the president. But did he really want to see JFK dead?


Jackie was bribed $1 million not to divorce JFK

Jackie and JFK’s marriage was falling apart nearly right from the beginning. Jackie was finding it hard to keep up with John’s constant cheating and philandering, and wanted out of the marriage. The main problem with this was that the Kennedys were staunch Irish-Catholics who did not believe in divorce. On top of this, John was being groomed to be the president of the US, and thus couldn’t be seen to have any moral failings. Therefore, Joe Kennedy bribed her with $1 million to stay married to his son!


Jackie’s family faked their royal pedigree

Jackie’s family claimed that they come from a long line of wealth and royalty, but in fact, it was anything but. Her father was a known gambler and drunk who was also attracted to both genders – something which just wasn’t tolerated back in the day. Additionally, her mother’s family – which claimed to be a part of the French monarchy (and even had its own family crest) were actually the descendants of Irish tailors and servants who fled the emerald isle during the Irish potato famine. That family crest – her grandfather made it up!


Strict dinner rules applied at the Kennedy household

Biographers reported that the Kennedy children were terrified into arriving at the dinner table exactly on time, and were forced to give reports to their parents – book reports, reports on history, art, etc. All of the children were also expected to give detailed reports of their days as well, with Joe flying into a rage should one of the children fail to perform. Additionally, laughter and general silliness were not tolerated at the Kennedy dinner table.


JFK was previously married

It isn’t very well known, but John F. Kennedy was married before he met and married Jackie. It is hard to find, but he married a woman by the name of Durie Malcolm. Being strict Catholics, Kennedy and Malcolm never officially divorced, thereby making Kennedy technically bigamous. The reason there are almost no paper records of this marriage today is because Joe Kennedy allegedly hired a private investigator to go in and destroy all of the official marriage documents.


Jackie was forced into electroshock therapy

Jackie was very unhappy in her marriage to her husband John F. Kennedy, and even tried to get a divorce. After being forced to stay in the marriage, Jackie fell into a deep bout of depression. This upright family couldn’t have anyone with mental disorders in the family, so JFK sent his wife to a mental health facility to have electro-shock treatment to cure her. She says of that time that it was akin to going to the underworld and back.


Ted Kennedy was known as a drunk

US Senator Ted Kennedy was known as a drunk well into his old age. In fact, after John was killed, he was next in line to be groomed to be the president. However, that all ended when he got drunk and drove into a river with a woman in his backseat. Ted swam out and saved himself, while the woman – who survived in an air pocket – suffocated several hours later. Ted didn’t seem to mind, and became a US Senator.


JFK and his dad’s money

It was known by John’s associates that he was a “pretty mediocre guy”. He wasn’t especially good at anything, and was never able to make it big – be it in regards to sports, school, friends, etc – on his own merit. In fact, people who knew the young JFK as a kid have reportedly said that had his father not had so much money to bail him out when he needed it, John wouldn’t have amounted to anything!


Ted Kennedy’s nephew allegedly assaulted a woman

While partying in Florida, an intoxicated William Kennedy Smith allegedly took a girl back to his family’s oceanfront mansion. He then tried to have his way with her and she tried to escape, with William allegedly pinning her down forcefully. There were also allegedly witnesses, but they were all allegedly intimidated into not getting up on the stand during the trial.


JFK’s mother was known as “self centered, prudish, stingy, and spiteful”

Matriarch of the Kennedy clan may have been portrayed in the media as a wonderful, loving and caring mother, but the truth could not have been more different. A spiteful woman, she was an ardent believer in what one might call tough love. She reportedly told her children to suck it up when they came to her upset, and even kicked her own grandchildren out of her house following JFK’s assassination. Their crime: crying, which simply was not allowed in the Kennedy household.


JFK Jr. was blackmailed into supporting his cousin on the stand

Teddy Kennedy and his son were in Florida when the younger Kennedy took a girl back to his beach house. The two allegedly were walking along the beach then the younger Kennedy allegedly had his way with her. JFK Jr. was forced to take the stand to act as a character witness in defense of his cousin. He originally didn’t want to take the stand, but was blackmailed, being told that his own exploits would be revealed should he not go up to defend his cousin.


