A week after adopting triplets, couple gets a surprising news


When a couple from Missouri got married, they had one dream and that was to become pregnant and bring a child into their family. Little did they know that their lives would change forever when they realized the wife was unable to conceive. The couple then decided to expand their family by adopting. After getting their babies, the couple was beyond happy but they didn’t realize what was coming their way. Their heart-wrenching story will make you think a lot about life.

Meet Sarah and Andy

Sarah and Andy Justice were happily married and loved their life. But they always knew something was missing. All they wanted was to become parents.


Struggling to conceive

Sarah and Andy knew that the only missing piece in their happy puzzle was a baby. They dreamed of becoming parents and after three years of being married, they were finally ready. They felt like it was the right time to expand their love nest.


However, unfortunately for the young couple, conceiving wasn’t an easy thing to accomplish. For three (long) years, they were trying to have a baby naturally, but with no luck. The struggle of bringing a baby to the world took its toll on their marriage and that was when they decided to turn to a fertility doctor.

A fertility specialist

The couple who resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma started to search for the best fertility specialist who will help them. However, the couple struggled with finding a good doctor in the hometown to help them get pregnant.


The couple eventually got lucky and found a specialist, the only bump in the road was that the doctor was from St. Louis, Missouri. As determined as they were, Andy and Sarah didn’t let anything get in their way of having kids.

Bad news keep coming

Commuting to Missouri all the way from Oklahoma wan’t easy for the determined couple, however that wasn’t their biggest problem. They sure didn’t let a 6 hour drive to get in their way and reach that specialist.


Once the couple arrived at the expert’s office, they didn’t know there were bad news coming their way. The visit wasn’t as successful as they had hoped and Sarah realized she didn’t have any chances at getting pregnant.

Invasive and expensive

The fertility expert in Missouri just kept throwing at the couple more and more bad news. The doctor told the couple that although they were proper candidates for the in-vitro process, their chances are pretty low, around 10% of getting pregnant at the end of the fertilization process.


The invasive procedure of fertilization took the couple by surprise. Not only that, in-vitro is also extremely expensive. The couple who was still very determined, wasn’t going to let that stop them either.

High costs and low chances

If you wondered how expensive the vitro-fertilization process is, then for a basic IVF cycle it could cost anywhere between $12,000- $15,000 and more. Insurance rarely covers these treatments.


The Justices realized they would have to pay almost $60,000 if they wanted to make their dream come true of having a baby. The only thing is that the high costs combined with the low chances getting pregnant got the couple to really think out of the box and think of their next step.

Going for adoption

Like we said before, the couple wouldn’t let anything get in their way. After weighing all their options they decided to adopt. However, just like anything else they had to face thus far, the adoption process wasn’t going to be an easy one.


It never is. In fact, it’s a grueling process and van lead to a lot of frustration. Before anything else, the couple needs to apply to an agency, once the agency approved their application they need to take a home study.

The long adoption process

The adoption process is not an easy one both technically and even more emotionally.


The Justice couple wanted to provide their future newborn the safest, most welcoming and warmest home that anyone could offer, but the road was going to be one that is filled with bumps, hurdles and many obstacles that would test their relationship every single day. The knew it could take even years until they would get the child they have always dreamed of.

The interviews

The next step in the adoption process was an interview by one of the agents. The couple succeeded in their home test and that was the next thing.


However, interviews can be a nerve-wrecking thing to go through, for anyone, so you can only imagine how excruciating it could be for a couple who is being interviewed for much bigger reasons. Based on these interviews, the couple would find out if they are eligible to adopt a baby. Their struggle wasn’t close to being closed and they were exhausted by this point.

Finally some good news

Once the intense interview process was over, the couple finally got some positive and enlightening news. One mom who was going to give birth, decided that she wanted the Justices to adopt her baby.


The couple was over the moon with the news and they were anxious to meet their new member of the family. They even pledged to support the birth mom all the way through. Sadly, once again, things took a different turn than they expected.

The birth mother regrets

It’s unimaginable how frustrating and sad it must be to know you are about to welcome a new family member only to find out that the birth mom had a last minute change of mind and heart.


When the news broke to the couple, they couldn’t hold their tears and emotions and they were completely devastated. They were resilient and decided to move on quickly and not give up.

Trying to adopt again

While they are facing the biggest heartache of their lives trying not to break down from another disappointment, Andy and Sarah decided to contact the adoption agency again and let them know that they are still open for adoption.


Luckily, there was another birth mom who wanted to give away her baby. However, although the couple was already used to the pain and heartache, they were still completely devastated to find out that the second birth mom also had a change of heart and didn’t want to give away her baby.

The call that changed everything

As discouraged as they were, the couple, Sarah and Andy never gave up hope and continued with their prayers for the family they were dreaming of.


