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Scientifically illogical spots in the world

Our world is a stunning and mysterious place. There are many occurrences that have happened in the earths history that are not proven or cannot be explained, as such there are places that make no sense as to how they were formed. Some of these places are said to by mystical, while others have a scientific explanation for their appearance but not for how they got to the place they currently are in. Whether you choose to believe in the more spiritual version of these places or not, at the very least they are breath taking to look at and add a small nagging question as to how they got to be.

Examples of such phenomena is the Bermuda Triangle, which we all know to be a mysterious place that is full of urban legends and missing people. There are many unexplained natural phenomena that happen around the world due to natural combinations of substances that make a miraculous sight for those locals around the area. There are never ending lightning storms, wells that turn everything inside them into stone due to high mineralization, volcano that spouts lava that is neon blue, pink lakes in two separate locations on the planet that have the same reason for being bubblegum pink.

Films use special technology to create special worlds with two moons and neon blue water, but in fact we have such occurrences right here on earth. Perhaps not the two moons, but we do have a luminescent blue water reserve in Japan that will take your breath away. There are also places like radioactive spots on the earth that no human should go anywhere near if they know what’s good for them – that’s in here too. There is the beautiful, the strange, the mythical and the sad in this list of places on earth that make no sense.

Humming town of Taos, New Mexico

The town of Taos in the state of New Mexico has said to have been experiencing strange and unexplainable humming noises. The residents of Taos have complained for many years that the humming is getting louder and has been heard since the 1990s.


Circles in the Namib Desert

The Namib Desert has been plagued by a large number of circles that have created the once green area into a patchy pattern. The circles are located in the Marienfluss valley of the desert and are between 7 to 49 feet in diameter. Scientists have yet to understand what causes these circles but the Himba people of the area say that the gods and divinities are the reason. They call the circles fairy circles.


The Bermuda Triangle

Perhaps one of the most famous mysterious zones in the world, the Bermuda Triangle, has been the source of all things urban legend for people and things going missing within it. There are said to have been aircrafts and ships who have disappeared and never heard from again. Many think that the reason for these occurrences has to do with paranormal and alien activity – science begs to differ but has yet to prove otherwise.


The Movile Cave in Romania

The Movile Cave in Romania is a very unique place – it has not seen the light of day, literal sunshine in over 5.5 million years. As a result of the lack of sun, the cave had a lake within it that contains sulphuric water and smells dreadful. In addition to the lake, the air in the cave contains hydrogen sulphide that has 100 times more carbon dioxide than what we have on the surface of the earth. There are 33 species that live down in the cave that do not exist anywhere else on earth.


The Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania

The Ringing Rocks in Pennsylvania have their own park for those who want to visit this phenomenon. The reason this area is called Ringing Rocks is due to the fact that there is a field of rocks splayed out that once stepped on or touched in anyway produce a ringing sound that resembles that of a cymbals from a drum set. Those who live near the area say that this ringing happened on its own and is entirely natural.


The lights over Hessdalen, Norway

The lights over Hessdalen Valley in Norway are a mix of red, white and yellow and look like a form of vortex over the area. The light floats atop the area from a few seconds to well over an hour at times. The lights have appeared since the 1930s and were frighting people before scientists came out to see what the cause was. It was thought to be a result of ionized iron dust, but nothing was confirmed.


The radioactive remains of Lake Karachay

Lake Karachay in modern day Russia is considered the most polluted place on the earth. The reason for the pollution is due to the radioactive waste that was dumped into the lake from Mayak, the nuclear waste storage and reprocessing facility. It was concluded that it would take a human one hour to die from exposure to the radioactive area. Once the lake started drying up on the 90s the radioactive water became radioactive dust that was blown to farther reaches of the area.


Temporary lake of Grüner See

Every winter this area is a park at the foot of the Hochschwab Mountains. Every year in the spring time when the water melts, the very same area becomes a lake. the lake becomes a depth of around 12 feet and there are many who come from near and far to scuba dive and snorkel the park. The water of the lake is at its highest in June.


