Rumer Willis sure has grown up throughout her time in the spotlight

It is not easy being raised in the public eye, despite having famous parents who keep your family far from Los Angeles. Although Rumer has had a complicated relationship with some of her family members, they seem to be pretty close. But even they couldn’t anticipate the drastic change that Rumer has gone through quite recently. Something tells us that you too will be a bit taken aback by the change, and not necessarily for the worse.

A dramatic change

From addiction, to clashes within her family, and even bullying, Rumer Willis – daughter to legendary action star Bruce Willis and stunning actress Demi Moore – has been through quite some turmoil in the past few years.

She recently made headlines, after several pictures of her were posted online where she looked completely different than what we’re used to seeing her. Rumors of undergoing plastic surgeries have surfaced, but she’s denied having anything done. Some people found it hard to believe, since she hardly resembles her old self.

A difficult time

Although she resembles her mother a lot, Rumer has gotten quite a bit of harsh criticism for her looks over the years – particularly regarding the shape of her face – which is perhaps the reason behind her big change.

Over the years, her looks and style have evolved, but now there’s no denying that her jawline and lips look completely different than before. And the reactions her parents had to her transformation were pretty priceless, if you ask us.

In the spotlight

Growing up as the eldest child of two bonafide Hollywood A-listers couldn’t have been easy, and it seriously affected young Rumer’s psyche.

She spoke candidly about the matter, revealing how difficult it was to grow up with her entire life on public display before she got a chance to develop thicker skin and have confidence in who she was, irrespective of people’s opinions of her. “That can sometimes be really hard and really get you down,” she added.

Childhood bullying

Things were a lot worse than she initially let on, however. Speaking during her participation in Dancing with the Stars, Rumer described just how tough it was growing up with parents who are globally famous and getting so much attention from tabloids.

She went on to reveal how awkward she was a teenager, and that she was never comfortable in her own skin or with how she looked. That problem was heavily compounded by how nasty people were to her.

‘Potato head’

Speaking completely openly about her struggles, Rumer said she was called a “buttaface” – meaning everything about her was good but her face – and a “potato head,” as it seemed so many people got in on making fun of how she looked.

She was further done harm by the fact she was incessantly compared to her stunning mother, Demi Moore, with people saying she looked more like her ultra masculine dad, Bruce Willis.

Considering plastic surgery

With tears in her eyes, Rumer said she thought about changing her appearance through plastic surgery. “If I change my face or get really skinny, that will be it, that will be the answer,” was her thought process, but she eventually grew to realize that it was not.

In the end, and ironically enough, it was someone else’s troubles that led Rumer to see the light – her younger sister Tallulah, and her own battles against her demons.

A sister’s struggles

Tallulah Belle Willis, Rumer’s younger sister, has battled both substance abuse problems and an eating disorder. She persevered through these problems, however, and published an Instagram post in which she celebrated not only her sobriety but also her overall health.

None of that escaped Rumer’s notice, of course, and she was one of the first to congratulate Tallulah, telling her how proud she was of her strength, courage, and grace in the face of adversity, as well as her commitment to herself.

‘Here are my flaws’

Tallulah’s stint in rehab really opened Rumer’s eyes. Despite what may seem like the young woman’s lowest point, her older sister saw it as inspirational, as she wasn’t hiding from her problems – but owning them.

Her mindset, according to Rumer, was saying, “Here are my flaws, and it’s okay. I’m still me.” Seeing that then brought about huge changes for Rumer herself, which she considered to have affected her positively. What changed? Simple: she realized she could feel the same way and needed to stop listening to the bullies.

Her own sobriety

Rumer went public with being sober herself, but denied having ever suffered from substance abuse problems or anything similar. In fact, she railed against people’s forming preconceptions about her and her lifestyle.

In fact, she refused to say what exactly she was sober from. It might have been an addiction to food, or to getting too many clothes or even to relationships. “I think we’re in this culture where we naturally presume and assume,” she protested. Other problems, however, reared their heads soon enough.

A rocky relationship with mom

For years, Demi Moore and her daughters had a topsy-turvy relationship, with many ups and downs. Moore had a very ugly breakup with then-husband Ashton Kutcher in 2011, which led to the two divorcing amid allegations of infidelity on his part.

Demi’s three daughters initially supported her because they believed she was “distraught,” but were later said to be “mortified” when the newly single Moore reportedly began dating one of Rumer’s friends! Her non-stop partying and erratic behavior had finally gone too far, and Rumer was taking the lead.

Leading the charge

With her mother seemingly in shambles, it was Rumer – as the couple’s eldest daughter – that was now laying down the law along with her father.

All four of them reportedly conspired to shut Moore out, with a source telling the media that, “Rumer is really the one making the decision to do this while Demi (is) off her rocker again.” That may have had something to do with Moore reportedly nixing any contact between the girls and the man they called “MOD” – “my other dad.”

The Moore ban

Kutcher himself revealed during an interview that Moore barred him from meeting the three girls he raised as his own during his eight-year marriage to their mother.