The couple didn’t even understand how they kept on finding hope and strength throughout these hard times. They weren’t ready to give up just yet. As hopeful as they were, they probably never expected the good news that were upon them. The couple never expected the next call they received.

The last chance to become parents

The call that Andy and Sarah received was the call that would change their lives forever. When they were at their lowest point, it was finally some good news that were delivered to the couple.


A third birth mom notified the agency that she wanted the couple to be the adoptive parents of er baby. They felt like this time it would be different, that it was more promising this time around.

Three heartbeats

The couple was so excited about the news and about the mom, who even decided to call them for the ultrasound appointment.


When the three of them were watching the screen at the doctor’s office, they couldn’t wrap their heads about what they were looking at. The couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing. The couple and the birth mom were seeing not one, but three babies! Three heartbeats showed up on the monitor.

From a couple to a family of five

Needless to say that that they were all surprised and maybe a bit shocked to see three strong heartbeats on the monitor. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were, from hoping to be just a family of three, they were now going to be one big happy family of five.


They knew it was just meant to be and decided without hesitation to proceed with the adoption. They were more ready than ever to become parents and even more ready to welcome three newborns.

They were not ready for this

Sarah and Andy always knew they wanted a big family and as much as they were taken by surprise by the big news, they couldn’t hold their excitement that they were going to become parents of three sweet babies.


They always knew how to make the best of a difficult situation, and this time it wasn’t different. They thought it would be the best idea to adopt three babies at once instead of going through the tough process over and over again.

Adopting and adapting

The couple couldn’t wait for the arrival of their new babies any longer and they started proofing the home quickly. They got it all. They bought cribs, strollers and all the baby goodies and necessities they could think of.


Their home became baby-proofed and their long-lasting dream of becoming new parents was closer than ever. Andy and Sarah couldn’t have been more excited and you could see it on their faces as well.

Meet: Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth

May 2013 was a month the Justice family would remember forever. It was when the birth mom went into labor after her water broke (eight weeks earlier than expected) and that was the month the couple met their new family.


For hours outside the delivery room, Sarah and Andy waited patiently. After a long wait and a difficult labor, the parents were able to meet their little three-pound triplets, and the babies were ready to meet their new parents.

The long way home

The three little babies were born premature, which only makes sense if they were born eight weeks earlier. Because of that fact, Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth were to stay in intensive care for a very long time before it was considered safe to take them home.


The triplets developed each and every day and they grew stronger and stronger until they were finally allowed to be taken home and see where their new house is.

Only one week later…

It’s only been one week that their new triplets were home when Sarah started to feel sick. Sarah thought that it had to with the fact the the adoption process was so stressful and excruciating.


She decided to make a doctor’s appointment as she had to feel good for her new family. After a couple of examinations and tests, the doctor returned to his office and told her why she wasn’t feeling so well all this time.

Sarah was pregnant!

The doctor let Sarah know that she has nothing to worry about and that she wasn’t sick. He found out that it was not a disease or a virus, he found out that Sarah was in fact pregnant!


Sarah, who was obviously surprise, shocked and happy by the big news never expected what she heard next. After all this time and all the efforts it took to try and conceive, Sarah found put she was pregnant just one week after she embraced triplets. The bigger surprise was just around the corner.

Two surprises

Sarah couldn’t believe what she heard next. She wasn’t going to have one baby, but she was carrying twins in her belly. From a mother of three she would soon become a mother of five!


If Andy and Sarah weren’t so positive about life, they would have probably thought that this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Anyone else would have probably freaked out, but not Sarah and Andy. They embraced any kind of news coming their way – good or bad.


The Justice couple couldn’t have been happier about the surprising news. They were obviously overwhelmed by the fact that they have a week old newborns at home while Sarah is pregnant with twins.


They were also very much excited about becoming parents of five. It was everything they hoped for and more. They believed it was a blessing and they just couldn’t be more excited about meeting their biological children.

From two to seven

The months have gone by and naturally, Sarah went into labor. The twins had no idea they were going to join a family of five and the parents were excited to welcome their biological twins into their special family.


After a long and hard labor, Sarah gave birth to beautiful twins. She names them Andrew and Abigail. The new family was ecstatic and ready to adapt to their new life as a family of seven, or a family with five infants.

A little help from my friends

You can’t really go through this new living situation without any help from your family, friends and the community. Sarah, Andy, the triplets and the new twins needed all the love and support they could get.


With zero to none sleep, the Justices got the help of Tulsa’s Eastland Baptist Church who were there to save the day. The church and the community started donating food for the new extended family. They got home cooked meals that were cooked by the community and even received formula.

7 bottles, 300 diapers

Donations and different offers started pouring in from all over the country and people offered them to babysit so the couple could rest a bit from time to time and be able to go to work.