Infidelity was commonplace and accepted in the Kennedy family

According to several sources, infidelity was common in the Kennedy family. Joe Kennedy, the patriarch, cheated on Kennedy matriarch Rose Kennedy multiple times. In fact, any time one of the Kennedy boys got married, Rose would sit the new bride down and explain that her sons were likely to cheat on them throughout the marriage. Jackie Kennedy actually caught her husband JFK cheating on her multiple times in the White House, to which JFK would say that it is an impulse for him, and that she should have known this going into the marriage!


Jackie had quite a past

Jackie’s first love wasn’t with her husband John Kennedy. In fact, she was known for being quite the socialite, dating any and all members of New England’s club of most eligible bachelors. She always had a wandering eye, and was always on the lookout for the next big startup personality. She knew John was a keeper not necessarily because of love, but because he was being groomed to be president.


Rosemary Kennedy had a secret lobotomy

Rosemary Kennedy was a Kennedy sister who was kept as far out of the public spotlight as possible. Although she had mental issues, as she grew up, she became quite attractive, with a plethora of men coming to try and be her suitor. Her parents worried that she wouldn’t be careful and had her lobotomized, thereby losing her ability to move or talk. She was taken care of by nuns in seclusion for the rest of her life.


Joe Kennedy may have made his money from organized crime

The patriarch of the family, Joe Kennedy was known as one of the wealthiest men in America, with some estimates putting him as being the ninth richest in the country at the time! While it is well recorded that he obtained most of his wealth through stocks, notorious Brooklyn mob boss Frank Costello claims that Joe really got rich by running illegal bootlegging operations for the mob!


Rosemary’s nurse tried to keep her from being born

The first daughter of Rose and Joe Kennedy was named Rosemary. However, she grew up with mental deficiencies, and was ultimately lobotomized and sent to live far away from the rest of the family. Yet doctors today believe they no know the reason for her condition – while she was being born, a nurse forced Rose to wait to give birth until a doctor could come and assist. This deprived Rosemary of oxygen, destroying brain cells, and causing her to have mental issues.


Joe Kennedy was US Ambassador to the UK

A good friend of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joe Kennedy was appointed to be the US Ambassador to Great Britain right before World War Two broke out. As ambassador, he supported the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement policy towards Nazi Germany, and even attempted to speak to Hitler several times without US State Department approval. He was even quoted as saying “The whole reason for aiding England is to give us time … As long as she is in there, we have time to prepare.”


Did LBJ Kill Kennedy?

Nearly one in five people in the United States believe that Kennedy was killed at the behest of his vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson, including Jackie Kennedy herself! Kennedy was considering dropping Johnson from the presidential ticket should he have run in 1964. Afraid of losing his position, and holding a huge grudge against the Kennedy family, conspiracy theorists argue that Johnson was able to amass a cohort of CIA and FBI agents to kill the president.

Are the Kennedys part of the illuminati?

There is yet another conspiracy theory which says that the Kennedy family was a part of the Illuminati, something which enabled the family to rise to prominence in the United States in a very short period of time. It is also said that it was really the Illuminati who killed Kennedy due to the fact that he was against nuclear war and a one world government, something which are allegedly core beliefs of the organization.


Jackie would refuse secret service protection

Every once in a while Jacky would refuse secret service protection for a night or two after her former husband John died. This is because whoever would come to visit her during the nighttime hours would be forced to report to the secret service, and those reports could easily get leaked. It was also noted that whenever Jackie refused secret service protection, Robert Kennedy could be seen paying the former first lady a visit.


There is a secret sister

Having grown up in such a strict and repressive family, Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy became quite rebellious and a socialite in her own right. She moved to the UK and quickly began search for her own independence, moving away from both her family and the Catholic church. This culminated in her marriage to the British Marquess of Hartington, a Protestant. He soon died fighting in Belgium in World War Two. When Kick herself died in a plane crash in 1948, the only member of her family to attend the funeral was her father.


RFK also got with Monroe, Jackie

Robert Kennedy was quite a philanderer himself. Taking after his brother John, he also had an affair with starlet Marilyn Monroe along with many other actresses. However, what many people may not know is that, according to the FBI, he was reportedly madly in love with his brother’s wife Jackie, and that she was madly in love with him as well. In fact, there is some evidence to suggest that Robert took more time taking care of Jackie’s kids than his own for that very reason!