All contact between them was now confined to phone calls and texts, and he admitted to speaking to Rumer “all the time,” while only having intermittent contact with Tallulah and Scout. That hit Rumer especially hard, as she was on record as saying how great of a stepfather he was – while also confessing she used to have a crush on him!

Rumer has it

Rumer has recently gone through a dramatic change in appearance, which made headlines all over the world. Although many speculate plastic surgery, the starlet denies.

“In Hollywood, I feel like there’s a big stigma about hiding things — but people aren’t stupid,” she said. “If I choose to do something to myself, it’s because I’ve thought about it. And if it’s going to make me feel better, I won’t be ashamed of the choices that I make.” And yet, she seems almost unrecognizable.

Protective parents

Bruce and Demi’s support and love for Rumer has always been unwavering. They couldn’t be prouder of her, or the way she presents herself.

Thinking back to her childhood, Demi said Rumer’s self-esteem was “nothing,” adding, “I could only just keep loving her and loving her until she could love herself.” But now it seems that she’s beaming with confidence. As for the notoriously tight-lipped Bruce? He simply said, “I’m crazy about her. I love her.”

The transformation is complete

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rumer’s looks have changed drastically since only a few years ago – some would argue that she’s practically unrecognizable now.

She became a beautiful swan, and although her most recent pictures make it seem as if it all happened overnight, she’s actually changed her appearance quite a lot throughout the years. Let’s take a look back at some of her different looks over the years, up to her recent transformation.

Rumer in 2001

Rumer circa 2001 is young, inexperienced, little known for her own work and more for being the daughter of two famous people. While she looked nice, she was receiving much criticism from the media about her looks, especially since she was under the scrutiny of the public.

In Hollywood, women are unfortunately judged for their looks – a sad reality we hope could be changed in the future. Either way, Rumer is young here and there is so much growing for her to do!

The 2004 curly look

We have to say that 2004 Rumer looks younger and dare we say worse than 2001 Rumer. Her potential is so great but that short curly do was doing nothing for her long face.

In 2004, Rumer was not working on any movie or television show during that year. Sadly, Rumer has said that she was the source of jokes and bullying at school, and it wasn’t helping that people were talking about her looks now.

2007 was all about the pixie

As we move forward with the years, Rumer is coming into her own style and look. While she hasn’t had any work done yet, we can already see her getting more in tune with her inner fem.

In an interview, she said, “There’s so much pressure to look a certain way, and I don’t fit the convention. But it’s okay if you’re not the perfect picture.” While it is admirable that she said that, she did eventually give in to what she thought was the more conventional beauty.

2009 is the beginning of “The Change”

In 2009, Rumer was on the show 90210 as Gia Mannetti. She spent a year on the show and was really starting to dress in a manner fitting a starlet and not just the child of one.

She began dressing in a more fashionable way and was walking with her head just a little bit higher. In 2009, Rumer was also on the shows Medium and The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She was coming into her own so much. It was also no doubt thanks to her 2008 role in the film The House Bunny.

2011 is all about the grunge

In 2011, Rumer wasn’t working on any film or television show. This was a year of discovery and all about the grunge. She spent that year even more into of the fashion end of things, attending shows during multiple fashion weeks and befriending some of Hollywood’s young starlets that were much like her.

This was a direct influence on her own style, which has since evolved tremendously.

Straight hair trend in 2013

Rumer was super busy during 2013. In addition to adopting the straight hair and minimal makeup look (which we love, by the way), she was in films like The Odd Way Home, The Ganzfeld Experiment, and television shows like Hawaii Five-0, and Pretty Little Liars.

This was the last year that Rumer looked like her natural self. As soon as 2014 hit, she started on her own path for physical self-improvement.

A little lip action in 2014?

In 2014, Rumer added singer to her roster of skills and made the whole of the world do a doubletake when she stepped into the limelight with what looked like suspiciously plumped lips.

Many people suspected she had work done, and it sure looks as if she has. In this red carpet look, she is showing us major attitude and is finally starting to walk with the confidence she always had inside her, which in turn made her an even better actress and singer.

Something is different in 2015

The best way to know that Rumer was going through a major transformation, both emotional as well as physical, would be her 2015 participation on Dancing with the Stars. As we will go into more detail a little later, it is here that Rumer truly shone.

She danced her way to the number one spot, winning the 20th season of the dance competition show. Her body was on full display as well as her facial changes throughout the season. Here you can see that she is already showing signs of some “updates”, but these are also a result of a lot of makeup.

Keeping it classy in 2017

In 2017, it seemed that Rumer was past her alleged alterations. And even to the naked eye, you can tell that her jaw, lips, and attitude are a little bit different.

What Rumer does so well is her styling – she goes for the minimal makeup look, in order to look more natural and not over the top. Whether she had work done or not is under question, but she certainly hasn’t over-done it with heavy makeup as well.

Twinning with mom

There is no question that Rumer and her sisters are constantly compared to their beautiful mom, Demi Moore. Demi is an icon in Hollywood and is certainly genetically gifted to be looking as good as she does at 55.