It was amazing to see how total strangers helped by sending the family blankets, diapers, clothes and bottles. The couple was extremely grateful and by all the help they had received. Imagine this, more than 300 diapers were used every week.

The nail polish challenge

With such a big family, there’s no doubt that sone rearrangement was needed in the couple’s lives. With a family of seven you really need to adjust your lifestyle and schedule and basically get a bigger car.


Imagine how such a normal thing as recognizing your own baby, has become a challenge, but the couple also found ways to tell their infants apart. They used nail polish, yes nail polish to distinguish each of their children.

Keeping up with the Justices

In this day and age, stories like the incredible story of the Justice family are prone to go viral. It’s easy to understand how such a remarkable turn of events would just become an overnight internet sensation.


The family’s story spread out and they became internet stars. This family of seven have become more and more interesting on different social media platforms and people wanted to keep up with the new phenomenal family. Once their story has gone viral, they were expecting one more surprise.

Baby number six

Believe it or not, but Sarah was pregnant, again! In 2016, the family of seven became a family of eight when Sarah welcomed her sixth baby and her third biological child.


They may have had their hands full already, but there was no way they were going to give up on their new surprise. More than anything in the world, the couple loved being parents. They were more excited than ever to welcome baby number six.

Always room for one more

Having five children in one year really prepares you for anything else that might come your way. It really shows you that there isn’t an obstacle you can’t overcome.


To the Justice couple, adding another baby in the mix didn’t seem like an overwhelming task anymore. In a funny way, welcoming a sixth baby wasn’t as hard as they first two rounds as this time it was only one. However, it goes without saying that six is not easy to handle.

The Justice bunch

Take a look at this adorable bunch, it’s unbelievable that they had six children in less than four years.


Imagine how hard it could be remembering each and everyone of their kids’ names? and think how hectic it could be to live together under one roof. However, the sixth baby that joined the gang, only shed light and happiness on this sweet family.


Caleb, the newest addition to the Justice family, was born in the midst of the potty training process.


It was one big happy chaos at the Justice’s and it has become louder and busier than you can imagine. When Caleb was born, the triplets were just turning four and the two twins were turning three. Together they were one big family of eight. Plus lots and lots of diapers.

A different kind of interview

After some time has passed by, Sarah became more and more open and candid and she even shared her thoughts about raising six kids. She once said in an interview: ‘Having a number of children is a dream come true.


When you wait for something you appreciate it that much more when you get it’. The brave mom doesn’t mind all the mess and being bust around the clock, because being a mom was like a dream come true for Sarah.

Bed time

Ever since the Justices have become a family of eight, they definitely had to make some changes around the house, in fact their entire lives have changed around. One of these changes includes the sleeping situation.


All of the five kids are trying to adjust to sleeping in toddler beds from their previous cribs. Sarah was quoted saying that ‘having five in toddler beds is an adventure. But we are getting there.’ Patience is the key word here.

Just another typical day

Ok, so we know you must be thinking that this all sounds too good to be true, now where is the chaotic part? Well, the family of eight are managing to keep themselves sane by working around tight and very organized schedules.


It’s all about planning ahead and sticking to the schedule if you want to survive the day. The day usually starts with a morning walk, later a stroll then playdates with friends. And of course everyone pitches in for the house chores.

Potty training bootcamp

Who knew that bathroom time could be so challenging. It’s already a big mess, literally, trying to deal with one toddler and training them to go to the bathroom, so imagine what it would be like with five at the same time!


‘Potty breaks are a big part of our day when you have five children at the same life stage.’ Hopefully for the extended family, this stage won’t be a big hassle like it usually is.

Siblings bond

How incredible is it that the kids of the Justice clan will never feel alone or left out for one day for the rest of their lives?


They will always have each other to count on and know that at school, for instance, where kids can be mean at times, they won’t have to deal with being an outsider. Sarah shared her thoughts saying ‘We never lack playmates and work to promote love and care between the siblings. Our children will always have a friend and will never need to feel lonely.’

Baby star

Sarah and Andy probably never imagined that the day would come where they only have one baby to feed at a time. Those 80+ bottles and hundreds of diapers per week days are over.

Justice familyMW

The family has come a long way since they days they thought they couldn’t even get pregnant, that’s for sure. Now, Caleb has become the star of the house and the other kids adore him. They shower him with kisses and hugs all day long

Playdates for life

Reading how the story of Andy, Sarah and their six children unfolded is pretty incredible. The family of two soon became five, then seven and then eight.


The couple remained resilient and string no matter how many struggles they had to face along the way. Sarah, never thought she would call herself ‘a mother of six’ and she feels grateful for everything that had happened to her. One thing’s for sure, the siblings will have playdates for life.