The boiling river of Shanay-Timpishka

The Shanay-Timpishka is a boiling river that is located in the Amazon and is four miles long. The water of the river run a boiling 196 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Scientists do not understand the reason for the water temperature as the nearest volcano is at a distance of 270 miles away. The going theory has to do with emissions from the earth’s deeper layers that run much hotter than closer to the surface.


Mulberry tree sprouting cherry tree in Italy

This is more incredible and beautiful than anything else. What you are seeing here is a cherry tree growing directly out of a mulberry tree in the town of Piemonte, Italy. This kind of situation is far from common as the trees are both fully formed and healthy. It seems that the reason for this occurrence has more to do with parasitism than anything else. The local residents believe that this happened because of a bird who dropped a seed within the tree.


The well that changes items into stone

In one of the more strange tales around, this well in Yorkshire, England is said to have water drip from a rock formation that looks like a skull and turns everything within it into a rock – even things like teddy bears and cups. The locals of the area say that it is because of a witch who cursed the well. Researchers explained the phenomena with a high mineral levels in the water in the well. Judge for yourself.


The never ending lightning storm over Catatumbo River

There is a near constant lightning storm over Catatumbo River in Venezuela. When we say nearly it is because it occurs ten hours a day for 260 days a year, so not every single day. The phenomenon is a dangerous one and it said to be due to the uranium in the air or perhaps because of a collision between the warm winds of the Andes Mountains and the cooler evaporating water and methane in the oil field not far in the distance.


The electric blue lake in Hokkaido, Japan

The water in this man-made pond is what make it such a sensation. The incredibly luminescent blue water of the Blue Pond of Hokkaido, Japan, are practically glowing. The pond was created for the purpose of being a reservoir. Researchers have it in their mind that the reason for the coloring has to do with the aluminum hydroxide particles that are in the water that bounce light off in a different way.


Blue Lava from an Indonesian volcano

Much like the blue flame of a gas stove at our own homes, the lava coming out of the Kawaj Ljen volcano in Indonesia is the hottest version on earth, hence the dark color of the lava. However, the reason for the blue lava has to do with the sulfuric gases that come from the sulfur mines that are within the volcano. The blue flames become liquid form that gives the neon blue effect.


The splitting waterfall – Devil’s Kettle

The photo looks pretty normal, right? Well, all is well on the right side of the photo but on the left side where the other part of the water goes is the real mystery. The water falls into that hole but there is no exit and no one knows where the water ends up going. There are those who threw in water colors and other objects to see where they end up but no one knows where that hole leads to.


The Nazca Lines in the Peruvian Desert

Much like the movie Signs with Mel Gibson, the figures in the Peruvian Desert are said to be from extraterrestrials. The lines run several miles long and wide in order to make the shape we see here. There are several formations and images like monkeys and birds that were created. The Nazca people think that this is the handiwork of aliens. In order to see the formations you need to fly up as they are too large to see as a whole from the ground.


The case of the missing Inuit in Lake Anjikuni

This story came from a trapper named Joe Labelle who discovered an Inuit village back in 1930. When he got to the village he was surprised to find it entirely void of people, despite the fact that there was food being warmed by the fire, guns with bullets and everything else seemingly waiting for the person to come back any minute. However, there was not an Inuit villager in sight.


The shoreless Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso Sea is the only kind on earth – it is shoreless as it is surrounded by four different currents of other currents, basically surrounding it and preventing it from expanding. There is a circular ocean stream within, called a gyre. It is bound by the North Equatorial Current, the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current, and the Canary Current. There is also an urban legend of people and ships going missing in this area as well.


The Michigan Triangle

The United States has its very own Bermuda Triangle in the Great Lakes area! The Michigan Triangle has also had a name for itself as a place where strange things happen and people and things disappear. It was said that in 1937 the captain of s ship called George R. Donner locked him cabin door behind him while he was inside yet vanished out of thin air. In addition to the disappearance, there is said to be an odd rock formation at the bottom of the lake.