While being compared to Demi is an annoying occurrence for sure, this is the one instance when Rumer was all for it, as it was done on purpose. Demi and Rumer are twinning very hard in this photo, down to the long hair and overalls.

Sober living

In July 2017, Rumer celebrated being six months sober. She toasted the milestone on Instagram, telling her followers that she was immensely proud of her accomplishment.

Though she will mess up sometimes, she still thought it was worthwhile to celebrate her successes, and this was definitely one of them. In fact, she wasn’t shy about saying she had never been as proud of herself as she was when she celebrated being six months clean and sober.

Plastic surgery?

There is nothing like a before and after next to one another to show you the true difference in someone’s appearance. Here we can truly see the difference in Rumer’s looks.

Her lips and jawline are totally different, not to mention her ever-changing hair color and style. She really does do her own thing and while that has not always panned out for her in the Media, she kept being her authentic self and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Stunning everyone

During the summer of 2018, Rumer attended a wedding with a friend of hers and was a showstopper. Rumer wore a powder pink dress, with her hair slicked back and looked elegant and stunning.

Her appearance made it all the way to the media that could not get enough of Rumer’s new look. It seemed like over night the world decided to treat her differently due to the fact that she is more beautiful in the mainstream sort of way. Interesting how that works.

The lowdown

There are many websites around the net that lovingly list the plastic surgery that any celebrity ever got. Honestly, it is downright disturbing when you think about it.

Whether she had work done or not, she does not look like her old self at all – and there’s nothing wrong with some modifications. According to the site, Rumer had a chin reduction, jaw reduction, and lip injections. If this is true, it seems she was focused on her lower facial area.

It is all a part of growing up

Another side by side spot here, just for you! It really is amazing how much she has changed over the years. Her sisters have yet to go under the knife but there is still plenty of time and if they are inspired by their older sister, they might just be next.

Rumer’s life has changed from top to bottom in the last few years, whether it is thanks to her appearance or not. But the most important thing is that she’s healthy and feeling good about herself.

Rumer and Nick = Rumors

Rumer and Nick, formerly The Bachelor and part of Bachelor Nation, are very good friends who make the world think they are more than that.

In an interview with People magazine, Nick denied there being anything more between the two, saying they were merely platonic friends, albeit very close ones. He said that he loved her to death and was glad she was part of his life, but there was nothing romantic going on. We’re not so sure about that, Nick!

Lilac and wine

This photo shows perfectly how beautiful Rumer really is. The tattooed actress can pull off lilac on the red carpet and is showing her newly acquired features.

Somehow, even with how she’s changed, she still looks like her sisters. Rumer is the eldest of three, with younger sisters Scout and Tallulah. Mom and dad, Bruce and Demi must be proud of their little brood, while they may have had their ups and downs being raised in the public eye, they made it out okay.

She won season 20 of Dancing with the Stars

In 2015, Rumer was paired up with Valentin Chmerkovskiy for the 20th season of the dance competition show Dancing with the Stars. She showed off her killer dance moves, body, and ever-changing face during that season.

She made it all the way to the end, winning the mirror ball trophy. The world decided that the two were also dating but nothing came of those rumors and no photo ever really emerged of them together in more than a friendly fashion.

Her career is gaining traction

Rumer started acting back in 1995. It was not until The House Bunny back in 2008 that she made herself known to the world on a large scale.

Playing a loser turned hot girl in the film, people everywhere were stunned to see her figure since she kept it pretty much under wraps for a while. She is clearly done with that. Recently, Rumer has landed a recurring role on the television show Empire followed by a series regular role – a huge feat for her.

Her net worth is growing

Rumer’s net worth is a steady $3 million. This is her own money and does not include any funds that her parents may or may not (for sure have) given her.

Her money is her hard-earned dollars as she has been steadily working as an actress for years, as we mentioned earlier. Her hard work has been paying off, and even though she probably doesn’t need the money – it’s great to be able to support yourself.

A whole new Rumer

Her name speaks volumes when it comes to her looks. Today, Rumer is sporting a long blonde do, what looks like new dental veneers and a walk that could take down any supermodel.

She is looking more and more like her mother Demi as she grows up and is coming into her own very well. Blonde hair certainly suits the actress and singer, and she looks pretty happy with that million watt smile, doesn’t she?

The latest look

Here pictured with dear old mom and dad, Rumer is looking confident and oh so different from where she was when we started this list.

She went from curly-haired maven who walked with her head down and in the shadow of her drop-dead gorgeous mom, but Rumer is now the star of the show and letting the whole world know it. Plastic surgery or not, she is looking beautiful and comfortable in her skin, and that is all that matters.

“Natural” and familial

In August of 2018, Rumer celebrated her big 30th birthday. Being the eldest or Bruce and Demi’s kids has its perks as she had one seriously awesome birthday bash filled with her family and friends.

Here we see Rumer’s latest look without her hair extensions or excessive makeup. The girl is looking happy and in exactly the right place for herself, which is very nice to see considering she has not always had it so easy.