Russian Scientists Allegedly Discovered a Hidden Nazi Base In The Arctic

Russian scientists have reportedly managed to discover a hidden Nazi base which was used for military purposes in the Arctic. The site is located on the island of Alexandra Land, which is about 1,000 km away from the North Pole. It was supposedly constructed back in 1942, exactly one year after Hitler managed to invade Russia. The main intention of the base was to be used as a weather station for tactical reasons by the Germans in WWII.

The base was abandoned in 1944 when the scientists who were allegedly stationed in it, were actually poisoned by using polar bear meat. They had to be saved by a U-boat from Germany., 72 years later, the base has been thoroughly rediscovered. There were more than 500 different items found, as well as a lot of well-preserved documents which discovered at the base.

Rusted bullets as well as relics from the WWII, in addition to ruins of the bunker itself, were actually re-discovered, and a lot of the items are in good condition because of the cold weather. The island was incredibly important during the war. This is due to the fact that the weather reports it had managed to produce were critical for the proper and accurate planning of the movement of the troops, ships, as well as submarines. The name that had been given to the base, however, led some someto believe that it might as well have had a completely different purpose.Certain specialists speculate that it might have had the intention of pursuing ancient relics.

The island was known as a disputed territory for some years, and it is currently a part of the Russian Federation, which might actually build a permanent base there now.

The odd tale of how the scientists in the station had to be rescued does add a certain ring of appeal to the whole story. Allegedly, the story has it that the supplies of those stationed in the base ran low, and the soldiers had to kill and prepare polar bear meat in order to survive. The latter was later infected with trichinosis, which caused everyone on the station to become severely ill,  leading to the necessity of the aforementioned U-boat.

There are quite a few different Nazi military bases which were re-discovered years after the end of the WWII, and a lot of them are speculated to have been used for hunting and discovering precious relics. Many of those relics have allegedly been found. However, the story of the Treasure Hunter base in the Alexandra Land Island doesn’t mention finding anything of value, which might be a bit strange, to say the least. For one, many  specialists believe that the base might have been serving as a stronghold for seeking out powerful ancient artifacts. This was a common belief which was imposed by the Agnenerbe,  a German Nazi institute that focused on researching cultural, as well as archaeological history of the entire Aryan race. It had some particularly heavy, and rather occult influences on the society.

The institute was founded back on the 1st of July, 1935, by Richard Walther, Herman Wirth, and Heinrich Himmler. The three conducted thorough experiments, and managed to embark on several expeditions, with the intention of proving that Nordic populations had ruled the entire world. Whether or not the Russians had hidden some powerful ancient artifacts discovered at the Treasure Hunter base, however, is, and will likely remain a secret.