Pink Lake in Hillier, Australia

Pink Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful natural phenomena around. This 600 meter lake, right off the shore of Western Australia is the pinkest pink we have ever seen in real life. The color of the lake doesn’t change when it is taken into a container which usually happens with other such waters. The reason for the pink color is said to be due to the presence of an organism called Dunaliella salina in the water.


The unknown object in the Baltic Sea

Probably the closest thing we have ever seen to a UFO is the unknown object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The circular formation has yet to be explained by anyone as to where it came from and what it was intended for. It was discovered in June of 2011 and was said to have rested atop a pillar and around something that looked like a staircase that lead to a dark hole. There is a conflict between geologists who think it is a natural rock formation and commentators who think it has something to do with World War II.


The voice from deep within the Pacific Ocean

One of the most unexplained noises to come out of the ocean and are on the unexplained noises list (yes, there is such a list) is the sound of someone calling out ‘Julia’ coming from deep within the ocean. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) recorded this sound in 1999. Scientists say it has to do with a ricochet from a nearby iceberg but the clear human sound is still freaky.


The strange drownings in The Devil’s Pool, Australia

The Devil’s Pool in Australia has a terrible reputation for taking the lives of young men. It sounds almost like a cult but there is something here that isn’t quite right. The spot has been linked to the drownings of many a young men and has been nicknamed as the Devil’s Pool also due to the fact that there are those who say that Oolana, a form of devil who lives in the water and lures out young men to go in the water. Urban legend it is.


The perfectly engineered rocks of Sacsayhumán, Peru

This rock formation is so perfect that it must have been made by man. The masonry of this structure is award-winning in its proportions, baffling engineers and scientists as to who and with what could have made such a structure. It is said that the stones are fit so close together that there is no way to even put a sheet of paper through the cracks.


The mystery of Stonehenge, England

This set of stones has baffled people since they were first discovered. Stonehenge dates back over 4,000 years ago and is one of the oldest and most mysterious structures to date. The reason we are so drawn to this legend is that we have no idea who built Stonehenge and why. There are reasons to believe that Stonehenge was considered sacred ground due to the lack of human habitation on the ground.


The Naica Mina of Chihuahua, Mexico

The image you are seeing here has not been touched by anyone – the crystals you are seeing here are entirely natural and are in the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico. The cave is known as the Cave of Crystals, for obvious reasons. The giant crystallized structures within the cave could not be explained by scientists as the size is larger than most on the planet.


Lake Retba – another pink lake

Another pink lake, just like we mentioned earlier but in a completely different place on the planet. Lake Retba is located in Senegal. The name is literally translated to pink lake and is famous for its color. The reason for the coloring is much like the lake in Australia – Dunaliella salina algae that produces a high salt content. The color of this lake isn’t as bright as that of the one in Australia but the phenomenon is there.


The misty top of Mount Roraima

What makes this place so special is how high it is and the fact that unless you are flying up high you cannot see the top of Mount Roraima like this. The mountain is surrounded by low clouds that cover it on all sides. Mount Roraima is located in South America and is one of the highest elevation mountain tops in the world. Imagine getting up there and looking down at clouds alone?


The rainbow mountains on the Danxia Landform

This rainbow landmass is absolutely stunning to view. The Zhangye National Geopark has visitors from all over the world to see the unique land. The layer cake style of rock formations come from the sandstone and mineral that have happened to the area over its astounding 24 million year past. The coloring is as amazing as the formation of the land itself, all of which cannot be seen anywhere else.


The giant statues on Easter Island

Much like Stonehenge, the giant statues on Easter Island are a historic conundrum. What makes us spooked by these statues is that they were built for no apparent reason. The statues are made out of volcanic rock and are known as ‘moai’ and date back 1,200 years. The mystery of the island also has to do with the inhabitants of the island, who seemingly disappeared overnight.